Is nuface safe

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Anti-Aging NuFace Microcurrent Neck Tutorial

60 262 views | 2 Mar. 2018

Hi Everybody! As

Hi Everybody! As requested, I'm back with another NuFace tutorial. This time we'll be focusing on the Neck area.

Want to intensify your anti-aging routine? Want a firmer, younger, more lifted neck? I've got you covered!


This video is the second of four new how to videos on microcurrent, specifically the NuFace device. This video is a full length demonstration of how to use the NuFace Trinity to lift and firm your neck. I've received so many requests for this video so I hope you guys like it!


Luzern La Defense Urban Protect Micellar Cleansing Water http://bit.ly/2CVlyoU

Kinga Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber https://amzn.to/2lNT3GY

Shop the Nuface devices at the Skinstore.com (links below) and use code KATIE25 for 25% off!

NuFace Trinity ($325) - https://bit.ly/3mB6ZOD

NuFace Wrinkle Eraser ($149) - https://bit.ly/35HY8DO

Ele Eye & Lip Attatchment ($149) - https://bit.ly/2JedQ1Y

24KT Gel Firm ($39) - https://bit.ly/37WYOrK

24KT Gel Brighten ($39) - https://bit.ly/3ebgOji

Organic Aloe Vera Gel https://amzn.to/2lMx4jF

ASAP Colloidal Silver Gel https://amzn.to/2lMwDWz


Microcurrent and the NuFace Attachments


Conductivity Gels


Full Face NuFace Tutorial


Anti-Aging Neck Eye and Lip


NuFace Q & A - All Your Questions Answered


LED and the NuFace Wrinkle Reducer


Hope you guys liked my video! Let me know in the comments what you think and feel free to request more videos. I love hearing from you guys!

Thanks so much for watching. Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!!








- Katie, The Organic Esthetician

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


This work for the double chin ?

Enid Futterman

Hello Katie, I'm still wondering what to do about turkey neck. I asked the question a few months ago, but haven't had a reply. Someone else asked it as well. Your videos are great. Thank you!

Arki Kali

So it's okay to do the middle directly under your chin, just not once you get to the Adam's apple and below? Thank you so much for the great tutorial, by the way. Really appreciate it.

Anna Hess

the tear duct is directly under the brow line. One isn't supposed use this onto of them. please help me understand why you and other place the nuface there

Leslie Chamberlain

Love your tutorials! What do you recommend for aging decolletage? The NuFace device? RF? Rose quartz roller? Or just moisturizer? Thank you!!

Janet Hill

Why what happens if you use it down the front of the neck? I have been using mine there what happens, I haven't noticed anything???

linda O’Connor

Nuface currently says not to put LED on neck
What is your opinion on using it on the neck area?

Maria G

Hi Katie - how does this effect the fat in the face? I have a thin face and I don't want the fat in the middle of my face to fall down if the muscles are being strengthened upward. I was thinking I'd work on sides of face to lift cheekbones and then under the jaw. I do have a bit of fat under jawline but it's pretty defined otherwise. Does this make any sense to you? Thank you. ( I tried Myotone and I thought it was causing my face to sag but I think I was doing it incorrectly - and I returned it).

Kim Anh Nguyen

Xin lỗi, tôi ko biết tiếng Anh. Bạn có thể làm ơn sử dụng Google dịch. Tôi đọc có nhiều riweu nhiều người ở Việt Nam nói rằng, NuRace ko thể matxa được vùng cổ như bạn đang thực hiện trên video. Sự thật thế nào mong bạn giải đáp. Xin cảm ơn

Barbara Dellis

I want your eyebrows!


Great thank you , you are the best ??

Lisa Marie

This was so helpful! Especially using water to re-hydrate the skin and wet the connectivity Gel, so you use less! One question I have about the Mini and loose skin under my chin (not as bad as a double chin, but it does hang a bit). Can I just place the NuFace Mini under the chin and hold? Or is there a better direction to go? Thank you for your help!

Lorena B.

Hi, I heard Angie from Hot & Flashy uses Neutrogena Water Boost Gel for her Nuface, will that work?

Maria Levs

Has anyone who have used this feel your heart race after using this device? Ive read different reviews and some people have said their heart races so when I used it I also felt the heart race but wasn’t sure if it was my anxiety kicking in because of what I had read. Please if you could give me your thoughts.

bernadette sumner


I am going to purchase the trinity with Elf attachment. Would I do the trinity routine and then elf routine at same session



Thank you very much for your fast reply , and info , I purchased the trinity nuface and it came with 2 serums one Antiage and 2nd lift sérum , should I apply it under the primer gel ? Let it dry before ? I am a bit confused on the order of things , thank you again

Pam Jordan_Pam FAM

You skin is gorgeous!


Can I be that person and ask if this is suitable for use on thighs, stomach and breasts?


What about your thyroid? Does it interfere with it? Many people have nodules or hypothyroidism. Thank you


should you be using this on your neck if you have thyriods?

Serena Artista

Thank you very much ?

Katya S

Very helpful; thanks so much for this video. Like others have said, this is far more helpful than any instructions that come with the device itself.


Hello, I like your videos. Do you think this device can help with the fat below the jaw line? Thank you ? i

Gypsy SnickerDoodle

NO you can’t run an LED over your fucking thyroid gland.

FFS people

the stylish housewife

Eek...I've been doing the one on my jaw with a ball on each side of the jaw bone!

Bettyann Cornwall

When you do the light therapy should you wipe of gel?


Can I wear a necklace when doing my neck exercises?

Sherrie R

I wonder if this would stimulate hair growth if used on the scalp? Hum.

Carrie Lynn

So helpful! Thank you!

Serra Bird

Your videos are the BEST tutorials about how to make the most of Nuface. The original system is rather limited and I wanted to do a more detailed regimen, but I didn’t know how. Thank you so much for the detailed descriptions and tutorials ??

Southern Art Gallery

Thank you.

Shev Hunter

Why is it bad to have the balls either side of bone in jaw line please?

Dawn Pollock

what happens if you go over center of the neck , adams apple?

Tracy Pauling

great instruction thanks

Marinella Day

Love it mama! I just got mine and totally didn't use it right the first time thanks so much for this video from all us turkey neck gals haha


Can you recommend a radio frequency machine?

Karen Schumacher

First I'd like to say, I love your eyebrows. Thanks for the video, very informative. I've been trying to decide which NuFace I wanted.

Sue Cone

Thank you so much for doing this! The instructions that come with the NuFACE isn’t as detailed as you are so this is amazing info!??

Theresa Jopson

Thank You! Another Great Tutorial!

Mary Davidson

Thank you so much!! How would you work on the elevens? Please please a tutorial!!!

Maria Mack

I just got the NuFace Trinity and it is my second day using it. However, I have used a high frequency wand (KRASR) at home and I feel like the results are much more noticeable with the HF wand. I am going to use the NuFace for the recommended time, however I started thinking what about using both in one day, but I can't find any info on this subject, other than some salons offer an HF and Microcurrent facial, wondering what your thoughts are on using both in one day, everyday for 30 days. Thanks!

Barbie Kastner

LOVE your Nu Face tutorials Katy!! I have learned so much from watching you and finally think I’ve have mastered this thing ! ? Thanks so much !!! ?

Fay Aziz

Hi I’m new to you channel. They’re really helpful. So every time I use my NUFACE and if I use FOREO on the same day, I have a breakout. Would you pls do a tutorial as the order of using these gadgets? Or the PMD? I know this is much after this video. I just discovered you. I hope I hear from you. Thank you ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️


What moves work on turkey neck???

Kathy Eckley

First time viewing ur tutorials,great job. Been on fence about NuFace, but ur explanation best yet. I’m a 60 yr old mom n Grandmom, so Ty honey 4 ur simple explanation of a device!! U r a Beautiful girl!! Keep up the great inspirational work!!


All your videos are so amazing! Am thinking about ordering the nuface— I’m 37 and mostly wrinkle free but I have one deep line on my neck— do you think this will help? It’s caused by how I sleep I think, but no matter what I do (pillows, masks, etc), I find myself waking up on my side :( ha

shayne Ramos

Why can't you split the jaw? Just curious


This really works (especially if you do this everyday. My problem is that after doing the face/neck, there is not enough charge left to use the LED, much less hop on over to the body "deal" (which ALSO works, but I'd like more specific instructions). I'm thinking that if I had two NUFACE's and charged them both, things would work out and I wouldn't have to panic to go faster. (I know it's expensive, but way cheaper than plastic surgery. (The cats will still be fed.). All that will be needed then is called "get out of that bed"! Being 71, almost 72 is a very strange thing.

daphne liew

Thanks for another great tutorial. How are you so gorgeous and still not a movie/tv star? Those eyes and eyebrows are to die for. ?

Sasan Bayat-Makou

Thank you so much for the great video ,I have purchased a q1000 low level laser that they said that has a program for rejuvenation ,would that be the same as the led attachment ? ,thank you again

Mikki León

Thank U thank U thank U so very very much❣️❣️❣️. This is exactly the information I was looking for, from the exact kind of source that I was looking for❣️ I so truly appreciate how you explain things, your video style, and how you answer my questions without my even asking you he he he he he?. I not only liked this video, I also subscribe, because I think your videos are so what I need, want and have been looking for. What I’m trying to say is you’re the perfect source for my needs❣️❣️ I thank you for your time, your effort and your abilities❣️. Honestly ?.

Stella Ercolani

We love you and your videos?

Enid Futterman

Thank you, Katie. I too love your tutorials. You are charming, authoritative, clear, and very helpful. One question: Why shouldn't you use Trinity on the center of your neck? NuFace says the same thing, but how do you address turkey neck otherwise?


Are you sure it is okay to use the light on the neck. I recently queried Nuface and they said the wrinkle reducer was not approved for use on the neck area. Would be great if it was now good to go.

Donna Lipply

Do you need the gel for the attachment that produces the light?

Emoretta Robinson

Can the light therapy attachment be used on the arms, stomach, thighs and calves? I'm losing weight I want to avoid skin removal surgery. I've been wondering if light theraphy could help with this. ?

Jacqueline Mcgovern

Thanks you're adoreable and a great teacher?

Sleeping Labradors

I’m so glad I came across your channel, especially this video. I’ve been doing my treatments by putting the prongs the way you said not to on the jaw area. ?‍♀️

nic pace

Since it's basically electricity do you feel anything when the device is on the skin? Like slight electrocuted feeling? Thank you for your video!

marilyn hernandez

Hi, I heard that there is a nuface pro is that true ?or is it the same one? I did ask this question nuface company but I haven't heard anything yet, I saw this on YouTube they was suggesting that you only buy from them because they have the nuface pro but I think they just trying to get everyone to buy it from they Clinic, the nuface trinity is the latest one right that is the newest technology they came up with. Please let me know I wanna order this ASAP thanks.?

M Elder

What’s the best way to treat marionette lines? Love your videos - really helping me use the NuFace. Finally seeing some results, thanks to you ??

linda O’Connor

Hi Katie ,New fan. Love your channel! Can Nuface be done just under the chin?
I’m pretty sure that’s not the Thyroid area.


I love this series. I have the bug ace and I like swing the extra steps and holds I can take to make it more effective. I’m definitely adding the light to my routine. Thank you!

syd n

Yup, thanks for another great tutorial. Super helpful. And you're adorable. Makes sense to be mindful of the thyroid. I guess there's no hope/help if you are starting to get sagging down the center of your neck, specifically, huh? (No neck lift for me.)


You are not suppose to use this on your neck. The company Nuface will tell you that.

Deborah Beers

HI Katie, Thank you so much for this. I just got a Nuface as a gift. I've decided to dust off my clinical Esty skills and do it on clients.I do not have the LED attachment nor does my current device have that option. Would you suggest investing in this model vs getting a stand alone LED? Thanks Muchly! :)

miu miu

Hi there. ..can you please tell me if theoretical the device if got does the same thing. .or is the nuface something totally different

Thank you


Hector A Escobar Cruz

I did it for 6 days I dint now I'm warri

Glennis Chabot

Will my Nu Face mini produce the same results as your machine?

janet simon

Great video! Can i just use water instead of Vera Gel?

francine pilote

Thank you ?

Is nuface safe

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Why I Returned My NuFace.

2 046 views | 5 Jun. 2019

Why I returned my NuFACE

Why I returned my NuFACE // 1. Tics & Muscle Spasms

If you are interested in watching the rest please stay tuned!

Time Stamps:


1. Tics & Muscle Spasms 0:23

2. 0:28

3. 0:46


1. 1:45

2. 2:02

3. 2:13

(In addition another point on the con side for me is that I needed to wash my face twice. Once to cleanse and prep it for the device use and a second wash to wash all the sticky conducting gel off! I did not like the feel of the gel so I had to do that.)

Nu Face at Sephora Current Price for same kit I purchased: (429.00)



CNN Article


InStyle Magazine Article of Jennifer Aniston’s Skincare Secrets


Some Evidence of wrinkle reduction - greatest in the forehead area according to this study:


(Same study different link in case you can’t open previous one)


Dr. Dray (Dermatologist on Youtube) Time Stamp 6:18 talks about the NuFace Device and her opinions on it.


Hot & Flashy Youtuber’s Review on the NuFace


Facts about me, for reference:

Age: 47

Skin Type: Dry/Sensitive - mild rosacea, oily in t-zone

Skin Tone: Warm (yellow, red from rosacea in cheek area)

Closest Foundation Shade Matches:

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup Porcelain Ivory (W1-2)

Benefit hello happy #2

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet 20 (Maybe 10 would be better)

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation #4 COLOR: - light skin with golden undertone

*Not sponsored. I purchased all these products.

Say Hi On Social:

Instagram: @ladyesther

Blog: https://ladyesther.video.blog

Music: Ersatz Bossa

Cesar Bautista

Interesting product...thanks for sharing.


Did you like this video? If you did please click the like button and click the subscribe button to subscribe to my channel. Be sure to also click the bell button to be reminded when there is a new video! Thank you.


I had to returned mine, reluctantly. I saw dramatic results. But, dry patches started under my eyes. That's an indication of overactive immune system. The dry patches for days. My body told me that stop using it. Too harsh, too fast a change to my face muscles.

La Bella Vida

People say the don’t feel anything, I do feel the currents and my face twitches. Did you felt something like ghat?

Lilly Love

Since you are working with current and muscles, it is quite natural that you can feel muscles contracting during treatment. It is harmless, but can feel weird to very sensitive people.
I have come across ticks and spasm when working with current and unused, lazy muscles. As they start to awake to life again, they can act a bit out of control. It will only last for a very short while. As you quit training your muscles, they should return to a lazy state again.

If they don’t, it might be something very different that is causing it, and you should see a doctor for a thorough checkup of blood work and brain.

Is nuface safe

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FOREO Bear vs. NuFace Trinity | Which is Better?

17 537 views | 23 Sep. 2020


Hey guys, WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL! Today we have a very fun video comparing the #NuFace Trinity to the #FOREO Bear. I think I've outlined my thoughts on the product relatively well but if you have any questions just let me know!

I didn't explain the science of microcurrent as well as I could have in the video so I apologize. Essentially, microcurrent is a safe and painless way to firm skin and define facial features. By emitting a low-voltage of electrical currents (hence ‘micro’ current), that mirror your own body’s electrical currents on a cellular level to help refine and contour the skin. The spheres channel energy directly into the skin. When using microcurrent, skin cells break down and then grow back stronger, the same way your muscles do after lifting weights. FUN FACT we have 43 muscles in our face and 26 in our neck!

Also, I wanted to clarify that I think everyone is a good candidate for microcurrent regardless of age BUT that some people just have unrealistic expectations.

Thank you guys so much for watching!!!



Check out the Bear and Bear mini HERE:

Bear: https://foreo.se/lzb3b

Bear mini: https://foreo.se/45rf1

** FTC Disclosure **

This IS NOT a sponsored video. FOREO gifted me these items but as always all opinions are my own.

► Artist Attribution

Song: Jarico - Island (Vlog No Copyright Music)

Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/gZlDn4EmTvo

Vanessa Ramcharan

I really like your reviews. There isn’t a lot out there on the Foreo but do you have to use their serum or can you use other serums with it. How about aloe gel?

Paulina Puelma

Hi Mel , Do you know how many microamps does the Bear provides on the higher setting? I know Nuface provides something like 350 mA but I can’t find anywhere about the Bear ? Thank you

Jess Felicity Collins

Thank you hun! I’m thinking about buying my first micro current device !!!!??

amanda kaniclides

Would you share the nail color/polish you currently are using?

Also, in the process of a defective nuface trinity replacement myself. Not fun. Their customer service is pretty unfortunate.

María Sánchez

What would you buy if you can only have one
Bear or bear mini? For someone who is young but want to prevent and maybe countour the muscles for more definition, but still wants something that last many years?

Anastasia Malova

oh, it's Foreo Bear hands down! The only micro current device out there with the t-sonic pulsations, it's more powerful and last much longer per charge! love it

Maria Angela Ambrosone

I have nu face and I think that is the better

Balam Garcia

Omg is great the bear. Mexico say hello thanks

Karen Vidal

What is the MPA output on each?

Antonella Pardo

omg love
so great

Sandra B.

Thank you so much, Mel for making these videos on all the microcurrent devices you've used. I've gone back and viewed them all again. You provide the best reviews and you look fantastic. Let me say that I'm seriously considering the Foreo Bear - it looks like it mimics the Ziip, but I like the ergonomic factor of the Foreo in that it seems it's way more comfortable to use. A couple of questions if you don't mind: Must you use the serum it touts or can you use something else as a conductor? eg. L'Oreal Hydra Genius/Neutrogena Hydro Boost or a The Ordinary serum of some kind, or maybe even Evian water mist? Also, do you find that the Foreo Bear can still be used on areas like under the eye and on the brow bone (to combat hooded eyes)? Or is it too big for that and is the mini better suited for the eye/brow area? Should the larger Foreo be used mostly for the cheeks, jawline, neck and forehead? Thank you again so much, Mel. I'm looking towards getting one (or both!) at a future Sephora sale. xoxo

Leesah M

Girrrl! @10:34 I’m deadddd ? I couldn’t stop laughing and also, “I have the attention span of a squirrel” I could relate! ???

Now I’m gonna have to go buy this product and try it out. I hate you!! ??

Jessica Langdon

For me personally the Bear, anti-shock feature is awesome. I felt the effect right after the first use.

Wasala Beer

i love your review! thank you for filming this video <3


You are so funny??? i found your video very usefull, what is more (☝?) very entertaining!!??? you are awsome?

Victoria Victoria

"On the cusp of dead"... I can not! ??

Luis ull

Podrias hacerlos tb en castellano?? Muy bueno

Kay Hughes

Hey love the video! Is the bear good for lifting? I want a cheek filler look ?


I was considering buying the foreo bear mini but it's so expensive and have no experience with micro current. Would you say it is worth the buy? Mostly, is the price difference between Bear and Bear mini worth it or is the mini just as good only smaller?

Sharon Fairlamb

I'm returning my NuFace because of all the bad reviews I read after I ordered. Seems like the product doesn't have much of a life for the high price.


I don't know English so can someone tell me? which better? And I am 22 years old, I can use this? Please someone answer me , for me important. Please Mel baena give me answer.

Jacqueline Chin

Hi quick question! my sister and I both have the foreo bear. When we use it manually one begins to vibrate right away the other device only starts to vibrate when it touches the skin. Just wondering which one is a defective device. Thanks :)

Mary Baldwin

Is it battery operated? Also do you suggest a less expensive serum?


I’d love to know as far as devices go your thoughts on radio frequency like the MyNEWA or Nebulyft. You can use it alternating with micro current.

Justyna Kissling

My NuFace stopped working after 1 year!!! Now, to fix it I need to send it abroad! I spent fortune on it ( i have trio ). I do not recommend it. Even when it’s fixed it will take months without equipment and the whole effect wearing off. I am ready to try Foreo.

Ashley Marie

girl! I love these reviews! Also ? I used to work for a spa that used this MC device called the PureLift Pro. The Pro size is $700 and the travel size is $500. Super pricey but worth it. From what they told us during our trainings the PureLift devices are about 3x stronger than the NuFace ones. Not sure how true that is since I’ve never used a NuFace. But I used to do it on myself every other night before I left my job and my face was so lifted, contoured and plumped. Double chin gone ? cheekbones high ?? eyebrows lifted ✨ lips plumped. If you get the chance definitely look into it. It’s so cool, you can literally see/feel your muscles contracting and getting a workout but it’s painless! Im deff trying to save up and get my own! ☺️

Tess Fenmore

Thank you for the well thought out review! I love my Luna 3 but I still was on the fence about purchasing The Bear.


Should I get the normal bear or is the mini bear enough?


Nuface is for muscle level and foreo only works on skin level. Foreo uses 200 amp which doesn't work the muscle . I use nuface trinity and than fix device all over the face for the skin tightening effect . It works wonders by getting into the areas of face which other devices cant reach

lopu zhica

I seriously need to stop spending money on all this devices. I just ordered the myolift gloves few minutes before your video popped up and I was considering this new device you were talking about...what's wrong with me??? Btw, it's too expensive for me anyway... But I'm glad you like it.

MadeUpMelly !

Loved the Moscow Mitch insert! I’m in Kentucky and have been trying like hell to vote him out.

Gail Granberry

omg mitch mcconnell lmao

Lara Fuller

I am planning on getting the Bear, there is science behind it, I haven't read any negative review yet about this procedure...I like Foreo silicone devices, they feel nice in my hand ( I got the luna mini 3 brush) , they are antibacterial, etc etc...so there :)

Oksana L.

Thanks for your review! Before I wanted to buy NuFace. Now I changed my opinion. And your subscribers wrote a lot of stories how their NuFace broke fast. I trust Foreo because I already has Luna and it works already 3 years ?

Briana Davie

This video has me dying but I agree I love foreo and there products hold a charge forever


I have gone through 3 NuFace Trinities (the one in the video) and 2 NuBody devices over the past few years. As much as I love these devices, they never last longer than a year or two. Foreo is a good brand, I really hope the Bear ends up being a durable device. I also appreciate that the price isn’t as overblown as NuFace and ZIIP.

Martin Guminskyi

Hallo Danke für Deine Information ?‍♂️

dena Marie

I have the nu face mini the gel it came with breaks me out any safe alternative ? Btw your skin is amazing!


My Nuface stopped working after two years. It was never dropped, well taken care of. ?

Alison L

My late 30’s were the prime of my life! It just keeps getting better as I age!

BeautyBreaks WithMom

My daughter said it looks like a big ? I ordered the mini bear. But foreo bug or foreo frog would of been a cute name. I have the nuface mini and I love it so far. Can't wait to try the bear though!

Steven Born

You so look like AOC lol looking great keep up the good work Every bit of dedication to selfcare will improve your looks

Alex Charalabidis

Hi there! Loved your informative video in this new device, can you use another type of serum instead of the one it comes with?


where do u get this hair clips?

rallara ral

New subscriber! Thanks so much for this, was wanting to buy the Nuface device and watched your video about it from around a year ago, omg so happy I read the comments and ended up here. I'll definitely buy the foreo ? because I did come across quite a few reviews on various websites saying the Nuface broke. Great stuff so thanks again, glad I found your channel and love your speed, straight to the point, honest and cute at the same time. ? ???

Jennifer S.

Can u use these on ur body? Like would these do anything for cellulite on ur thighs? ?

Ami Elena Singh

"Sometimes it shocks me and it feels a little spicy" ? ? Ily ahah


You are fool of.....


these books are really good by sidney sheldon: If tomorrow comes, Best laid plans, and Rage of Angels.

Isabella Brown

I would always choose foreo products, they have never disappointed me, and to be honest, the Bear has great features, handy and so cute. Thanks for this useful and great video

Alma Wilson

lol the logic that you have to see sings of aging to start doing something about it, it's called prevention people! I like the compact shape of the Bear more & the mini is so cute ?