Spray vs lotion sunscreen

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SPF 15 or 50? Spray or lotion? All natural or normal? How to choose the best summer sunscreen.

276 views | 28 May. 2015

SPF 15 or 50? Spray or

SPF 15 or 50? Spray or lotion? All natural or normal? How to choose the best summer sunscreen.

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Spray vs lotion sunscreen

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Top 8 sunscreen sprays| Dr Dray

65 072 views | 25 May. 2020

Hey guys! Today I am

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 8 sunscreen spray recommendations.

La Roche posay anthelios SPF60 ultralight lotion https://bit.ly/3gfbJqL

La Roche posay anthelios SPF50+ invisible mist https://amzn.to/3efR309

Banana boat simply protect kids https://bit.ly/2XlfAKm SPF50

Altruist SPF 50 spray https://amzn.to/3efQDa5

Replenix sheer physical SPF spray https://bit.ly/3gcGJaZ

MDSolarSciences Quick dry SPF40 https://bit.ly/3bTccLN

EltaMD UV aero SPF45 https://bit.ly/2LOq5k3

Dr Dennis Gross sheer mineral SPF50 https://bit.ly/3cVvNwv

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Kamaldeep Singh

Lotions and stuff sucks when you're a hairy gorilla like me.

Jo Campion

Literally won't buy anything that isn't dr dray recommended

Deutsche Mama

Can you please make a video for kids sunscreens (lotions)? That would be awesome.


what if i just buy the spray container and use a body spf lotion? im really considering doing this and buying the products so i hope someone answers me lol.

Thai Becker

Would any of these sprays be suitable for using on the scalp? I’ve been having hair loss for quite a while now, and using a hat it’s not practical, any suggestions?

hellen chepy

I'm I the only one who watches videos talking abt reapplication Wondering how it would be possible when I have make up on.

Sleep you coward Now

Why are sunscreen made in such small packages if we’re supposed to use so much of it?

Noëlle Meisser

I just bought a sunscreen spray for my scalp. Should I use that or is it better to wear a bandanna, or is both best?


could you do a video on pantothenic acid and acne.


What about applying spray sunscreen to the face? Would it cause breakouts or

Lizbet PCB

Worst sunburn of my life, was when I used a spay SPF and missed a spot about the size of a bay’s fist on my décolletage and went to a beach in southern Florida, in Springtime. I did NOT reapply. I remember being at the airport heading home and slowly seeping blood in that one spot through my brand new blouse.
It was horrible and I can’t believe there’s no scar from it.
I was never so careless again.

Vicki Zeimen

I may be wrong here but did you say you make you're own non dairy milk. What do you do with the left over nut pulp? Do you use it in any of your recipes or have ideas that are worth trying?

Hrafnhildur Mooney

My hair is quite fine and my scalp burns easily. I often wear hats but I would really like to find a sun screen spray that doesn’t weigh my hair down and grease the roots. Would love some reccomendations please??


Dr. Dennis Gross mineral sunscreen spray is great to reapply! It does not contain alcohol so eye burning and sensitivity is not much of a problem. It originally sprays out white but rub in hands then pat on face and it turns sheer immediately, like a serum.


Amy suggestions for spray sunscreen that doesn't feel greasy for an hairy Italian man? LOL....my husband prefers spray and inherited Irish sensitive skin.

Chelsea K

Can you review Algenist’s sublime defense sunscreen?

Missy Richert

Do you have a video for sun screen options for babies(+6m)/kids

Nazia Rahman

Hey doctor drey! Can u review the Sebamed sin lotion please?

Katie Hanover

My son is allergic to chemical SPF (mostly all the benzone types) . Do you know why he would be allergic? What mineral sunscreens would you recommend? I would prefer sheer or slightly tinted so it doesn’t leave that white residue.

dismiss yrself

I haven’t seen anyone else say they use the neutrogena spray spf. I kinda like it. It’s shiny at first but then turns matt after a few min. I think it’s body spray but it’s never broke me out and it’s 100spf

Jess Veloz

Can you please give some suggestions on how to remove sunscreen from kids skin. I use Albolene on my face and my sons skin where there is sunscreen but then the challenge is removing the greasiness of albolene. What soaps are best for removing it? I use Aveeno baby for him.

Sarah Calitz

you are looking great Dr. Dray! your skin is glowing!!

Stephen lucky

I dont like the spray ones myself too

Nuha M

I love her voice when she says “ well hey guys " ? so cute ❤️

Maria A

Are there any sprays suitable for the face without avobenzone/butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane? It discolours everything from hair to clothes orange!


Dr. Drayyyyyy I wish you were on my Zoom call for class right now. Our project was to create an at-home face moisturizer or mask... ALL the people in my class are using lemon juice. ????????

Zayka Zayka

Thank you ?✨

Nurse Standish

I’m a new subscriber and unfortunately new to applying sunscreen on a regular basis. Please tell me your opinion of Clinique spray sunscreen on face?

Cristal Nuno

Would you recommend the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist? I had seen it at Target but wanted your input on it. Seems to have good reviews at Target.

What's Up?

I like spray but if sunscreen I feel like it's not safe cause it has strange alcohol smell it's not feel natural it makes me think there's a harse ingredients


I’m curious to know your opinions on the famous brand among aesthetician IS CLINICAL

Caroline Bielby

Wanted to ask because I love alturist cream for face but then u mentioned all mineral sunscreen could I use mineral at the beginning of day and then top up with alturist the rest of the day it's more affordable as I put it on a lot and the alturist is so cheap and non drying xxx

Riya Varma

Love your content so much

Elisa Nicholas

Hi Dr. Dray, good morning. Could you please give a Summer 2020 HAIR /SCALP Sunscreen recommendations. Thanks

B Anthony

Dr Drey, Pre-Covid whenever i used to go to the beach I would just dread it when I would see somebody whip out a can of spray SPF, because you always get a good wiff, lung full, mouth full of it. And you don’t even need to be very close to them to experience the toxic fallout.

Meg B

I'm glad to see you included non-aerosol sprays! For a drugstore pump spray option, I like the Baby Bum Mineral 50 Fragrance Free spray. It's on my repeat purchase list!


Why would you apply sunscreen full body? Wouldn’t it make more sense to apply it to places exposed to the sun lol


Which one does not leave a white cast? Any recommendation for brown or Asian tone?

Ana Sc

I prefer sprays and before I found your channel, that's all I would use. I made the switch bc I notice you've NEVER recommended a spray b4??

Rebeca Love

Which one has the highest UVA protection?

Tammy Jenkins

Dr Dray, When I get in the sun my hands break out in bumps and itches. Any thoughts on this??

Myles Arii

Why do some people say spray sunscreens are so bad for the body? Yes, I understand aerosols are not good to breathe in. But what else? Are the benefits of spf spray outweigh the cons of it all?

Ri Hinlo

Hello Dr Dray, i love love love how glowy your skin is!

Angelo Rodriguez

Hi I was wondering if you could help so usually I don't have breakouts but when I go outside I now use cerave (spf 30 thanks to your videos I now know of the importance of spf so thank you) but everytime I use cerave spf lotion and there brand of cleasnser I have a breakout any advice?


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist leaves absolutely no cast. I spray it into my hands generously then rub it into my face and neck. Never irritates my skin, although I believe it may have irritated my eyelid once so maybe steer clear of putting it on eyelids. Skin has never broken out from it, and it absorbs into the skin quickly. Doesn't leave you looking greasy; cannot recommend it enough.

hellen chepy

Is spf 90 too much?

Linh Dam

I see sunscreen, I see Dr.Dray, I click.

trista leigh

spray is vital for protecting my back during summer swimming.

Denise M

Have you seen the powder spf? I would love to know your thoughts!!!

Mikayla Pene

I’m a lotion SPF fan, however the neutrogena ultra sheer SPF50+ spray is a holy grail when I’m on the boat and my hands are too dirty to rub my body with lotions for reapplication. Would be interested to know a little bit more about the ingredients in this product as I’ve never really thought about the possibly harmful ingredients


Can you do another video on self tanner recommendations on which self tanners are good


I used a spray yesterday and my legs are throbbing from how bad of a sunburn I have, don’t recommend :,(

Lavender Clorox Bleach

Do face masks do anything?? What’s the difference between a clay mask and a sheet mask and does it actually work

Jessica Partsch

Can you do a video on which active sunscreen ingredients to look for or avoid? Idk what to believe with ingredients if they are actually bad or not!


Hi Andrea. You are doing great job by providing some much needed education on skincare and hair. I need you to talk about the details of water quality and its impact on skin n hair. I am from Pakistan n shifted to gulf for work 6 years ago. The water here is desalinated sea water usually. I developed aczema n always need very heavy moisturizer plus oil after shower. The hair have become brittle, frizzy n lifeless with a lot of hairless. They keep falling all the time. Please suggest some ways to combat this. How about using alum to soften water before washing hair? I wash them just twice a week. Your suggestions would be great.

Melissa Rosado

Should you be wearing sunscreen on your body if it’s covered by clothes? Ex do you put sunscreen on your arms if you know you’ll be wearing long sleeves all day?

Kelsey C

Can you do an updated foot care video

Jayrie Milet

Dr.dray I have big pores on my nose and dry tzone what do you recommend ?


Banana boat also has a simply protect sensitive spray with zinc oxide and no alcohol or fragrance! Have you seen this one Dr Dray??


Would love to hear your thoughts of trader Joe’s’ spray mineral sunscreen in a white bottle. I think it’s new for this summer?

Lynelle Thompson

Happy Memorial Day Dr. Dray!!??

Kristine Orozco

Sorry not the topic of the video... I have a question Dr dray . Can I use my Cerave am 30 spf with colorscience mineral face shield on it for re applying throughout the day?

j Nic

Thank you for your videos! Do you have simple truth brand where you are? I think Kroger makes it. They make a mineral based sunscreen (not spray) and I’m wondering if it’s any good. Was in a pinch to get anything quick and Ralphs/smiths was where I was.

Ginger D.

What is your opinion on heliocare-sun-protection supplement?

Willow Murdock

I can add a sunscreen tip! Especially for the face! Find a good quality sunscreen that you absolutely love the FEEL of and you will find yourself applying much more of it and much more often! Like, I tried to always apply enough sunscreen, but once I got a light layer applied, I just couldn’t bear to put any more on LOL! Same thing definitely goes for reapplication! Now, my personal current favorite is Australian gold SPF 50 face… I swear I feel like I am applying luxury cream and I find myself smoothing it on in the manner that you see fancy women in 1940s and 50s movies applying creams LOL!! Same thing with my body sunscreen… Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure about the quality, LOL, but Hawaiian Tropic sheer touch with shimmer SPF 30 and Coppertone glow SPF 30 are my current favorites to slather all over my body for daily use and for special occasions or late afternoon/evening wear, I like art naturals summertime glow… It’s almost like an oil but somehow creamy and it leaves my skin just so… Sexy!

Anyway, the point being, find a decent sunscreen with a decent SPF in a form and texture that you love and you eventually WILL find yourself slathering in it!! ??

Alex Iversen

Hi all! I'm hoping someone out there may be able to help as I am at my wits end with sunscreen! Having dry, allergic skin with eczema I have known for a while that chemical sunscreen aggrivates it, but recently I have found that any physical sunscreen i use also gives me a rash, and raised allergic skin. I've tried la roche posay, avene, and bioderma physical ones and each left me rashy so maybe i'm allergic to the physical filters too? not sure what to do at this point apart from never go outside again :(

Satu María

Please DO NOT use sunscreens with OXYBENZONE and OCTINOXATE if you are gonna get in the ocean. These components among others are very HARMFUL for reefs and marine life

Charlie Rose

I always see a few ‘dislikes’ on your videos and I just can’t wrap my mind around it. You are freaking FANTASTIC and deserve ALL the likes! ?✨???‍♀️

Gabriela P H

I need to know the best way to reapply sunscreen when you’re wearing makeup

Garanique Williams

Dr. Dray,
I know you've done several videos on your opinion on makeup. I am wondering if you'd be willing to do a video on the best ways to clean your makeup applicators (or not). How often to get new brushes /sponges (or maybe not to use then at all). The best ways to store makeup if you are going to have a select few makeup products. Do you have varying opinions on just how bad concealer is for your skin vs lipstick or eyeliner/eyeshadow and blush/bronzer ? For example, would you say just wearing mascara that is within it's expiration date is less irritating for the skin than concealer? Lastly, I'd love to hear more from you on hair growth in general. I'm curious if you have any tips of growing longer lashes and keeping eyelash hair healthy. How do false eyelashes affect us? And, I'm curious if you could explain exactly why tension is bad for the hair follicle (ie. tight braids which can be prevalent in a lot of African American protective hairstyling).

Christina R.

Etude House face SPF works really well.

Allison Cantrell

Hi Dr. Dray! I was curious on your thoughts about the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist - SPF 55.

Spooky Mulder

Dr Dray, what are your thoughts on the new Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist SPF 55 (besides the fact that it has fragrance, which is so annoying)?


Can we use the sunscreen spray on the hair??


I know another person requested this ages ago in another vid but what's your take on 'Helioplex technology'? Is it an actual thing that makes sunscreen actives more stable or just marketing BS?


Do you put on sunscreen after moisturizer? Or do you simply don't need to apply moisturizer?

Marta Kras

For all of you makeup lovers out there,the Lo Roche Posay Invisible fresh mist is great to put on AFTER makeup as a setting sprey,it does not leave a cast or a greasy feel

David A.

Can you review my lumasol

Anne Munoz

That was quick! Thanks!


I just wasted £15 on La Roche Posay anti-shine spray. ? 75ml doesn't last long when you're making sure you are applying enough to protect your skin, especially when it's spraying all over the place.

Stuart Pierce

Dr. Drag your skin looks so pretty this morning! Thanks Jennifer ?

Nancy D

I avoid sunscreen near my eyes but it always makes it into my eyes and it BURNS ?

Day Night

Hey doc ! I got the la Rosch or rose sunblock you recommended and it leaves a white gray cast on my face , can you recommend some sunblock for darkskin people please ?


Never been keen on a sunscreen spray (frankly don't see the point tbh) but the roll-on ones look really convenient for re-applying when you're out and about...which I'm terrible at. Yet to actually try one though.

Luisa Arch

Hello Dr Dray...Hope you have a great week ahead!! Question..I started applying my spf with a sponge so I can blend that CVS Zinc sunscreen that you have recommended...so do you think I may not be getting an even coat ??? I do apply a full tea spoon though to ensure th at my face has proper coverage. Please let me know. Thank s so much for sharing your knowledge!!

Katie Romrell

I remember that you've recommended Neutrogena's sunscreens in the past. What do you think of their spray sunscreen?

Shakespeare Mandarin

What should I use if I put on makeup?

Linda Nava

Wondering about Malibu and Palmers sunscreens


Do you recommend cerave body wash?

Edanur Polat

Which sunscreen cream is suitable for rosacea?

stefanie 01

I prefer creams but in my school they closed the bathroom cause lots of people were caught smoking/making out. To go there u need to search for the keys then go which takes lots of time now . So I have to buy these to just spray them in class .sadly they're not as effective.

Matilde Kimmerle

Back here again!❤️


Could you give a review of Kate Somervilles spf spray? I Really wonder!


Brown skin girl coming through , I use the Replenix and it’s ghost face free , no cast at all it is however pricey

Andrea C

Can you recommend any sunscreen lotions that don’t turn your car interior white?

Crystal Bice

Can you please do a video on zero waste skincare and sunscreen product recommendations? I have been trying to cut down on my waste but don't want to sacrifice my skin health to do so. So many zero waste products have essential oils.

Ana Covic

Dr. Dray, you look very beautiful in this video. In every , but especially in this one. Your skin is glowing !

Farm Girl

Hey guys I went to Walmart and needed some sunscreen because I bought one from aveno baby spf 55 and it breaks me out and I been using it for about 1 month.
I then today picked up the clear face neutrogena and don’t know if its good I forgot to see if it was mineral and don’t if it is because it doesn’t say ?


Dr Dray can you please review palestinian Nablus Soap? Its made of olive oil and we also call it camel soap in arabic. Its traditionally used in Palestine for skin (body wash) and Hair and it is sulfate free and basically all the crap chemicals free

Gavin G

Is Banana Boat Avobenzone stabilized ?

Spray vs lotion sunscreen

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FDA Investigtaes Safety Of Spray-On Sunscreen

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There are new concerns

There are new concerns about spray-on sunscreen. Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.

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