True brows

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17 264 539 views | 4 May. 2014

Updated Eyebrow Tutorial

Updated Eyebrow Tutorial Here


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---- Products Used ------

Mac Brow finisher


Tarte Emphaseyes eyes brow pencil in medium brown


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow in dark brown



Benefit Give me brows brow gel


Motives Cosmetics Concealer in amber



Camera Used for Selfies and OOTDs


Camera Used to film tutorials

http://bit.ly/Canon-5dIII .

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Rudymie Grace Juranes

2020? :)

Dont Me

Soo amazingg.. So beautiful ??

Kimberly Madridano Songodanan

Who's watching in 2020?



Shantée Nicole

Is there a video on this eye look?

Rajeswary Pillay

I do attempt to do this.
But, i look so artificial unlike all you Youtubers ?

Janiel Smith

Need more tutorials for eyebrows and also I will like for you to do some eyelash tutorials too. I have problems with them

Jesse NBHD

Anyone else watching in 2020?

Nickole Lopez perez

You honestly look like Jennifer Lopez for real. I like the selena videos. Your gorgeous. Just stunning.

Karen Oquita

I found this video again after so many years and it feels so nostalgic! You definitely inspired me!

Andrada Marina Eftinoiu

Wow it takes you a lot

Nury Vite

Thanks ? ????

Allison Goodall

Im even annoyed at myself for wasting 8 minutes watching it?

Lynda Coulson

Wow!!! I love the eyebrows, the eyeshadows and the liner!! I wished I could look as beautiful as you but at 55 going on 56 this year with hardly any eyebrows, hooded eye lids developing and lots of skin marks with age as well as wrinkles, I could NEVER in a million years look this good.

CC Mororool

Too irritating.. Written on videos

Kata Pinter

Ko voli neka izvoli..ja sa tim silnim bojama .okrečim vikendicu??


Just recently discovered your channel and so in love with how you apply makeup! But that eyeliner tho...can you do a tutorial on them? Tysm!

Lisa jenrette

Love this video. I seem to have the hardest time making my brows the same size. One is usually thicker or wider than the other. I can't seem to draw a straight line even if the line were there.

Natalie Day

Gorgeous! Girl you are an eyebrow ninja.??

Tricia Moller


Melissa G

6 years later, still a bomb tutorial

Takitos Bitch

She hasn’t aged a fucking day, how is that even possible?

Amird Al Kontar


Mongbijam Babita

It is good practice makup so nice ...

Dawn Reilly

Can you please tell me what eyeliner or shadow you are wearing in this video on your lower line (undereye)??

Kaka Cantik

Wow ferri good ferry nice i like Thank you so much

Caz Pizzaz

Thank you , enjoyed your video,I have very few hairs at the end of my brows, with practice hopefully my brows will look like yours eventually ?

Naima Alger

Thank you

gloria trejo


Elena Ayala

Love it!! Best eyebrow tutorial ever!


New eye brow tutorial update?! Please!?


Who’s here in 2019

Geeta Chanu

Simply perfect ?

Michelle Meyer

Amazeballs!!!! Your brows look beautiful!!!!

Luz Bressler

Love it.

Phi Do

Very nice! Thanks


November 2019?
Got reccomend by YouTube ?

what shape would you call this?

Lilia Miller

Waste of time.Very slow

Monique Washington

Great brow tip.

Heaven Avorque

Show how you did your lid please.ty super much!?

Elizabeth Leyva

Does she make a tutorial on her wing? Because ?

Heaven Avorque

Wow!yours is simpler than other tutorials I've seen. ?

Norma De jesus

Gracias por sub título en español

Tonya Lewis


Kristany biffle

Girl best iv seen yet. Your eyebrows are the best

Angela Marshall


Niang Doivak

Nice. You have a long nail too

Jc Lopez

I learned a lot. This is something different

Edi Subhan

how to make up the best @t

Dipika Sikari

I JL i


Wow so good

Nikole Hernandez


Mary Deherrera

Steve Harley

Steve harley


Beautiful, São Paulo Brasil!

Anam Saifi

I love your eye makeup can u teach that..

Karen Galban

shy desi 6 years ago, to fierce desi 2020 <3

Claudia Iman

I Love it❣️??‍♂️


This is the very first video I watched of you back in April 2016. Been a follower since. I’ve learned everything I know from you! These days I’m the one that everyone goes to for makeup.
So proud of all your success Desi. ??

Fresh Cocoh


Boots Pires

so over acting!


perfect brows sheaps

Allison Goodall

This video annoyed me....there are too many more worthwhile things in this world to spend time on...sorry...might be just jealousy...not sure...lol

Soraya Hamidi

I use the same brush for my eyebrows it’s just amazing

myra tv

I am very frustrated to make my eyebrows perfect.. But you did a great job for your brows. :)

Carmina Guice

Its to many products keep things simple

Geannine Curtis

Her eyeliner is so perfect love it

Mary Deherrera

Steve Harley


who's here in 2019?


Your eyebrow game is sooo on!!!This is nice❤


I just love your tutorials!! Greetings from Madrid!!

Alex Armendariz




Eva Stood

Shouldn’t you just apply Rogaine to grow more hair instead of drawing hair


This video is old and maybe your brows have changed since. However, if your brow naturally lost the tail, it can be an indicator of thyroid issues.

Shafira Septiani

Pokoe apik lah.

Emily Herr

Love how you do your browns



Subaha Latif

Very informative video thank you, can you please do a video with the eye makeup you have in this video Xx

ĆABÂ %%%


Nandi V


Ali Gee

wow beautiful

Lily Rosedale

2019? Just me? Ok...

Ruby Miller

Love to watch the tutorials but that music drives me crazy

Poohra Yanga


Heather Hillis

Do you shave your eyebrows

Marinel Mejia

Yyyasss Desi!!

Bhanumathi Chari


Mery Vasquez

This was my first video from you in 2015 and have been your fan since then, you are my BROW QUEEN ? ?

Srihan and Saptashree Sahoo


leah Opella

Wow!!!????amazing brow very nice brows ???

Debbie Donahue

Omg you did a awesome job,


I’m here bc of the Victoria Beckham video LOL anyone else

Greta Petion

Wou nice

Alexis Johnson

Awe baby Desi !

Usha Verma

Very nice

Crystal Fowler

I love how your hair is highlighted

megan smith


Christine Padilla

Still my go to video for brows in 2019

Militza Carolina Zúñiga Cárdenas

Realmente eres perfecta ? te amé

True brows

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True brows

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