Monat clarifying shampoo

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Review | Monat - Thoughts After 6+ Months of Use

24 743 views | 31 Jul. 2018

Hello! Today's video is a

Hello! Today's video is a review on the Revive Shampoo and Conditioner my Monat. I have been using the products for over 6 months now and thought it was sufficient a length of time to do a review. Hope you enjoy!




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Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. All opinions are 100% mine. I only talk about products I genuinely like and only give honest reviews.


My Monat revive shampoo for thin hair always suds up nicely and I only use a small amount


Is it normal for your scalp to burn? Mine burned and caused me a weird itchy scalp as well as fatigue and some PMS symptoms weird

Romelyn Diaz

Thank you this was very helpful!

Lina Vosyle

Honestly, your hair doesnt present it! Doesn't look good, sorry it is just my opinion. Look ingredients, cancer caution!

Yvette Rivera

My bald spot is Growing Back thanx to Monat I am aware the opposite results for others and different progression results. Yes the Product is rather Pricey but it Works and I have dry brittle hair no more

Mandy Rose

The oiliness you were experiencing was your scalp detoxing itself from the previous waxes , parabens and built up product on your hair . You were in the detox stage


Thank you, Karen.

DiAnne VanMetre

I used Monat for 6-8 months. I liked it at first but after about 5 months I started getting sores on my scalp and my entire head itched like crazy. After I stopped using the products it took 2-4 months for my scalp to heal and the itch to stop completely.

Ann LaRose Humphreys

Do you use the MONAT leave-on conditioner? And have you tried the MONAT detangler?


I'm glad your experience was good but I heard it can make your hair fall out and I'm not risking that.

Edit: I have a friend who uses and sells Monat. She (along with others) has said that people will order Monat or buy it from someone who could've possibly put damaging hair products in the Monat bottle to sell. Products that can make your hair fall out, cause sores on your scalp, and more. So people need to stop blaming a product that might actually be good but was just tampered with. I use a shampoo and conditioner that isn't Monat but fits my hair needs. I might try Monat one day to see if it's an upgrade from what I use but we'll see.

Linda Dillon

It does not impress me from looking at your hair, after 7 months of use. I've never used it, but I've watched numerous videos on it. My hair is same length as yours and I 'm sorry to say, my hair looks better than yours using Loreal products. I would not spend that much money on this hair product from many of the results I've seen. Sorry.

Cierra Rose

your hair looks so soft!

Romelyn Diaz

I've been using Monat for 1.5 months, and so far I really like it enough to sign up as a vip. Using the IRT Shampoo, Revive Conditioner and IRT Spray. I have thinning hair, since using monat my hair is not falling out like it used to. I would be so afraid to wash my hair because I had soooo much fall out. Now it's not falling out like it use to. Also experiencing more volume, scalp not as oily as it used to be. I don't notice any hair growth but again I've only been using the product for 1.5 months.

Dorsa Erfani

About 2 months ago I fell in love with Monat and it’s still doing wonders for my hair. Because of this reason I became a market partner. Let me know if you are looking for the right product line that is right for your hair type. My Instagram is monat.dorsa996


Very very helpful.

Deborah Carbonell

Are you still using monat ?

Amanda Ouellette

Great video. Love monat !!


I am apart of their team ! & I am taking in a couple of girls to be apart of my team to make money just from home ! ?. DM if interested!!

Amanda Strause

When I do the 2nd wash, I don’t wait. I just rinse it out.

Monat clarifying shampoo

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MONAT | Clarifying Shampoo | Healthy Hair Shampoo

1 921 views | 16 Jul. 2018

Get your hair sparkling

Get your hair sparkling clean! Learn more: http://bit.ly/shampooclarify

Don’t let the build-up from styling products weigh your hair down and seriously cramp your style. A great style really begins with clean hair. The deep cleaning action gives your style the reboot it needs, creating the ideal foundation for that fabulous look you desire.


Our mission is to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude.

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Discover MONAT: https://monatglobal.com/the-monat-opportunity/

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Monat clarifying shampoo

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54 476 views | 17 Dec. 2018

This video is not to

This video is not to cause any form of controversy, i have been getting lots of questions on why i all of a sudden stopped posting about MONAT, so it is simply my reasoning and explanation.


*** EDIT EDIT: I HAVE GOTTEN A FULL REFUND AND AM NOT LONGER USING THE PRODUCT! It made my hair longer but I wasn’t liking how dry my hair felt, even while using the hydration line! Please continue to respect my decision and every else’s in the comments below!

** EDIT EDIT EDIT: Sorry if i didn't clarify enough in the video, but i was able to continue using product AND HAVE THE OIL BESIDE ME because I purchased them from the salon i work at (my boss is an MP). i wanted to fully develop MY OWN feelings for Monat. my feelings are in the edit above..^

Thanks for watching!!

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all the people who disliked the video are most definitely those little monat boss babes lol

Olga Butrovich

I know a girl who bleached her hair regularly and then dies it blue, she thinks MONAT caused her hair breakage lol

Amaly Espinal

Sometimes people leave things because they don’t believe they can achieve success and Reach the top. This is like any other business you gotta want it for it to grow and you gotta do things with love.

Breanna Marie

How do i resign?

Caitlin Wilt

Currently trying to get out of MONAT. I hated that they wanted me to reach out to strangers all day every day to sell a product that I wasn’t even sure worked!! I hated how they were on my case every single day. When I told them it wasn’t for me they tried getting me to stay in it. All they worry about are their commission checks and not the customer. I’ve been looking for other past MPs who have the same views so I don’t feel as bad about dropping that company ?


Monat will be closing, too many lawsuits. Read the FDA report about the monat manufacturing plant. Stop Using this garbage product.

Amy Lee

You should recommend what's best for your client ALWAYS. Doesn't matter what brand. I've been a cosmetologist for almost 10 years in WI. I've been using monat for 4 years. My hair is healthy and strong. And I did everything under the sun to my hair for years lol. But its definitely not for everyone. I always recommend what the client needs even if it's not something I sell personally because I'm not just looking to make a sale. Best of luck in your new career!


I’m really curious why there are so few X-market partners that speak out.
There are thousands of us(customers)that have been hurt by this company in one way or another but only half a dozen MPs that have publicly talked about their experience. I wish more would share ?


Monat is the bomb! I love it!

Tiffany Aguilera

Hi how do I get out of being a monat vip. I’ve been a member for almost 2 month and my scalp is an absolute disaster.


dude just use castor oil

Yeilin Silfa

Everyone sees different results when using hair products. My mother is a cosmetologist and I’ve used high end products that have not worked on my hair. I’m using Monat and my hair looks amazing. Check out my instagram to see @yeilinx. I personally wanted to use them first before deciding if I even wanted to join and thankfully my curls are way healthier! I hope everyone who had a bad experience has been able to find the right hair products else where♥️


Thank you for this video. I used monat for six months in 2017. My stylist and friend of 20 years sold it to me. It ruined my hair and completely jacked up my hormones. I wish my stylist had the same integrity and self respect as you are showing.
Don’t ever lose that quality.

Linda jackson

I've been using Monat for 6 months now!

Meg Angelopoulos

Did you get your money back?


I became a market partner about a month ago and I was so excited. I did my first wash and was really excited every single wash after that my hair was dirty oily gummy feeling and I couldn't stand it any longer. I finally spoke to my upline about it and they told me it was a detox period could last up to three months and then sent me paragraphs explaining to me what happens every month for the first three months with my hair. I knew that this was a problem and that I had to stop using the products and I still have not gotten my hair back to normal. I have washed my hair to separate showers washing my hair twice meaning I wash my hair four times with non mont shampoo and conditioner and my hair is still disgusting. I do not recommend these products to anyone. I also don't recommend becoming a part of the business because number one it's not your business you are partnered with a company to promote their products which means it's not your business. second of all it's a cult everything is so robotic and repetitive there's no creativity in anyone's social media posts that it's literally disgusting to watch.


Idk maybe because its a scam?

Liandri Olteanu

Paige I would love to do a live vid or Q&A with you on this topic, I feel that it’s so controversial. I used it for two years and I quit a few days ago.

Jackson Silva

At 9:23 I thought you said they didn't respect your views as a scientologist.

kerrie rodriguez

What do you think about the “detox” phase?? Because I’m losing a lot of my hair and every time I do I cry because it’s overwhelming. This has never happened to me before

fitmom40 creel

I didn't like it at first but six months later omg what a difference. I'm in love with how my bleach ends feel and never had issues bad ,thank God , thats scary. But like this I used skin care line and had allergic reaction so I'm sure not ever one can use it. But that was just my body not the skin care line. I will say I have no thyroid (so hair loss and thinning is true here) and have studied hair loss now for 17 years as cosmetologist dealing with my own hair loss. I have attend and became very educated and I use to push nioxin on clients for thinning hair, but heck nioxin doesn't send me thank you for helping make their company rich all those years. If i sell redken its own by loreal , and its all a pyramid we are at the bottom in sales.I have seen hair loss from diet change from stress, hormone imbalance , birth control, hairloss from weight loss, people going vegan and hair loss from color and extensions damage. I am certified specialist in extensions. And have been certification and huge extension clientel. I notice one lady claiming hair loss but could see it was straight up bleach and mechanical damage. I see this everyday in the salon and so important to educate clients that if they are using hot tools with no protection that actually works then its the same as getting cookies out of the over at 400 degrees with your bare hands! If hair has been bleach or lighten flat irons should be only used at 350 degree with heat protection only once a week to avoid breakage. But I' am seeing amazing result. My daughter is pharmist and son in law and both agree not Dr. would put there license and ethic code on the line if this company was Bad or lie. To many years of school to put their reputation on the line. As far making lots of money I seen you got bust your butt to do it.being successful is not easy its work hard work. I'm so sorry for the ones didnt like it. I work it on my own time when ever I want.

Hailey Yeager

A girl I went to high school with messaged me on Instagram asking me to be a market partner for MONAT I agreed and it’s been 4 days... 4 DAYS! I am calling them tomorrow and canceling my starter kit order and getting my money back (hopefully). I also feel/felt controlled by my team and already had to sit through two zoom video chats. Chief called he said MONAT ain’t it. ? loved your video!

Haley Priller

I am literally debating about this right now!!!!!! I ordered my package as an MP and I’m on vacation and my mentor wants me to start this week and do the worksheets and lives and all this stuff and I said I wanted to start next week bc I’m on vacation visiting with a friend and she’s like don’t you want to make money and start your business? Just take 30 minutes to have a call with me and you can start your business! I feel the same way you are, I haven’t even tried the products yet and she wants me to start telling people about them.

Hagan Mack

Paige and Hailey we have a side hustle for you to take a look at with a science backed line -- not our paid scientist. We could email information. If you see this the way we do great and if not you will think of other peeps that should also be using something in the consumable product line. Would appreciate and value your time. Thanks! Paige, way to stand up for yourself you seem to be driven and know what you want! Looking forward to hear you get your money and shipping returned soon. Happy and Blessed 2019 Hagan Mack

Dena Girl

My hair is falling out and it’s been only a month or two
Of using it. I’m so
Upset about it. Can’t believe that my hair is falling out and breaking at the hairline. Pretty devastated that this is happening.

MONAT with Nika Moeini

Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve absolutely loved my experience with the products and business ❤️


I have a friend who tries to get me to join as a seller, but no Thank you. Ive purchased products. More than anything to support my friend in her venture, but Nope...im just simply not interested in selling it or joining a pyramid program.

Laura Zamora


Griselda Sandoval

Totally love their products but it’s just not for me. Thank you for this. I can’t handle the pushiness from them

Paige Goodwin

Paige, I subscribed to your channel !

Heidi Davison

They say they have money back guarantee but watch out. I just wanted to quit using it because it fried my hair and made it hard to comb through & frizzy. I didn’t ask for my money back, but had to spend so much time and effort deleting my account/telling multiple people “no more, thank you”/calling the hone office (trying to get them to take me seriously) so they wouldn’t order me more! Monat drives me crazy... it fried my hair with “natural” ingredients and made it impossible to brush through. My hair is still recovering

Shea Click

I’m so sorry you didn’t have the best experience. I personally have had great experience with a lot of hair growth and eliminated a to of my frizz.

Adelina Galev

Have you gotten your money back?

Jean Groves

Not all Mentors are that way! You are bad mouthing a business from one persons actions.
How would you feel if ONE just ONE of your clients went on YouTube and bad mouth you and the job you did on her hair?
If you don’t like the product then return it and move on.

Sweet Spot Pros

I use Monat and absolutely love this product.

Tori Maushardt

Thats so unfortunate that you had that experience with the girls on your team! I am a Monat market partner and no one on my team forces anyone to do anything nor tell them they have to prescribe a certain way, especially if they are hair stylist if anything they should appreciate a stylists input. Not to slam your team at all, just thought id let you know thats not how it should be and Im sorry you had that experience!


The bbb also took the Monat reviews off their site because mps were going on there putting fake reviews to combat the true reviews which most were not positive. They received an f rating.. also trustpilot has a lot of reviews as well.. I am very upset about how this company has scammed and hurt so many people!..

Kelsi Hubler

Are we just gonna forget about all of the kids that lost hair and had patches from the monat kids line?! Do your research people read the ingredients !

Rubí Garcia

As of now using the skincare and hair care I can say the products DO work and it DOES take its time however most girls also reccomend the WRONG products to a lot of people because of the comission or because they genuinely don’t know what they’re doing. And we do have a product for everyone . But if it doesn’t work after a year max correctly and you don’t see a difference then it’s either the wrong product wrongly used or just not for you.

I personally have to know the ingredients in everything that I put on my skin and hair and body.

Those zoom calls personally to me are useless

I do not get along with my group becuase it does feel clique-y and because they are personally not my cup of tea

Now, I sell but Only when people come to me or I feel like I can help someone as well and I give and receive a detailed consultation and not just a quick quiz and here is your cart

I do promote thre products I believe in and the amazing sales that are actually worth it.

Do I think it’s shampoo made from Gods tears? No. But I do noticeably notice a difference in both hair and skin and it is definitely worth the price.

There are goods and bads to this company and things that are not told to potential customers or Market Partners which is VERY WRONG but it’s not a terrible experience especially if done correctly


Their products are far from natural.. they’re not even organic for such a high price point.. I would like to see the proof of them starting with cancer patients.. right! Lol.. they are liars.. they also use stock images of models with nice hair not even their own campaigns! I left as an mp as I could not promote a brand that is very sketchy..


Trust me you are not alone my team was exactly the same.I felt so much pressure being a single mom and the sole provider and caretaker of my one-year-old son to wake up at the crack of dawn and be awake and ready to work that I was spending so many days not taking care of my son properly. There would be days where I'd be pressured so badly that I would not even realize that it would be an hour to two hours past lunch or nap time and I would not even be paying attention to my son and that is horrible. Anytime I brought this up to any of my team members I was basically being told that I was making excuses because I didn't have time to watch the videos or podcast they would send me and want to know no exactly my thoughts and opinions on them to make sure I watch them. I also was told to send all of my conversations to my upline and just found out that one of the girls I had written on my list of people to prospect that I was forced to send to my upline she ended up signing her up and making. Basically stole a girl that I was planning on pitching business too. I found everyone's posts to be extremely robotic and predictable that became hard to watch any of my team or other market partners social medias. I was not allowed to make any of my own content I never felt like I was being given my creative freedomand never sat well with me thinking back to the conversation I had with my sponsor and how she basically harassed me to join the team. I had given her a start date of what I wanted to start my business and knowing my start date knowing I was broke had her sponsor tell me to put it on a credit card or borrow money from a family in order to buy my product pack so they could make money. I never made a single penny being a market partner. I also had the products ruin my hair.the entire month of me using their hair care my hair has never felt more dirty oily and gummy in my entire life. I am embarrassed to go in publicbecause of how horrible my hair is and the fact that my upline had the audacity to tell me that it was my hair going into detox which could take up to 3 months to get out of was absolutely.I have stopped using their products and I've taken two separate showers washing my hair 2 times with you shower and my hair has still not been able to go back to its normal State. I also would like to mention that most of my upline their hair looks horrible I don't care how many times they want to shove on their social media how awesome the products are and how they change their life I can see their oily greasy frizzy hair and there is no filter that is ever going to hide it.

Let's get Purdy! - maybe?

Im a market partner and love it ?‍♀️. There's over a million customers and typically those who have issues are allergy related (look up allergic reaction to shampoo. Complaints that have been made are what you'll read there ), and those who have had issues is a significantly low number compared to how many use it as a whole.

This girl in the video even uses it for herself ?‍♀️. She even says after she uses it for a while depending on results she might start again.

About the team thing, I have heard some crazy crazy stuff that I'm shocked is going on (way worse than this), but no, not all teams are that way. You aren't required to do zoom calls or anything on my team. We don't have to consult with our team before an order is placed and I make a sale etc lol. I do me and run my business, and if I need help or want to join a zoom call the option is always there. No pressure. It's sad there's weird crazies out there ruining it for people.
But with this video, the title is a little misleading. People flock to videos thst bash mlms and those products which maybe thst was the reason it's stated how it is, to grab attention. But pretty much she's just testing it before deciding if she wants to jump back into selling it. Also, her mentor isn't going to be reaching out if she's not selling and part of the team. . Think about any job you've had. They aren't going to keep reaching out to you if you quit and no longer work there...pretty sure thst would be harassment and probably another complaint (they are bad because they haven't reached out when you no longer work it, and the flip side is if they were reaching out it would probably be complaints of being harassed and how they need to just go away lol. Can't win em all).

Fernis Productions

its a pyramid scheme, the first time a girlfriend of mine mentioned it, just telling about the company, my first thought was "it sounds like pyramidscheme" and with just 1 minute of googling i found out it was and told her that, she got mad and did not want to admit it becaus she didnt want look stupid infront of me, but months later she did thank me, and told me about her friend who was trying to get her to start had lost prettty much money and was in a bad economical situation :/ when something sound to good to be true its 99,9% of the time to good to be true, and when someone is so dedicated to make join theire "team" and you can make so much money and its so easy, its always som bs behind the scene.

Rachael Cocca

My hair got incredibly greasy after using it, and then I ended up getting scans on my scalp. That was when I stopped using it. Issa no from me.

Rowena Kealoha-Tagupa

You literally said in the beginning "not to quote me because I don't know the facts" but you quit?

and i oop-

My friend joined monat and I tried the shampoo and conditioner I hated it didn’t clean my thick hair and the conditioner was mediocre, my 13$ conditioner works better

Katherine Verret

This must be a horrible shampoo!!! I used Sauve Strawberry shampoo $1 a bottle for my whole childhood and never had my hair fall out. Until I had my own job at 16 I used many Walmart brand shampoos, and never did I have any problems with my scalp. If there is only 1 review of a person's hair falling out, they definitely need to go back to the drawing board!!

Ally Tejeras

You forgot to return your oil????? And I don’t get it cause your saying you returned your kit but then your saying that your gonna keep using the products to see if you get your own results.... so I’m confused

Hollie Marie

what shampoos do you recommend for flaky scalp that ISNT monat??

Jocelyn Laboy

But you still use the product right?? Why? Its pretty pricey so I would think that someone that doesnt think an expensive product is anything special would stop buying it. I mean if u were broke and it was really cheap I could understand cuz who doesnt like to save money but thats not the case here so I'm just curious to know why you would continue to buy it.


My mom got swooped into this scam and I'm trying to get it through that she is being scammed but she just doesn't get it! She is only getting paid 30% of the sale, meaning someone else is getting rich off of her work. They call them "market partners" but they're just glorified slaves. Monat exploits jobless housewives. Someone, please, stop monat before they exploit even more people!

Geralyn Robak

The "high end" products you were using ie; Pureology, Redken ALL have Dimethicone silicone that is actually sealing plastic & DAMAGING your hair. Here is your PROOF:
Dr Antonella Tosti is a dermatologist and a world recognized expert in hair disorders...she also holds a true passion for hair which is obvious when she speaks! She wrote many books and is the editor and chief of the only scientific journal that deals with hair, hair loss, and hair disorders.

She has presented Monat to the World Congress of Dermatology.
Tip #1
No shampoo can cause your hair to fall out. It doesn’t have long enough contact with your skin (scalp), to cause this kind of damage or reaction. Sorry not sorry

Tip #2
If you start experiencing hair loss, chances are it’s NOT from something you just started using. You need to look back 3 months prior and see what changed then. It takes 3 months for hair to fall out from an issue. I will talk more about what can cause this to happen. Most common cause: stress!

Tip #3
When hair shedding occurs, it’s because a new hair is already growing under the surface and it’s pushing the old hair out. So if you started using Monat and see excessive shedding, it’s because the ingredients in monat products are stimulating new hair growth and that new hair coming in is pushing the dormant hair out. And that new hair is going to be so much stronger and healthier looking! This can start during the first week of using our products!
Please Learn more b4 you bash Monat. It has miraculous results esp for hair growth.

Amaly Espinal

Being a hairstylist means so little now days, I have purchased so many brands recommended by hairstylist and professional salons and they don’t work! I have paid so much money Bc I listen to them and It didn’t work long term! So that statement that if you are not a hairstylist you won’t understand is not true, Bc hairstylist will sale anything they can.

Ariposa Beauty

Not every Partner with Monat is a great one. There are products that are not for certain hair types for a reason. My experience has been 1000% great. I had oil scalp with dandruff and it got rid of that plus enhanced my natural texture to where I dont have to use heat on it. Also, MONAT has a less than 1% return rate for a reason :) I love the products, company and the integrity behind the company.

Hilda Wall

This could be a correlation to how many women have experienced terrible results with monat. Your hair does not detox - it takes 30 secs for a product to fully absorb into the skin so shampoo can absolutely cause devastating results. People can sell their stuff just don't be shady.

Melissa Estrada

For that much money you would think results would not take that long and you would have noticed at least a little difference.


Question I hope someone can answer me ..do the products need to be unused in order to return ? & what about the samples , what if you already gave those away ?? HELP THANK YOU

Fernanda Albarran

Does anybody know how to cancel your market partnership? I haven't received the products yet, I just don't feel comfortable reaching out to people to buy something I don't know. Please help :(

Lisa Gardner

Did this make your hair fall out ? How long were you using it ? I got samples and I’m afraid to use them cause I see all these scary videos !

Jay Locier

I’m a current market partner and I just started and I already don’t feel comfortable I can’t wait to leave and get my money back. It’s a good trail of you like this type of business but I just don’t wanna do it anymore bc I felt pressure like u always having to be on a call when I thought this was a job u do on ur own pace . It just wasn’t worth it ??‍♂️

Missy Mafiaa

I am just starting...
So research is important...


My girlfriend just bought a damn box that was over 100$!I feel like she got financially raped for a couple little bottle of fancy shampoo

Anti MLM

These MLM's ads nothing more than "legal" products based pyramid schemes,. Since a straight up pyramid scheme is illegal without a products or service, they added products and services.lol. Anyone who actually did an ounce of research would see that 99% of people who join one will LOSE money. The only people making money are the owners, investors and the very few who got in super early. If you see someone now coming in and making it to the top quickly, it's because they were sitting at the top of the pyramid in another MLM and left it and brought hundreds or thousands of their downline with them, which will get them back to the top quickly. Go Google "FTC MLM Study", and you'll see! Income Disclosure Statement from these companies don't lie. All of them that have released them PROVE that no more than 1% makes any money. And if your MLM doesn't pubilcally release theirs, then those numbers are probably even worse. Go take a passion of your own and build your OWN business, because you will never make money in these MLM's.

Sandy Batt

My dear.,,pyramid schemes are illegal in this country anyway. Sorry you’ve had a bad experience. Mine has been nothing but good.

Nancy Nixon

Ok first few seconds into the video she wasn’t sure about the info she was giving us.

Cora George

He I’m in the process of sending my package back, just would like to know if you received your refund?

Andrea Korniak

I WAS a market mentor with MONAT. They screw people over daily!!! I'm a hairstylist of 28 years, promoted this horrible company for 4 1/2 years!

Giovanna Brito

I hated them worst money ever invested

Kalli McConnon

You clearly didn't use your market partner resource page to look at the ingredients or study any product knowledge - how long did you do it for 2 weeks ?wow

Ayrionna Shawger

Hey love, I love you for sharing your review and your perspective on the products and about the business. I would love to talk to you and give you more information about the products, I have over hundreds of pages of information! ☺️ sending love and blessings ?

karina garcia

I felt the same way! You’re not alone. I recently left the company

Samantha Cruz

i heard women were getting sores on their scalp and losing hair O.O

chantelle Sophia

i completely understand I'm making my experience video this week..... thank you for sharing your story

Sarah Desjardins

I love the product and the company! They just flew me out to Vegas for free to be apart of their Reunion2019! I have to say so far so good for me! No pyramid here! I hate to say it but it sounds like the ones who are unhappy just didn’t get the right mentorship from their upline or they thought they would get rich quick without putting in any actual work! It’s definitely not for everyone but success also doesn’t happen without risk. Good luck every body! ??

Jackie Cashwell

Everyone is different & these products work amazing on some people & not so well for others.
I know everyone is different but you have to put in work & think outside the box daily. Maybe I’m lucky bc I’ve been selling for 4 months & I was able to quit my 9-5 my first month. Some people do better with others & are cut out to work in a business like this. I’m not trying to change the way some people feel about it I’m just saying this company has changed my life for the better. Some people jump in selling this & think money is gonna come to them & they don’t have to work and post about it.

Audrie Siegel

I've been a cosmetologist for over 30 yrs. My hair was thinning and Monat brought my hair back. Monat is the best I've ever used. You are in a great place to share the products and do very well. Hope you stay w Monat. It works. You get what you put into it. Good luck

Paula Osborne

I appreciate your honesty and you seem like an nice honest girl who's looking out for her customers, so kudos to you.

I just honestly can't believe that any reputable salon would carry products that have as many issues as these do. There's literally 1000+ complaints on the BBB, there's class action lawsuits over people's hair falling, sores, burns on their scalp. What other LEGIT hair care company has these same issues? A $1 bottle of Sauve doesn't even do this to people.. Just floored that people would buy hair products from an MLM that's ran by businessmen running a "legal" product based pyramid scheme lol.

I guess I just figured that salon owners researched products prior to carrying them. And if an owner did research and still chose to carry this line, I'd have to question their integrity.

Sierra Roper

Do I have to ship my MP Package back in order to get my money back.

Linda jackson

Monat WORKS! My hair stylist/ owner uses Monat on me as well as herself and it is FABULOUS! It has totally trsnsformed my hair! The products WORK! I even got my best friend into Monat and she LOVES IT! My hair stylist chose the specific Monat system that is BEST for me!

Vicki Francis

Best products I have ever used! I have been using for 2 years and my hair has literally transformed!

Rosa Sylleloglou

Thanks for being honest. I have been using Monat for a out 6 weeks. I am not seeing incredible results with shine or health of my overall hair. I am seeing some regrowth which is amazing after losing the majority of my hairline to being a postpartum momma, and my scalp doesn't build up excess as much. Still my hair feels brittle, lacks shine and luster and it is still falling out, but not as much as it was before I started. I'm hoping with time I will see more results. I am a MP because I wanted to cheaper price. I don't sell it, although I could since I have a website and all. My mentor is a good friend and she keeps telling me to sell since I'm in my introductory time where I can make double the money, but I am not invested in that. I just want to use the product for myself and hope for better hair. I promote a health supplement line and magnetic lashes that work so to add one more thing to my social media network is just going to be too much. Thanks for the honest review. I totally see why you would leave. You have integrity and I just subscribed. Thanks babe

EricaKane ThaFrugista

Thanks for posting. I was kind of thinking about giving this company a shot..but I also know about haircare and NOONE is going to steamroll me

Jennifer Rodriguez

I bought their products a while ago and I’ve noticed my hair gets very oily, and I know if I let any of them know then they’ll tell me that “I’m using the wrong products”, but then why did you recommend me the others in the first place. Lol. They are just trying to make money out of anything. I don’t like the company.

Little Stephanie

Omg you are like so pretty


For anyone supporting this brand, I suggest you guys google them and research them. I know there's several people who are "influencers" for this brand trying to promote it and there seems to be several lawsuits against this brand as well as claims from people saying they're losing hair when that's the opposite of what the brand is meant to achieve. Not only that but they have an alleged BBB rating of D. So if that's not alarming to you guys idk what is

I just got messaged by one of these Monat babes trying to get me to join a Facebook group called Babes in Business and I'm appalled at the amount of people in this page. It's over 3K promoting a product that does the opposite of what it should he doing. And the prices are wayyy to high for the average person to afford too.

Baiba Saybe Kukute

I been using monat for 8 months and I see no difference at all to be honest I think this whole manat thing is bs
I have spent over 500

Melanie Rodriguez

I was going to start selling Monat I paid 350 dollars but something in my gut wasn't feeling right. I called customer service in a matter of 4 days I had my money back.

Victoria Merrill

I just signed up as a market partner haven’t even gotten the product but all the girls pushing me to do things and saying they understand I have a job but I need to sell is ridiculous I am canceling the partnership I can’t sell to people something so dangerous


I'm a hairstylist. And i have tried to make a review video on my experience with monat. Bc I used it for 6 weeks, and lost 75% of my hair. Literally, it was something I wouldnt wish on one person. I'm so thankful its growing back and life is good, but man, it's crazy when it happens to you. Your right, people trust their stylist yall, I'm thankful for trusted brands that have been around and made a good name. Your so beautiful btw! -allycat

Nadya Apitz

Did you cancel your market partnership with them? If so, how did you do it? I feel a similar way about the products and it isn’t the right time for me to be selling products with all my school and work to focus on!

dylan simpson

I have long Curley blonde hair never used this shit in my life and my hair looks 100 times thicker than most of the bitches.