Orange spray tan

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HANNAH & KAYLEE aka Thelma & Louise "Self Tanner"

946 516 views | 22 May. 2014

HANNAH & KAYLEE show you

HANNAH & KAYLEE show you HoW to tan For Cheap!!

Just so everyone knows, this was done with WATER COLOR PAINT!! NO orange glow was sprayed on our faces!!

itzp0g _

hello hannah and kaylee i love yalls chanel i hope you can friend me mom on facebook at belinda johnson she also love your chanel

Dianna Wills

"Don't be stingy," lol! These two are absolutely hilarious. I love watching their videos.

Travel SuperApp & SuperApp Success

Its even funnier when u turn on the Closed Captioning.
It can't keep up with the accents! LoL

Jess Stephens

you have some crazy tips, I love it.

Leah McGraw

I get such a kick out of when they can't contain their laughter! Oh, and how they film in a car. WTF? TOO FUNNY!

Helena Bergeron

i love you hannah and kaylee

Barbara Scott


Tom Romans

both look like Cheetos lol


I lost it hard when Kaylee put her face with those goggles up on the AC.

Melinda Bruton

These videos are off the chain.

Destin2B Me

Brilliant chicks , Keep it up bahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bailey Gatlin

But hallerias


Seriously can't get enough of u guys. Hilarious!! ???

Therese Allen

Hannah’s teeth are glowing ???


LOL!!!! Doller Genngrell!!!

Bob Fernicola

Why is the girl on the left always the guinea pig LOL

Lee Ann Steinmetz

Hold on. You paid $2.99 for that Orange Glo at the Dolla Gentral? I thought they was a One Dolla store. Am I wrong? I don't live in Louisiana.

Anita Honeycutt

This girls are a trip! Love them! Keep it coming ladies, your doing great.

Chuck Is Real

Lmao cheered me up girls great job??

Olivia Lesley

Lol dolla gentral

Breeanna Pressley

Totally. Awsome my dad's girlfriend and she works at roller centrally


sniper killr

laughed my ass off

Alyssa shnockinberg

you guys should do a video how to give your self a facecel

Molly clifton

Saturday Night Live has gotten way too scripted! I vote a Hannah & Kaylee skit on SNL!

Tom Johnson, Broker

Ya'll bees funnys...

Jessica Newman

Ya'll are hilarious!! I'm pretty sure you could take your material to television!! Like SNL..... I could soooooo see it on there!!! Hope you're still doing these videos, if not you should really consider making more!! This is a great way to get my morning started at work!!!

Cathryn rosenberg

they're soooo funny I luv them

bee casillas

I love this girl and there are too funny !!


I cant :''''''''D 


Thanks for the tips! I've tried several of them and apparently the orange glo tanning spay & the smokey eye works, because people stare at me out of jealousy. please do a video about how to do your own breast augmentation from yo local dolla gentral, that $H!T ain't cheap! keep the videos coming!

Hollies Hobbies

Lmao!!! I hope that washed off!!

Sandi Small



OMG, I cant stop laughing, you girls Rock !!!!

Sandra Aigner

I love these two girls. They are so funny I don't know if I laugh the most at their jokes or at them laughing at their jokes. Love them.

TurtleyAwesome127 StrawberryDice127

love them so much hillarious


Such characters! So did it stain your skin?

Amber Crowe

"You could tan your face and then clean your floors." LOL????



Lisa Diaz

OMG you ladies are so funny!

Lee-Ann Daniel

Is that hot cheeto dust mud in that bottle?


They look like Cheetos ??

emerson h


Bobby Antonelli

Your videos are HILARIOUS!!  I'm laughing so hard that my ribs are hurting and tears are coming to my eyes!!  I like that you two laugh in the videos too!!  Thank you for making my day brighter!! 

Rhonda Rains

Love those girls❤



Kim Brimage Lorance

This is what Trump uses!!

Vicki FH


Kimberly Murphy

ROLLING!! OMG You two are hysterical!!! LOL

Kelly Lord

these two crack me up

Diane Wydra

You two girls are a hoot, keep the videos coming!



DJewel Coles

You two make my Day!  You definitely have to get on cable!

Kayla Storch

i love u girls haha u guys have me rolling 

Angel Wings


Laura Tilford

I LOVE IT!!! You two have such ENERGY!!! Thanks for the laughs!!!

Yvonne Batterson

Love ya girls ! Always make me smile :)

MaryAnn Smith

I am in Denham Springs and have some FAB ideas!!


They are just too funny!!!

Kapowski MUA

You 2 should have u r own skit on snl. Seriously u r hilarious..my 10 ya old is watching the one with the panty hose over ur heads mosquito protector and is CRYING she's laughing so hard...Yall r AWESOME


"You can tan and then clean your floors"! you girls are hilerious!

James Dean

Aint nobody got time.... LOVE IT!



Care Moso

Omgosh, y'all soooooo funny!

Ruth Sapien

I never laugh as hard as I do with you two... OMG!!!  Comedic GENUISES!!!!  Ü


dont be stingy !!!!!!!!!! im going to my local dollar gentral !!!!!!


I imagine the front seat of her car is filthy from all the crazy things they spray and slather in there. 


My mom showed me these to girls, for the first time yesterday and I was laughing my head off the entire time! This is definitely my favorite YouTube channel! LOL! ??????

Bailey Gatlin

Not being rude but u need the goggles without straps

Tina Herstine


Precious Jackson

they  are to funny ;)

Jennifer Badon

i love yall so much yall crack me up i dont know how yall come up with these funny ideas but keep up the good work


Man you guys are ghetto as hell! XD XD i love your vids.

Shayna Mills

51 people don't know what southern comedy is lol I live in Louisiana too and y'all are hilarious !

Chanel Elizabeth Vogel

just started watching this, OMG i am almost died!! They are too much!!!! Love it!!

Rachel hyde

Just curious how long did it take u to wash all that off lol

T Corcoran

Love Love Love these girls!!!!
Videos have made it to Michigan and we are cracking up!!
I sent your link to "The Ellen Show" you have to send these videos to Ellen :)


you two are killing me.... you crack me up. :D love ya!

alana bratton

so funny

Jerrieann Bennett

I have serious health problems and get down alot. But all I have to do is watch one of yall's video and I am in a happy mood again. So funny Love yall

Heather Courrier

You two are hilarious!  

Racheal Hathcock


E'Lisa Gutierrez

You girls seriously are hilarious!!! And the way you say Dollar Gentral... I die laughing ever time I watch you.

Raven petteys


Sara Krantz

"sayftee fyursstt" ???

Lorrie Tracy

For 2.99 lol


"I need you spray me one more time for a good tan.  Don't be stingy!"  LMFAO!!

kim bethune

Lol save time and money

Wyld Ivey

You girls are  Hilarious!!! Love ya!


Lol soooooooooooooooooooooo hilarious dolla gentral


omg... i need you two in my life!!!!! ahahahhahahahaha

Alexandria Charm

I just showed some of your vids to my teenage daughter and she was laughing just as much as I was.....so yeah keep doing this.....even teens find you all hilarious...or I will even shop at Dollar Gentral now LOL

Susan Gauss

You two Gurlssss are killing it!!! Make me laugh every time i watch a videa. keep them coming!!


Lmfao OMG u girls look just like the Rest of these "beauty guru's" on YouTube!!!! The only thing u forgot to say is u better pause this video right and run to ur local drug store and get yourself some of this! God you 2 are too funny!

Rikki Robinette


Jena p

omg lmao! Ima try that girlllll!!

Big Money's Life

You girls are HILARIOUS!

Dede c

Can't wait for more!! Love your skits!!!

holly cantrell



own fleek!  lol

Orange spray tan

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Fun Tan FUNT1401 Orange Spray Tan

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Orange spray tan

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Pamela Price


Natalie Finley

Great info and super helpful!

Claire Nelson

Yes!!! This is so good. Pamela is amazing! And what great tips. Thank you for sharing!

Renee Crumrine

Yassss! Thank you for this!!!?❤❤


Yes! Education is key :)