Vascular laser

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How to Get Rid of Spider Veins on Face using Vascular Lasers with Dr. Kian Karimi

3 955 views | 5 May. 2019

As we age, tissues in our

As we age, tissues in our bodies lose flexibility over time, including our veins. Weakened veins that sometimes become raised or have a knotty appearance, are varicose veins or commonly known as ‘spider veins’. Although the vast majority of varicose veins are not painful, they can be aesthetically undesirable and have a detrimental affect on one's self-confidence. Using carefully modulated laser pulses, we can target the dilated blood vessels beneath the skin to dissolve the veins over a series of treatments. This procedure is quick and relatively painless with or without topical numbing. Patients often describe the laser pulses to feel as if a rubber band is mildly snapping the skin. Downtime is minimal with only redness in the treated area lasting only a couple of hours.


Rejuva Medical Aesthetics offers the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic treatments to the people living in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood, along with the surrounding communities in California. Our objective is to meet and exceed all expectations so that when you walk through our doors, you know your experience will be second to none.

Dr. Kian Karimi is double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology. Together with his team, they combine exceptional skills, extensive experience and the latest technology to deliver the most natural and beautiful results possible for their patients.

The staff at Rejuva Medical Aesthetics works with the physicians in performing the most advanced minimally and non-invasive cosmetic techniques as well as plastic surgery to help patients look and feel younger. Starting with the consultation, they work closely with patients to develop and implement a customized care plan to achieve a desired look. Their goal is to provide the best services possible in a calm and relaxed environment.

For more information on Dr. Kian Karimi and Rejuva Medical Aesthetics, please check out the following links:


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Dr. Kian’s Instagram - http://bit.ly/DrKianIG

Dr. Kian’s Twitter - http://bit.ly/DrKianTweets

Dr. Kian’s Facebook - bit.ly/DrKianFB

Dr. Kian’s RealSelf - http://bit.ly/DrKianRS

Dr. Kian’s Yelp - http://bit.ly/DrKianYelp


Great video, really good to see a fellow guys experience. I got a blue sun spot on my lip whilst working in Cyprus last year. I did feel a little uncomfortable going to a cosmetic clinic sitting in the waiting room with women ? to have it removed.
Don't get me wrong I love sitting with women usually but in this instance I could feel my masculinity being stripped just by simply having an appointment in the cosmetic clinic.

Fox Wonderland

Great to hear the guys experience and impressions as well as seeing the treatment

Vascular laser

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Scar Removal with Vascular Laser Treatment

2 281 views | 18 Oct. 2011

Dr. Ava removes a scar

Dr. Ava removes a scar with laser treatment and dramatic before/after photos on The Doctors. Visit avamd.com.

Vascular laser

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Vascular Laser - North Idaho Dermatology

1 868 views | 4 Apr. 2017

Clinical Estheticians

Clinical Estheticians Shannon Shibley and Amy Hart explain the quick and precise process of using vascular lasers at NID. A laser that targets red vessels in the skin, primarily on the face. With vascular laser, we are able to pinpoint exactly where the veins are. At NID, a dermatologist comes in for a consultation so we know exactly what to plan for each face. The process does not hurt, but one should expect a little down time after treatment. This treatment provides almost immediate impact.

North Idaho Dermatology


(208) 665-7546

2288 Merritt Creek Loop

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814