How to get rid of buildup in hair with baking soda

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ACV Wash on Sisterlocks | how to get lint and product build up out of your locs

8 385 views | 29 Mar. 2020

Hey, Goodies! Here's a

Hey, Goodies! Here's a short video on how I go about removing build up in my locs annually. I this helps you all if you all experience similar issues :)

Deep Conditioning Routine Video: https://youtu.be/5dt7LN72pCc


Instagram & Twitter: imanitaylorgood



1. How many locks do you have? 700-800 locs.

2. How long have you had your sisterlocks? 10 years.

3. How long is your hair? 25 inches/lower back length.

4. Have you dyed your hair before? Yes, 4 times.

5. Who is your consultant? I currently don’t have one. My sisterlocks were established by a consultant; I’ve been maintaining my hair myself for 6-7 years.


Audio Credit:

Name: Sam Inoyo

Music IG: @producedbysam

Personal IG: @saminoyo

SoundCloud: producedbysam

LADY G 1980

I thought you couldn’t get rid of lint. Thanks I am definetly going to try this.
Did you wet your hair first before spraying in the acv mixture?

Pamela Kinnard

What do you use to color your hair(products)

Be about fIT

Beautiful locs ? thanks so much for the tip, I’m trying it now.

Quick question- how often do you wash your hair?

Esther O.

Super helpful video!! Thank you for sharing. Was very detailed and easy to follow. Just subscribed to your channel ?

Dayleeyah Kalonji

I've done this to my locs, I just used coconut vinegar instead. I get it at the Asian grocery store, it's under $2.00 for 750ml. I warm up the concoction first though.

camille espy

I never thought to spray my hair then soak it in baking soda and ACV I will try this next time my locs in the back are always full of lint and I guess dirt and residue from soap.

Lolitha Sappatini

"You're gonna look like a condom" ?????

Akua Nyamekye

A tee shirt can replace the Microfiber towel and a large swim cap can replace the plastic bags!

Tygee Sensei

I’m definitely gonna try your version✨ I’m debating on making it a video or not though

Glenna Gooding

Can you do this with 8months locs? I'm not sure that I'm fully locked yet

SharDell Logan

I’ve had my sisterlocks for almost a year and a half is it safe to detox ? I don’t want it to unravel

JoAnn Allen

This video is about removing build up only correct? I didn't see anything about removing lint. Which I know have and was told I can not get rid of.