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Kesh King Shampoo and Hair Growth Oil Review Hindi || Results, Uses, Hair Growth केश किंग हेयर आयिल

12 500 views | 2 Dec. 2020

In this video i have

In this video i have shared with you all my experience of using KESH KING anti hair fall shampoo and Kesh king ayurvedic hair oil. I have been using these 2 products from past 2 months and I have seen a very good improvement and my hair fall has reduced a lot. It also helps to grow hair longer.

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Buy products Here :

Kesh Kesh Anti Hair Fall Shampoo : https://amzn.to/3oloDXH

Kesh King Herbal Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth https://amzn.to/3qlNGvu

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tanya khanna

Very nicely explained...all the best ??

Make you Up by Ahi

I don’t think I’ve heard of this before, but I would like to try it out since I’m looking forward to grow my hair long and healthy again

Laura Cristina

ooo I need to try this! the results are incredible!

CheChe Okoye

I love the applicator on that bottle. Well love to try this shampoo

Nish Singh

Very nice review ??

Arianna Grimaldi

I love how this has no parabens or sulfates ! I might of heard a few reviews on this but I’ve never tried it! I also love how it prevents dandruff.

Kiran Gupta

Yes mujhe bhi bahut fayada hua hai 1 month use kiya hai maine

Leo Charles

Thanks for the review

Sunshine Rae of Random

Looks like some good product. It’s so hard to know with so many options these days.

Baidhnath Singh

Thanks Sister

Silvi doll

Thanks for the review

Ayat Rajpoot

Thanks for the detailed review

Licia Forever

I will love to try this shampoo as this season is getting dry. Thanks for this review will look it up on Amazon.

vicky sharma

Mem kesh king oil or shampoo use krne se starting me baal jyada girte h kya

Aparna Nagalla

Thanks for review

Savitha Saldanha

Im using this oil and shampoo nearly 2 to 3 months and i hve got nice results..it reduces d hairfall..i use the oil nd shampoo twice a week or sometimes once in a week...it works very well..but the thing is you should not discontinue..if u do so u'll c a heavy hairfall...once i stopped using it nd i got a hairfall..so overall its a good product..but dont stop using it..??

The Ingrid Chronicles

I will look into these shampoos I like a good hair product.

Mechelle Añana

You explained well the benefits of this products and they are interesting. Anyway, you have a beautiful hair thanks for sharing

kiya k

Thank for sharing review


Very useful video thanks for sharing this video

Kunjal Arora

Useful....thanks for sharing?

Amritha Kalash

Love to try!

indian new cartoon tv

I need this thanks for sharing

Nkem & Aurora

Your hair looks healthy I love trying different products on my hair I will give it a try

Usha Devi

thankss for sharing

SG's Bollywood

Agr yeh video sponsored nhi hai toh discription mein purchase link q diya hai??

Jojo Rarity

Thanks for the review. I will try to find this one.

Disha Saha

Teenage ki liya yeh thik hoga mam

Jasmine Hewitt

my fair is a mess, i really need to try this

KerryAndBerry Vlogs

Kesh King is SO good value for money!! Usually with something like this you sacrifice price, or quantity or quality.... somehow this excels itself on everything! I love this product already ?

God bless

Chandan Sawai


kuldeep singh

Really useful

Uma Pandya

Good information about this hair oil. It's good because of its Ayurvedic compositions. Nice share

Lakshay Jain

Your hair looks so beautiful... thanks for sharing information ??

Pranav Shah

I really like the way you explained it.

Krishan Gourav

Vese result kitne din me aa jayega ?

Dushyant Sahu

Very useful review ?

Tina Cares

you got my attention...i need to find this product

Ruchi Lakhwani

Yes it is very helpfull

Marvin Fuchs

Your hair looks beautiful

Mercedes Sacramento

Your hair looks so beautiful ! This is such a cute product ✨♥️?

Irene Asewe

I would definitely try this products

ynew views

paraben & SLS free is what im using too, since i have hair fall before...

Gowtham G

Nice presentation ?

Shalini Arora

Useful info....thanks for sharing ?

wrthh Yaker

Is this an ad?

Nains J

Thanks for this helpful review..

Dimpal Kitchen

Very good review

Vishal Kashyap

Mujhe stress hai GF nahi ban Rahi Esliye mere Baal झड़ hain ???

ijaz ul haq

As a curly girl I love that it has no parsbens and sulphates.. Need to try this

Syeda Summaiya

Today I applied it for the first time I was afaired but after seeing your vedio I got that posivity hope it will help me also

Vania jain

This is really a very nice tip?

DMA singh

50 like nice video sharing

Oil shampoo

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New!!! Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (Review)

71 729 views | 16 Jan. 2014

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The organic line is $5.74 for the 13oz shampoo and conditioner and most of they're other products as well.

Gen Gg

I absolutely love this conditioner.. I don’t really care for the shampoo.

I had an ex who bought me the “wen conditioner” ( it’s so expensive like 34 dollars, I would never rebuy ) though it was absolutely amazing and come with so many different scents of fruits,etc I can’t with that price and the kukui conditioner is so similar for 1/3 of the price they’re both so hydrating which I look for in my hair products. I’m so sad they removed them off all my ultas So I just order them online lol. I can’t find them anywhere In any of my Walgreens, target or Walmart.

Caesar Fiorini

I got a perfect high protein treatment for your hair, Tracy ......

Shelby Jack

hey girl! i subbed :) mind checking out my channel? x

Monica Galang

I've been researching this product. Summer is coming and my hair needs taming. Thanks for a great review!

Sparkle Williams

I love the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner,it is so hydrating to my very dry hair.Thanks for the review.

Kristie Jennings

Thanks for sharing I might try that for my 5-yr daughter hair.

Sh K

is it Nacl free???
I did keratin treatment for mo hair and I don't have the right shampoo

Daisy Hernandez

Dammmnnnn. You mad loud like why

Dr. Tracy Timberlake

A subbie has just informed me that these are BOGO at ULTA!!!! so if youre looking for a new, sulfate free shampoo/conditioner pair, I HIGHLY recommend the Kukui Oil line from Organix

Michelle Carbone

You are so cute!!!!

Black Pink

I thought I was the only one! The oils and conditioner from organix works nice but the shampoo love kinda makes me feel like it's stripping My hair.


Get them at Walmart for $5.74 ...I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair feel thick and soft and the conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy...and I absolutely LOVE the smell!!



Sadia Shahbaz

Is this mild shampoo???????‍?


I definitely want to try out more Organix products. Thanks for the vid!

Nicole Scott

The conditioner contains alcohol which is drying to the hair. So I bought the shampoo only. Maybe I'll try the coconut milk
conditioner with the kukui oil shampoo next time.

KeKe Norwood

I have just found the kuki curl cream and let me say , out of all the curl creams & puddings this one is EVERYTHING!!! MY curls are frizz free when dry , body & bounce and sooo soft I can get my fingers through them DRY!!!! At wallgreens they have buy 1 get 1 free so I got 2 HOLLA

Caitlin Sanocki

I just bought the conditioner for about $5.00 at Walmart yesterday. I realize this post is from January and maybe the price has gone down at other places too, but if not, you can find it for $5.00 at Walmart! :)

Hi Hi

Tracy I bought this recently and it’s not working :(


Thought she said Cucuy. Had my Mexican ass jumping out of my skin.

A Villareal

Idk why I jus now saw this video @Tracy Timberlake sometimes your new uploaded videos dont show up on my feed till way later, like this one, and I hate that. However, I am going to try this cuz being in AZ now the weather is a lot dryer than Ca. Luv ya girl.

Cella Paz

I've gotta find this & try it! I've been loving their Moisture Surge shampoo & conditioner & it's going in my March faves (when I get around to filming). But sadly, my hubs can't stand the smell :( I stick mostly to Organix for my hair, but I haven't tried this one yet!


@Kesha Norwood I was about to buy the curl cream but didn't because I haven't had any luck with curl creams. My hair works best with leave in conditioners. So I was scared that I would waste my money. I may buy it now


"It smells like a dude" ;___;

Sanchita Arekar

Is this shampoo sulphate and paraben free? It claims so on amazon. Although I am not sure about paraben.

Neev Jones

I just picked up a shampoo and conditioner yesterday from this brand and used it last night. I really liked it. :)

Bessie Watkins

Does this product have sulfates ? I heard that sulfates strips your hair & I was just wondering does this one have sulfates.I am trying to grow my hair the natural way & want to use products that work. Thanks for your information.

Kariann Marie

I have purchased most of the organix products and I love them all sm I also use the suave brand which is really good too. In the shower I mix them like organix shampoo suave conditioner or vice versa and it is so nice

Pamela Jacskon

You can find Organix at your local Walmart and CVS pharmacy for the price of $5.00 each it may vary if you're getting a certain scent or line.


At walmart

Oil shampoo

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EXTRA DARK JBCO OIL, Shampoo & Conditioner ~ Review

19 402 views | 29 Jul. 2017


Details Below ↘️ Click show more ↘️↘️↘️

The color is due to the burnt ashes of the castor bean and that's why it's called black castor oil . The lighter, The more pure it is. The black castor oil processing is mostly used in Jamaica. They are both processed differently . I prefer the yellow since it is processed the least, more pure, and easier to work with. But the black one has added benefits because it was roasted ?


-THE INNATE LIFE (MY FAVORITE ):https://youtu.be/wYAl9oFUh9w





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Stream/Download: https://enhanced.lnk.to/Enhanced280

About me:

o Instagram: officialcurlsbeauty

o Business inquiries: [email protected]

o New Vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoNVMU3t0bODrVrD-_JFkg

Let’s make it beautiful, one curl at a time…

Stevie Cross

Where did you get the shampoo and conditioner at? I can’t find it ?

Taycurls14-Shanta C

Your hair so shiny and beautiful thanks for the review!

Maloah Rodriguez

jbco???. I want to try the jamacian and lime jbco just to compare it to the tropic isle living jbco

Arlene Johnson

Love your new intro

mesoud kassahun

Pls answer me how to ues j. b. c. o
Deily masaje my scalp or haw to use???

Divine Prosperity7

I have an question if you don't mind me asking do you use the black castor oil after you wash your hair I saw you use it before and do you use it after.

Crystal Johnson

I have been natural two years now and I love useing jbco its great

Lilly Amin

How many times a week do u use the castor oil when u massage it and leave it on???

Mary alsina

Oooh I like it

Tina kadima

Even been looking for these hair products, I only have the Oil .but can’t seem to find the shampoo and conditioner. If y’all know where I can get them , please help me out ?????


Wow your hair looks really good. I'll have to try this line.

Danielle Nance

Your hair looks sooo healthy and shiny . Great video and review!

beautyoffreedom x

Is it okay for wavy hair


You recommend these for dreads?


Your hair looks way healthier !

Fatima Batool

Nice shampoo and oils


Is that really really Castor oil? The color doesn't look right. Is there something else in because it's not supposed to be so red


your hair looks amazing!

Kettie P

Great video, your hair looks great.


you get a silky smooth hair ?

Knatty Boy