Uneven hair growth

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Why your Hair Isn’t Growing.....

104 127 views | 15 May. 2019

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U look like Dede 3 times

IRL ElGuapo

Intr song?

Ben Pruitt

Bro that sponge is for dreads locks that's why it takes some of your hair out its spreads your hair the reason why it takes a little bit of your hair because our hair naturally goes curls and the sponge does help make your hair grow look up dreads locks bro their hair long bc of the sponge

Cecil Adkison

Thats a lie the sponge aint got nothing to do with it. Everybody hair grows just not in the same paste. Some ppl hair grow slow and some ppl hair grow fast ?


The sponge is for dreads.


My hair grow alot with sponge

Sage Jinx

4:21 it is always that one nigga at school wit the uneven fucked up hair that aint growing???

KD 3x

Can I use the twist comb instead of the sponge

Humbled Assholes ENT

Yeah I stopped using sponges and towel rubbing and shit because I noticed it taking out my hair. I’m only 7 months in my growth journey and I noticed at like 3 months

Dearcey Brown

Don't a comb take out your hair too ?


Yo hair call me bald so much times even in the thumbnail bruh

Jalen Goat

The hate is real?

SME Kash

I Don’t Take Care Of My Hair Like I’m Supposed To And My Shit Still Growing ?

Ramel Brown

What do you use to make your hair growth

Kareem Johnson

I been trynna tell niggas stop using the sponge ???

Dee J



Big 1k congrats and I just hit 100


Get dreads simple.

Carter WonGG

2:45 ????


Where u from?

Rayshaun Ruff

This info is wrong on so many levels. You going to lose hair regardless. The objective is to take care of your hair to minimize breakage.

Ramel Brown

I what my hair to grow fast what do you use


My hair aint dat long....

Splxsh boy Dan

The sponge is only damaging to your hair if u over use it. I use the sponge and my hair is still growing

123 g

Good vid, but my nigga, get a deeper voice.

Ben Pruitt

Bro Like your video

AyyTrimzy -

When u said dont use the sponge bc it pull yo hair out then i cleaned my sponge then i was.thats tough??and im that nigga that hair dont grow

Jay Official

New video: https://youtu.be/1apoi5_9QAY

Andrew Thomas

Omg I love your videos???


A micro whaaa ?


Your'll hair growth and your IQ are the same.....SLOW.

king _nigel


Walter Johnson

also what’s the fastest way to grow your hair as a black boy?


Big big facts I found out that sponge was evil a few days ago


Could twist also make your hair grow

Piruaxh Tavio

Blow dry it out

LayZie Vibes

What’s the best fade to get when growing out hair? Because I’m cut mine and restarting. I currently have a high top fade.


2:54 sound like you about to spit some bars


yo my n i aint just dropping hair videos.
drops hair videos
doesn't khs.

isaiah lewis

Nigga PLEEEEASE I don't want to stop using my sponge I just used it like 5 min ago

D1official Daily

Sponges are good for growth

Jesse Mensah

U look like dee dee three times brother


I feel like sponges work for African people not straight black. I’m talking about people with African parents. The sponge works for me just fine it actually helps

ParaDox Game

Thanks my nigga i always be using that and i got a friend the use it every day and his hair always looked the same thanks for lettong me no

Amtonio Jenkins

Rd bet cuz I got it in braids it’s tied up n how do you see the new growth please respond

Dany Raoul

I’m not even using the sponge and my hair still don’t grow ?

Nigerian Prince

Bro the Bio A LOT


The only reason your hair was falling out was because your scalp was dry due to overwash end no conditioning. My hair has grow faster than before ever since I was using a sponge. Due to me talking better care and oiling and conditioning my hair at least 4 times a week.

Ayo Clement

Intro song?


My hair is like not growing, I don’t comb it out, I don’t use a sponge. All I do is put coconut stuff in my hair and and put a durag on at night

William Anthony

Yeah I’m done using it??

ItzMystic _Jay

Bro I gotta taper fade and my hair is the same height as yours I


Nah but I get what your saying


Just saw this vid on recommended thank u foe telling me this most definitely finna throw my shit away and finna sub

Renaldo Roy

Are you practicing no nut November? If so did it make a difference to your hair?


Thank u for telling these fools bro?

SauceGod Jay

So since my hair is OC SHORT so I just twist it for now?

dislike master

thanks bruh i got dreads and im on month 7 and it still looks like month 5

Silas Ohien

He not lying about the sponge ? I just cut my hair to grow a Afro and the sponge would pull some of my hair out

demetrius moore


Tyler Clark

I love your afro and it looks amazing!Nice video brotha!?✊


“My hair isn’t that long” ?

Walter Johnson

will your hair grow dry?


Did my nigga just say my hair isn't that long tf are you insane

J972 Sicktv

Yo hair mad long bro

Blake Buchanan

The car scent by the shower..

isaiah lewis

I put moisture in my hair Be for and after using a sponge and I where a bandana i think I'm good

brian shoved jelly Beans in his ass

Your hair just called me bald

Big baller brand BBB

That's crazy because I use the sponge for a month and got a whole inch of hair

Shaun Thomas

If I use the sponge already should I completely start over?

Umer khan

Why tf is there a car refresher hanged in the bath room ??


What is ur intro song that shit slap

Nathan Nathan Show

Can u use the brush method

Pheonix Clan

I bought the sponge bc I was to lazy to do a twist out on my hair but stopped after I realized it was ripping out my hair

Nerdbama Rich

Good looking out on the info my man.. I got rid of mine because it actually does break your hair off.. hope all is well...


Just don’t sponge it hard

Ultrashot Ross

Do you deep condition your hair?& how many times do you moisturize it a week ?And is wild hair growth good to put in while you got braids in ?

Trey 504

what you do if you cant get a twistout cause yo hair short but u want dat sponge look?


So if the sponge is bad and everything what do i do to get my hair like as if i was still using it?


I use that shit every day

D’Marrion Alexander

How long you been growing? I’m Trynna grow mine out like yours been getting a high taper and using the sponge even tho shit don’t work cause I have curly hair already lol my aunt dat do hair keep telling me don’t use it either

Jay Flock

how long should 4c hair be for two strand twists?


Say bruh ion who to go with now people be saying use the twist and others be saying don't use it ??

Just chilling

I’m free forming my hair into dreads so I’m using a sponge and a towel?

yrn baby k

Say bye to the sponge


Do u wash ur hair a lot?


I use the sponge to get dreads

Anonymous Lords Child

Your hair live no ?

Jayy Lowery

How long you been growing ya hair for ?


Thanks ?

Dominic Robinson

Hey what do you think about using the sponge comb like the comb with holes in it? There’s no sponge material so that shouldn’t take out your hair right?


What if I’m starting dreds? I’ve already started with the sponge, and I heard about the towel method but I feel like it will ruin the twist I’ve already started.

JP Cutzz

Intro Song ?


My guy twisting your hair actually makes it grow faster

A.abadii i

How many years you’re hair


Broooo ? my hair has been the same height for two years I use the sponge everyday. I’m going into my senior year and need my shit to grow so I’m cutting it! Should I trim to where there is a medium amount of hair left or down to wave length


I’m da person who liked your comment

driippy MT


A-Trak 88

Just get to the point!!!!

Amtonio Jenkins

I braided my hair rn ima leave it in for a month n it will grow better

Uneven hair growth

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Hair update one side of hair a lot longer than other side ???‍♂️??‍♂️

6 038 views | 25 Nov. 2018

Adrian Lockwood

I have trouble with this two. I used products like Jamaican Castor Oil, Rice Water and Wild Hair Growth. However, my hair is still the same. Could someone help me with tips bc I sleep with a Durag every night.

S0n M3x

I have straight hair and I’m growing my hair out but one side of my hair is longer then the other side idk what to do any tips?


Sorry I was late


There’s nothing wrong with uneven hair growth it’s normal because it is 100% based on ones head shape! For example if one has an even shaped head would grow hair evenly but someone with a cone shaped head would have difficulty growing their hair evenly from the top of their head simply because of its shape! Another good example is the nape area! The nape area in most people heads is curved differently than the rest of the head that’s why it’s hardest part to grow!

Joseph Whigham

Bro mines doing that in the front it's long than my sides I'm trying to grow a afro what do i do bro.

izzo 4.0 ?

Hey everyone this was just an update on how my hair is currently doing I realized not to long ago that half side of my whole hightop is significantly shorter than the other side of my hightop fade and I’m working on treating that in the future& I apologize to me not posting in almost 2/3weeks hope you all enjoyed this update ???

Jeremiah Ajayi

Bro start again your hair looks uneven


Keep in mind you would only notice it’s uneven once you’ve reached your plateau growth! You have to cut it even with the other side!


You should shorten your videos my guy

Norchelle Foster

How is progress going ? Im having the same issues with my 2 year old but im thinking its genetics bc I've ALWAYS had this issue now im looking for answers

f you

If you want to even your hair make a spray with aloe Vera and olive oil and spray on you scalp and your hair every day

Ernst Kerry Etienne

My front hair won't grow ?


Lit vid first

Smooth Snupe

Bro my hair is like that I can see you a picture of my hair and I sleep with a cap on my head and it still was low and I do sleep on that side of my hair

Man Eater

I have a lot of hair on the front and the rest is short

les atari

My barber dead just did this lol I’m tighttt


My hair be like that too ??


The back of my head is shorter than the other sides?

nmelo 2x

The side that is long? why is it shorter from then when you did your hair lith check

Joseph Whigham

You need a bonet


Has nothing to do with your sleep it’s a mix of genetics and your head shape. Most likely your heart on your weaker side has a peak length so you have to match your length on the shorter side always!

Brock Lesnar

How can you fix this.

Caleb Crayton


Det._. Nay

Mnnn my sister and my momma told me it’s kinda because of the side I sleep on tooo??‼️

Jayden Gone

First Ayyeee

Uneven hair growth

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1 873 views | 31 Dec. 2017

Hello my Pretty People!

Hello my Pretty People! Have you been suffering from uneven hair growth. Your not alone. Here is a video on reasons why this maybe . happening and ways to help. Enjoy!

Isha Murphy

Thank you for this video! This has been happening to me and I was feeling so down! I love your positive attitude it honestly made me feel so much better ❤️

Jay SwaggMonsta

Good Video!


Great video! I just made a YouTube channel and was wondering if you could check it out and subscribe?


U sound like Nicki Minaj ! but im glad I came across this video ❤️ my hair Journey has been rough ! but it’s getting back on track

Ralph X

awesome video! i deal with uneven hair growth with my beard sometimes. How long have you been growing your hair out?

Gary Thompson

I sleep on my left side. My left side is longer by 2 inches than my right. Good catch girl.

vanna shanell

Girl me too except mine is the right side. I got the shock of my life when I put my hair into 2 braids and took a picture I bout cried. Since then I’ve been trying to cut and even it up and I’ve cut so much hair. I miss my length and I’m not gonna do that again because it grows back the same way.

Bonnie Thurmond

The right side of my hair grows faster then the left side.