Pain free waxing products

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PAINLESS WAXING??!!! Viral wax beads review ft. STARPIL

165 421 views | 10 Aug. 2017

Get starpil wax here :

Get starpil wax here : https://goo.gl/twY67p


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Katrina Williams

I wonder how it feels doing the Brazilian wax using this wax. ???Very cool!

Atomic Peach

I use the cirepil blue wax and it's great


Is this hard or soft wax


Remember to hit the notification button so u will be notified when new contents are up...this lady has some good content..she need more views people..hit the like button share and subscribe if you havent subscribe as yet...where is hubby we miss seeing him in your vids....he is so funny!

Evangelina Velez

Do you have any ingrown hairs? Does it help get them out if you do? I need help with that...


I dont see any hair on your legs, gives me doubts a good wax is hard to find I had to many bad experiences thus far.


Can you recommend a similar kit to your subscribers in Europe????

Jamie Jean-Louis

Is it also painless when doing a Brazilian wax?

Kim E

So cool.


"I'm not gonna touch it" touches it ??

Briana Ruiz

Interesting. I was thinking of buying painless wax but I have coarser hair. I am not afraid to wax. This video was very informative thank you Queenii


Sucks they don't ship to Canada ☹️


How are these for bikini area?? I tried a Brazilian once and it hurt so bad my head started hurting and I had to go take a nap. Not to mention the lady didn't even get all my hair. Butttt it lasted long. So I want the results but pain free lol


Skin lookin luminous!

Shewquet taylor

Great video great info

Tamika Jones-Finn

go babygirl.


looks so easy and painless. your skin is so pretty. How is your family I hope they're doing well. And not to be in your business but it seems like you might have moved your backyard and your deck looks so nice the peacefulness and the serenity makes you want to say woosah LOL.tfs..

Lily Supro

Whats the product made off? Can you do a demo on how you wax your upper lip hair?

Eat Up with the C.M.C crew! !

So cool....or warm lol..

Sanise Masson

Ok great!!! I was very skeptical about buying this!! But now that my darling Queenii demo this product... it's a go for me to get!! Thanks Queenii!!!!!

Malaika K

Where’s the hair


I mean Queenii can simply do not wrong on my eyes. I just love you girl. Keep doing you ???

Ariana Cruz

This was so satisfying to watch lol

emely beato

But she has no hair!!! So how can that possibly hurts?!!

Bx Chiquita

Where can I get this?

Tannaz Radio

Dudeeeee. It hurts like HELL. How were you so calm?!

Lisa Johnson

I have never tried waxing but it looks so easy!! I tried Nair hair removal gel before and it burned my skin so bad it blistered and I have been shaving ever since!! The waxing didn't look that bad thopugh!!!


i needed this vid. I've been seeing this on the gram!


I've had this in my Amazon cart for MONTHS. My cheap self sits and think about things before I spend but now I'm definitely buying. I usually never let YouTube influence my buys but because I know you Queeni to be VERY REAL I'm going to give in .


? Looking for the hairs you were waxing lol This looks pretty easy to use though.

Love Khan




Caitlyn Kreklewich

I've been wanting to get this

Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to

We had to try these too - very impressed. Kath

Thu Anh

Do you think the size of the wax warmer is enough for waxing two entirely legs at the same time?

Teresa Luna

If I had hair that thin I wouldn’t even bother removing it ?

Baithiela Coen

can you use this for any part of your body

minime diamond

i love u qeennniiiii <3 this looks so scary tho

Cassandra Batista

Never seen painless waxing I have tried honey and sugar with lemons juice n that was pretty painful tried that whole tweezing the hole body painful n takes mad time ur videos are very helpful especially for me someone whom doesn't speak to anyone much watch television nor really have patience to even read what's in stores n commercials on YouTube lol so ur videos are so helpful to me thank u so much:)

Vicariously Me

Wow Im interested in this too Im gonna check this out asap


I just got one of these and it's great! It's still waxing so it's gonna hurt but not nearly as bad as strip wax. And yes I used it on my bikini area ?

Samantha Braun

Did you use the polymer blend or the original?

Niyathi NR

Is this actually painless ???


Finally someone who does it right and makes it thick and doesn’t wait for it to dry to long ?? I APPLAUD U ?❤️


LOL!! Queenii you think we can do down town LOL!! girl ha!!ha.

shruti srivastava

Can we use it for bikini wax??

tigress lily

Great demonstration....did they give you a coupon code?

Yvette Cousin

lol girl do your lady part... NOT on camera and come back and let us know if it hurts then I will believe it lol

Zarina Patricia

Ahh I missed your accent! Hey Queenii ?

Latiffia Bryant

I love how we remove hair easily it's amazing

Terry Lapper

I wanted to see u do the upper lip

Jeanette Garcia

Hmm r u pain tolerance lol
Love ur ring btw

Eat Up with the C.M.C crew! !

Dangit I thought I was First to comment and like ???????


I’m basically a grizzly bear. I’m hairier ?? and I got that from my dad



terricaaa turnerrr

Missed you ??

pretty doll


Jessie Jn Baptiste

I've heard about them, but I still thought it was just as painful as a normal wax. Thank you so much for this review Queenii! I'm so loving the view/outdoors in your vids lately. Keep them coming! I'll definitely have to give it a try.

Faces by DeeNicole

Wowwww!! Niiice..... might just get this especially for my upper lip.


You want to apply wax in the direction of hair growth and remove in the opposite direction.

Pain free waxing products

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DIY: Painless Waxing!! At Home Hard Waxing Kit Amazon Review! Summer 2019!

276 views | 13 Jun. 2019

Come check out my mishaps

Come check out my mishaps and successes with this at home hard waxing kit by Tress Wellness! Did it work or was it a complete fail! I paid $51 total for the whole set up so after two or three salon visits the kit will basically pay for itself! (This video is not sponsored)

Kit: https://amzn.to/2KOzKrs

Extra supplies: https://amzn.to/2KMvCrX

Official Afghan Foodie

Lovely ?

Subscribe at Love Crossing Borders


Afro Black

You now have a friend from Memphis beautiful ❤

Pain free waxing products

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Numbing Cream For Pain Free Waxing

8 126 views | 16 Oct. 2017

Numbing Cream For Pain

Numbing Cream For Pain Free Waxing


Please watch: "Branded Make-up Products in 5 Riyal Only"




Bakwas..waseline or brofen 2no ka dur dur tak skin numbing say koi kana dayna nahe..bakwas tootka hai yai

its umash

Thanks yar... it's real working ...best ha wax k liye..ye ni ha k bilkul pain ni hota..thora hota ha me ny aj he try kia ha thnk you once again...

Narmeen Junejo

No this does not work!!

Qirat Tabish

Acha mam nice tips. Mje btye k jb skin pe 10 tak ye laga or agr hum isko wash kr k dry skin pe wax kr len to kya ye b sahi rahy ga


I'm sorry, I couldn't understand, what are you supposed to do? I thought the video was in English but I couldn't understand m


Does it work !?

Qurrat ul Aen Aeni

ingredients k name bta den plzz

Tariq Siyal

Skin oily hogi eske opar powder lga skty before wax

Sapna Rahim

didnt Work for me.

Christy Anna

Kisi ne use kiya hai?? Does it worked for any one???

Mehak Younas

Can it also use for private parts... Plzz reply... And have any side effects....

sadia arshad

vaselin se skin oily ho jaiy ge to hot wex bilkul kam nhi kry ge
na he regular wex ho ge


Do u remove the mixture from your skin before applying wax?

Asifa Usman

Brufen cream use ki ja skti hai Kya?

Farhan pirzada

Chahe baal jtne marzi hard hn pain ni hogi right

Mehreen saeed Khan

I tried it
Itx not working

Kiran G

Plz tel tablet ka name

Neelam Imran

Agar brufan na ho to koi bhi pain killer le saktay hain panadol ya paracetamol plzzz muje bata dain

true voice

Ye bewkoofana hai ye kaam kr hi nahi skta kabhi lekin agar ye wax se pehle pain killer ki ek tablet kha leti to zarur kaam krta .Pain receptors apke pain mehsoos nahi krenge agar aap ye tablet kha ke wax krte hai par adha ek ghanta pehle. Jo cheez khane ke liye bani hai vo lagane se kaam nahi kr skti . Sir dard ki tablet khane se sir dard km hoga na ki usko pees ke sir pe lagane sw

hammad iqbal

vaseline will max skin greasy so how wax is supposed to stick there.

Naila Latif

I think vaseline k bajae agr aap isy lignocaine gel me mix kren gi it will work best..
Because lignocain has numbing effect

Kiran G

Tablet ka kia nam h???? Plz tel

Naveen Haroon

Nop does not work
I had it on for 30 mins ?

sheikh sadaf

Thankyou so much for this maam..i tried it and YES it worked.. i applied it n waited for 10mins before threading my forehead and i felt almost "no pain" .. thanks a lot? ?