Natural hair regimen for beginners

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5 Steps to building your Natural Hair Regimen for Beginners

1 754 views | 20 Dec. 2018

Hey guys i'm bringing you

Hey guys i'm bringing you the basic 5 steps to building your natural hair regimen. This is something i struggled with and i want to make it easy for all my new natural or returning naturals!

Sharika Grooms

I will try to do these steps. Thank you! ?


A schedule? Huh ok. Right now I just wash and use a leave in conditioner and oil and keep it pushing. I guess I should add in a deep conditioner?

Miz Curlz

Regimen is KEY!!??

Tam Kam

Building a regimen is so important


So helpful! Thank you! ~new subscriber

Natural hair regimen for beginners

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36 353 views | 14 Nov. 2017

Watch in HD for better

Watch in HD for better quality.

Your regimen is the key to a successful healthy hair growth and it keeps you on track as to what needs to be done to your hair to make sure that it stays healthy. There are many options to pick from, different techniques and what not but these simple steps will help you to create a simple healthy natural hair regimen.

1. Prepoo

2. Shampoo

3. Rinse out Conditioner

4. Deep Condition

5. Moisturize

------ Videos You Need to Watch ------

? Easy Protective Style - http://bit.ly/2iC8zQQ

? Most Defined Twist out ever - http://bit.ly/2igTCU6

? Simple Everyday Makeup look - http://bit.ly/2xQ3j1w


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Ebere Anyanwu

You look lovely...really like the hairstyle and earrings

Julie Williams

Where can I get that hair brush kindly.

Lindokuhle Mthimunye

Your hair and skin looks amazing...

Diana chep

3 years as a natural..my 2 cents 1.low manipulation,2 keep it clean. 3. Treat amd condition .4. mosturize 5. Eat well and accept that some days natural hair makes u look homeless! Hahhaahhahaa

Maureen Sunguya

Im so happy I discovered this channel. Supporting an East african sister.


Yeeeiy waited it for so long..thankie girl

Akua Mensah

Thanks dear...always on point


Definately very informative...thanks darling!

Anne Marrie

thanks so much for sending me here sheila??? taking all the tips I can get????????? thanks so much

Ms Kanma

Thanks for the video and mention henna with conditioner for Deep conditioning, its been my holy grail, my hair strength survivor, since may till date and i have gotten huge and good result with my hair texture and length. You should try it sheila. seriously waiting for a video. I plan on doing a hair growth challenge in 2018 and i am going to be consistence. I want to ask how do you prevent your pillow from getting soaked with the oil from your hair the first day of your wash day. Lastly i am still struggle knowing my hair porosity .

Tracy rasyia Awangui

Thanks for your video...you have a new subscriber..continue again ????

Shyro Kiki

Thanks alot for this information.Those earings are gorgeous.Details please :-)

Celestine ngao

New sub?I really want to begin the natural hair journey...not financially able though but I really want to start this journey

Joyce Abala

Adding a conditioner defeats the purpose of a prepoo because it's done to protect your strands form absorbing too much moisture during the wash day. So to get the benefits of prepoo-ing you should skip the conditioner and work on dry hair. The best oil is coconut oil because it keeps the strands stretched preventing tangling and is lighter weight, however olive oil is also acceptable just takes more effort to penetrate the strand so you may have to apply heat.

fredah mungai

Very informative, thnks. Cud u also do a video on hair porosity. Wud rlly appreciate

Essy Kaguru

Hu else likes before watching Haaa...


Hi Shelia!! very helpful video. I would definitely appreciate a product recommendation video. This would just be a guideline to eliminate the use of products that could lead me from the flourishing hair promise land as well as wasted coins? Thank you so much!!❤

Valentine Jemutai

you are gorgeous ??

Demilade Adetuberu

Pls what do you use as ur protein conditioner

Wendy Bedfrid

Love your earrings!!!

Sheila Ndinda

If you are a beginner , you need to try out the above steps. This will help you create your own regimen and you'll be in a better position to care for your hair. Thumbs up for more hair care videos :-)

Kui Mwangi

Cute earrings and great video

Tatiana Balde

Hi Sheila.

I love your videos you really help me taking care of my hair and trying different hairstyles
do you mind doing a eyebrow or full face make up tutorial please .

All the best

melanie muchina

co washing does not work for me :( leaves my scalp itchy, especially around my crown area.

Eva k

Yes,do a product recommendation for each step:)


My love?

Angie New

Thank you for sharing ???


I really like your earings


Thanks for this video doll. Quite informative. Trying to grow my hair and it's a struggle as you've said. I started doing the LOC style but fell off the wagon because my hair just gets too frizzy and tangled so I'm back to heat styling. Sigh. Need to embark on raising. Also looking at taking hair growth vitamins. What's your take on that?

Masese Dorothy


Faith Wavinya

Very educative???

Anne Marrie

would avocado oil work for a prepoo?
& thanks for clarifying that bentonite clay can be used as a cleanser,like a shampoo..ive been wondering how to use it..is there any way you can list some of the products that you use?
esp the cowash conditioner..deep conditioner (all the products if you can)


Love your hair style could you do a tutorial

Joy Lugalia

Gorgeous earings

Sheila Wangu

Hi Sheila! Thank you so much for the video... It has really helped me understand what I need to do now that I'm a newbie in this safari and I hope with time I'll get to have a working regimen.
One question I would like to ask; how do I keep my hair from looking dry through out the period before wash day? I dunno if you've mentioned in the video if you haven't please add that and also is it advisable to oil your hair before wash day to keep it from looking dry-ish?

Grace Rao

Cut all my hair?hoping this start will help it grow well this time

BeckyCulture tv

Nice tips. Will give them a try ?

Natural hair regimen for beginners

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1 083 views | 12 Feb. 2019


Hey Afrolistas!

If you are a beginner and you want to start taking care of your natural hair for growth or thickness, then this video is for you. I give you a basic step by step natural hair routine to help you create your own with examples of products.

betty siachibuye

Woooooooow, that soap, i can love to try it.❤


hi afrosis .this video is so enlightening.
Wher did you get that this black soap.

Thelma Kalinde

Ive learnt alot from you. thanks alot

Esnart Phiri

Is that chinkondya soap

Chewe Mutale

Thank you for the great tips! Also me I would like some of that big yummy black soap :)

Venna M

Your videos are really helpful, please keep them coming! I'd really love some African black soap ❤

Zenith Malawo

Dang it !!! Am too late ???

Minniver Zimba

Just the video. Where can I get black soap. Am in kabwe

sellah chabe

So I have I have missed out on the black soap.lol .nice video I have been trying to subscribe but was failing finally today I managed am so happy your videos are very helpful..

Jackline Mutambo

wow...Because am very active and end up washing my hair everyday..is that fine ?

Ntama Nyile

black soap ?
it's quite good

Monica Natural

Thank you for information


Congratulation to my first 10. Please lets linkup, am meeting some of you over lunch at Manda Hill tomorrow, can't wait!

Luyando Joy

Where can I find the small Auntie Jackie’s In control? I’ve been looking for it

Mwila Kandeke

This I want. Thanks for your educative videos

Batgirl P

Love your hair thickness!

Denia Munga Kahalawe

Black soap please!

sydney sikiazwe

thanks for the video...did my big chop last year but am growing it back now