Kojic acid for dark spots

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My Skincare Routine | How I Cleared My Dark Spots with Kojic Acid Soap

691 views | 8 May. 2020

My Skincare Routine | For

My Skincare Routine | For an Even Complexion

Products Mentioned:

One A Day vitamins: https://www.amazon.com/VitaCraves-Multivitamin-Gummies-Supplement-Vitamins/dp/B00I97GOCO

Vitamin C 1000mg: target

Kojie San soap: https://www.amazon.com/Kojie-San-Skin-Lightening-Kojic/dp/B00R602KOQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=kojie+san+skin+lightening+soap&qid=1588908720&sprefix=kojie+san&sr=8-4

Palmer’s Complexion Bar: [can purchase at Walmart] https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00005R1H4/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=ALCD55UGGZR0M&psc=1

Vitamin C Brightening Serum by Provence Beauty [i purchased this at Marshall’s] this is the same brand that i have, but the packaging is newer on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Brightening-Facial-Serum-Moisturizes/dp/B07HQCFWGP/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=vitamin+c+brightening+serum+provence+beauty&qid=1588909469&sr=8-3

Cocoa Beautiful’s Cocoa Butter Fade Cream: [can purchase at Walmart] https://www.amazon.com/Cocoa-Beautiful-Formula-Advanced-Lightening/dp/B0065WQ3C6/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=cocoa+beautiful+cocoa+butter+fade+cream&qid=1588909661&sprefix=cocao+beauti&sr=8-4

Pharmagel Sun Therapé Sunscreen: https://www.amazon.com/Pharmagel-Therape-Face-Moisturizer-Ounce/dp/B01M1KCYQI/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=sun+therape+sunscreen&qid=1588909132&sprefix=sun+therape+sunscre&sr=8-3

AmLactin Exfoliating Lotion: [can purchase at target ($13) it’s cheaper on amazon] https://www.amazon.com/AmLactin-Moisturizing-Alpha-Hydroxy-Exfoliates-Paraben-Free/dp/B07BRQC5XZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=amlactin&qid=1588909199&sr=8-3

Exfoliant Gloves: [can purchase pretty much anywhere, but here’s a good deal on amazon] https://www.amazon.com/Exfoliating-Remover-Scrubber-Improves-Circulation/dp/B07333FH1Q/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=pink+exfoliating+gloves&qid=1588909917&sprefix=pink+exfoli&sr=8-3

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Anastasia Hill

Your skin is gold! ???

Leena B

Hello. Did you use the amlactin lotion on your face or just your body?

Kojic acid for dark spots

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Get rid of Dark Spots using KOJIE SAN Kojic Acid Whitening Soap | Night Routine

6 652 views | 10 Jun. 2019

#KojieSan #Pampaputi

#KojieSan #Pampaputi #pampakinis

Kojic Acid is a cheap and widely available ingredient, it really helps for removing acne/spot scars, freckles, age spots, getting rid of unwanted hyperpigmentation. Check out the video to find out exactly how to correctly use the best Kojie San Kojic Acid Whitening Soap made from the PHILIPPINES. ??

DISCLAIMER: I’ve been using Kojie San soap for a few weeks and the results was very fast because i used it properly. I tried Likas Papaya soap and Makari Whitening soap but I didn’t get the fast result as the Kojic soap. This video is not sponsored, i bought every product in this video with my own money. Always use a sunscreen SPF 30+ if you use whitening products!!

Products named in this video:

- Kojie San Lightening Soap

- Likas Papaya soap

- Makari Whitening soap

- Sunblock /Sunscreen SPF 30+

- The Ordinary /Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

- The Ordinary /Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

- The Ordinary /Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

- The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

- Tamanu Oil

- Aloe Vera

You may be intrested in this video as well:

10 Easy Steps How To Clear Skin from Acne


Greetings & have a good day ?


hi kuya! paano po ba hindi mangitim ulit kapag ginamit yung kojie san? i noticed kasi na nangitim ako lalo after i used it on my skin. madalas po akong maarawan because of school activities. i used sunblock naman po pero nangitim pa rin. at ngayon, natatakot na po akong gamitin yan. what should i do?

lovely five sisters tina

thank u po

Wynona Jimenez

Tip: Using glycolic acid or any acid after kojic acid can cause your skin to over exfoliate.


Lodi Normal Lang Bayung Hapdi nya sa Una? Nagdry ung mga Pimples Ko ?

wright gregson

I detest these whitening soaps and chemicals.... You are soooo good looking, but, I hope you will seriously rethink your reasoning and rational for these distressful products. Do you get tattoos to cover your naturally beautiful skin because you have fallen for the false thinking that your natural color is not desirable?

Ssoy Mocha 블로그

Does it work for dark spots or shadows on armpit? My Armpits quite dark.


I went to the Korean market to get some Korean cream and I ended up with Phillipines cream LoL


I want to use it on my face but I have some beauty marks that I don't want to go away ... hmmmm

Rona Recto

anung pangalan na sunblock ang dapat gamitin para sa cojic sun sir

mako 143

First ??

Hello 856

Pede po ba Gamitin Umaga at Gabi basta gagamit ng Lotion

Marc garcia

Pwede po ba gamitin yung dove pag katapos nito

Wynona Jimenez

How many times do you use it per week?


Cool video though . stay connected . Go for more vid. Thank you for sharing

caro lina

Your So Handsome...


Hmmm??? I think I a m gonna try it !! Gotta look for it online !! So u R in Sweden ??

carmen ledesma


Christyl Therese Amorado

Pwede po ba kojie san sa umaga egg mask sa gabi


Can you please explain in English how to use the Kojie San?

Christyl Therese Amorado

Pwede po ba sya umaga at gabi at how many minutes sya istay sa balat

Tanromni Chum

What skin type do you have?

rico pecho


taeyon fin

Shettt ang astig po ng tattoo nyo kuyaaaa ?


Thank you for using English as well (:

Itsmelainee_ 123

Kuya hanggang ngayon ba ginagamit mo pa din to?

Kojic acid for dark spots

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Kojie San Soap REVIEW | Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap on Acne Dark spots (Before and After)

92 146 views | 13 Jul. 2018

Reviewing the Kojie San

Reviewing the Kojie San Soap, it’s a Kojic Acid Skin Lightning soap. I used this soap for 3 weeks and in this video I will show and tell you my experience. I used it on my entire face for the first week, once everyday. Then the second and third week I did spot treatment twice a day. In the vid I explain why. I used this product not for lighter skin but to fade dark spots on my face.

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Me & These Curls

?????I can't with you. You getting nose burns from soap. Idk about this soap verdict is out for me

Julia White

Hey Shay! Oh no! Sounds like it really dried you out?. Me personally if it dried your face out like that, I wouldn't use it on other parts of my body. Because think about it, on your body, it will probably leave a film that would do more damage than good. Glad you was not trying to use the soap to lighten your face or anyting. There are many people out there who use skin lightening soaps and creams just for that purpose! By the way you look so pretty in that Coral , or is it papaya blouse ?.

Flawss Talks

ive been using this soap for 3 years i only exp that burning sensation in the beginning of me using it. However it does work....
just like most products IE; Proactive

it has to work before it works if that makes sense...
this soap is a essential to me now, its not about skin lightning
its evens your skin tone.... and it reduces acne and extra oils...

also everything isnt for everybody we gotta keep that in mind.

Terry Gweth

The soap not only has kojic acid but also other bleaching agents

Vanessa Belen

How can we identify if it's a fake?

Thandie Nyirenda

The fact is dat it's cheap, buy hey girls, it works

Tammy B. Jones

okay chocolate cookie. you so so funny. Girl thanks for the review. I was already going to pass when it had the word "ACID" in the name. to scared. You so brave.

Nicole Smith-Ayeni

where is the link?

Jane Shiru

????she is extremely funny

Roxanne Ricketts

Anything that lighten your spots or scar is pinto lighten your skin also

Brianna Jones

Aloe vera gel can actually fade away scars and even if you use this kojie San soap it soothes your skin & good for sun block you should definitely look into it it may help you scars

Amryl Nurse

Can u juat give the review already

Anthony M

So funny how everyone on here is afraid to say they are buying this to whiten/ lighten your skin or face. You dont have to be ashamed to admit you want your skin a bit lighter. People stop judging saying your skin is perfect the way it is in comments, if they want to do it let them and encourage them whatever makes them feel better.


i have 3 bars of this soap here at my home but im scared to use it

Brandy R

You know, no matter whether you have dark colored patches on your own skin, you can actually lighten their overall tone to match your skin pretty quickly. Search for Kandy Lumizore's homepage. She divulges a way to whiten your skin inside 2 days or thereabouts.

karen nwankwo

i got fake kojie san on both ebay and amazon.Real kojie san soap contains kojic acid in it,the fakes i got on ebay and amazon DID NOT contain kojic acid.This is the real kojie san https://flawlessdermskincare.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fauthentic-kojie-san-bleaching-soap-6-bars-x-65-grams-total-390-grams&page=2 this contains kojic acid in it verified by my dermatologist, its the real deal.

J. Maginnenu

LOLOL... This is too cuteeee. I lol'ed with this expressiveness. Such a nice review

Product Junkie Chronicles

Lol you are brave to try this cause I’m like them people in the comments not trying to lose my melanin ???

patricia obasanjo

i have been using kojie san soap for 10 years. At first i got a lot of fakes on ebay ,amazon and elsewhere. Long story short, the fakes dont sting or burn as they should because of the kojic acid inside.This is the real kojie san https://hiroshiskinwhiteningandhairloss.com/products/skin-whitening/kojie-san-skin-bleaching-soap-6-bars-x-65-grams-390-grams this contains kojic acid inside and it slightly burns this is the real one.been using it for over 5 years from the same supplier.

Crystal Munford

Thanks for sharing! Your hair and makeup looks lovely xoxo

Mimi's Got7

I can't believe foreigners actually using Filipino products. ??


I've never heard of skin lightening soap. I've heard of creams and serums, but never soaps. interesting.

Damarli Foster

So is it good for acne scars???? Plz tell me because i'm about to buy one

Ciera’s Polished Queens

My order just came smh i heard the kojie is very good with hyperpigmentation


Thanks for your honest review.

Ciera’s Polished Queens

You not lighting your skin! You just trying to get one tone! Who like dark spots hyperpigmentation uneven color wtf

Greek Girl

ACID?! a huge pass and no from me ?girllll be careful you are so brave Im scared ??That was awesome tho ?Amazing review?New subbie over here?

jameel Baloch

This soap does white really
This soap is of whole body?

teetee me

You all are brave using it on your face. I would use it for the scars on my body

Lucrecia Gray

Are you from Guyana or the caribbean?.

La diva Rebecca Kidiosi

First like,great video thanks for sharing sis

Tanzila A

nice video !
very informative!


It's not for everyday and night use maybe not even for the whole week especially if you have sensitive skin. and you MUST use a moisturizer and sunscreen


Where're you from?

Anthony M

This soap works to clear acne alot i used it for 2 months and it did lighten my skin quite abit i stopped using it . Now started back again as i have some acne


Hey sis great review TFS and giving your honest

It's Angy style

I'm watching your video right now.i am thinking how to buy this soap for my dark spots


i’m confused. is this a good review or a B A D REVIEW ? wth girl... talked about everything but the product

Asha Asha

OMG!!! You HAVE to moisturize your skin when using any acid product. Your skin is expected to be dry, because acids are very drying. Also I wouldn’t use that for your face. There are plenty serums with kojic açid that contain supporting moisturizers. That soap also contains mineral oil which also contributes to drying. Kojic acid is a chemical exfoliant so your acne improved because your skin turnover rate was increased. There are so many ingredients out there that help with mild hyperpigmentation, your face definitely didn’t need this. Look for niaciamide as an ingredient for mild hyperpigmentation for the acne try salicylic acid in a face wash form to prevent future breakouts, try benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment for current breakouts and only at a very low percent 1-2 or even 0.5% if you can find it. You can work your way up later if you find is no longer works after a while. I know this video is old but if you haven’t heard is these ingredients I hope this helps. Your skin is beautiful. Definitely doesn’t need such harsh intervention

vikram vinod

everybody should use common sense if they want to get the real kojie san and not fake ones like on amazon and ebay.Kojie san is manufactured by a company called beauty element ventures inc,they are located in philippines. This is the real kojie san https://flawlessdermskincare.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fauthentic-kojie-san-bleaching-soap-10-bars-x-65-grams-total-650-grams&page=2 this is a japanese company located in philippines who get their kojie san from the manufacturer who as previously mentioned is in philippines as well.Also the kojie san soap i got from this flawless derm company i took it to my dermatologist and he verified it contains kojic acid in it ,because real kojie san does contain kojic acid in them..The fake ones i got on ebay and amazon DO NOT contain kojic acid in them.

Mallory Monroe

I bought it and it did absolutely nothing. I went back to koji white. It has even lightened my elbows.

I don't mean it but,

Well there’s a difference between lightening and whitening that’s all I know so as long as it doesn’t say whitening

UniquelyAshante's Corner

The word "acid" in the title of the soap? Burning sensation? Drying out the skin? ? Yeeeeaaah…..it's definitely a no for me! I think this is my first time hearing about skin lightening soap. Sorry that you went through that sis...thanks for sharing your experience and glad to hear your voice is back!

Me & These Curls

??you are so dramatic lol like me! How does the bump "accidently" burst. I'm still ? watching


Hey sis how are you I would definitely use this on my skin because I have acne real bad and I think this product would help me out a lot Thank you for sharing

Annora’s World

Thanks for sharing dear ??

Kimmy Unlimited

Thank you for the heads up on this soap! Awesome Review Beautiful!!


Im still waiting to hear if the product helped u or not...


Omg you're priceless ? I loved your video

Le Bêbeve

If you’re not going to use the other soap can you please send it to me

Didi Didi

U are just adorable

Alex The Blueman - Reviewer & Gamer

Looks really amazing though


Hello, can I have the link where you bought your soap from? ?

Iesha Stevens

Are you from the Virgin Islands?

Prameshwari Prameshwari

3 years use panalama

sabastin bach

I use this soap to even out the skin on my body. This soap however is definitely not for the skin on your face.

Bryan Terube

damn i got the fakes then.i saw the ingredient list.Anyways i saw on pinterest the real kojie san https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/830914199976354607/ this is 100% the real kojie san i took this to my dermatologist and he verified it does have kojic in it (as real kojie san does) the fake crap i got on ebay did not contain kojic in it.