Obagi reviews melasma

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Melasma, Obagi and the Dermatologist...

8 189 views | 28 Aug. 2017

Purchase Obagi in the UK

Purchase Obagi in the UK


Purchase Obagi in the USA


This is my update after visiting an obagi dermatologist to find out if it could help to get rid of my melasma hyperpigmentation.

Here is a link to the website from where I'm getting the Obagi shipped. I do think it's worth speaking to a dermatologist about your needs before ordering.



SNAPCHAT - Gemstone03

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Sandra Mendes

Thank you so much for this video.super helpful. Xx

Tiara Pariag

thank you

Frances Zuniga

I did the samething! Went to a spa to see about a chemical peel and she said I have malasma... Gave me brochure for obagi nu-derm with trentinoin .05%. She wrote stuff down.. and it was going to cost me $508.00 but then she said I should also have the vitamin c oil 20% with L-ascorbic acid which changed the price to $598.00. I ended up coming home and googling obagi and found the same exact product but for $236.00. of course prices vary depending on who you purchase from and I found a vit C with L-ascorbic acid ranging in price from $23-$38 dollars. She also told me to mix trentinoin .05% with step 5 (blender) and after toner in the AM apply Vit C. Did you just purchase the obagi system? Did you also purchase trentinoin. I have look we d and trentinoin is pretty expensive for like 20-30 grams it's almost 100.00 ? I’m still going to try it and buying everything is still cheaper than buying from the place I went to!! Let me know if it worked for you

Jass R

Hi Gemma, i have started my obagi kit, i have used for 3 weeks, my skin become so irritating so i stopped for week & noticed that my melasma is worse than when i first started, I don’t know if it’s because its hot or because i stopped. I don’t use the morning products, just night products. Did u use kit in the summer, is it safe to use? I ordered from private gp thanks xx

Nicola Mitchell

Many clinics do the system for £500 including appointment. You can even have a telephone consultation with a prescriber and get it for £450. Both prices include the Tretinoin and they are UK based.

Mike Montero


Kate Jan Channel

Can you please share the website youve got your products please

Obagi reviews melasma

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Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Care System- How to Get Rid of Sun Damage, Wrinkles, Brown Spots, and Melasma

193 128 views | 30 Jun. 2013

Obagi Nu-Derm skincare

Obagi Nu-Derm skincare system is the #1 selling skincare system in the world! www.PremierLook.com carries all Obagi products. Here is a product overview and description of each product and how to use the whole system to get a truly amazing skin transformation!

Obagi Nu-Derm Systems Here- http://www.premierlook.com (MUST HAVE A PREMIER LOOK ACCOUNT TO VIEW AND PURCHASE)

Come visit www.PremierLook.com. I have a coupon code for all my subscribers, use Brianna15 to save an extra 15% at checkout

Please comment and "like" below and thanks for watching :)



Annette Scaldeferri

I have normal skin, not oily not dry; which line do you recommend? I used Obagi 20 years ago and loved it. I have melasma and have tried laser treatments, vitamin c serums, etc, and still deal with this issue....so frustrating! I also bought the 3 on line. Who do you know if it's a "fake" obagil?

Adriana Ferreira

Por favor da para alguém traduzir rsrs onde posso cmprar .

Vampy Signz

Hi, what color should step 3 and 5 be when you open them? Also, is oxidation normal after opening these two steps?

Norma Suarez

Question can I take biotin while I'm using the Obagi system?

Ana Menjivar

I got red spots after #3 ... how long do i leave it on?

xL Bx

Hi, can you use the clear hydroquinone product for skin under the eyes as a general anti aging product?

jyoti sharma

Hi Brianna , does anyone can use obagi Nu derm or we should see a dermatologist first ... I really wanna use this product as I have lot of sun damage , dry and dark patches on my skin.

Rita Sharqawi

Is that kit for melasma too? Is there anything without haydroquinon?

Maria Venuti

hi Brianna,
I wanted to try the Olbagi skin care products is there a coupon code?

Martine Aiyana

Hi Brianna! Thanks for this video ? I am just using step 3, can you tell me what order to use it? Currently I use a gentle cleanser, a toner with aha/bha, a light moisturizer and sunscreen in the am, and a vitamin A serum at night. Thank you! ??

Bridget Bih

Hey, i want to kniw if this set can be used by a black person to improve on her color?

Carmen Walker

Hey Briana, I'm from Canada and would be interested in trying your system. What is the kit best for someone with acne scaring/redness and combo skin ?. I'm also 30 yrs old.

Barbara Reeves

Can you use a antioxidant serum with this kit?

Kabi Joseph

After the eradication of Melasma for how long the effect of Obagi would last?

Christina T

No eye cream ?


Thank you Brianna!! I will try those!


Brianna, I hope you can help answer some of my questions regarding the Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Care system. I am 25 years old and I have sun spots and or freckles on my face mainly around my nose and cheeks. I don't really know for sure if the tiny brown spots on my face are freckles or sun damages. I am not yet concern about wrinkle care. I really want to fade away my sun spots/freckles because I hate them so much and I cannot hide them with makeup. I wanted to know if my age is too young to be using this skin care line? Would you recommend it? Have people from my age group use it? Is the skin care kit develop for my age group as well? Thank you.

Lulu P.

i'm just getting started on this! so excited :)

Jessica Trautschold

I just started using Obagi 1.5 weeks in…… I'm having intense flaking and dryness.  I figured this would happen….just wondering if I should use a moisturizer or just let it run its course??? Any suggestions

pamela code

Do we not use the moisturizer at night too?

Ruby Dupak

Hi Brianna! Very good info! I’ve been using the Obagi hydrate and hydrate lux and been loving it! I did have the Clear but have not used it for for a while, I think it’s expired ?. I do have a question, how long do you have to use the system? Is it a forever deal or just to finish the kit?

Ana Menjivar

I have red spot after #3 why?

Karolina Podgorny DPT

Will applying makeup be a challenge after the morning routine? Bit concerned about applying makeup afterwards bec of all the products possibly leaving a residue

Worships Cats

Can you mix #3 and #5 at PM? Or no? Anyone know?? Thanks!!!!

Alicia lyn Sida

hopefully you can help me since it seems you have extensive knowledge of obagi. I'm using obagi clear#3 exfoderm forte#4 tretinoin cream 0.1% and the sunscreen, all prescribe by a derm; id like to know how long i have to wait in between to apply the other, and is it a good idea to wear makeup after applying all of this? i only apply #3 #4 and sunscreen during the day then at night i use the rest. much appreciated Alicia

Joanne Tommasi

hi thank you for your amazing video. i just got my nu derm system but i had microneedling done 4 days ago... when can i start my nu derm? :-)


I'm 37 weeks pregnant and my kit just came in. is it safe to use it? I don't have a prescribed retinol yet. I think I'm going to have a dermatologist prescribe that to me right?


I'm sorry, I have question. Which one do you recommend me to use serum vit C ? Note that I'm from Middle East that mean my skin is light brown. Thank you Brianna

Annette Scaldeferri

hi! Can I use begin using the Blender and Tretinoin during the summer? I live in Vegas. Wear hats and use umbrellas when I have to be out. What do you recommend for melasma? thank you

Jane Burke

Hi can you use use hydroquinone 4% for undereye ?pigment ,dark circles xxx


Brianna !! I already use obagi for acne the 3 steps but.. i want to start using something to fade my dark melasma n frekles n stuff lol. Can i just add step 4 from obagi new derm w hidroquinone?


Is there a difference between Nu Derm and Nu Derm FX?

Pakistani Pari In Newyork

Plz tell me when sale is on so that I can buy??

Bilquis Malik

What could I use to fade and remove an enlarged dark freckle ?. It is a freckle as been diagnosed by dermatologist. Thank you.

Eternal Heaven

Can you wear makeup right after putting on obagi? Is foundation okay?

Ivy Daneil

Can you help me I bought set obagi nu derm in Editorspick.com . And whether it is a genuine one or a fake one . I don’t know but I see the price difference . so I was wondering if I should buy it. Thanks

Jessica Hodgkins

Can I get the retinol obaji from the website? I do not see it

Christi Phillips

Do you recommend using the tretinoin gel instead of cream? Also do you recommend to add in the vitamin C serum? If so, after which step should vitamin C be added? How long should I continue to use the NuDerm system?

Asucena Moreno

I want to order the products

Irene Sanchez Garza

Hi Brianna, Can I go into a tanning bed for my body when I am using Obagi? I would cover my face of coarse? I been using the product for three months now. About a month ago I started experiencing a lot of redness on my cheeks and it never goes away. Do you have any suggestions?

jane huh

Where is the obagi retin a on premier look?

Sochi81 Sochi81

Is Obagi Tretinoin Cream included in a set?

Cindy Howell

You are so completely gorgeous and your skin looks fabulous. I have melasma from pregnancy and it's awful. I would LOVE to be able to use my skin care routine in the morning, slap on some SPF and a little eye makeup and go. But first, I need this set in my life. Thank you so much for the review. Looks like this will be my new skin care routine!!! xoxo

Ms H

What would you recommend for get rid of freckles

hayya rizwan

Hello .. will you please help me ..how to contact u .. my skin is dry and I have freeckles please suggest me some thing to fade them .. .Do i need to peel or wht ...my age is 29 ... how can I order .... wht should i need to order .

Kati Reaugh

HI Brianna - I just tried your coupon code and it didn't work : ( did it expire?

Esmeralda Rodriguez

Would you say that this product is still the #1?

Melissa Moore

Hi Brianna!  What is the difference between the Nu-Derm and the Rx-C system?

Thank you!

Donna Robinson

What does the dry skin treatment cost ?
Also how can I contact your office, I am in Louisiana

ian gardiner

So once your spots are gone, do you continue with the entire program, or stop using the skin lightener? Thanks

liz edwards

At what step should I use Obagi Vitamin C drops? Should I use Obagi Hydrate Luxe at night?

Wendy Heldt

Hi Brianna, do you still allow people to email you for skincare advice/ consultation ? I'd like some help :)

Jan Presley-Davis

Best video instructions‼️ I have almost completed 3 months and don’t have the exact results I want but huge improvement. I plan to just stay on regimen. Do you recommend ongoing use till goals reached and then what do you use for maintenance?

Veronica Sanchez

I've been using obagi clear#3 & step 4 for 2 months now. im in my 3rd month. The first month i saw some discoloration. But now everything seems the same. (spots look the same) could it be. I have build up a tolerance to the product? Do you recommend changing to a diffrent hydroquinone product?

Josh Carswell

Hi, Brianna, I am starting the Nu-derm plus Retin-A system this week. My question is if it is recommended to add other products while using this system. Specifically I am interested in adding the Neocutis Bio serum and Hyalis as well as the Obagi C-serum 15%. Would this enhance the results I achieve from Obagi or is this something I should wait to do after I finish the program? Thanks in advance.

carolyn beccan

hi brianna can i buy retin a here too?

Gabriela Nodar

Hi Brianna. Do you have to wait in between steps before using the next one?

Yarel Middel

I’m currently using Obagi, my dermatologist rx this system to me. It’s been two weeks and I have to say this is doing WONDERS! It’s expensive, but totally worth it. I have dark spots and acne scars and OMG they are vanishing so fast. I’m very impressed.


Hi Bri, thank you for all the info. Great video. I have more of a combination skin with some dry patches. Which system should I purchase? 


Hi Briana! Thank you for making your video about Obagi products. I have been a staunch Obagi-user since 1993... What a blessing to then live right outside of Beverly Hills, California, where Dr. Obagi's office is located, where I learned about his product line. 

Using Obagi products, I've gotten tons of "great skin" comments from people through the years. But, the greatest compliment I ever received was when I ran into a woman I went to high school with. I walked up to her and said "Hi!", and she asked me if I went to high school with her daughters! So of course she FREAKED (out) when I proceeded to explain to her who I was and that she and I were on Student Council together. Ahhhh... the wonderful "magic" of Obagi.

I was recently interviewed about the Restylane product line and the first question I was asked was, "What is something that you use on your skin that you simply cannot live without?" You know my answer was OBAGI! I began using NuDerm products 22 years ago, so I've staved off wrinkles and marionette (laugh) lines too. So I swear by Obagi, of course.

And, you know I "Liked" your video! And, I just had to subscribe. I'm so glad I found your channel! You're gorgeous and super knowledgable, so you're the perfect person to talk about all of the Obagi products. I've only used the NuDerm line, so I really appreciate the information that you share about the rest of the Obagi product line.  

Thanks again! Gotta run... Gotta go watch some of your other videos. Thanks again, Briana! - Carlo

Maria Soto Cerros

Hello sweeti ,
What product would you recommend for dry skin type ?
Also for acne scars and dark spots after the pimples ?


thank you for sharing your information, Brianna.Questions:1) does obagi tretinoin cream comes in strength higher than .1 in a .7 oz tube. Because i received emails from different skin care websites claiming there is2) after using the combination of obagi bleand #5 + tretinoin cream until both products are empty.  can i just use obagi #3 only for day and night3) or can i just use obagi #4 only for day and night, instead of using obagi #3thank you - Wednesday


My dermatologist recommended me to use the obagi clear 3 to lighten the scar on my neck. I used it for the first time last night. I'm wondering if minor redness is normal 'cause that's what I noticed when I woke up this morning. There's no itchy, flaking, blisters, or burning sensation. I read some reviews that people get redness from it, but I'm just wondering if that's normal and how long does it take until the redness kinda goes away or for my skin to adapt to this product?

Alice Tapia

How much is the Obagi starter kit and it the starter kit for 30 days or longer?


can you please tell me what is the difference between Nu-derm system and the CRX system? which one should I use?

Frank Turner

The Obagi Clear was recommended to me from my Dermatologist and also the Elta MD UV Clear. I wanted to address some of the brown spots on my face and hands. However, she did not explain to how to use. Can you tell me...do i need to apply the Obagi to only my spots or spread it on my face like any other lotion and should i allow some time before I apply the Elta Clear? One more question. I have been using a post shave lotion to should i now discontinue that (I have been using No 7 Post Shave Sensitive. Thanks

BTW, I have been using the Obagi Clear for only one week and it is sooooo working. I just want to be sure i am using properly.

Thank you.

Nicole Arends

Thanks for your reply. One more question.. Do you have to use retinol or tretinoin with the blender ?

Erin Steward

Hi! I just came across your video, as I am starting the Nu Derm system soon. My question is: if I have a retinol cream, could I use that in place of the tretinoin with the Blender at night? Thank you! Very informative video!

Dianeduckett Reyes

Do I need obagi 5 blender if I have number 3 do you use both at Night?

Kimberley Stusick

One other thing is I have read people put the products under their eyes?!  Would you recommend this?

Martha ayalew

Hi Brianna, I dont see the nuderm with hydroquinone online. Do u guys over that or is jst the fx version. Thx

Hawaiian Orchid

For the clear 3, the ones I found online doesn’t have the 4% hydroquinone? Is it bc it’s rx only? I really want to buy it

Maria Butler

Hi Brianna. Been doing anti aging on my 53 year old skin. going well with balancing the fact that I occasionally get exema on my face. (treat that with minimal rx grade hydrocortisone) Using .25 retin a and moving on shortly to the .50. Tolerating it well. Wondering if I could handle obagi also??

Sandi K

Hi Brianna! I'm a brand new user of Obagi (as of today....and haven't even used my 2 products yet). Thank you so much for the well-done and helpful video. Can't wait to watch more of them! I wish I was in your neck of the woods, but I'm in L.A...... I know, I know... Land of Plastic Surgery and I still don't have the answers I need. ;o)

So my problem is that I have hyperpigmentation (and hypo-) after C02 laser resurfacing (not fractal, but the hard core one) several months ago caused some horrific dark splotches on various spots on my face. Today my doc prescribed both Clear and Blender, but didn't even mention tretenoin - or anything else for that matter - to mix with the Blender as you described. I do have a retin-A night cream.... would that suffice as a blending agent?

Thanks again!

Roby Skariah

Nice video.. So I have a question. In the night do you really need to use both Clear and Blender with Tret one after the other?
I am confused on the steps in the booklet. I do not want to use Obagi in the day at all other than sunscreen. So during night should I use both clear and Blender? Or I can go one the other night alternatively? I suppose Clear can be used both day and night. Isn't it?

Marla Mann-Bender

Briana I found it thank you gorgeous xx

Kimberley Stusick

Should you always use the moisturizer?  I have seen some forums where people say not to as it slows down process?  Also that some people peel well into using the product.  I am at week 2 1/2 and am peeling and my skin does not look well at all.  But having said that, I notice it is lightening.  I just want to know that the peeling will stop.

Julia L

Can you use them if you're pregnant?

carolyn beccan

i'm living in united kingdom where can i get it to buy

Jackie Watson Fitness

Thank you for your help today!   I am definitely ordering the system and will start it when I get back from my two trips!   I will be ordering from your site, because you were so much more helpful than the local place here!

Babi Biba

how long can i use it .thank you

Shannon Renfroe

When do you apply your serums and eye cream?

Clara Shelton

Does it help clear acne?

Kisses Smith

I've been using the obagi nu derm for almost a year now and was wondering if I Could get a dermapen treatment done while on obagi nu derm? Thanks

Linda Borg

Hi I bought the Obagi system but I'm very confused because there's nothing to put under my eyes. I was told don't put anything around your eyes but yet my under eyes are a problem. Any advice?


Hello Briana! I understand that using the entire system is best, but if at the moment I can not afford to buy the entire system, which products would be the most important or best used on their own? I am currently using Reffissa .05% and would like to use what is best for combination skin. Thank you for answering my question!

Veronica Sanchez

Hi Brianna
Step #4 exfoderm forte. Do i need to rinse ?? this is only an Am right?


I just ordered some stuff...I have a question about the blender and the tretinoin.. Do i use that every night forever or just until the spots go away?

Veronica Sanchez

Hi Brianna,
Is it ok to use sunscreen after I use Step 3 clear. Since its an Am/PM? Is it ok under makeup?


hi! I've watched your other video on how to use retin a... in that video you advised to use the retin a only 2 x week at most when starting with the retin a cream. I am currently using the obagi nu derm kit , about 3 weeks. do I still follow your advise of using the retin a 2x week? my skin is red, dry, and flaky currently.


I have the obagi blend without hydroquinone. Can this be applied under or over vit C serum? Im trying to get rid of age spots. Thx.


Hi is Fx the same?

Mike McCullough

her skins so nice

Stephanie Kunz

I want to start using this system because of my sun damage. As of now I am currently using skinceuticals C + AHA in the morning, how can i incorprate this oil into this regimen? Also, would it be just as beneficial to use a different cleanser and moisturizer? Thanks.


Hi Brianna! Thanks for this great video! I've been using the Obagi Nu Derm system for the last 3 weeks and so far have only had really visible peeling one day. Could it be because I've already been using tretinoin for the last couple of years so my skin is already used to it? I've been using the Refissa with the blender. Should I bump it up to the .1%? Also, can I still use my Skinceuticals CE Ferulic in the morning after my toner or should I stop while using the Obagi system? Thanks for any tips you can provide!

Saray Alvarez

Hi Brianna love all the info you provide I wanted to ask you what exactly do i need to buy to treat melasma?


Hi, i would like to try this system, but i want to ask you if i finished all the products and i got the amazing results, if i stopped using this system and started to use less strong products, my skin will get back like it was? and do i have to use all the system to get my pigmentation fade away? thank you dear

Jacqueline Broussard

Hey!! I was on the site and noticed that you only have the kits available with out Hydroquinone. How do i get the one with? Also what about the tretinoin? Does that have to be prescribed separately?


Hey ,
Do we not have to use the moisturizer at night after blender ??

Leana K

Hi Brianna, I've watched your vdo and love it. I am now 34 and having this ugly darkening above my lip but no hair. It looks like a mustache and I hate it. I wanting to try the Obagi Nu-Derm stater kit. Do you think it will work on me on the darkening upper lip? I'm Asian. My skin type is dry. Should I use the Normal Dry set? Is it safe for long term use? Please reply. Thanks!

Obagi reviews melasma

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Getting Rid of Melasma with Obagi Nu-Derm (Part 1/3)

23 248 views | 16 Nov. 2017

Purchase Obagi in the UK

Purchase Obagi in the UK


Purchase Obagi in the USA


It's 6 weeks since I began my Obagi skincare treatment for the hyperpigmentation on my skin known as Melasma.

The cause of my melasma is unknown. Very often people experience it during pregnancy - it is known as th pregnancy mask - however having never had children, it's likely that mine from a combination of stress, hormones, and having used quite aggressive treatments on my acne which I had from teens into my late twenties.

You'll see in the other videos I have, that I have tried lots of other treatments before deciding to go for the Obagi option. I can honestly say it has been the most obvious, effective and repid treatment I have used.

My skin isn't perfect yet, but it is significantly better. You can see the original pictures part way through the video on the left hand side of the split screen.

Using Obagi is a committment. To get the best results you need to follow the steps as advised by your dermatologist. You need to stick with it even though the results may take a few weeks to appear, and there may be some peeling of skin initially.

In this video I talk you through my morning routine with Obagi and how I am making the most of each of the products.

This is a 3 part video - Watch part 2 to see me continuing to get ready with an *extra* eye look and then explore a beautiful box of lipsticks in part 3!

You can see the other melasma related videos here:



SNAPCHAT - Gemstone03

Subscribe to my Channel here - http://www.youtube.com/gemmabailey

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hypnogem

Instagram - https://instagram.com/gemstone03

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Contact - https://tiny.cc/contactgemma

Gold Minks

Hi Love your video Gemma, looking to purchase the system, just wanted to know did you physically exfoliate whilst using the Nu derm system?

Believe Faith

Pls how many bottles do i have to buy..pls list the creams so I’m gonna. Buy pls

Kel Lot

I bought an obagi nu derm set from dermstore and the set doesnt have a tretinoin. I think it’s because tretinoin is a prescription cream. So my question is... am i still going to get the same result if i am not going to use the tretinoin with the number 5? Thanks.

Frances Zuniga

Question... did the trentinoin come along with the obagi or is that something you got separately?

Yara Rana

How can i get this product please

fatima lopez

hi the tretenoin cream im using is color green not same color as yours..is it same percent that one .1%?


some Beauty Salon did a really bad job on your eyebrows. Jesus.....What happenend?

Gift Elias

Which one exactly for melasma?? Because I have had melasma for 10 years

Gold Minks

Hi Gemma i have been using Obagi Nu Derm for almost 3 months now and the results are great when you finished using the treatment did you use any other treatments to maintain the results ?

Believe Faith

Do I have buy a. Whole set??

Puspa Rai

Hi I could not find 2nd and 3rd part of this video. Did your Melasma all clear? I have been using Obagi for 4 weeks Melasma is still there but skin texture has significantly improved.

bhumika limbu

I have been using it for three months but no change at all.

Kevin Boss

Hello. How long do you have to keep it on for? The morning system? Also, the sunscreen tends to leave a white oath all over the face and it isn't a pretty sight. How do I know how much of sunscreen to apply?


On week three with this... My skin looks amazing but melasma hasn't changed.... Thanks for the upload very helpful x


When I use number 3, it leaves a bit of white cast which later goes away. Does it happen to you as well? Thanks! Great review’

Nani Malloju

Where can i buy obagi nu derm clear 3 with hydroquinone in India ??

Mia Ash

Hi Gemma, can you please confirm the following
Is the box sealed when purchased?
Are the items 1-6 and the sunblock cream sealed inside the box?
Do the items in the box have the same code number?
Thank you so much.