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How to Clean a Vintage Safety Razor

7 329 views | 13 Mar. 2020

I use a lot of vintage

I use a lot of vintage safety razors and I get a lot of questions about how I clean them and get them ready for shaving. Here's a video explaining my process for disinfecting and cleaning a vintage safety razor. Others may have their own process for cleaning, but this is my technique and I've never had a problem.

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Taylor Lufkin

That sink is sick!! Looks like straight copper

mitros astronomos

hello my friend..if i use a cheap safety razor wont i have a good result? thank you


Wouldn’t want to clean my vintage Gillette’s that way and I cleaned a lot of razors, I have 70 vintage Gillette’s. Sometimes the boiling water can dull or stain the vintage nickel or gold plating. I just buy 99% alcohol and soak about 2 to 3 minute then put into my Barbicide jar for about 5 minutes rinse and then a few drops of lubricant in the normal places and you’re golden. Do do on occasion use an old toothbrush and some antibacterial soap to scrub off the soap scum them I do the other steps. Just my way and I’m sure other collectors do different than I do. Whatever works. But I always live your videos Sinatra, have a great weekend.????. I ordered one of those white handled slim twist made in England razors the other day off EBay when you posted your video of yours. Should be here Monday. And I love the Beatles too.

David Parker

If you really want to clean heavy soap scum build up off a nickel or chrome plated razor use a brass wire brush and liquid dish soap. Brass is softer than nickel and chrome and should not scratch it. However it may revel plating loss from having heavy soap scum build up for over 50 years. Do Not do this to a Black Beauty, Black Handle Super Speed or any Gold Plated Razor.

Karl Hungus

Save time and money by adding some pasta to the boiling water.

Willie Cook

I do close to the same.. I use a old electric toothbrush head put back on my electric toothbrush use Toothpaste or dawn soap.. Then dry n polish cloth

Michael Young

You clear this video with the CDC? LOL

Paul Valley

Breaking News The phone mount I ordered has arrived shaving videos to commence soon

Stephen Castro

Thank you for the how to!

Kaden Christensen

I just lathered my teeth.

Kaden Christensen

Shaving god! Seeing this notification made my day!

Charles Nero

I;d use Brasso on the handle and the compartment for the razor with a toothbrush.

P.S. Did someone called 911?


Is this safe for the plating?

Anay Awasthi

i always thought the razor handle was green???

Thomas Halizak

Remember people you do not want to over cook your razor, you just boil until Al Dente.

Mike Kuebler

Thanks for the videos, I have 3 antique stores nearby and hope to score a razor. Yes rubbing alcohol will work well. During boiling have you tried a tablespoon of vinegar? It may remove some of the old scales.

She Shaves with Jill

Can't agree with boiling razors. That compromises the metal and I would never use that method.

J. R.

Cleaning grandpa grungy in a pot in the kitchen. More elder abuse??

M Lankford

"Old grampa grungy is shimmering, glimmering, in the sun... Sorry, it's just how my brain works, I'm a musician too! And a huge Beatles fan! Keep up the great vids, take care man!

Andy Barnett

Great info. I like your style Sinatra ,cool calm and collected.

Nathan Cruz

5:55 that’s very awesome to brush the safety razor to refurbish after boiling the hot ? water ? with the pot from the stove.

DE Razor Shaving

Whewwww. Scared me for a second. Loll. I thought you were gonna make Grandpa Grundy not Grungy no more. Haha. I was like NOOOOO! ???????

Dr Sus

Why did barbasol go from 10z cans to 7oz ?


If you want to disinfect a razor (or amything else), keep in mind that pure alcohol is useless. You need to dilute it with (distilled) water.

Edit: PSA And please don't add hydrogen peroxide to alcohol if it's denatured with methyl ethyl ketone when moonshinin hand sanitizer. You'll poison yourself and everyone around you. ? (Especially important in the EU)

Silver Valley Coins and Bullion

Good timing for the video. Mine is due for a clean

Justin Payne

I generally do the boil myself since it also loosens up any crud within the barrel of the TTO and adjustment mechanism as well. Sometimes I'll use tongs and a glove to pull it out, move the mechanism then put it back in again. For regular cleaning I just use scrubbing bubbles, less than 5 minutes seems to do the trick and doesn't destroy the finish HOWEVER I don't do any chemicals with any gold/rhodium razors though unless they've been replated and I know there's lots of material on there.


Just DONT do that to gold plated razors....finish will be gone!!


OK, so toothpaste IS a mild abrasive & can be used to clean up a razor, but it can also wear thru already worn and thin plating, or even the (red looking) lacquer that Gillette used on many of their vintage gold washed razors.

OMG, D - O - -N - '-T use boiling water! It can damage the paint on the numbers on your gross old Fat Boy.

Sad to say, this video is akin to watching a video by a vegetarian showing how to de-bone a chicken.
All you need to safely clean and disinfect your vintage razor is a can of Scrubbing Bubbles. It is safe for the plated faucets & fixtures of your bathroom sinks, showers & bowls, removes soapscum with a little toothbrush scrubbing. It will kill that Coronavirus great Grandpa left on his razor when he put it in his drawer for the last time over 20 years ago ...
Don't mistake the tarnished brass showing thru worn off nickel plating as grunge - it won't scrub off.

Ursus Maritimus

Hey Bob, Thanks for your suggestions, boil water is the top for me. Ciao

Bradley C

Great tips! You should have closed it out by singing ‘l did it my way!’ ?

Phillip Collins

I keep mine relatively clean anyway I just use a soft to medium toothbrush with warm soapy water it works for me ?


Probably the only female on this video, but I switched to a safety razor because I was tired of using plastic razors you throw away.

Claude Johns

I soak new vintage razors in barbecide for 10 mins. Then scrub with antibacterial dish soap. Then I put it in my ultrasonic cleaner with a drop of dish soap to clean the nooks and crannies, especially for TTO razors.

Michael Young

I thought you might shut down your videos to stop the spread of the coronavirus. LOL

Brandon Tejeda

Hello! I've been shaving with a DE since 15 thanks to YouTubers like you, I am now 17 and in the army and I am thankful I learned to shave with DE really clean shave when doing drill on the weekends ✌️. Keep up the content :)


As a cook... When dropping something into a hot liquid - always drop it in, away from you. ?

Cas Hau

....granpa now looks 20 yrs younger....

One Love714

Instructions not clear enough ended up making myself a 3 course meal.

AGV Rider

I use to do, half an hour submerged in alcohol 90% after I change to alcohol 70% another half hour. Then I clean with a toothbrush with whitening toothpaste about 3-4 minutes (sometimes a little more), depending the condition of the razor and rinse with hot water and it's done.

starfleet 2432

great video help ful to me my friend thanks .


Wouldn't it be better to clean the grunge off first? If you have a pressure cooker and are at sea level 30 minutes should kill almost anything. In any case it is superior to boiling water (pressure cookers are higher in temperature). Poor mans substitute for an autoclave.

Don B.

Scrubbing bubbles work amazing


Great topic. I use a sonic cleaner with a small amount bleach to disinfect.its the same sonic cleaner used by jewelers etc. I use it to clean gun parts as well. Spotless ?

Rich Edinger

You should send Grandpa Grungy to Razor Emporium for a revamp!


Scrubbing Bubbles scrub, rinse, followed by a Barbicide soak... That stuff kills everything!

William Hunter

What's the best way to clean the plastic handles, for instance on the Gillette Black beauty razor?.

Dan S

I assume Gramps is stainless steel. Can you boil the chrome razors too?


no mineral oil dropper at the end of the process, to (re) lubricate the moving parts?

Alton Graham

I like to use White Vinegar on old razors just let it set in it for 24 hours it gets off most all oxidation , scrub and sanitize dry then oil.

Jonny Tesillo

What's up sinatra !!!
Definitely an excellent way of sterilization, of course exclusively for vintage's safety razors, now with the appearance with respect to the metal I think not to worry since the state of wear and rust marks reflects a long useful life, I for example have a Vintage Gillette and only sterilize it but never restore it I prefer its status as a war veteran.
Cheers ⚔️???

Solid Shaves

Almost same way i do it.but i do not boil it. Clean it the same, put it in the dishwasher, rubbing alcohol, and if needed light polish


I was sitting in a restaurant in Edinburgh when this came through. I thought I was seeing things! SinatraLennon cleans razor shock!?

too tall

I do mine similarly. However you don't need a rolling boil Just near boiling is all you need. Also I add some vinegar to the water, it is a natural disinfectant, and has other properties when it comes to cleaning things. Hot vinegar water is great for cleaning old brass razors too. The toothpaste isn't a bad idea, but use the old fashioned white kind. It is basically a very mild buffing compound. Use it on the handle as well. I use an actual metal polish, but the toothpaste can work it does take more elbow grease. By the way toothpaste and a buffer can remove those tiny scratches from windshields that only show up when the sun is at a certain angle. By the way, in case you're wondering, you only have to heat the razor to above 140 degrees for about ten minutes or less.


Try using a whitening toothpaste if you have it. The crystals in there can help remove extra build up. Tip I picked up from cleaning water-cooling parts from a PC.

David Williams

Informative video, thanks. I soak my razor heads in rubbing/isopropyl alcohol between shaves. Somewhat similar to the Barbacide treatment you mention. Extends the life of the blades as well. #HookEm


In addition to everything SL did (especially if you have TTO razor) I drizzle mineral oil into the moving mechanisms for lubrication (ie. The hinges on the butterfly doors, down the rod that sticks out the top where the blade goes, the adjuster collar, and into the bottom of handle around that rivet cap thing). It helps keep it lubricated and functioning well :)


Can ya get your hands on some rocky mountain barber company products and do a review?

Paul Valley

There is a company that does total restoration for razors but very expensive

Phillip Collins

Another excellent video Phil, from the UK ?

Paul Valley

Grandpa Grungy Soup

Luis Massaro

Perfect timing as my 1962 Slim Adjustable just came in ?


I soak them in 50-70% rubbing alcohol. It kills most germs in 30 seconds, but I let it soak for about 10 minutes anyway. Then I lightly scrub with antibacterial hand soap and a toothbrush.

Nihilistic Existentialist

DONT do this with Black Beauties that have plastic parts or with gold plated razors.


“I’m gonna pretend like this is a brand new vintage razor I just got”

Step 1) ask for a refund ?

Skyler Damron

Can this method be used on a Gillette slim?

Conor Stevenson

I think there would be protests world round if you ever got that fatboy restored. I know I'd start one haha

Brummie Chad

Now i know how to clean my fatboy Sinatra style!!! I normally put mine in the dishwasher then put a little mineral oil in it ??

Anthony Lowder

If you send it in to Razor Emporium they can get Grandpa Grungy looking brand new....well if you ever decide you want to get him back to his original condition that is.

Brian Heck

I’m waiting for my made to order rhodium plated Fatboy from Razor Emporium! Should last forever.

Apoorv Padhye

Great birthday gift, today's video!
I got to learn how to clean a safety razor SinatraLennon style, as well as a mini house tour if you can call it that!
That shirt gives off Tim Roth from Reservoir Dogs vibes!??

Mike Rose

You of all ppl are making a “How to” video on cleaning, when your infamous for the dirty grandpa grungy!! ???‍♂️??

Paul Goldsworthy

Thank you for the guide.

Russ Chapman

Very thoughtful video sir! Thanks man. Have a great weekend!


I have a new version of the safety razor. Love the nostalgia. Reminds me of my dad... Anyway... the first one I bought became hard to turn and is now frozen. I got a second, using it for many months, works fine. Is the frozen one fixable? Thank you.

david czapla

I just learned about using toothpaste. Most of the time I'll soak them in isopropyl alcohol. The use a toothbrush and scrub them wish dish detergent and hot water.

Bill Hosler

I just put mine in the silverware section of the dishwasher with the barn doors open when I run a load of dishes. I feel the water will will kill the germs on your plates it will kill what’s on the razor. I used those Cascade platinum pods and my razors come out looking brand new. Even the deep seeded grunge in the grooves of the handle.


Nice guide! Thank you SL!

John Campos

Thanks for sharing this video clip ?? Sir. Sinatra Lennon

tim carpenter

Thanks for the tip! You always give good advice.

Przemysław Damski

6% acetic acid aka vinegar dilluted with water (50/50) plus a teaspoon of table salt. I leave it for 6 hours and then all of the gunk, dark spots are dissolved. I would not reccomend this method with a plating loss present

Noor Hasan

Well thank you sinitra! Many steps i use to miss.. Nice informative lesson today

Jayden Jernigan

Where did you buy Grandpa Grungy at?

Stelios Nitsakis

That looks a bit too much for me but really usefull thx lennon

Anders Hedström

I used to bring water to a boil and let the razor sit in the hot water but as it cools down. Now I just go to town with toothbrush and normal dish detergent (not dish machine stuff) and then 5-10mins in warm water in my ultra sonicator (bought cheap on eBay). Then more toothbrush and dish detergent. Toothpaste is a very mild abrasive so it works well for polishing, but I use a very mild polish product instead - if I need it.

Old razor

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Restoration of rusty old straight razor. This time better

3 366 124 views | 17 Apr. 2019

In this video I'll be

In this video I'll be restoring an old rusty straight razor. In my last razor video the handle probably isn't as good as I can do but I'ts still my second watched video at the moment so I felt like I had to make another one with handle that sticks with the original design. (psst. the intro is a satire...)

I started by disassembly and rust removal. I used MC-51 rust remover overnight. After that the blade was easy to clean. This was followed by hours of sanding to remove some of the pitting from the blade. I think, when doing something like this you should try to find the balance of not removing too much material, as the blade is already very thin and still removing at least some of the pitting. After the sanding I evened edge on a diamond sharpening "stone" (actually thin plate https://amzn.to/2Xkfh0F). Then I polished the blade with metal polish compond and dremel with wool felt bits (https://amzn.to/2GpOpqk & https://amzn.to/2XhO1zO) and stropped in on 12 000 grit Micro-mesh pad someone recommended for me in the comments (https://amzn.to/2ICDr2i). Later I'll use a leather strop when needed. Abrasive stropping is not necessary in when using a razor but think it makes a good finish in this case.

I drew the design of the original handle on piece of walnut and cut it to shape on bandsaw. Then a shaped it a bit more on a belt sander and drilled holes for my pins. Only after this I split the handle in two halves to keep them as identical as possible. then I shaped the inside of the scales. the handle needed to fit between the scales. I also made a wedge for the other end of the handle.

I made a test vacuum chamber from glass jar and hoped it will hold up for the test and not crack. I merely added a tube to the lid and sealed it with silicone. I used cheap but powerfull vacuum pump I found on ebay. First time I tried it but it seemed to be well worth the money. Typically the ones that are not only the motor could cost easily over $100. You just need to figure out the electrics yourself. I used just a test set up with the electronics and I will do proper connections now that I have tested it works well.

The vacuum chamber was filled with Borma Wachs Holzhärter (https://amzn.to/2DeY9So) Which is a wood hardener typically applied to rotten wood surfaces etc. But I figured it should work similarly to cactus juice. Cactus juice would have been insanely expensive to ship (maybe $50 or more for just shipping) and I couldn't find anything similar locally. I submerged the parts in wood hardener and slowly pulled a vacuum in the chamer and waited for the bubbling to stop (wood had no air left). Then I let the air back in and the wood is left with vacuum which will then start pulling the wood hardener in. this could take an hour or so. You can see it worked because the wedge I used did not float after the process. The product I use will dry in room temperature unlike Cactus juice. But since the pieces were filled with it I wanted to speed up the drying by placing them on a radiator.

After parts had dried I assembled the handle using brass pin set I found from from ebay. I also put washers between blade and scales to allow better movement for the blade.

Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, like, comment and share as that helps me to create more content in the future.


RUST REMOVER: https://www.mc-51thebestrustremover.com/?ref=YbUD-0E4NKfV

POWER FILE: https://amzn.to/2URHvPq

CHUCK NORRIS’ TOOTHBRUSH: https://amzn.to/2YfXUj2

CORDLESS DRILL: https://amzn.to/2Wois77

BETTER ROTARY TOOL: https://amzn.to/2WF75I6

PRESS FOR ROTARY TOOL: https://amzn.to/2Uiv1Eu

2-AXIS TABLE FOR THE PRESS https://amzn.to/2WPkttl


MAIN CAMERA: https://amzn.to/2JvtKox

MAIN TRIPOD: https://amzn.to/2OlpYgn

MICROPHONE: https://amzn.to/2I80iDz

VIDEO LIGHTS: https://amzn.to/2FpJDaB

MAIN LENS: https://amzn.to/2Fm8yMk

CINEMATIC LENS: https://amzn.to/2TmNdHH

WIDE ANGLE LENS: https://amzn.to/2U7iJha

GOPRO: https://amzn.to/2U3eqU3


SUBSCRIBE ▶▶▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_s...


Restoration playlist▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVIxIjRNxFv5VRUXt66VzBxOys1GpmBp4


Tyler Joseph Schommer

Well, you were able to use an axe like a knife, meaning it is very sharp. I'm not going to mess with you

Aaron Murgatroyd

I reckon the handle from the previous video looked great, don’t listen to the haters mate!


Not gonna lie, that handle looks mighty fine!

Stephen Land

Hot Damn!! Now I know what a ball-peen hammer is used for.
And as a guy who actually shaves with straight razors (after an 'interesting' learning curve), good on you!
Ps; they're used to shave your face, not your forearm.


"For legal reasons, that's a joke."

Jordan Hurst

Got so close to seeing his face ?

Evan Hample

Sweeney Todd be like ???


My high ass thought the handle of the razor in the thumbnail was a giant ass joint ???

Dimi Dolla

Thumbnail looks like a blunt

Saf role

Mean comments last time...

Si Kucing

Pun tinkering!


i’m late but can i ask what is probably a stupid question? when sanding why can’t you immediately start using the finest grit?

All in one pk


Blank Cardboard

I was thinking that you lost a finger but not your finger,so whose finger?

and actually thats a joke

david thomas

Not sure about the vacuam method to impregnate the wood , might be better with pressure , that would push the liquid into the wood , something like pressure treated timber you by for making fences and sheds .
Nice straight razor , for advice on how to use it consult '' Sweeny Todd''


This man has no fear putting his fingers so close to a bandsaw

Zowi and Luigi

4:47 I do not know why but I got scared here lol I jumped so hard my heart started pounding ?


The death wheel cutting off the rivet, was like a woman, screaming in horror at the handle. No, I dunno I haven't even seen the video a bunch of whiners complaining about a handle. But I heard a woman screaming!

Sky Surfs

Im still a bit wet?

d0uble _ 0

love the angle of the camera ;) but try using electrolysis to remove the rust..better than that acid your using.

Wolfire 99

The axe was beyond overkill.

Bigga Chigga

Bro this dude really opened a package with an axe LOL

Callum Mushen

I thought that bottom bit of the raser was a spliff ?

Jim P

Wanna learn to use it. Look up Lynn Abrams or geofatboy here on YouTube.

Chadwick Spickleton

The thumbnail made me think you were holding a blunt with a knife over it ?

Ham Sandwich

In the beginning he said “Shave His Belly With A Rusty Razor” which for whoever doesn’t know is from Drunken Sailor an Irish Sea Shanty

Ludwig Amadeus Wagner

I thought the thumbnail was a fat spliff in a hand! Didn't see the metal or read the description.


who else thought that was a blunt?


7:02 Pleassse!!!! You having your fingers so close gives me so much anxietyyyyyyyy ?



elise schilling

made me chuckle... 10/10

Ethan H.

Eerly in the morning!

Rin McKenzie

I love your sarcasm. That made me laugh. New subscriber !

Retro Gaming 1981

I wonder how this idiot has his fingers still in tacked without wearing gloves

PixieNinja's Playlist


Cheryl Olshove

I have a crush. I was all in once he pulled out the axe. I was just looking to spruce up some antique razors and knives I've had forever before I list them in my eBay store. Poured a glass of wine instead. Hello rabbit hole.


I wasn't looking when the video started and I legit thought it was a Man At Arms : Reforged video because of that intro.

János Kelemen

I think I found my new favourite channel.

Simon George

Im too used to seeing the way things are done on My Mechanics. Sorry. I will watch a few more.

Justin Mielsch

That’s a sweet little drill press
Edit. The craftsmanship is on point ? all you salty thots

bas bas

Why do you care about comments? Do what you like. If somebody doesn't like what you did it's his/her problem not yours. F*** them all.

MakeupByAO Mathis

This made my back hurt please get a taller table or a chair ?

O'Neil Leiba

U got skills... but u need lotion. I though u wanted to start a fire with the white flakes flaring off with ur hair..... lotion

roger jackway

just subscribed, loved it. love your belt sander and wish i had one that big ?. have you tried using oak for a handle and using ammonia fumes to darken the oak prior to using the hardener?

Ben Nevis

Did this without any power tools enjoyed the process and now the razor has a new life, I also shave with it so it’s practical


You know when someone is serious when they use an AXE to open a package

Rosealie Lycan

Early in the mornin

gamers without manners

Who cares if the handle is right or wrong, its still a good job


i thought the thumbnail was a big ass joint lol

Mags Komlosi

Am I the only one who wants to know how he looks like ?

Restoration by Alabama Creeks

Your videos are creative and original. I for one am thankful for your hard work.

The Poppers

Did anyone else think the thumbnail was a huge blunt?


I've never been so attracted to a blurred face before, please marry me

Darth Reaper

Thumbnail look like a blunt

Mike MacFarlane

“I think you could get it off with just your finger, eventually.” Dude, phrasing!

Your Mom’s Best Friend

I’m surprised he didn’t slide in a casual peni5 joke during the “wood hardening stage”

Ulises Olvera

Intro from man at arms


Absolutely wild to see the evolution of this channel!

Lana Is The New Orange

What's that in your right pocket? Microphone amplifier? Definitely not a banana ?

Whatnot Girl

Every woman must be happy about this man and his dexterity

This Little Dragon

First of all people are ASSHOLES and should not be LISTENED to if you like the handle and if you just like it in general than you dont have to do anything to it or make anything else if you dont want to. But if this makes you happy then proceed

Captain Capaldi

i like that this video was born from spite

Dank spongebob

Thumbnail looking like a blunt.


Fully Functional Friction Folder

Film dei Dannati

dario argento wants to know your location


Shave his belly with a rusty razor early in the mornin


Is it just me, or does the subscribe button start to feel like Stan lee cameos in these vids?

Zelda Henson

My thumbs started hurting just from watching him sand the blade for so long...


Why do you blur your face, Nancy?

Adam L thompson

It's obviously not his first day in the shop.

Oliver Allen

The man needs a strop.

The Artisan

What watch is he wearing


I have a GARMIN VIVOACTIVE HR and I love it, it is unique and it just works great!! Don't diss the watch ?


9:14 new gen gravity bong

Furry Hunter

What what was wrong with the old one? I liked the wood handle

Christopher M

Great job! One thing to consider for future builds - mixing two metals (the brass tube and the steel blade) creates a battery effect (galvanic corrosion) which causes rust. Between the two metals on this razor - it would cause the blade to rust pretty rapidly, especially since it would be regularly exposed to water so the wood will have a high moisture content even after the wood treatment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galvanic_corrosion



Animations In making

The handle wasn’t bad on your first attempt but it’s cool how he can turn comments into a good content

Angel Salaxin

I really liked the handle it came out nicely plus you put so much work into it bad haters he puts so much work into these videos i doubt any of the haters could of done better

i Duncan

That do be a nice sander tho


5:26 damnit! ??

Emma Cave

How could you hate on this man?


I like the cut of your jib ??

Phillip Bentle

Want to get good with a straight razor? Shave a balloon without popping it


He mad af

Manbha Khongjee

Whoever wrote the comments must have been hit in the head by a razor blade handle. ?


Everyone:lets take a knife or a scissors
Him:Nah i will use a AXE

As it Should Be

not bad friend, if you want to build one by yourself, came to my channel, bye.

bill zielke

I’ve tried to shave with a straight razor. But...every time l put the blade to my throat, l chicken out. Just can’t do it.


for a sec i thought the handle in the thumbnail was a big ass joint lmfao


Great video

Jacqueline Houghton

I like the watch,and ignore all the idiot comments,I love your work

Long Bick Dig

Angry Tinkerman : open envelope using an axe


where are you from?

Ndhehfnfm 10 years ago

Ahh this one still wasn’t good enough

Jk I just want you to restore another one

Trump the cowardly Traitor


sunshine19701989 robby

I would have left the wedge bulky and sticking out just to make everyone mad again but, that's how I roll!

LOLSface 123

My 12 year old Minecraft obsessed self would see that diamond plated paper n be like: DIAMOND??? THAT'S LIKE THE STRONGEST STUFF EVER!!!

Lol, me now: Diamond plated? Show me that NETHERITE plated paper!!


I see Odd opens packages the way a real man does.

Impreza Oziel

Those medal bangs in the beginning with the comments reminds me of man at arms.

Old razor

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Broken straight razor restoration - Russia 1963

21 330 088 views | 21 Feb. 2020

Broken straight razor

Broken straight razor restoration from 1963. Today I restore a vintage razor from Russia from year 1963. The blade and the handle are both broken. But I will fix it and make this jewel beautiful and really sharp again.

This straight razor comes from a friend who owns an antique store here in Europe. He knows that I like these kinds of restorations, so he didn’t hesitate to send it to me.


With this straight razor it’s straight forward. I de-mounted the handle and removed the rust with 12% vinegar. I started by removing the broken part of the bade there after I hand grinded the blade with grit 1000/1500. After that I polished the blade with my Dremel 3000. As compound I used ultra-cut/ultra-gloss. I did choose to Nickel plate the blade to protect it from rust in the future. For the handle I used some very hard dark wood from Africa. And Finally I sharpened the razor on water stone grit 400/1000/3000/8000 and finished it on a leather strap.




NOTE: This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something, I'll receive a small commission. Thanks for your support :-)

Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming restoration projects ? And DON’T FORGET TO SEE the Vietnamese army gun oil bottle restoration: https://youtu.be/MFK3HBmmiI8

Thanks for watching my restoration video. See you next week.

Music: From YouTube free audio library.

Best wishes Martin

Pablo Baez

No amigo elegimos la misma pieza de madera

Truong Do


Александр Ушаков

Просто другой брусок никак не смотрелся бы.

Ahmed xccc


Ирина Селькина

Залипательные видео у мужика! За субтитры на русском языке отдельное спасибо!



Caraío games

Q legal escolhemos o mesmo pedaço

Mike Ivy

Love ur channel so luck to have found you.



eqweek _YT

Руское ракетное пиво


Такая же прилетела, мой телефон подслушивает. Буду восстанавливать ))
Работа клёвая

Денис Ген

В 1963 году не было России !

Wahyu Romadhoni

Buat potongan kayu pilihan kita sama wkwkwk

Jeff jduff8505

Good choice on the wood. I was torn between that one and the one to the right of it.

Joshua Jo




matheus brennerh

Eu escolhi está msm , caralho que magia é essa kkk

Yusif Mammadli

I’ve been watching your videos lately and it makes me fall asleep lol. I love the actual sounds and everything. Keep up the good work pal!

Feliciano Media Co

What a beautiful end result?

Marcos Frias Cohen


Carlos Perez

I thought he was going for the liqour

Hata h


Александр Александрович

Молодец Мужик!

Ausome Aspie

These are my friends.... see how they glisten.

2 4

What is the blue liquid

gabriel franco

I chose the same hahahahahaha

Wonderful Skills



Amazing job as usually... but I would have use resin ti fix the broken handle

LemmuriaTattoo Art

I picked the same piece of wood

عدنان محمد

اكو عرب بالفديو ?

Ausome Aspie

I picked the right piece of wood! Hooray!


Yes, we did pick the same one.


yup picked the same wooden piece when you changed the camera view

Barkos A.

Magnífico ?????????

meet 35


Bob LeBlanc

I chose the same piece of wood for the handle

Вадим Фартовый

Нельзя так неувожительно водку использовать ??

cb k

I picked the palest wood

Washington Marques

how the fuck did you guess the piece of wood I chose?

Flame W2927

I picked the big price of wood

R & R Survival

Picked the same wood

Vahé Khachaturian

My grandfather still shaves with one of these

jb auditore

Oh shit banana knife


Escolheu o mesmo pedaço que eu

meet 35


Mike Ivy

I have several pieces of Ebony....all sizes. I collect wood ?


Omg, are you kind of magician ? How do you know my choice ? Hahahahahaha

Muhammad Acer

What sandpaper to use for steel

meet 35


Игорь Шарифуллин

Где это была Россия в 1963 году? Знак качества стоял СССР.

Jason Silver

That came out awesome and yes we picked the same wood

Lucas Coutinho

Eu tinha escolhido a madeira branca

Zenna mok

He didn't account for the fact he took off some of the metal. So the handle didn't fit the blade. But amazing job

Lole Fofo

Do you drink the poison that filters out rust?

Tryton 339

Конечно, круто. А зачем?

David ReyNo

I also chose the same type of wood ?

Ismail Magrabi

You are profshinal انت محترف...


А ведь когда то эту бритву будут снова реставрировать..

Арам Мелкумян

терпение и труд всё перетрут

A.M.G. U.F.O.

Super Topp ??


we picked the same wood :-)

Brunno Silva



What's blue water?


My father had the same razor.

Deborah Soares

Era mais fácil comprar outra


Not a fan of the handle but was nice.


What's the point of the leather touch?

Trey Best

Looks beautiful man, I only use straight razors to shave anymore and now I want to restore one for myself.

Mike Ivy

salut my dear friend. The best wishes to you and ur family. U do such gr8 work. U are so talented...thank you for allowing us to observe ur videos.

Cuma Penonton

so beautiful..

Mike Ivy

Fourth one!!!!!`and yes I did....yeah.

Ulises Galeana

Esa madera escoji ?✌

Gorgi Rogozarski

2:27 the coin on the right is macedonian i now that becase im from macedonia its 10 denar coin

Gay Panda

I thought this was a banana shaped butterfly knife from the thumbnail...


Almost the same one !

meet 35



Ooo euros viva españa??????

Asbjørn Tverberg

Actually I did choose the same piece of wood. ?

Svyat Ischuck

with music it would be nice! Some kind of techno minimal?⚙?

QasSem 7elmy

Yes this piece is my choice

jules wins

Very pretty but is anything made in Russia worth a quarter?
The wood picked for the handle caught my eye first but I thought the wood to the far left of it by my view was closer to the original plastic color of the handle.

Mihai George

the same piece of wood

meet 35



6:40 yeah good True


들어올땐 분명히 바나나 보고 왔는데

meet 35


Taylor Schroeder

I did pick that handle. ?

Javier Sanchez

We picked the same wood

svg gridnco

broken blade it like my jonson by 1964

Ausome Aspie

Was I the only one who thought the case in the thumbnail was a banana?

Lcas gabriel da silva

Yes oh my good

Awesome Restorations

In this video I restore a broken straight razor from Russia. Let me know what you think.
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Emrah Karasu

Same Wood ???

Жека Иванов

Точно, именно этот кусок дерева). В детстве у меня была такая же бритва, только с черной рукояткой, я ей играл.)


Дома такая же только чёрная, и футляр такой же!

Warmes Wasser

hahah yes the same one
i love your humor

Jason Pratt

I picked the same wood.

Muhammad Acer

What the name to give it shine to steel

goat 68

Beautiful work??

Feliciano Media Co

Best Vodka in The World I am Told ???