Softening of a nail

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Soften Brittle Nails

1 362 views | 13 Mar. 2017

Have extra coconut oil

Have extra coconut oil lying around? Here's how to apply to nails to help nourish them from within.

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Softening of a nail

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Soften Brittle Nails

3 332 views | 27 Mar. 2017

Have extra coconut oil

Have extra coconut oil lying around? Here's how to apply to nails to help nourish them from within.

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Softening of a nail

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Dry, torn, overgrown “cuticles”? My approach might surprise you (aka. KISS method)

86 911 views | 3 Mar. 2018

Here is how I approach

Here is how I approach damaged skin around the nails. I aim for simple steps to create progress and not perfect and over time results are STUNNING, really!!




Filing in 1 direction? Not found to be beneficial. Here is the source:


FAQ: https://www.thesalonlife.ca/post/faq-and-my-advice


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Read on....

What is KISS method? It's "Keep It Simple Stupid"- method!

A long time ago I was into fitness and I had a really cool trainer. He was a very laid back guy and he gave me advice that stuck. Keep it simple stupid! It worked! He was so right.

I got amazing results training with him!

Why? Because I kept it simple and consistent.

I believe in the same approach when it comes to nails.

Simple steps, nothing super complicated. Regular manicures and basic home care.

Just like with my training, there were no drastic diets, magic pills or cleanses. But I did make changes in my eating routine and I did work out (2.5 hours a week, nothing extreme)

To get results for my clients I do this simple manicure which usually takes me about 10-15 minutes (that's without polish).

I ask clients (OK, I tell them! lol) to use good quality treatment oil (currently I use and retail Dadi oil from Famous Names) at least twice a day and wear gloves when doing dishes or when their hands are exposed to water a lot.

If the client's nails are challenging I schedule a follow-up manicure 1 week to 10 days later.

If the client's nails are in a decent condition 2 weeks follow up is perfect.

If they don't want to do any type of maintenance and they want a miracle in 1 treatment, I really don't want those types of "unrealistic expectations" clients.

As you can see from my videos, my regular client's manicures are easy and simple. They take me about 10-15 minutes max.

TOOLS USED (not sponsored)

efile used: Erica MT20

hand file used: Erica Diamond File (medium/smooth)

drill bit used: Erica's tapered barrel (small)


Filing the cuticle (the thin film of compacted, dead cells that stick to the nail) with electric file requires a lot of skill.

If you are not very skilled with efile and you don't possess feather-light touch or don't own an efile that is designed for nails DO NOT attempt this, especially on clients.

For this technique, you need a skilled hand and efile that you can set on low speed (hence my preference of Erica MT20)

Erica MT20 has a cruise control (so it maintains speed even on the slowest setting, which is the only correct setting for natural nails)

Use only fine or medium (worn out) diamond bits on the nail, on the lowest speed and don't apply pressure.

People who are used to hand files ALWAYS use too much pressure. Remember, the machine does the work for you so you do not have to apply pressure.

The efile is always used for precision- not speed.

If you have any questions, please post them below


Melissa Martin

So, it is actually ok to file back and forth on the nails? I know that was a big debate at one time.

Blondie Gurl



hoped for something we could do at home :(


Thankyou very much for the tips, that's given me good advise! (Awesome Nail Technician?❤)


My nails look like the beginning shot. Going to try this technique this weekend!


I'm sure your a great tech but your still removing not "repairing". Still enjoyed your vid though

Lena Baumann

This video really helped me a lot! I used to cut my cuticle once per week but it started to grow even faster. Now i know that I should stop doing this. Thank you!


Found this on a Nail Tech site (Allergy). Excellent. I’ve learned this is the best/safest way to clean around the sidewalks/proximal fold & removal of cuticle?

Saigen Rose

Always excellent work, love your channel happy holidays! ✌???♥


Wow...I see where I've gone wrong. I've been cutting my cuticles...no wonder they dont ever heal...THANK YOU ♡

Kyra Clarke

What is the file that you used at the very beginning called? It's looks very effective

Jessica Peppler

What techniques do you recommend for those who don't have access to an e-file? Dealing with cuticles and rough skin around the proximal fold and sidewalls is the trickiest and most time-consuming part of a manicure for me. Thank you!

The Salon Life

*More details here: MANICURE CLASS WITH ANNA (BASIC TOOLS + EFILE) NAIL TECH VERSION https://vimeo.com/ondemand/216650/
If you have a question or an idea for a topic you'd like to see in my future videos- please post it below. Questions with the most likes receive priority!
If you're interested in 1-on-1 coaching email me at [email protected]*

Liza Sauniere

Hello. I have a question. Why after removing dip from the nails, Debbi Lippmann polish doesn t last more then a couple days?

Regina N

Hi, in the salon they've cut it a few times and i can see that the skin is red now.. last time i went she must of cut to much because i have a little wound. I use cuticle oil every day for a few years now. The redness just stays. It's been two weeks now that it isn't cut anymore. Normally i do my own nails but i went for the holidays to get gel done because i fell really hard and broke two nails.. so i had an enhancement.. after that my nails were so brittle.. i'm goïng now for an ibx treatment but well after tomorrow i'm gonna stop. How can i get the inflammation gone? I'm not English so :-) I'm from Belgium.


Guys I think I bit off my eponychium or idk how to spell but does it grow

V Tran

Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought filling both ways is bad for your nail because it weakens the nail fiber?

Tama Nguyen

Love your KISS method!! I wish all salons make this mandatory.