Tca peel kits

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TCA 80% Tattoo Removal First Applications

608 301 views | 8 Apr. 2015



I am not a Dermatologist or Chemical Specialist. This is harmful to the body, use at your own risk.

Here is my experience of Tattoo Removal/Fading with TCA Trichloroacetic Acid at 80% strength.

This is my first time using TCA. I have tried Salabration, I have tried other chemical burns (bleach burn... yes I know stupid. But it did actually give some results). I have had no luck with Salabration. With bleach burn, I created a deep enough scab where I pulled off a thick enough layer of skin in some areas to pull out the tattoo.... but not in a controlled manner.

TCA 80% purchased off of amazon from a user named "Erlenmeyer's Laboratory". This is a 2 oz. bottle and cost me $113.99 with shipping included. I received it the first expected date with standard shipping.

2 oz is a bit much, I could have easily got less. I was just uncertain at the time.

Feel free to ask questions, I'll try my best to address them.





Salome C. O.

No creo que sea tan facil quitarte un tatto asi.... Yo me inclino por el laser mejor jajajaja

Danielly Drugge


keith parkhill

No point in removing a tattoo if you are going to be left with a "ghost tattoo'. A nice candle wax white with weird looking scar tissue. I have seen many attempts at home removal and yet to see one look normal.

Sean Clark

Natural selection at its best.

Mariana Chacón

hi! could you leave us the link where you bought it? please.

kimmie chan

How much time is needed in a day?And how many weeks tattoo can be lost?


I appreciate the video I happened to stumbled across it only to find that I want to try the product. This video sucked tho.

Snyder Nicholas

This Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide will be of help to anyone who doesn't feel like spending months and thousands of dollars on an inherently more risky procedure than simple homebased exfoliation methods. Check out the guide here: 4LaserlessTattooRemoval.blogspot.com

Jeb Myers

Why didn't you get more accurate and only do the ink not all the other skin?


Why would you rub it on your healthy skin too. Jeeze.


I can tell it's super painful by looking at it

Troy Elhard

I used %100 on a tat, didn't do anything but eat up my arm. It didn't heal for nearly a month. Big mistake. No sickness after though, you ate some tainted food lol

Melissa Sherriff

Try using it on your eye brows to remove microblading and they first cut incisions before puttin it on. Fing sore

Maa Ajoa Queen

Bah it still there ??????


In his videos two years later he still has the tattoos with scars over top of them. Do not do this at home.

Libby Frazier

I'm a dumbass and decided to give myself a tattoo and am looking for every way possible to remove it nothing is working this is the last resort but of this doesn't work I'm screwed

Anuar Bin Abu Samah

Talk too long

Binh Nguyen

Burning. ???

Silver Fox

Keep it on the letters! Less area hurting !!?? Surely??

Estética Avançada com Michele Osmak

Ouch I could feel your pain ??


I wish you would pour a little bit of that into a different container and use that, I can see that bottle getting knocked over and all that shit going everywhere. Just need a tiny bit.

Also would numbing cream help? Could tell your doc what you are going to do and ask for a tube of prescription EMLA cream or something?

Her Modern Life

Is there a reason why he's applying the solution all over the general area instead of only the inked spots?


How would the TCA lighten your scars, when it created the scars by burning your skin??


What made you get that particular tattoo anyway?

Fábio 27


Kimberly Ann

Good grief... are you not concerned about knocking this bottle of acid down the front of you?? Have you seen the way that ink is removed on SOA? If only people knew exactly how painful removing an unwanted tat is before ever having them done to begin with, right! ? ouch!

Frost Nipples

Looks brutal

Mate Košta

I went through a lot of trouble removing one of my tattoos. The thing is, lasers are tricky to work with and you can easily end up with a scar tissue. That's why I was looking for natural removals, though, most stuff on the internet is just pure bull... However, I was recommended to try this guide by a local tattoo artist and methods in this guide actually worked. Hope it can be helpful to you as well. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2BBK4eB (I've shortened it because it was too long)

Mrs. Bartlett

I'm wondering if I can remove this tattoo on my hand. Half of the tattoo is faded out so much due to me scratching until I tear the skin because of my dermatitis . The skin on the hand is already thin then on top of that mines even thinner because of the constant skin regrowth. Would like to try this but I'm kinda scared it will peel to the point of infection. Has anyone tried this on the hands?

Wokhardt Gee

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Peace Harmony

I could not watch this. This guy does not know what he's doing. I use a 12.5 % and that's a killer for me. UGH how painful.


Stupidity should be painful, indeed.


You should cap that bottle ...if that falls on you or your cat it's not gonna be fun.

Binh Nguyen

Apply Vaseline around red skin for less painful.

Ali Imran

Go get laser surgery to get rid of the tattoos because this is not the right way to remove your tattoos.it will not be helpful for you .

Demi Irene

i wanna see after use tca,good or bad?


“This hurts a lot !”
Continues to put more on haha

Filho do Deus vivo

Vi no mercado livre esse produto e lá fala q ele remove tatoo

Moonshadow Salon

Why not get it laser off?

jackie B

U should use the baking soda & water t helps with the stinging ?

Jonathan G.

I'am from brasilian, brazil,.... alguém me explica ?

Tony Teresi

Fkn moronic! Get good coverups it will look much better than scarred up shtty tattoos and hurt much less

Brenda Hernandez

Hi, one question every time I apply, I have 100%


Aciyomu gardaş

Leonerd Deuri

After use this what's i use my skin

Luīze Līce

This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen anyone do. How can you think of doing this?

Lila G

It looks very painful??? I have one tattoo that I don't like but this look painful???

Imag Mcnamars

Que es este producto?


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you nuts

A. Neufeld

I'm a tattoo artist, and it would have been very straightforward to re-do that partially faded tattoo on your arm and get it looking like it did before. We touch up faded tattoos all the time.

This guy is clearly super impulsive, and is not making particularly good decisions... Please don't do what he's doing.

ann chynna

So did it work?


He left the cap off the TCA for so long. Soooo stressful, I was so sure he was going to knock it over!


Is it painful

Santosh B. K.

Hello my name is santoh I'm form nepal really enjoyed this video tca acid a 100% remove tattoo sir


I just want to fade some tattoos to cover them up with better tattoos what would you guys recommend??

Mirek Ryba

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists in 2020."


Awesome video!!! This is also something that helped me remove my unwanted college tattoos from home. BEST INVESTMENT EVER.
Here's a link in case you're interested.


young e

can you use household ingrediants like hydrogen peroxide

luisanna Gabot

I couldn't stop looking at your cat ?so distracting ?

Juggis Vald

What sucks it's 2017 and the tattoo policy has changed sleeves are ok i just need to get rid of my pink tattoo before I go

Julio Dominguez

Puedes traducir todo el paso

Willard Walters

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους


Dose it burn the hair off?

Amanda Marrufo




Waaaw Q8

Omg I can’t do this ?


The best way to remove a tattoo only works on a fresh tattoo. On day 2 scrub the tattoo with a wash cloth in the shower. You will see ink come off on the cloth. Then put salt on the tattoo after shower. Let it heal and ink comes off in the scab.

Sam W


tati dias

Cara tu é muito gato ?

MERK Legend

That was a nice tattoo smh.

Blue Fluke

sound goes on and off. just me?

Victoria Richardson

I was just hoping the whole time that he wouldn't knock that bottle down with his arm! my clumsy tail would have been knocked it over.


Man you re crazy. You must do it in little parts. Great pain?

Candice Crawford

You should be using this at 25% for 3-4 minutes

Alexander Wait

Everyone, please research about laser removal of tattoos. I'm not an expert but the certain laser wavelengths involved are designed to break up tattoo pigment such that the immune system is able to flush out the pigment over time.

You only get 1 skin. So do your own research and get it right. I personally don't care how much it costs or how long it takes to achieve results. You should never trade cost and time savings whilst placing the integrity of your body at risk.

Kimberley -

“It wouldn’t look good as is” but now it looks the same just worse because of the thick scars that are covering it. Guys! Don’t do this!!!!


AND NOW FOR MY NEXT TRICK: see me tip molten rock into my eye to cure this gosh darn sty!

Flatearth Cryptoz

Ur skin will never be the same. Always know 100 u want a certain design Tats rnt meant to come off. Hahahahah.

Forever Zan


Sagar Palve

How much long time take to remove tatto totally?

Miz Raven

Wow dude thats way too strong! You’re gonna scar bad I’m using 25% and it kills wtf

Binh Nguyen


Dmk Dmk

dude check around., for a laser tattoo clinic, that uses the pico laser... its not cheap, but with 4 treatments youll be good togo

Diamond Forever

apply only to the ink not to the skin that has no tattoo and apply with one stroke and do not re aaply.

Anna Conceicao

O mai god

Psalm 83:18

Did you read the instructions? You leave it on for 3-5 minutes after applying 1-3 coats. TCA deactivates after just a few minutes. Frosting disappears after about 20 minutes. You shouldn't go back over the areas that you think you didn't cover. You did though, those areas are just losing the frost. YOU may blister since you kept applying it. Follow Instructions! The guy who used 100% had huge blisters and scars.

Jeremy Schwarz

Does it leave scars on it ?


Omg, the qtip back in the bottle over and over lol


Dont do it guys...just dont it will leave burn scars


TCA neutralizes itself after 3 to 5 minutes.

Lucas Benjamin

You its crazy man !!??

Rachel Caullay

OUCH!! I was swearing with you too. LOL

Tina Rosa

A quel fréquence ?


And you keep putting more and more on? Did you want to erase the flesh and muscle too? No comment...


I think you shold dilute that before using as well!

Joshua Santiago

Dude this is not safe at all

Sara Huizar

As an Esthetician is so scary to see the stupidity you are doing to your skin. Its too high percentage.


i rather use laser with a professional dr

Ivan Marin

After you apply what do u do then?

Tca peel kits

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My First Chemical Peel Experience | Philippines

872 views | 22 Jan. 2021

Hi guys I'm backkkk!!

Hi guys I'm backkkk!! What are your thoughts about this video? Have you gotten this done? Would you get a chemical peel?

Anw. Stay healthy and hydrated! ✨

***I hope you enjoyed the video and see you in the next one. xoxo! ❤

* c r e d i t s *

Music Information: ? Music Provided by 샛별 ( Daystar ) ? https://www.youtube.com/c/DaystarProject

Dodong Lim Vlog

Beautiful friend

Kimmy Joy Aspiras

Gandaraaaa ??


Yay! ✨✨✨ Miss your vlogs!

Dijineal Hope

Magkano po??

Noon Elzeiber

Hello, may I know saang clinic ka nagpa chemical peel?

Cristina Isidro

Hello,how much yung chemical peel mo per session.. Thanks for your reply..

Reynaldo Ycoy

Ayus yan lodss... ingat langndyan god bless

Jinkai Gauran

Ganda ❤️

Rinevic Bautista

Nagfade po ba mga pimple marks nyo?

Tca peel kits

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1 094 views | 30 Jan. 2021




Use this Teamiblends link to get a discount off any of their wonderful shakes, teas, detox kits etc!



I am excited to share that I have teamed up with Platinum Skincare!

This is where I get my peels from ?

Please follow my referral link to create an account and enjoy these awesome peels! ??❤️

I used the TCA 20% peel. FadeBright serum and Luminosity Serum.

melda x

Thanks Ellie ??❤️

ifyouknow youknow

I love when you show us how the day looks before you start :)

Zena Smith

How long did u leave on the pre naturalized before rinsing your face with water? By the way, Your skin looks awesome. Mahalo

Pepper Provasnik

Did tca peel 2 days ago!

Carla Tullis

Love your hair color and the peel is great

hodl me crypto

I love 30% tca + salicylic acid peels once per year. I call them my magic eraser. Lol Thank you for showing the proper steps. As always great content! ?

Sk Sk

Oh Ellie your journey on beauty has been great, I’ve seen so many changes in your skin so following so I can get juicy too ?. For the Aqualyx how much lido would you suggest to mix it with to minimize the damn burn it gives when injecting? I bought it from watching your video but the burn yo! Lol

Joanne Massey

I'll be doing mine on Monday when my son goes to his Dad's for the week so I don't scare him with my Freddy Krugar face hahaha

Andrea Ardy

My daughter at uni near where u used to live I was guna message u for a treatment on way to see ma kid ... :( ..... noooo. But I’m glad you happy being home x


I went to Platinum Skin care thru your link. I already had an account. I didn't see a discount at checkout, so waited to ensure that your affiliate link is good. Should I have a code? Great video. I love the music.


I’m trying to join your fb group

Trina Bolton

wow so pretty. I just got this peel will try soon. I been doing peels for 14 years. Helps so much with our skin. TY

Grace Mitchell

Hey Ellie , What say you on the innotox debacle?

Karen Gabrielle

Looking good baby girl. Your nose is still looking great, I had no joy at all with the bead max I couldn’t get it to flow from any needles I tried.


Turned out beautiful. Did your fingers peel from not wearing gloves?

Jessie Jess

You are an inspiration. And you look sooo good! Your haircut is beautiful.
I did microneedling with Botox/Copper/HA last Sunday. Never got the courage to try a TCA peel so far. ?I think I will give it a try though. Thank you for this video.

Ella2000 Rogers

Great video!!! I need that shirt!! So cute!! I also plan to do the tca peel from Platinum Skincare. I'll start with the 13% please keep us updated on your journey.

Vanilla B

You look gorgeous Ellie. I'm about to place an order, what do you recommend for fat dissolving on tummy? I used Lipolab (they're the brown viles that come in a blue box) and had no results. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks so much

Pa Nan

Beautiful result of course.. I love your hair in the last pic


Wow Ellie, Just WOW!! ❤️

Kerstin Laika

I Like your Hair ,if is longer .... greetings from Germany ☺️


I havent seen your videos since the microblading hairline video...love the blonde, it makes your hairline appear to be much lower than before. And whatever you did to your entire face: cheeks, underneath eyes, etc looks awesome. I'm assuming by looking at the drastic difference in your face from the last video you injected fillers. I am a diyer as well, and fillers are the only thing that resolve my hollows and sunken in skin. Your skin looks full, no longer sunken in or hollowed out ..looks awesome!

Gina Cota

I’ve been watching you from the beginning and wow! You have really transformed the way you look :-) I am especially impressed with your under eyes. What do you think was the biggest factor in repairing those? You used a few different treatments

Dianne Scarbrough

Wow! Love the results. Your skin looks perfect,. What was in the little bottle that you put on just after washing your face? Lot's of love to you, your boys and Mom.

anne ledo

I just did 2 layers 15% 3 days ago, man if my skin could stay this tight forever, I'd be ?

Leah B. Mathis

Thumper and Bambi!!! Yayyyyy!

Paula Monty

Thanks for sharing...Stunning, Loving your look!!! I am definitely ? due a peel ( 3yrs since last one) Ok to use on neck, , décolletage, , back of hands ✋ ??

Susan Reynolds

You look sooo gorgeous!!!
Hair color, lips, skin!
Spot on girlfriend!!!
Welcome back to the States!