New types of tattoos

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What Tattoos Look Like Around The World

1 174 552 views | 2 Sep. 2019

Tattooing is an art that

Tattooing is an art that has been practiced on human bodies for thousands of years. Depending on the culture, some designs were meant to protect against evil while others served as status symbols. While traditional techniques are still used today, newer ones are on the rise. Here’s a look at what tattoos look like around the world.


73-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Is A Legend In Japan


Tattoo Artist Helps People By Covering Scars


Green Screen Tattoos Let You Play Video On Your Skin



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What Tattoos Look Like Around The World


Not only Indians Muslims do it on holidays too as weddings or Ramadan

king ace

i will get the plant tattoo

Shiva kumar

Indian villages have traditional tattooing techniques, using henna is not considered tattoo because it disappears after few days!!



Carne nyx

" Like an hightech iron helmet with led"

- ze Dashpunkt


How the hell did henna tattooing come from Egypt? Where is the evidence of this? FYI... Europeans and their Caucasian descendants have nothing of their own and appropriated everything from other continents, ethnicities, cultures and traditions.

Carl Yong

Bungai terung and trabai is da best

It's 4aron

My phobia is needles sooo id rather take a more modern method , it still has needles but atleast i can't see it as a needle

matthew mann

The more colorful, painted, drawn, sketched, and detailed ones are fine

Daud Parhusip

And you choose Ukranian more than Hawai, Celtic, Africa (Karo), Nepal (Tharu), Indonesian (Mentawai, Dayak, Moi)?!

Bobby Crow

It's not a tattoo gun you moron it's a tattoo machine.

Haby D

Kind of a shame Africa, especially subsaharan African wasn't included. People already know so little about African culture and traditions, this would've been such a great opportunity for people to learn just a little bit more about Africa. I'll try to do my part and tell you guys a little bi about African tattoos. Don't if anyone will read this but here we go.

The Fulani tribe is known for having face tattoos. Traditionnally, they were a way to identify someone's clan or homeland within the Fulani ethnic group. The Fulani are a nomadic people originally from West Africa. They have been travelling accross west African and the saharan dessert for centuries. This explains why they are scattered in more than 20 countries on the continent of Africa and why things like face tattoos, clothes, jewlery and hair were used as identification when two fulani people would meet. The practice is still alive today in countries like Senegal, Nigeria and Niger but similarly to traditionnal Polynesian tattoos, the number of fulani peole having tattoo has been decreasing mainly because of Islamic traditions and a more sedentary life.


My japanese bodysuit is 40% done


Apo whang od of the philippines

Da Fickry

Everyone gangsta till your tattoo starts movin

Alexandros Gogas

In ancient Greece we had tattoos in Thrace and in Skythia!!!

Laxus FT

I'm currently having done a full arm traditional japanese tattoo, it's a koi fish that turns into a dragon, the head of the dragon is positioned on the chest, i'm on session 4 now, after this one i'll probably do the other arm too

Michael Stevens

Japanese top choice

Raq Bits


hacker hacker

You forgot the prison tattoo
This type of tattooing is done with a disk player or electric razor but this optional. Guitar string, fire and soot or pen ink are the only things needed to perform this tattoo. Before tattooing you will be paying the artist some yellow instant coffee.

Farriz Sero

Can I get a Japanese tattoo.

Gess Hugh

The aztecs are not known to have even done tattoos. Mayans on the other hand did. They would paint the design over the body and then carve it in. The pain and risk of infection was a sacrifice that was part of the honor associated with the tattoos.

Sadaf Rasheed

I'm sorry heena Is made in Pakistan and the India buy heena too

Jacob _

Machine not gun 7:07

Tune Kalene

Japanese style its so dope

Abhijeeth Dubey

I'd honestly get them all?

Laura-May Whittingham

I literally feel the pain watching this

Safa Ali

Dude the H is silent oml


What about the tattoos made in South india

Ruxan’s Creation

Also in the Middle East they do heni exactly like India

Bagus Saputro

where's the Borneo Tattoo and Mentawai Tattoo from Indonesia

Watermelon Felon

Samoan definitely.

Goodguy TV

if i was looking for realism i would pick Ukraine !

Trevor Philips

I like Irezumi tho.

Frey Pokorny

Why do I want to get all of them. There's something so amazing about the idea of turning my body into an anthropology project.


Having an aztec tattoo in mexico is not about culture anymore its related to cartels and if another cartel see you with tattoos like that you can be killed

John Larsen

I have always liked the dragons and lions. Asian styles are the best

Surinder Kaur

0:56 it's not a tattoo but its painless


lost all credibility by calling tattoo machines guns

Juan Van wyk

The Samoan one

Betty Jane

The leaves are not appealing to me


Damn those Samoan and New Zealand tatoos are dope

مریم فدوی


Trap Wave Tattoos

Whats up ppl check out my tattoo videos on my channel! I promise you won't regret it

Bella ._.

Who else is down to go to urane with me to get a leaf tattoo ?✨

dj flor

Apo wang-od in philippines

Henrique K.


Ivan Jefferson

It's a shame, I really want to see African warrior tattoos, correct me if I'm wrong, that Egyptian and Aztec seem like modern tattoos with ancient symbols, it looks more like gimmicks than having any actual purposes.

Nenad pise

I plan to travel to Japan for dragon shoulder tattoo

jose rivera


John Paul Pampolina

You forgot american traditiinal tattoos

Borneo People



A pity that you didn't mention the lesser-known Htoe Kwin tattoo from Myanmar (Burma). ??
It's very beautiful and intricate.

Maiden Viking

Out of these, I have an egyptioan Anhk. But would love to get something norse. Maybe something with runes. As a scandinavian girl. I would love something that reprsents my country's roots.

गणेश पतके

हा वीडीयो आवडला ?????❤❤❤❤❤?????❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????

Ink By Pelle

Tattoo machine. Not gun.


Omg. authentic but barbaric. Keep alive the old technique. Salute


Is nobody gonna talk bout 3:17 ? it's horrifying. I know it's just a part of tattoos but she looks like bleeding. Or is it actually blood?
Edit: Now that I think bout it. Where I live, it sounds worse equally worse as well

Salma aka me

Everybody: cool

Muslims: H A R A M

Кирилл Анатольевич

were Russian tattoos?


Good video till the last 30 seconds when you called it a “tattoo gun” it’s a machine you did all this research and didn’t learn that ?

Ahudha Taehberries

Thank goodness we are only allowed to do henna and not tattoos


0:56 for those triggered that henna isn’t a tattoo since it isn’t permanent. he said TEMPORARY. get that thru ya think skulls

Matthew Bauer

Have sak yant tattoos

Shikshant thakuri

Mexico and Samoa

suryanandk sun

It's mehandi...not tattoo...

Memphis Korz

my neck and chest is completely tattooed two dragons.

Aromal Kr

I am we make shit tattoo


We gonna skip americana?

Sreeveda Chalengaari

Another tattoo in India is found in south India. We call it pachhabottu. After getting inked and healing it kind is blackish green

Chumba wumba

What about Celtic

Kamran Basheer

I have none and I will get none

Tosh D

Plz if u visit more countries, can u spend more time w/artist 2 interview them??
Super interesting 2 see many cultures who've been able & willing 2 continue ancient traditional way.
All mine are done w/modern tat gun but i'd be willing 2 try another method if i could afford it

Panda Pereira

Algum Brazuca?


Henna is not tattoo plz get ur facts correct

just someone

Batok huh...? It reminds me when my Aunt would hit the back of my neck—

dani rj

Dayak tattoo, borneo ?

Potato Chan



I'm so glad Wang Od was in the list because she is a " mambabatok " in the Philippines . ??? Mabuhay to all of you !!!

sai pimping

I pick Japanese

Jesper Z

I want a sak yant tattoo pretty bad, but yeah I first wanna dive into the culture more and also actually get something with a personal spiritual meaning, I don’t wanna be the dumb western dude rocking their culture just for the fashion of it

h phoenix

I have tattoos, made with an ordinary tattoo ink gun, no desire to try the other methods fascinating as they were ??

video gaimez

yall know egyptians exist outside of ancient egypt. i'm pretty sure those tattooes were on white people



Eline Wirken

if i could, i would get a tattoo from an dinosaur holding a mushroom

Rose Mary

I would still do a Yakuza tattoo on my body. They are too beautiful to be frown up on.

Jaylord Alboria

Samoan Tattoo and New Zealand Tattoo ❤

I am soo Boredd

Mehandi or the Henna is the best it has no pain and if you apply it when ur small and drew something embarrassing you won't regret in in the future because duh it would be erased

Sophie Newton

can't even say tā moko right so I wonder what they got wrong for other cultures

فضاوة لفل ماكس

I once did a henna tattoo

UwU im saudi arabian btw (tattooing tattoos who stay forever is forbidden and illegal here)
But henna isnt illegal cuz its temporary

sebestian singka

borneo (sarawak) tattoo?


I'm planning on traveling the world when I'm older, and maybe getting a tattoo in each place I visit would be a good reminder of where I've been


Here on mars..we use photon laser plasma for tattooing..i believe it is superior to all the methods seen here


Man, u should REALLY learn ur bahasa melayu. lol soo much cringe ?

Miss Mokkori

You could have mentioned Berber tattoos in Morocco. Great video, nevertheless!

420 Dollars


Lalruatfela Lalruatfela


Captain LazyArtist

I love tattoos. I’m going to get my second one soon

Jesper Z

quick reminder/tip:
if you’re planning on getting a traditional tattoo from a foreign culture, i definitely think you should, it’s awesome. But please DO YOUR RESEARCH, dive into the culture a bit, maybe spend some time in the country and talk to people who are a part of the culture. A lot of these tattoo’s carry a lot of cultural, emotional and religious meaning and getting one as an outsider simply for the look of it can be really offensive and disrespectful.

Tri Wibowo

Mentawai, Indonesia laugh so long in this video

New types of tattoos

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So You Want An American Traditional Tattoo | Tattoo Styles

1 030 714 views | 29 Apr. 2019

Tattoo artist, Myke

Tattoo artist, Myke Chambers, tells us what makes an American Traditional tattoo, and why he's chosen to tattoo that style.

Check out Myke @mykechambers

Do you have an American Traditional tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

#Inked #TattooArtist #AmericanTraditional

WEBSITE: http://www.inkedmag.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/inkedmag

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/inkedmag

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/inkedmag/

Thizzelle Washington

I love tattoos. to bad for me, the girlfriend hates them


My grandpa has one of these. He got it for around $15 when he was in his twenties. He loves it so much he’s thinking about getting the color redone.

Manuel Alonso Domínguez Vázquez

I could listen to this guy's voice all day

Jasmine Rebollo

The sound of a coil machine reminds me of pain lol I cringed a lil when I heard the machine running.



Magnus Samuelson

I would love to get tattooed by this guy. Super chill and not a snob about it. To be fair, I’ve been tattooed by more guys like this than not..

Freya Greaves

I love my flash tattoo

Jazz kat

I always love traditional tattoos its all I saw growing up older guys with swallow tattoos on there hands or fore arms nude lady tattoos ship tats skull tats love em

Glenn Brennan

Watch at 1.25x to make him talk like a normal person

Aphasia Misery

All of my work is American traditional and I plan on keeping it that way because it’s just awesome.


is it weird to get an american traditional tattoo and other styles?


America... tradition ?!!
Lol i don't think so.

Chris W

black and grey traditional are all over my body. those two styles combined make beautiful pieces

Chet Hansen

This guy needs to make a podcast about tattoos


Show the fkn panther tattoo men


I wear Penny loafers.

Travis Beck

That panther goes hard though!

Three Shot

American Traditional for life

Justin McDonald

Traditional tattoos are the only tattoos that matter. Everything else is just trends. In thirty years no one will know or care about realism or polka trash but the traditional eagle will still be fucking killer.


Trad is life

Mak Siccar

Isn't social media tattoo trends just like flash on the wall?

Hott Scott

All I have is American traditional tattoos


This nigga finessed his hairline

john Thompson

I have a traditional anchor on my left forearm, love traditional, also have a pinup laying on a chopper on my right bicep ?

Hanoj Carter

Really love these styles of tattoos..unfortunately the best tattoo artist in my city told me my skin is too dark for him to work a traditional tattoo into

TK Evans

Definitely not going anywhere. I just started using a rotary machine, and I have to say that the traditional style is by far my farvorite. I definitely intend on mixing realistic with my traditionals though.

Alex Ty

Love this guy. A lot of trad artists try to act all tough and hard. Super chill


Personally i don't like the original traditional tattoos, there are so many amazing artists nowadays who can do insane stuff.

716 TG

Flash is def beautiful. Today’s trends do feel watered down , this is why I enjoy original art currently ✌?

Dean Rock

I like this guy's attitude


just listening to him speaking is so relaxing and comfortable.

Inna Isabel Almodal

i love this. this dude rocks

T-rev 425

This is the kind of artist I would feel 100% comfortable with during a session. So calm, cool and collected.

cadu fx

Wich coil machine is that?

Giancarlo sol

It's now a taboo to not be tatted

fredric Jacobsen.


Christopher Krause

This dude is a hater. So many of his comments made him seem so sour.

Leo Mathlein

me: hmm yes that seems cool!

also me: a 14-year old with restrictive parents.

Liights Owt

I could listen to him talk all day. And his work is ???

Trap God Moon

This guy is chill as fuck

Megan Lutman

I only have traditional. I have always loved American traditional and neo traditional since I was a child.

George Tanley

Why do his own tattoos (on his head, face, neck) look so ugly and pathetic? Not a great advertisement for his own tattooing skills if he has such a bad taste in tattoos/tattoo artists himself!

Ezria Daniels

I really want some traditional style tattoos but they don’t match the one I just got. Although I’m not into color tattoos but traditional tattoos looks good with color

Thomas Morataya

Pink Izod ?


Too many ppl get the template boring tattoos. Not a fan of this kinda shit

Marcus Harbol

Got tattooed by Myke a few months ago because of this video and he did not disappoint. One of the friendliest people I've met, passionate about his art, and just a fun guy to talk to.

john smith

Age 40 or 50 should be a requirement for face tats. Only OG Tattoo artists should have face tats , as a sign of our honor to the art.


He reminds of Kevin Spacey’s character in 7even ??‍♀️


I have zero tattoos but I stumbled upon this video and absolutely love it. In ten minutes Myke introduces an artistic genre, traces it roots, and gives incredibly nuanced takes on how to both honor tradition while also acknowledging that art must and will evolve. Even with how little I know about tattoos I can easily sense Myke's both deep love of and commitment to his craft. I really enjoyed watching this.

Grim Wulf

why does he have shit all over his head............. bit hard tot rust his taste / opinion when his head looks like that


Coil machines are OG. I mean you can use the newer cartridge dildos but the real masters are coil loyal.

Alex Tocco

Blue collar and love my traditional work, love this dude!!


I was hoping for a parade of traditional tattoos.


Does the tattoo on his neck say "plug it" or "lugit" lol ?

Indra Akhtar

I love this guy!!!

Nicki Huber-Smith

That was so god damn informative

Мальчик с черепами.

It's fu*ng amazing

Kaylyn Butorac

I love the historical aspect of traditional tattoos. Like the iconography I'm wearing on my skin was worn since the beginning of tattooing in the US and to have traditional tattoos as a woman just feels really beautifully bad ass

Alex R

Stop using AMERICAN in traditional, it's not American, it's traditional, you farts.


I just got a traditional tattoo ❤
I could listen to this guy talk all day.


You would think he'd have something done with those triangles on his face,  The fact it healed badly makes it looks worse.

L33DyA JKauR

I wanna go America to get tattoo

Johnny Lotto

He’s got a used car dealership flags on his face.

Ferb • 321 years ago

His artist: what u getting today?

Him: u know those banners strung all around car places... put one on my f-
Artist: Say no more

wyatt breymeymeyer

see i wonder why they say tattoer i always call them artists because tattooing is just a canvas that they put their art on


I clicked the title cuz I thought it was the dude from 2.5 men

Nick Mize

These pennyloafers feature a switchblade

Sophy Wilson

Wow this guys is super chill and not all high and mighty. Totally love his attitude towards tattoos.

ooo op

An American Traditional Tattoo = A basic tattoo

Mark Davidson


Nivia Reis

amazing video!!!

Shaman Athletic Training

I used to live right down the street from the Philly shop, before it was finished, before they even took over the building I would peek inside and wonder what was going in across the street from the Steak ‘n Shake. Huntington, baby! Now the area’s all gentrified, but back then it was cool.

david Horner

This dude is a fucken baller. 10/10 would drink many beers with him ?

Pte Bloggins

Lip level 100

Winifred Jenkins


නෑග්‍රාන්මම දන්නවා ඔයා මෝඩ නැහැ කියලා

John Smith

Why do tattoo artists have the worst tattoos?

Darby Rose

i live in asheville & i’m definitely getting a tattoo from here!


I wanted small minimalist tattoos now but when I was in middle school I loved traditional. My skin get really light on winter and dark in the summer. Will it hold? Over time does it hold or turn into a mess?


David Blaine if he were a tattoo artist

Carne nyx

"Heu?!... traditional?...Nothing old in America!"
- Pablo Pick 'a' So (PainTor)

Ivy belle

I love his face tat and I dont like face tats...his seems like its suppose to be there some how?

Kenn Hiser

In the top 10 in the game. Amazing

Ed venuto

I like black and grey the most. I got close to 50. I got color I got black and grey.

Julian Hyde

I love this guy, but it always looks like he just got the shit kicked out of him.

Paul Mildner

I have never had a tattoo in my life and after looking at some images of this traditional style I really fell in love with it as a "subgenre" of this art and think about getting my back covered in some awesome animal images

F4 BolaMaisUm

Hahahaha América dont have tradicional tattoo!!


I've gone full traditional since my first, I just love the look. I've yet to walk in and pick out some flash, but this guy makes a good point. Also, I 100% agree that tattooing has been bastardized a bit since they have become more socially acceptable. Feel like to set onesself apart these days you need to be completely blasted over in rich color and dark outlines. Jokes on you though, I'm into that shit!

Misfit Monster

If i walk into a tattoo shop..and you dont have flash on the walls...i walk back out...nope.

Mc Anna

Traditional is timeless


Really gave me conviction on how I want my Forbidden Planet tattoo. Done. Bold traditional outlines with bold colors and sweet ass backsplash from the film itself. I’m so excited to get this piece done.

Aidan O'Rourke

My favorite tattoo shop has a gumball machine filled with their own flash, $80 and you literally get what you get

Eric Nathaniel

Am tattoo from my head down


I like the American traditional style, but I don’t think it would look good on me cause most of my tattoos are death/horror themed and it wouldn’t really go right with it.

Megan G.

I’ve seen Myke at his Philly shop! He’s a great guy and everyone at the shop is awesome.

Eric Nathaniel

I got Mexican and America and Japanese tattoo and old English

Luis Cruz

I was going to get a black and grey portrait sleeve, but the more I see the beauty and art behind traditional just changed my whole view and respect for traditional! Have my American traditional sleeve appointment in may

Sean Mckenna

After this video I’ve been following mike chambers on his insta he’s a great guy the way he looks at life did you guys know he just survived a brain tumour he’s been battling the last few years such an amazing guy!

Jarvis Juice

I LOVE American Traditional

New types of tattoos

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So You Want A Neo Traditional Tattoo | Tattoo Styles

477 770 views | 8 Jul. 2019

Tattoo artist, Matt

Tattoo artist, Matt Truiano, tells us what makes a neo traditional tattoo, and how it connects to other styles like American Traditional and New School.

Check out Matt:


#Inked #NeoTraditional #TattooStyles

WEBSITE: http://www.inkedmag.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/inkedmag

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/inkedmag

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/inkedmag/


Just something so pleasing about a really clean neo trad piece, one of my favourite styles.

HY Lee

Earlier I did a solid neo tat and it was hurt af

Thomas Santomartino

I love traditional & neo-ttaditionsl, but for character studies neo-ttaditionsl is King for me.


2:14 haha buttcheeks


Imagine doing a whole fucking 10 minute video for a huge channel, and not even getting your own name mentioned. Thats pure bullshit

Brent E

Traditional is my favorite.


Neo Traditional is by far my favorite style and I can't wait to be covered in neo-traditional work <3

rudyz559 Art

Yet all his fine lines are fckd

Andy Hall

love it when you see japanese in this neo-traditional style...flat...thick black lines...great color...looks amazing

Isais Lopez

Any good tattoo kits I can buy? Any recommendations


Should make a video about tattooing on darker skin tones, because there's so little about it on youtube.

Chris Maldonado Noco 970

The way he talks about it is Kind of tempting to step outside my comfort zone about collecting tattoos and jump on a neo traditional tattoo ?

Victor Sanchez

Neotradicional Desing https://youtu.be/7Zv852ruFNY

Cory Obrien

He said "neo trad"

Eddy Ram

Neo Traditional is my favorite tattoo style to see on women. It’s just so damn beautiful.

I’m all covered in old school Traditional, and I love mine.


he look so happy when talking about color


Such a soothing voice. Would enjoy listening to many of his stories.


I love how so many tattoo artists on Inked are like: no scratchers, no Pinterest. Then this guys over here killing the game while embracing both.


Neotraditional is just like traditional, but for women

James McDonald

Black and grey guy here but appreciate anyone who does anything beautiful


When I heard Pinterest I was scared, but it wasn't that bad. I didn't hear much tattoo coping stuff. I just can't stand that but inspiration isn't wrong ofcourse.

crocodile rock

i have that shirt


Do you guys think it’ll look dope if I have a mix of black and gray and neo traditional tattoos?

Jessica jessica

I hate neo traditional tattoo but this tattoo artist is very articulate!


words neo and traditional put togheter .....jesus fuk.....RIP dictionary


Pretty sure my comment won’t make an impression but I’d really like to see this style video on the other styles he referred to; new school, illustration, color illustration ect... definitely a fan of these more documentary artist explanation

Theo Berry

My favorite tattoo style ?

nicholas fotou

I would love for this guy to do my Mollymauk piece.


yeah but it doesn’t stay that long...

Josh Basilio

I’m more of an American traditional style for tattoos but I have a lot of respect for neo traditional and the tattoo artists that work effortlessly with this kind of style.

wyatt breymeymeyer

ahhhh these are the other people buying the black dummy thick nitrile gloves , i work on cars and those are my fav

James Downs

Yeah you can definitely see his new school influence on his neo-trad works.

Chad Barnier

Love the Madame Talbot print


That ash was fikk

Christian McCarron

What song is playing at 2:30


lmao this music is too Sad for this video lol. feel like he's about to be like "yeah i loved NeoTrad Art.... until my daughter got cancer."


Very beautiful work Matt

Jose Luis Gray Sanchez

As much as I enjoy the "artists talk about..." Series of stuff I would love more of these deeper discussions into the art


I'd like to see more American artists get exposure. Seems like everyone I want a tattoo from right now works out of Europe and thats not an option

Holly odii

Who is this amazing artist?


one of those stupid older kids doing stupid things that look cool for the stupid new kids of this generation

Candle Lynx

The music was a bit too loud, i had a hard time focusing on his soft-spoken voice


Nice work. This guy has a knowledge. Listen to him, he is 100% right on every word. More videos with this gentleman, please!

Cleveland CNC

Pretty generic shit, chill out hipster you ain’t reinventing the wheel here lol. Have another soy latte

Hen. Jamz

I'm getting a neo trad cover-up on my leg, gonna be a half sleeve! I'm excited as hell. I'm covered in celtic/african tribals so this will be my first one ?

Mora UTD

i read neo i think nazi lol

Ben Smith

That tarot tattoo was boss

Miguel Hottois

Hey Inked community, I need your all’s help- about 5 years ago I got really into tattoos and since then I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to start with, but after all this time neo traditional has been the style that has stuck with me the most. Unfortunately, I live in the Louisville Kentucky area and am having trouble finding any tattoo shops that specialize in the style. If there’s anyone who watches this video and either tell me an artist/ shop that they really like, even within multiple states distances I would really appreciate it. Thanks to anyone who reads, and I hope you all have a great day

Sausage Dread

Slag in the chair never heard of a pair of knickers

Rebecca Lougee

What’s the price for a neo tattoo like something like the one that ur doing on the bk leg ? Curious if it’s $500 or more like $1500?

Maddie Lombino

Can you do “so you want a new school style tattoo”


neo trad looks "easy" at times but looking at this process, wow

That Tattoo Guy

Love this dudes work. That style is super fun for sure!

Kelly Kujawa

I've never been a big fan of traditional tattoos, but I can see why people would be. Now that I think about it actually all my tattoos are realistic. Also, I'm so glad he brought up the difference between new school & traditional, because I always wondered what the difference was between the 2 tbh?

Blithe Dream

The background music is kinda foreboding

Evan Richardson

I’m 12 and got my own rotary tattoo gun and I gave my dad a whole sleeve

Luke Yellowtail

I like the channel Yeliz Günay Dövme Stüdyosu. They have some amazing neo work on there.

Isabella Toose

I only clicked on this video to find out what neotraditional means

Nunyo Biznass

Homegirl be needing a tan stat!!


Love traditional tattoos. I have a couple sailor Jerry tattoos. They’ve kinda faded over the years I really need to have them touched up

Just Awesome ::

I would love to get tattooed by him??


What's that background music?

Xaxabella G

This music makes the video awkward to me?


Gosh darn it why can't some of these awesome neo traditional tattoo artists be on the west coast! sigh This guys art looks amazing I'd love to have a piece from him!

M&Z -

Well now I want a neo-traditional tattoo.

John Davis

Next level tattøø game Wøw ?


I would love a new traditional rose. They a,ways look so beautiful.

Kay Pizzle

'Lady head' sounds so fucking alien lol

Christianne Yu

i got a tattoo from him earlier this year! he's amazing!!


This was the most informative video so far thank you please have any more artists who you interview in the future really get into the differences and similarities between their style and others

University of Maryland

What’s this guys name?

Ryan H

Fantastic video. Definitely checking out Matt's work, looking to experiment in this style.


I love these educational videos. Super helpful ?

Storm Step

It wasn't until this video that I even knew what neo traditional was, let alone how much i wanted one

John Dee Is Me

I think it's time for a new tattoo!

Paradise Team

So how does Neo Traditional tattoos work on dark skin tones ??‍♂️. Looking to get one done but I can’t see any examples online.

romich jordan

2.17+ song

Thomas Santomartino

I really like Neo Traditional Tattoos with the bolder colors and the fact that it carries on the tradition from the old school traditional style with adding something fresh and new to it.

Gintarė Baškevičiūtė

This guys seems to be perfect for a tattoo that I want to get! Too bad that I live on the other side of the world and I'm a broke uni student. ":D

Ra Canum

Another 3 roses put into the world from this video alone, i seriously dont see the appeal, an electrician i know literally has a full sleeve of roses, im pretty sure its a cover up but my god, 1s bad enough loads of people get multiple ones, get some originality plebs


Such a nice interview

Andrew Casserly

I love these videos! You guys should definitely do more of these and artist profiles. ??


I liked the tattoos they shown made by him much more than the ones made by the artists he said he looked up to. When the student becomes a master ..! Gratz man, great job !

Evan Jacobson

Show more examples please

Nomo 4u

Hell yeah I need one


Mm lady heads... Lol

Ogag Limited

hi guys, i want to ask a help to support a new tattoo artist she is my friend hope that u can follow her on ig thanks https://www.instagram.com/cest_moi_diel/?fbclid=IwAR1OBvKGvPY6p3OdYjDuea4uy-e_EG2Wdbf0LQ3LmDsAKpZWSiOb2KUIoCs


Oh I would love to be someone’s experiment...

Hard Mode

Prison tattoos my favorite style now. No troll.


The background track is so annoying. Wth. Who picked that? Stop it. The music is fine, just not to be talked over.

Xander Cinderey

Can we get a "Neo Traditional" counter on screen plz??

IslaSkye (EYE-luh • SKY)

This is one of my favorite videos on here. Very informative and well spoken.


I'm in love with this style. Really well done video!

Luke Yellowtail


Fly Beep

Damn, this dude looks like me, only I have no hair and no glasses.

Elijah Torres

I'm trying to find a neo traditional artist in Philly, let me know if you guys have any suggestions

Ivan Tan

A true artist can draw inspiration from anything, even from the most mundane and dull objects.


Neotraditional is my fav style, wish I knew about the different styles when I was 18 and got my first ankle pieces but got half sleeve and back piece that I love


Can someone help, I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo of a neo traditional wolf on my forearm. But I don't know how long it will take to get it tattooed and how much it will cost


One of my fav styles of tattoo!