Tightening skin cream

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Anti-Aging, Tightening Severe Cream For Face/Skin Transforming Your Skin Looking 20years Younger|DIY

714 views | 15 Jul. 2020


#ricecreamforskinwhitening #diyricecream

Hello lovelies, this is a Rice Cream For Face and Skin Whitening Anti-Aging Rice Cream/Korean Inspired DIY Rice Cream, That I Have Used and gotten Effective Results and on My Skin so I decided to Share With you all How I Make My Anti-Aging Rice Cream


Rice flower

Aloe Vera gel

Vitamin E Capsule

Almond Oil

Hyaluronic acid

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/rainy


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHtU...

Skin Whitening: Scrub:https://youtu.be/Cx4zFDNp-1s

Whitening Face: mask:https://youtu.be/coRHsOh_gh0

Face/Body Whitening Serum Diy:


vivian tv

Wow amazing am going to try this out

Imma Olerum

I need this sort of cream to keep me looking sweet 16.

It's A Different Thing

I want to look young for a long time age catching up with me. Another interesting content.

Beauty Aisien TV

Great tutorial
Thanks for sharing


I love almond too,wow just finished watching, the way you apply and massage it I love it

Easy and Fun English

Beautiful white glowing skin sister. You are doing awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Jay Stephney TV


milo dupo

wow this is amazing DIY anti aging cream i like it. new fren here see u arround thanks

Rodah Zhang

should i send you my add to send it to me hahaha. learning hun. i love it when Its a diy sis.

Explore With Phyll

Smooth skin. You are so beautiful

Ruby Val

So trying this honey ????

Diaspora Lifestyle TV

Your dimple is beautiful. Love your smile. The rice cream came out nice. Rice has so many uses then.

Lillie Vibes

I am here for this. i like almond oil but cooking with it but this is interesting


This awesome now I know what else to be doing with rice. That lotion looks like baby food ?

Er. Ankita Gupta

73 like, very nice video, pliz stay connected

Debby Florish

Can I use other liquid for the rice powder instead of milk and can I use the fresh aloe vera instead of the aloe vera jelly

The Bitco Fam

just want to ask u dear how old are u if u dont mind? u have very nice content as always... i am so interesting to all ur beauty tips

Mychoice kitchen

Who wants to get old... know one I'm going to get my Coke and sit down to watch this

Friday Charity Tv

Your skin looks really good, that was a nice remedy ??

It's A Different Thing

I heard about rice water that it's also good for acne. Adding the cream to it will surly give me glowing skin. Hope i look like 25 when am finish with ??


Another great video

lifestyle with sana raheel

like 71 new friend join u stay connected

Music Marketers Botswana

Damn worth trying i must have when ypu getting wrinkless!! one has to becareful when doing that mixture!!

Increase Joel nari

Wow this look very healthy for face and easy to make thanks sis

Alvin Cabero TV

Hello. Here your new subscriber hope to support also my channel thanks and God bless

Ndii's World

I have used Rice as facial mask and the result was amazing and all ingredients you've used here are all known to be very effective. We all need that ageless skin ??

Ina & Miggy

Wow that’s very interesting my friend I didn’t know that rice can also help our skin. I really want to try this one at home it’s very natural and you’re right we are not getting any younger our skin needs to maintain to get that youthful glowing skin. Thank you for this well help a lot of ladies out there.

Tips with Nikky

All the ingredients you used are very helpful and effective to the skin.
Nice diy rice cream.


I feel like tasting the rice and milk solution.. Its really attracting.. Lok

Elizabeth Adelolu

All ingredients are very good ? I use rice on my hair and body ❤

Jay Stephney TV

WoW you’re really doing a great job dear


Wow almond oil is my favourite adding it to cream that means this cream is going to be super amazing thanks for sharing all this beautiful and wonderful recipes I love this so much

StyledBy Miss Linda

Woww Sissy ? I will definitely recreate your recipe, perfect. Thanks for sharing? stay safe and healthy??


This is interesting to watch, wow thanks for sharing this with us .

Dami Yuki TV

I am sure this is going to work. Look at your beautiful face, thanks for sharing

MAMA BOUCHRA.1 وصفات ونصائح مع

Good very good

Kash Rox

DIY queen at it again, we are sure going to age backwards oooo, loving your DIYs ..I wish I can take out time and do this


What type of rice is this sis ?‍♀️ I personally need something for these laughing lines ?
Thanks for sharing

Bukola Orry Channel

I love almond oil. But its so expensive here. I didn't know about rice for the skin. That's amazing. We keep learning something new here. Me wanna remain forever young ?.

visual A101

Always enjoying your show and how you make creams for the body. Keep up the good work. Wow you look pretty

Purity Empire Tv

Let me balance and watch

Omoge VBlog TV

Me that don't want to get old ..am actually weighing down ..age fast approaching

Godlina Eyram

I like the vitamin e you added. I use to use when I was in high school and at the university. I think I have to start again. I look older than my age. Thanks for sharing sweet sis

Bebe Beauty

For the younger look yes u know am in?. I really enjoyed the step by step. Ya face is really feeling all these treatments

Lilious Nyasulu

What's the name of the acid u used...... I didn't get it

Felicity D

I have use rice water for my acne and it did wonders so pretty sure the ice cream will help me look younger. Anything rice I'm in. Thanks for sharing. What brand of blender is that? ....Still watching

loveth Family tv

Wow this is really amazing you are always doing great job thanks for sharing am going to try this

NS ،


Queenbella Joy

Wow this is so Nice God bless you for sharing this lovely tips with us

Purity Empire Tv

Always love watching your videos because I always learn some thing New
I love almond oil
So natural for skin

sultana's craft

Every girls want to look young and surely this cream is very helpful for it bcz all products are healthy and useful for skin❤


I'm here on time let me sit down and WATCH

Life with Minkie

the skin DR with some good home made recipes...i love how detailed your tutorials are


Wow this is Easy I will try to make my too for my face I no vitamin E is good for the skin


70 like +sub

Andy Appleseed

This was amazing your skin looks nice I would love to try this out does it work for men !

Treasure Kitchen

Wow! Just with rice powder and milk and gel I make body cream, this is nice. I need to be vit E often

Golden lady tv show

You are really good when it's comes to cream that's why your skin is so fresh, I wish I know about cream like you nice one ??

Ciriaco RUEL Alupit

Nice whitening ingredients Madam


You are really teaching us what we really want.. I will try this one... I have heard about using rice and milk cos its rich for the skin.. I will try this out myself .. Thanks sis for sharing.. After doing this, am I to apply it everyday or when? Morning and night? Or always!

Angela Ihekagu vlog

We’re not getting old anytime soon, the milk and rice will keep us popping❤️ love how you mix your ingredients love, and as usual, you skin looks amazing

Fortytour Vlog

wow likes this product for my beauty upliftment..


So rice also help in skin care ma this is so natural am going to give it a try,can i use any milk ok Alovera is there infact am runing home for this,we need to be Young no time

Marta Mille

Sissy you’re very talented of taking care of skin, this will good for me to try because your sis don’t want to get old now ? thanks for sharing this idea with us ??❤️

Maureen Achu

I love almond oil though it’s scare here, I should also try this.