Prom hair style long hair

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12 Romantic Prom & Wedding Hairstyles ? Professional Hair Ideas 2019

692 272 views | 6 Mar. 2019

12 Romantic Prom &

12 Romantic Prom & Wedding Hairstyles ? Professional Hair Ideas 2019

Amazing HairStyles Tutorials for Girls ?? Easy Styles for Long Hair ??

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candice lorenzo

Why do they put powder?

محترفي الشعر Hair Professionals

أجمل تسريحات الشعر بقناتي ولأشهر مصففي الشعر ?⁦❤️⁩????

Rachel Ryan

What is the puff thing , not the bun maker, the other padding thing to make the bump

meowline the cat

I want to see the next hairstyles but guys just start showing how "amazing" you guys look.....HELLO I'm here to see a hairstyle not to see how you guys look

Hum Ladkiyaan

its bridal hairstyle i love ur hairstyle and i watch almost ur all videos

Laura Hadarau-Dodda

what was the tool used to send the rubber band across the pony tail?

Della Bella Julia

Hi! I am an jewelry designer #dellabellagioielli My Headpiece Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq5RC-vdejEo480GKCc48kGvQsN6W24z_

May Yosef

Very nice ?

Lorena Astudillo

Pinches comerciales hijos de su puta madre como me requeté enputan!!!!!!!

kathryn shaw

are you serious,too fast

biotaku m

Que es ese polvo que le hechan

Bashir Hakimi

صبر احتیاط سویه

Bugeja Louisa

Why do the models all look pissed off especially the one who wore the wedding dress

Alcides Galindez

Bellos todos

Hair Beauty

Beautiful Haircuts Ideas for Girls ? https://bit.ly/33EIdTV
Cute & Beautiful Korean Hairstyles Tutorials ? https://bit.ly/35U9vr2
Amazing Hair Transformation 2020 ? https://bit.ly/37StFTT

queen Of quEen

hairspray nam plzzz?

Gd Jur

تسريحات بناتي للمناسبات الخاص والعامة

Daisy R

Thank god my hair is thick enough to avoid hair extensions haha

Lisa Smith

1/ the rest ain't bad

katarina morales

Is there somewhere that I can watch an actual tutorial on how to do these hairstyles or is this all you got? My little sisters prom is coming and I'm in charge of hair and makeup

yelløw bee

I have my first ever school dance in 5 days... I have no idea how I'm gonna do my hair or the dress I'm gonna wear but I'll figure it out XD


Zip zip zip. Too fast; the way I’m outta your video.

Muhammad Shafique

To beautiful hair style.

Jagdish Marjra

It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast


Do any of these hairstyles have a name?

Lila Abo aiash

ملمرح لبنةغوختبها يسخني٨زءؤتربوويفمججحا

Tracy Raia-dowd

Why are you using clickbait! Scrolling through the video tutorials you see a hairstyle you like, you want to learn how to do that hairstyle.
NOT THERE!!!!!!!

Nelly Cujuy salguero

Pa la mujere es ma con delicadeza que el maquillaje que el peinado que las uñas ??oye enserio guau somos super tierna ??

Asmaa Cook

وين راهم العرب
راني وحدي بين الاجانب

Urban Carmen



Zip zip zip. Too fast; the way I’m outta your video.

Andreeva Nata

So beautiful ??❤️


Hello what product is used at the end of the first hairstyle ? What is the name of the product ?

Sarika H

WOAHOHOHOHA... I wish my hairstyle was as pretty as this for my prom. THESE ARE SO GORGEOUS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alberto life Walnut monster

The girls lips looked like Miranda sings at 5:00


What's the very first hairstyle called? I going to get Married soon in two months, please help. :(

Dee M

Is too fast. I cant see.

Charity Ambeau

Ok the first one is my favorite

Vishnu Naidu

Hairstyle might be the most exciting one as the wedding pictures will be viewed again and again years after the occasion. That is why it’s great if a bridal hairstyle is both romantic and classic, Also Romantic hairstyle adds up to overall beauty of bride. Here come top 10 romantic hairstyles to pick for your wedding.https://globalinfocus.com/top-10-romantic-hairstyles-to-wear-this-wedding-season

RanuLko. RanuLko.

The first one is amazin'

Audrey Salazar

the second one looks so fake...

Lina Walker

Where are the hairstyles depicted in the photos?

Prom hair style long hair

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Wedding Updo Tutorial. Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

29 968 views | 31 May. 2019

Wedding Updo Tutorial For

Wedding Updo Tutorial For Long Hair

Join the community https://www.youtube.com/user/womenbeauty1/community

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Instagram. My Official Page : http://instagram.com/womenbeauty1hairstyles




Turn Up Let s Go

YouTube Audio Library



Divya Gupta

Such a unique hairstyle


Beautiful. I feel like it would be really hard to do on yourself though

muñeca fridis

Están muy padres los peinados lastima q nunca me salen y terminan siendo un fiasco tus consejos


Lovely style, and not too difficult. Also, anyone else think the beginning of the song sounds like Inspector Gadget?

حسين غيلان م م

منو تحب الصالون لايك ممكن

tashif irfan

Hey can you do the dua lipa and depika met gala hair style it would be great. And you are amazing. I ve learnt so much from you. Thank you???


Elegant and lovely hairstyle(⌒▽⌒)

Prom hair style long hair

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Formal UPDOS for Long Hair | Prom & Wedding Hairstyles

850 749 views | 21 Aug. 2018

THIS video is about

THIS video is about formal UPDOS that work well for long hair and how to easily create those hairstyles that work best for formal occasions like proms or weddings.

Updos have evolved over the years, but we still can't get enough of a hairstyle that looks elegant and feels comfortable. With celebrity inspo, we have everything you need to know about crafting the perfect updo hairstyle for any occasion.

The magical world of updos for long hair is indispensable for girls who had enough patience to grow their locks. After waiting for years on end to get lavish long hair, you can now enjoy a myriad of hairstyles that go far beyond curls or braids. There are so many types of updos out there that you might have a challenging time choosing just one.

But when it comes to making formal hairstyles for long hair, each woman has her own opinion. It’s safe to say that most people understand that a formal hairstyle shouldn’t be messy. The untidy hair with stray locks sticking out can ruin any formal image. A formal dress mixed with a wild hairstyle just doesn’t look good.

Of course, in the contemporary world, many options are possible; women still prefer more or less traditional styles for formal occasions. If you have long hair, you need to put in some extra work to create a proper formal hairstyle. We offer you some ideas to work with.

The next time you need to dress up (or just want some extra flair), try one of these perfect hairstyles to make a major impact.

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Camila Ruiz


bgc_girl22 :-*

Okay I see. A thumbnail that's not EVEN IN THE VIDEO

Madi Hawkins

what's the name to the first song that comes on

Singing For The Creator

Wonderful job on these hair styles!

Kim Taehyung

My niece prom is tomorrow and i wanna help her but i dont know how



Bilawal Rajar

i see

حنين المطر amale


Shonai P

Long hairs????? Its not even medium length for me

Silvana Maria


Sneha Saji

Which are the equipments that used for hair dressing

Jasmin Shaikh

Nice mam?????????????


awesome and great

Selen Elle

The last song name pls???! Thx


These are beautiful, makes me want to start playing with my hair and I have nowhere to go! Lol

Zeynep Isik

cok hizli yapiyorsun ya anlamiyorum bisey ama heside cok guzel olmus perfect

Alejandra Ramirez


Danielle Wheeler

First to like❤️I love your videos

Ali benfaroum


Brian O'Neal


Asya Məhərrəm


Braeden Dahl

Sick clickbait

Лакосте Диор

лайк если тоже ищешь комент на русском...)

just leafie

my prom is tomorrow and i don’t know how i’m doing my hair :-) last minute squad wya

y e e t

i like everything else except the music its ehhh

Luis molina Naim


Edicleide Vasconcellos

Hum Ladkiyaan

woow your hair volume is very good nd i love your hairstyle


I would like to see all these hairstyles after 2 hours of dancing and hugging at a wedding party.


Hairstyles are so good but the video is playing way too fast. How is anyone meant to follow it?

Dilpreet Kaur

They take clips from other videos I think that they should just make their own videos


Very nice styles, but a bummer, they never showed the up-do with the flower :(

Tehreem ARMY purple BTS


wajeeha Ansari

First song name ??

Michalea Nichols

Do you know what curling wand they use?

Singh.suki.singh Singh.suki.singh


maya life

What is the name of the first song ?

janet briones

How are all the songs that appear in the video called?

Misty Knight

A bride sent me the picture on the right, it's not even in this video ?


watch this video in 0.5

Nicole Dionisio

but my hair is thin?

Sally Semrau

Why so loud music?

bunny inteligent


Eliana Passos

Parabéns, show de penteados.

shalini mathur

Which song is this

kaur D


Pinky MadHatter

Love the way she gets TO THE POINT ,LIKE BAM! Not like others that blah blah blah and take forever. If you know hair,this is all you need. Thanks girl!#

Colleen Ward

beautiful styles.....I have long hair n I always love to wear my hair wild n scruffy

shamma fate7i


monalisa fermino


Brigita Bliujūtė

I will end school this month, so I am looking for a perfect hairstyle even tho I have 14 days left.

Инулька S

Super Arbeit ?????


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Betty Coyle

if only i had the bobby pins

Ikram Kiki



You made this look soooooo easy!!!?

jamik 96


A Mobery

What are the songs you used in this video? I really like the one around 2 minutes.

janet briones

What is the name of the song????

Dolsie M

Love the hairdos.

Scorpion Demz

Lov it

Adauana Nunes

Eu ameei! I am brazil

Raginiy6q2alv Paswan


Chyara Carella

CHECK OUT MY LAST TUTORIAL https://youtu.be/0O0kS5jhJuQ

Olivia Brown

I hope all of their prom dresses are zip ups.

Alexandra-Gabriela Duță

I have an apointment today and i liked the 3:40 so imma leave it here

Zaho Ihany

Okay, for those who asked for the name of the first song, I finally found it after 15mn looking for it. So, it's "C'mon" by Epidemic sound.

Anichka 0223

Як називається остання пісня

Ikram Kiki


Meliza Angela Napoles

I wish I dont have a thin hair to do that easily I'm finding some hairstyle :< like this on the video coz my prom is going to happen this feb and I am hoping to have this kind of hairstyle



Shivnath Shakti


Carlos Alberto


Anthonella Flores Briones

Como se llama la canción???

Barby Lee

Nerve racking

maya life

شواسم الاغنية الاولى ارجوكم

Taylor James

What's the name of the second song

Jessy Mthuli

Nice hair style and nice songs I really liked all who's songs are all things I was inspired by music mostly

Sithumini Hansika


Marelin Martinez

Jajaja te sirve , vos dale

Andrea 'Jackie' Garcia

Like if you watch a lot of these videos and still have ur hair all over the place. Lol

Selen Elle

First song name pls??!

Ninalu Team 3


janet briones

What is the name of the song

Ruby Rivera

This is more like "crazy hair updos ?

Anta Rahman

What is the song ??