Is garnier fructis good for hair

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Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Line: High Puff Demo on Long Hair & Review

40 865 views | 25 Jan. 2016



Lipstick Color Pop Beher

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Items shown

Granger Fructose Sleek and Shine shampoo http://www.target.com/p/garnier-fructis-sleek-shine-shampoo-for-frizzy-dry-unmanageable-hair-25-4-fl-oz/-/A-12443967#prodSlot=medium_1_6&term=sleek+and+shine

Granger Fructose Sleek and Shine Rinse out conditioner http://www.target.com/p/garnier-fructis-sleek-shine-conditioner-for-frizzy-dry-unmanageable-hair-25-4-fl-oz/-/A-12443909#prodSlot=medium_1_5&term=sleek+and+shine

Granger Fructose Sleek and Shine leave in http://www.target.com/p/garnier-fructis-sleek-shine-intensely-smooth-leave-in-conditioning-cream-10-2-fl-oz/-/A-12443828#prodSlot=medium_1_4&term=sleek+and+shine

Granger Fructose Clean Gel

Granger Fructose Hair spray

coco conscious collective straight Transformations Styling Oil http://cococonscious.com/ref/3


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Free 2 Be Kinky

your hair is so thick and pretty

Ricky campos

thats kool cause i use there product shampoo my self and the gel to its awsome stuff

YogiAmy 1993

Omg hair was already amazing from the beginning!

Marian Vázquez

Se puede usar en el cabello rizado?

Texas Gal

Your hair is AH-MAY-ZING!!

Amber Williams

Loved this <3 I actually went to my local family dollar and saw the same products for under $5. I was waiting on your review to actually purchase them :)

MS RedLight

9th day hair?!?!!! sold!

Pam411 P

Your hair?????


Great song choice

Mary Ngongbi

Very healthy Hair...cute

AgentDouble Oh Soul !!

Thank you for this valuable information.

Bri Skinner

I use these products and it has helped so much in gaming my frizz, my hair is very thick so it can be kinda hard to manage




This stuff made my hair break off over the last 2 years I been using it

wilson souza

So pretty

Prakash Kashyap

really long hair

Rachel Miler

I'm so glad that this worked out for you. I've been using Garnier Fructis for years even before I went natural. I suggested the Leave In for a friend of mine that had a thicker texture and it worked for them also. I was skeptical that it would work SO well for your cause your hair is SO luscious lol. But it did and I'm happy.

Beauty of Grace

I use some of these products as well! Your hair is beautiful!

Robin basile

did garnier change the formula to the sleek and shine line because i cant find any that say they dont contain sulfates or silicones.


Is your hair really tangled after wearing a style like this so long? Do u loose a lot of hair when you dangle after?

Is garnier fructis good for hair

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Garnier Fructis on NATURAL type 3/4 hair???!!!

5 550 views | 19 Jun. 2019

Does Garnier Fructis

Does Garnier Fructis work on natural type 3 and type 4 hair?! I had a full day using Garnier Fructis because I really wanted to see if it would work for my hair. They are inexpensive, accessible and dammit I was tired of seeing these products and unsure if it would work on my kinky, curly hair. So did they work?! Watch and see!

✨ S U B S C R I B E ✨ http://ow.ly/QhPB305l72I


#garnierfructis #naturalhair #affordableproducts


? P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D :

○ Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Shampoo

○ Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Conditioner

○ Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Air Dry Butter Cream

○ Garnier Fructis Curl Treat Smoothie

○ Garnier Fructis Curl Treat Jelly

○ Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat 1 minute Hair Mask


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Learn the Best Makeup Tips and Tricks → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_dnL5q3e84lZmwCQkk-01tYvqZhtD_BD

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Ninaboosexy sanchez

Your hair is so gorgeous doll face!


Are you Caribbean??


Glad you did the review. The caught my eyes in my local pharmarcy (5,49). It's rare that I can find products for this price in Canada. I did a wash n go with it (using a leave in conditionner). It lefted a cast like eco styler for 2 days). Yeah it has a weird consistency. I think I'll use it if I without options. I'm stull experiencing wash n go. Thanks for the review.


I was gonna go buy it rn fr

Tevin Nelson

She’s not satisfied but I love how it came out, maybe it’s just because she has gorgeous hair ❤️

Curlyhead Rain

You have very beautiful hair ,I really enjoyed the video ??.

Naturally Nappy

I'm glad you did the review lol I wouldnt try it but at least we all know it's not for us


Very thorough review. Thanks for caring to share.


but was the shampoo not stripping? its sulfate-free?


I just got this from Target, I'm so scared now after watching

Koconut Kirby

I bought the jelly its pretty good for twist outs. Lol now i know not to try a wash n go

Is garnier fructis good for hair

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Perfect Shampoo & Conditioner For Type 4 Coarse Hair!

31 163 views | 13 Aug. 2019

Garnier Fructis Pure

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Aloe Line! I am going to be showing you guys the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo that has great slip and nourishment for both the shampoo and conditioner. This works great with kinky type 4 hair that is coarse in texture. This conditioners works well on low porosity hair but if you are looking for more conditioners and shampoos that work great on both low and high porosity, click the link below!

⬇️ List Of Gel's W/Slip For Kinky Coarse Type 4 Naturals


⬇️ Master List of Moisturizing Shampoo's and Conditioner's for Natural Hair!



⬇️ NEW WEBSITE | Where all of your natural hair problems can be solved!


⬇️ Want Chazzzisawesome to build you, your very own wash day routine?


⬇️ Not sure what Shampoo/Conditioners work for kinky/unruly hair?

Most Slippery/Moisturizing Shampoo's and Conditioners For Type 4 Kinky Coarse Hair!



How I detangle my type 4 hair like butter!


AFFILIATE LINKS TO EVERYTHING I USED!...or bear hid from me...

- The Ultimate Detangling Brush ⤵


- Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo, 21 fl. oz.⤵


- OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo, 13 Ounce⤵



Since this video I also started loving the conditioner more than the OGX tea tree conditioner. TONS OF SLIP FOR DETANGLING!

- Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner, 21 fl. oz.⤵



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Type 4a in the front. Type 4b on the sides. Type 4c in the middle and a little sprinkle on the sides. This is why I just refer to myself as just type 4.



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Alteata Fox

I finally found this product in my local Walgreen's and couldn't wait to try it on my hair... I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised. I love the way it made my hair feel after washing/conditioning before adding other products & styling. I, also noticed a considerable amount of less hair loss during the detangling process as well. Thank you so much!!! ?

Shenez Abambora

Do you deep condition?

Kimi Nyancat

You comb that ?.

Debbie Banks

? Oh Yeah,,All Then?

Dorcas Tabitha PL

Is a clarifying shampoo a must for low porosity hair?


YOOOOOOO!!! I finally got the Pure Clean Aloe Conditioner and SIS!!! GOLD MINE right there! I am so inlove with the SMELL and the SLIP of that conditioner. I have a new favorite wash out conditioner! Thanks for the heads up! I'm about to cop the big bottle and try the shampoo. I co-sign on the Aloe line. Let me catch it on a sale or a couple coupons......


U are so right thats why I detangle on semi dry hair and style after

Trina Bartholomew

Do you color your hair?

Amber D

That’s what’s up thanks ??


Im returning my shea moisture to stock pile these!

monica webster

5:33 love your show but I think you're detangler is too small.you should get a detangling brush where its bigger

Batgirl P

I can detangle the ends, the roots are the problem.

Evelyn Toney

Thanks you for sharing ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

You don't know Jacq.

At 14:59, when you said that the conditioner was a "teddy bear of softness", I was totally expecting Bear to chime in...

Imani Jackson

So the best time to detangle is before wetting your hair with water and shampoo in order to prevent hair from breaking.


I tried that conditioner last year. Was not that slippy or moisturizing for me. I prefer the wholeblends honey conditio


Chazz you should try the wet look if you haven’t already! Omg I would love that?❤️


3am in Walmart, I'm pulling up this vid to make sure I'm buying the right shampoo and conditioner.


i wash and condition and my hair still feels DRY

Joyce 31202

FRUCTIS !!!!! ?

Nico Nichole

I apologise 4 not giving u chance. Honestly, I was taking back by Bear. I'm so sorry, I apologise. U are my hair twin and have taught me so much information on how to care for my un-ruly, temperamental, gangster hair of mine. Thanks 4 all u do for the struggle that's real. Stay well and safe ?. Peace and blessings!


Yes ive been using these for about a month and they are bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parris Moniaa

Now Chazz you know we need a update on what products you use .. Bc girl ya hair grew sooo fast . ?

Tracy Harmon

Do you have a video that shows you trimming your ends?

my-afro _com

Hi very good video !!! For those who need help putting these tips into application for their hair: www.my-afro.com a personal hair coach helps you reaching your hair goals faster. Contact me on www.my-afro.com

Naturally Awesome Fitness

Personally, I wasn’t surprised by your review of Garnier products, lol. The best sulfate shampoo I’ve ever used is Garnier Sleek & Shine. Although I follow up with a sulfate free shampoo also, my opinion is that mainstream shampoos do have good things to offer for type 4 hair :).


You want people to pay you for you to tell us which products are the best for 4c hair? And I mean this not to bash you but more of in disbelief and shock. (In reference to the link on your description box)

andrea jackson

I’m in the store right now I’m going to try it. I also see “Garnier Fructis triple Nutrition” it has glycerin + avocado, olive and almond oil. For “dry to very dry hair”. Have you tried that one??


Your camera seems awesome though!!!!

Lezile Whitehurst

You are so funny and relatable keep up the good work chazzi????and tell bear I said stop hating on you lol?

Barbara Peller

Thanks, just ordered the products off of Amazon and will let you know how it worked on my 4c hair.


If they have aloe vera juice they are great. ???

Filimon Habte

??????❤️??pure fineness

Jesus MyFirstLove

Can you do a video on the best deep conditioner? please ?

PiscesTV ??

Nahh you trippin trippin. Us with the 3b/3c thick super frizz combo need to detangle during the conditioning process. Otherwise once that frizz sets in there’s no amount of products or praying that’s gonna fix it.


I’m back ?

Nap Freedom215

Okay! I have the conditioner on my stash shelf! May have to get the shampoo, pair it against my favorite keracare hydrating detangling shampoo!

Courtney Bridgett

Just used this shampoo today to clarify my hair. Its amazing!


You have such good energy, and I love the hair growth journey

Chantel Robinson

Dollar tree shampoos do the best on my hair idk why. Most of them do.

But some Walmart, and drug store shampoos do not do well on my hair and idk why ?.

Filimon Habte

your so fine and those eyes are putting me in a trance

Tee Jay

Soulmate shampoo and conditioner....LOVE IT!??



alley BM

I've been on a quest to find a hair mask and leave in conditioner that'll give my hair life in my wash routine ?? help meh please

Tiffany P.

I love my shampoo brush. I’ve been using it since you mentioned it last year. Best thing ever on this thick hair

Cozy Sunflower

? Bear is the G.O.A.T!

Brittany Ferguson

Lol the detangle process looked painful...your face was like “LORD!”

Mychelle Haze

Found your channel like 3 days ago!! Binge watched all your videos and subscribed!! Love the vibe!! Going to get these products right now!! ????


can someone explain to me what "slip" means

K Au

What's the name of the shampoo?

Shamonia Jarmon

I absolutely love your realness and we have similar hair characteristics. I have followed most of your tips throughout the past few months I’ve been watching you. How old are you and could you do a video on mini/medium size twists as a protective style???

Latavia J

I’ve been thinking of trying this shampoo and conditioner and now I think I will. You’re always looking out for us?

Geovanni Garreck

I brought this from this tutorial n I have to say you never lie this product was great in my hair!

Thy Lady Hyacinth

Is Bear on P.O.F.? Asking for a brown bear friend.

mona potter

I am so grateful that I found you ????

Felicia N

FINALLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY Someone is doing a review on this product!!!! I've been eyeing the shampoo and conditioner for sometime now ?????????????????. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Trina Bartholomew


Brianna Mills

You are the ONLY youtuber I have found that I can relate to with my hair struggles

Alisha Johnson

I need maximum slip from start to finish

Carla Garrison

Girl I love that bear, I was over here laughing like bear is a real person?

Michele A

I wish I would skip detangling my hair before washing and conditioning my it. Regardless of how much slip my styling products have. My hair is just to kinky for that...4c party on 90% of my head!

Prissy’s Corner

But sis I need to see how you did these two braids! my struggle is real over here

Towanda Speight

Thx for tips chazz..u da bomb..n I love bear..lol...anotha inexpensive line for "us" type 4 nats..is suave natural hair care line..not sure if it's on ur list..can u review it..I've used it for abt six months..n it's gud...keep up gud work..

Alisha Johnson

Have you reviewed Hask products

Gabrielle Aarons

This is soooo true!!!

Justine Horton

I like Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner. Then I follow up with olive oil mixed with castor oil. My hair is so soft after. I'm wearing my hair in twists now so hopefully I can retain length better

Edit: both are fragrance free which is great because I'm sensitive to fragrances

Sharing Sharing

I have and Love my Shampoo Brush!!!! The shampoo I have to try!

Debbie Banks


Gabriel Arnett

Blessings from Nassau Bahamas 242 once again I hope your mom feels well, men light skin honey you get some good hair like me baby lol.. You need too check out ''EASY BREEZIE'' on youtube she's a bad hairstylist from Atlanta..

Dayvia Rae

I think im gonna try out the tangle teaser because of you!

Lora de leon

I don't know who else felt like that, but I felt like dying when you were detangling your hair with the shampoo on. Hearing that made me cringe ?
Love you a lot btw, greetings for you and bear from the DR :3

Makayla Johnson

Have you tried naturall clubs products ???


You should try the garnier whole blends avocado and shea butter line! It works wonders on my hair ?

Shon Carter

Love you and this channel?. Bear is a trip....

Roxkel Harper

I got mines from Walmart for 6 dollars

The Queen

I detangle with water before I shampoo

Tajaya Tomlinson

"Shea bum" I cannot ????

Nikki Larry

Hey Chazz, have you ever tried Tangles and Beyond products on your hair?

Nico Nichole

Okay, 4 people in the cheap seats. Did anyone catch the names of the sltyling products with slip? For example, leave in conditioner, twist butter and gel? I must have missed it; didn't see it listed on the list in the description. I can't spend more money on the wrong products. I have fine, dense, low priority disrespectful 4 type hair, SOS. Thanks Fam. Peace and blessings ?

L B 1993brownsuga



If you pull your hair taut at the end the detangling tool slides easier! Your welcome!

Justine Horton

I detangle when adding olive oil to my hair before I twist. Keeps my hair soft for quite a few days.

Ann Betsa

So imma have to get these then ??? Or ??

A Akush

You never mentioned the name of the shampoo.


Ok but why is she so CUTE?!


I have that same brush and I never thought to use it as a detangling tool??‍♀️ I always used it on my scalp.

Nico Nichole

Okay, 4 people in the cheap seats. Did anyone catch the names of the sltyling products with slip? For example, leave in conditioner, twist butter and gel? I must have missed it; didn't see it listed on the list in the description. I can't spend more money on the wrong products. I have fine, dense, low priority disrespectful 4 type hair, SOS. Thanks Fam. Peace and blessings ?

Mia Gordon

I love the growth I've seen with your hair! Keep up the good work! And you and Bears dialogue is hilarious to me. You are true to yourself and I hope you have great success in all your endeavors ???

Phumuzile Ndimande

Chazz can i skip conditioner and deep condition? Or can i just shampoo and condition and not deep condition?

Shannon Armstrong

Bear didn't have the money because he wanted the honey ????


aloe vera closes the cuticle allowing the hair to untie easier

Black Afro Jazz

I'm definitely going to back you up and vouch that it's better to detangle your hair when it's dry or at least 50% to 60% and dry, as opposed to detangling when wet. When your hair is wet, the disulfide bonds within your hair are broken so it's easier to get breakage and damaged because the hair has absorbed so much water so when it's porous is at its weakest state.

Antoinette L

Omgggg thank you for sharing this! It's I just washed my hair with this combo and my hair is so soft! Not to mention it smells amazing. I'm not gonna lie I wasn't expecting a lot, but I was so wrong. Everything you said was on point. I don't think I ever had a shampoo and conditioner work so well together. I rarely comment on videos but I had to pop in and say thank you!

Nico Nichole

Okay, 4 people in the cheap seats. Did anyone catch the names of the sltyling products with slip? For example, leave in conditioner, twist butter and gel? I must have missed it; didn't see it listed on the list in the description. I can't spend more money on the wrong products. I have fine, dense, low priority disrespectful 4 type hair, SOS. Thanks Fam. Peace and blessings ?


Hi actually aloe is only the 13th ingredient in this shampoo but POLYQUATERNIUM-10 which is a detangling agent is a main one so I guess that's the ingredient that gives slip. Also I avoid all products where perfume is towards the top of the ingredients list like thos shampoo. Thank you for the review but I have to pass on that one.


Got both of these products this weekend, and I have to say I noticed a difference. Could definitely be staple products. Cheap at Target too.

monica webster

That's too small. that cannot even get through the whole loc, unless you use very very small sections☹️?


Hmmm, then my hair is weird. When it’s soaking wet, I can glide thru it. When it’s half dry...omg ??‍♀️ It catches an attitude with me. I’ve tried a lot of products...even that s curl stuff ?

Doll Face

I literally got the same shampoo brush you got and when I tell you, it makes every wash day so easier and the detangling easier ❤ A shampoo brush works wonders ❤?

SC TravelRN

Thanks, Chazz! I've been looking for a new clarifying shampoo, so this video is right on time. I'm looking forward to trying the conditioner as well, although I always dc on wash days.