Plexus body cream ingredients

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PLEXUS | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Reviews, Deep Dive

7 196 views | 6 Jul. 2020

Disclaimer: Anything said

Disclaimer: Anything said in this video is for entertainment purposes and are my opinions.


Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research—as examples of activities that may qualify as fair use.


Video Info:

Plexus nutrition challenge: https://plexusworldwide.com/renewyoukit

Fearing the Black Body podcast: https://www.bodykindnessbook.com/2019/06/11/podcast-119-fearing-the-black-body-part-one-with-sabrina-strings-phd-why-health-is-about-access-not-weight/

FOR SLIM HUNGER CONTROL - Garcinia Cambigia info:




Accelerator product sheet: https://plexusworldwide.com/plexus-accelerator-information-sheet

Higenamine: What Athletes Need to Know to Compete Clean


5-HTP, L-Tryptophan, EMS:

- EMS after ban removed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3848710/#:~:text=Eosinophilia%E2%80%93myalgia%20syndrome%20(EMS),originating%20from%20a%20single%20source.

Healthline 5-HTP info: https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/5-htp-side-effects-dangers#side-effects

- More info on 5-HTP: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-794/5-htp

FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES email: [email protected]

Let’s be friends:




The nutrition & health industry is lacking diversity. If you’re interested in supporting Black creators & Black dietitians:

Margaret Angel, anti-MLM video creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp5rwana8V5yOf1CHr-c_qw

Digest with Jasmynn, Registered Dietitian: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9EYhyEQWaKvd3vWeY0aevg

- One of my favorite RDs, Valerie Agyeman: https://www.instagram.com/flourishheights/?hl=en


Get me free Straight-Up Simplified Meal Plan Roadmap: https://unlockednutrition.com/simple-roadmap/


- 4 keys steps for SIMPLE & balanced meal prep.

- A simple formula for putting meals and snacks together to balance hunger and healthy blood sugar levels.

- A walkthrough on creating a healthy, balanced, and SIMPLE meal plan with food you can get at any grocery store.

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Rose Aguilar

Envy and inexperienced!


You deserve WAY more views and subscribers! I don't typically comment or engage on youtube, let alone most other socials, but I will say this -- Your manner of speaking and presenting information is so refreshing, as is your attitude towards food in general. :)

And my 3 favorite foods right now are jasmine rice, steak, and always (always) pizza, lol.


So there is only one prebiotic in it and everyone has a completely different microbiome so it may not even be feeding the good bacteria in some people. Not all probiotics are also beneficial for each person. I had so much gas on this. Waaaaay more than normal. And I was constipated more than I’ve ever been in my life and was drinking at least 90 ounces of water a day (I weight 155 lbs). But I was also having diarrhea out of nowhere too. When I said this, the rep told me to take more of the bio cleanse and that this means it’s doing something. I was also not taking some of the things I was taking that were working for me before this because I felt like I was taking in waaay too much of certain minerals.

Sarah Brown

Sounds like a hater video ???

Jana Reaves

I have a degree in Heath Science, and have always been healthy until I was 41. After 3 trips to my female doctor with no answers I turned to Plexus. It was the answer. It totally changed my health. And I have met hundreds of people who have had life changing results from Plexus. I’m not sure who you got your info from but many of my Plexus friends drink coffee. I do. Not because I need it but because I like coffee. Plexus has helped people who are coffee dependent. Plexus is not saying these products take the place of good food or exercise. Plexus simply fills in the gaps where we are deficient. I have 6 children and long days. I can’t possibly count my calories each day, work, run a business, volunteer, work out, and run my home effectively without Plexus. But I’m
Not overweight and never have been. Plexus is for better health. Weight loss is an aftermath of better health. And often Plexus provides what people need in their health to give them extra energy and the desire to change other health in other areas. My brother is a very healthy doctor and he takes and strongly supports Plexus. It’s not sold in stores because the people who work in stores can’t tell me if it works. I can find thousands of happy Plexus users. I dare you to give the Triplex a 60 day run. We have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Ginger Montalvo

My favorite food is tikka masala with paneer and naan. Thanks for a great video!


Look at all these hun bots hating on this video lol. MLMs are so culty.

Isabel B.

Favorite food is ketchup :)

Chelsea Allen

Rewatching this because today I sadly found out my sister has joined Plexus ?

Callie Tanzini

I am so sick of these people talking crap about coffee. I drink coffee with a little protein powder every single day and I will continue doing it probably until I die because I love it so much lol. Also, my favorite food is Italian sausage with peppers. Or almost any Italian food lol.

Valerie Gonzales

I love this video. I’m currently taking plexus.
But it’s so great to hear the information from another person’s perspective. I don’t take aaaaaalll those products just a few of them. Hehe. But some of those ingredients, umm I wasn’t aware of. ??

I would like for you to tell us what you think of Plexus Slim Micobiome and Plexus Ease. ??

Heather Clark

I was a distributor for plexus for almost 3 years. Recently got out. I have severe ibs and that's how I was brought in as well as for the business.

Rebecca T

? fave food is cheeseburgers! :) also broccoli

Yeti Flavor

Such great advice from a “nutritionist” who thinks we should go to McDonalds?! You need more school.. Just a thought from a “uneducated”. individual


Plexis has made its way into a drug rehab center! I am doing a lot of research to send the rehab board about both Plexis products and MLMs. I hope to weed it out and stop the preying on people in recovery.

Lizzie Stockwell

Corned beef and cabbage

the Basement

Favorite food is eggs. Followed by soup and authentic Mexican.
Favorite beverages are water, tea, and coffee.

Alexis B

Great video. I was looking for honest reviews about Plexus when I found your channel. I was interested in Plexus because a friend recommended it for my daily headaches/migraines. After watching your video, and because of the insane cost of Plexus, I won't be trying it at this point. That said, do you have any tips for dealing with headaches?


People please don’t trust RDs. RDs either have the most outdated info and practice or are just plain corrupts. They follow corrupted evidence based nutrition from the “academy”. They still think eating fat is bad and are ok with carbs and sugar. The “academy” receives money from Coca Cola, wendy’s, wringley’s, etc. RDs are carb pushers even if it’s bad for you.

Camille Chambers

I'm a Plexus user and have found the products beneficial. The pink drink is a great substitute for coffee because most people add too much sugar and creamers which can make you gain weight and effect your blood sugar; whereas Plexus Pink drink is great alternative. The studies show that if you have a healthy digestive system then your whole body functions better and that's what Plexus Triplex aims to do. I stopped cravings carbs and sugars, I popped frequently and drank more water which made me loose weight. Any distributior will tell you to discuss the products with your healthcare provider and readily share the ingredients. This is a great supplement line!

Evelyn Llamas

I have been taking Active for 4mths now and it has helped me with my coffee intake. I was drinking up to 4 cups a day for that caffeine kick. Now I take 1 Active Packet and I get that morning energy boost without the coffee breath or afternoon crash. I'm also not big on pre-workout because it makes my heart race and Active helped with that too. Gives me energy without jitters. So not all products are awful. Just my 2 cents.

Heather Clark

So with the green coffee extract plexus would say that when tested it came back 0% caffeine but due to it containing extract from a green coffee bean by law they have to put less than 2%

Isabel B.

Great video!

Sarah Taylor

There are 2 kinds of pink drink. Microbiome and hunger control. The one not mentioned is to support gut health not control hunger.

Heather Ferreira

I’m sorry but you’re highly uneducated on plexus ? these products are science backed and developed by an endocrinologist. Dr Jim Logan is on the medical board who worked with NASA for 22 years also clinicians with the Mayo Clinic. Before you bash..do your research smfh.

Heather Clark

Bio cleanse can be very bad. It helps with constipation but if you don't drink enough water while taking it, it'll make you more constipated. I ended up in the urgent care cause of it.

Suzanne Whitmore

Brilliant video. I so want to share but extended family would definitely stop talking to me.
Informative and an eye opener on the pink drink cult.
Favourite food chicken wings, brownies and pumpkin soup.

Chewy Truthseeker

I take plexus and it has greatly improved my life substantially...

From chronic illness to wellness...

In remission & off all Medications!!

Anonymous Christian


Heather Clark

Yeah accelerator made my heart race and made me shakey. Accelerator has been around for years. Metaburn is very new.

Morgan Carr

I personally use Plexus and have had AMAZING results. Diseases such as anxiety and depression which I’ve had, can stem from the gut. My anxiety has severely improved. Also, if someone reaches out to anyone distributing Plexus, they will tell you: you MUST drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water, and strongly encourage a look at your diet as a more whole diet you are on the better/quicker you will see results.

In terms of weight loss, candida overgrowth is a legitimate thing. I have not stepped foot on a scale in 6 months and yet am so much thinner. I don’t care what my weight is because I have lost inches of inflammation caused by my gut being imbalanced. The scientist for plexus is the former scientist for NASA. His SOUL job was to keep astronauts safe and healthy AND their immediate families healthy for 23 years.

Justin Lee

Chicken with vegetables stir fry with Cauliflower Riced.

Tamarah Quequish

I took Plexus because yeah I was depressed and was told about Triplex and how it could help my anxiety as well.

I didnt want to take anything from the doctor that could do harm, side affects and ext.

Shelly H

LOL.....You have no idea what you're talking about. There are so many Medical professionals, who sell and recommend Plexus. Real testimonies of change. I suggest you look into it all. Why would I want to listen to any of your video's when the accuracy of this one is so off base.

Jen Alaine

I’ve been taking plexus for awhile now and it seemed to help in the beginning with my Ibs but now I’m all messed up and my gut is horrible. I was doing exactly what it said to do so I think I may have an issue with the product or fodmaps as you said. I’m now eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and going to buy a high quality probiotic and see if that helps get me back to better gut health.

Mya Morenzoni

This was so helpful. I’m an RN and taking my personal training and nutrition coaching certification and I really wanted to help my clients and patient have healthy relationships with food. I have never been about supplements besides vitamins and when I heard this was “natural” I was interested but I am definitely going to just focusing on getting as much as I can from food. That’s the most “natural” you can get lol

Liliana Atkins

Thank you for the info! Would love to see what you think of their collagen

Blanche Schuchardt

? Cold brew, dark chocolate and currently warm rice bowls! Interesting review - lots of friends take plexus so good to hear an in-depth review on it.

TheParksFamily Homestead

I started taking slim "pink drink" right after I had my third daughter because I was told it would help regulate my hormones. I went from having an ocular migraine (caused by my hormones) every single day, to having one every three or so months!
Idk if it works for weight loss, but it seriously helps with hormones

Plexus body cream ingredients

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Plexus body cream ingredients

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