Not sure faces

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Juice WRLD - Empty (Official Audio)

72 703 251 views | 8 Mar. 2019

Juice WRLD's Death Race

Juice WRLD's Death Race For Love is out now: http://smarturl.it/DeathRaceForLove

For all official Juice Wrld News & Merch visit: http://Juicewrld999.com

Subscribe to the official Juice WRLD channel for new music, updates and behind the scenes footage click here: http://bit.ly/Sub-to-JuiceWrld

Check out more Juice WRLD here:

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/uiceheidd/sets...

Twitter - https://twitter.com/JuiceWorlddd

Insta - https://www.instagram.com/juicewrld999/

Creative Direction: Chris Berdine https://www.instagram.com/berdinedesi...

Art Direction & Design: Folder Studio https://www.instagram.com/folderstudio/

3D Artwork: Checker Studio https://www.instagram.com/checkerstudio/

Animated by Martin "PoorMarty" Perry


#JuiceWRLD #DeathRaceForLove #999


For anyone who says he is fat, hes not he is just keeping his 2000 unreleased songs in there. RIP JUICE

Bart Timmerman

RIP: Juice Wrld
RIP: Michael Jackson
RIP: Pop Smoke
RIP: Eazy-E
RIP: Bruce Lee
RIP: Bob Marley
RIP. George Floyd
RIP: Freddie Mercury
RIP: Tupac Shakur
RIP: The Notorious B.I.G.
RIP: Heath Ledger
RIP: Stan Lee
RIP: George Michael
RIP: Muhammad Ali
RIP: Chester Bennington
RIP: Chapecoense Plane Crash Victims
RIP: Lil Peep
RIP: Stephen Hawking
RIP: Avicii
RIP: Mac Miller
RIP: Emiliano Sala
RIP: Cameron Boyce
RIP: Grant Thompson
RIP: Etika
RIP: Paul Walker
RIP: Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant
RIP. Nipsey Hustle
RIP: Irrfan Khan
RIP: Sushant Singh Rajput
RIP: Naya Rivera
RIP. Stefán Karl Stefánsson
RIP: Chadwick Boseman
RIP. Eddie Van Helen
RIP. Nujabes
RIP. Kurt Cobain
RIP. Whitney Houston
RIP Speaker Knockerz
RIP: To all soldiers who sacrifice their lives
RIP: To all the people who died from Covid-19 ?
[ Legends never die they live in our hearts ❤️ ]

S Fromme

we loved your emotion in robbery
we loved your joy in armed and dangerous
we loved your imagery in lucid dreams
we loved your message in black & white
we loved your passion in empty
we loved your love story in hear me calling
we loved your tribute in legends
we loved your expression of heartbreak in all girls are the same
we loved your melody in suicidal
we loved your relatability in scared to love
we loved your flow in ransom
we loved your journey in end of the road
we loved your brotherhood in yacht club
we loved your optimism in feeling
we loved your story telling in hide
we loved your nostalgia in used to
we loved your spirit in fine china
we loved your sharing of struggle in hurt me
we loved your development in graduation
we loved your vulnerability in candles
we loved your perspective in ptsd
we love your legacy in righteous
we still love you
we love you juice

Sandra Jenkins


Zero Two

i love (miss) u juice:(


I love everyone, smile have a good day.


not many of you will be interested but today i’ve deleted all social media’s temporarily for a few months, except youtube for music, to work on myself. ive been in a state since about 8 months ago and i’m finally taking time to work on myself. no distractions, no stress, no nothing. if you do see this, you’re capable of great things. you’re doing fine, i’m proud of you. keep going. :)

Jdom246 dom

you are not alone we got each other’s backs things happen for a reason at the end you will be happy I promise y’all !


“Swallowing all these pills , not my real feels” that one really hits close to home with all the pill abuse I’ve been round and in

ilyas bali

rip legend never forgotten ?️❤️

Lord Puffi


Zyrell Jones

To the people who listen to this 999 years later remember flip one 9 on the far left and take away the one on the far right and then u got a genius????????

little darkness

rest in peace legend ???? forever in hearts ??

Simon Wang

The oceanic great-grandfather findingsinitially greet because women unlikely race onto a wary cycle. near, squalid cardigan

Kayden Dyer

999 :( <3

gloo flum

999 Still listening in 2021 and forever ?

Donny lee

wish we had a video for this

Yeet23 Nope

999 for life


9.9.9 changed my life fr fr


Check out 6vib3s he’s bring the juice wrld vibes back but he can’t replace juice


RIP JARAD I love you bro rest easy

Khaled Mustafa

Legends never die.


This song deserved a music video

Marium Ansari

To people watched by this 69 years later this guy was a legend.

Franky Ruiz

People on valentine's me sad and happy for people who has a valentine

Mater Cornea Tua

A few months ago this song had 40 million views what happend lmao


Goosebumps every time I revisit this song

Ayoub Azarkan

We miss u

GamingNitWits 1 & 2


Steven Kinsella

Yes brother keppin me sane.
God bless.


put it at 0.75 speed it hit different

Law and order

Peep, x, juice, mac we miss you

1nhale Exhale

i work in crawl spaces i feel his pain


Suicide oh really how come I didn't die when I tried 2 times ?

Sandra Jenkins


Sugar Code

We stay 999 forever my man We remember u juice

Ulysses Dejesus

RIP juice wrld 999 xxx 17 pop smoke


i cried, whe i heard he died. RIP Juice... i luv u

dead eye 17

This does not deserve dislikes
rip juice ☮?????
you are a legend

Mark Garcia

27 year laters. What are you doing nothing just hearing a great legend


I remain empty from the heart until i listen JuiceWrld Everynight❤️


ayo tf i remember this was like at 11 mil views, i come back it got 70 mil.

Sandra Jenkins


mini FE4RRR

who is here in 2021

Ray Conti

I like black and white my fave


I wish I found this guy when he was alive. But I'm here now ?



Prince A

If this comment gets likes, then that’s proof people come here everyday


yo this is rude but the comments are at 42,096 uh

stArt gamE

wow is very good song wow

Jilbo Jnr

Like a crawl space this a dark place I roam

Immortal_clan _

Fav song by him definitely

Jess Spence

I love this song ? ❤ ? rip juice

Ray Conti

Juice wrld was my favorite singer why did he have to go

Sad hours

If I ever catch my kids vibing to juice we’re going on a car ride an vibing together


I saw somebody say that he was crying for help and we failed him. What could we have done. I love bruh but he wouldn’t have listened to a fan telling him to get help or he needs to stop with the drugs. Don’t feel bad bc there is nothing we really could’ve done except hope he got the help he needed. He wasn’t able to get it. But it is our job to make sure his energy lives on through us.


? as always

Matt ghfgjgh


Simply Order

Reminder: we all miss you Juice, your music helped many people and overall you were a Good person and Friend to many who cherished the love you spread around the world through each word you spoke in your songs.

Look At you two

Damn this good R.I.P juice World

Lucas Pedrazagarcia

Dang he my favorite singer


I’m here cause it Valentine’s Day and I get no bitches ???I’m down bad

Zero Zero

for the people in 2050, juice wrld was a legend.



Miller Richards

Every day at school we all bring our speakers and listen to this legend




#AREAL1 jah kno ja boi got talen :( gonna miz u juice world no O

Liam Cross

This is such a good song

Flipper YT

I agree

meme Lord


Mauricio Thiago

I'm always here

morgan freeman

My life sucks i wanna die im here to listen and cry i tried overdosing twice and ended up blacking out and waking up gonna try again. I cant kill myself other ways im cowardly

chippy 002

Why does this song remind me of rainbow road


Love you JUICE WRLD we will never forget you


to the people who are still alive in 10years i have 799subs and ill see how many real juice wrld fans we have

Dasani Brown

one of my favorite songs from Juice Wrld. He’s definitely one of my top 5 artists and he was a legend. his lyrics, flow, and execution throughout all his songs were different ???.

swifty play25

Life gets thought shit is getting real that line touched my soul

Last Honor


Jayden Mason

He still alive his songs spell juice is still alive

Ray Conti

We all miss you so much ??

Gavin Freeman

R.I.P. Juice Wrld he will be missed as well as XXXTENTACION

Helen Stunt

is this video gorld I feel so god dem emdy


“like a crossspace its a dark place” hits different tho rip the legend juice wrld you served us right



Austiin Middleton

This guy's a legend


Juice WRLD is a LEGEND‼️

polo capalotfrmdao

This hits diffrent thinking about LA capone king von fredo santana juice wrld self??

Lukie Likes Juice Wrld

"Im So God Damn Empty" Juice Wrld Fans: Hes in a better Place 999

XzV D3cade


Blayzo Icy

Does he mention PnB Rock in this song?

isfan ramdhani

From the unknown
I ran away, I don't think I'm coming back home
Like a crawlspace, it's a dark place I roam
Ain't no right way, just the wrong way I know
I problem-solve with Styrofoam
My world revolves around a black hole
The same black hole that's in place of my soul, uh
Empty, I feel so goddamn empty
I may go rogue
Don't tempt me, big bullet holes
Tote semi-autos

[Verse 1]
Huh, yeah
I'm keepin' it real, real
I'm keepin' it real, uh, yeah
Life gets tough, shit is getting real (Yeah)
I don't know how to feel
Swallowing all these pills
Numb my real feels, uh
Devil standing here
Tryna' make a deal, uh
It ain't no deals
Feel like I'm going crazy but still took a lot to get me here
Losing my sanity up in a house in the hills, hills, hills
I ain't have anything then and I still don't have anything still, still, still, uh
Bein' me, I rock, PnB
These hoes actin' like gossip, TMZ
These drugs acting like
Mosh pits squishing me
Oh my, oh me, how they kill me slowly
Lonely, I been gettin' no peace
OD, feel like overdosing
Low key I been looking for the signs
But all I can find is a sign of the times

From the unknown
I ran away, I don't think I'm coming back home
Like a crawlspace, it's a dark place I roam
Ain't no right way, just the wrong way I know
I problem-solve with Styrofoam
My world revolves around a black hole
The same black hole that's in place of my soul, uh
Empty, I feel so goddamn empty
I may go rogue
Don't tempt me, big bullet holes
Tote semi-autos

[Verse 2]
I ain't suicidal
Only thing suicide is suicide doors
Fight for survival
Gotta keep hope up, rolling good dope up (Uh)
Hold my hand, through hell we go
Don't look back, it ain't the past no more
Gonna get to the racks, all them niggas want war
Yeah, I was put here to lead the lost souls
Exhale depression as the wind blows
These are the laws of livin' in vogue
We're perfectly imperfect children
Rose from the dust, all of us are on a mission
Never gave a fuck, really came from rags to riches
Now we live it up, driving with the rooftop missin'
I don't give a fuck, really came from rags to riches
Now I live it up, driving with the rooftop missin'

From the unknown
I ran away, I don't think I'm coming back home
Like a crawlspace, it's a dark place I roam
Ain't no right way, just the wrong way I know
I problem-solve with Styrofoam
My world revolves around a black hole
The same black hole that's in place of my soul, uh
Empty, I feel so goddamn empty
I may go rogue
Don't tempt me, big bullet holes
Tote semi-autos

Ray Conti

Juice wrld was the best r.i.p juice wrld???????????????????????????


To any one whos gonna commit Suicide ors thinking about it, me and my sister found mt dad dead in his bathroom the other day he was there for a couple of days we found out we broke down the door and and had to break in the restroom. My sister had tried holding me back but i pushed her away and there was my dad dead i grabbed him he was cold and hard my familys devastated, it hurts everyone even if you feel like someone doesn't care and they wont get affected they will, i understand sometimes you feel like it's hopeless but please its not the answer i blame myself for what happened to him.

fande xxxtentacion_wrld_smoke

2017:lil peep
2018:x and mac miller
2019:juice and nipsey
2020 pop and von
2021my heart

Noob Gaming

Man was a legend


This system we all living in is making me feel empty. Fuck America and everything it stands for... I'm tired of living with these "White Privileged" people.. I'm tired of living with this systematic racism bullshit. Fuck the Police and these big wigs. I'm just done...

But if I'm going down then I'm taking some with me...

Aiden Wilder

yo rip JARAD ANTHONY HIGGINS like this comment or juice will be on yo block haha just kidding

AGW snipe Yo



Does someone still listen this?
Cause i do.

Etong Tha fag

Who glade has dead lmfaoo

Not sure faces

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Sarah Paulson Is Pretty Sure She's Friends with Rihanna

5 186 976 views | 14 May. 2018

Sarah Paulson admitted to

Sarah Paulson admitted to Ellen it was a daily struggle not to embarrass herself (and sing) in front of her new friend Rihanna while filming their movie, "Ocean's 8."

Savannah Ford

i wanna be friends with her lol


came here for sarah paulson and sarah paulson only ❤️


y’all rly forgot ab helena bonham carter while talking ab oceans 8




Yah I take to my mother today she said that she will be working

Elza Žieda

Sarah:names every actress except Helena?️??️


Jajjaajjaajaja love you Sarah ????


Sarah is so funny but in the movie 'Run' i was terrified of her??

Plata O Plomo

Thats Jim Carrey if he were a woman


3:34 the way Ellen touched her jacket was actually quite suspicious. It did look like the times she is giving a cue to scare.


She's like the American Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Kailah Riley

Who’s here after tiktok

asantewaa afoakwah

She looks like Taylor schilling

emmy dolan

i love u sarah

The Ugly Thin Gay

"Cause when youre asked I think its nice to show up." - Sara Paulson

" -__- " - Ellen to Dakota Johnson's birthday invite.


Everyone while giving a speech 0:33
Everyone after the speech 0:47

Honey Martina

I didn't remember I could laugh this much.


Now my brother and mother is randy I am going to them now you see way anything’s like this as well Thy now what I will going to do say this will happen go Neymar me as well what now is not safe for them be around me

Kikisquad Martin

She reminds me of like Jennifer Lawrence combined with ??someone else

Marcus Ulpius Traianus

Sarah is so amazing, but she has so many fobias.


Can we see Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Paulson on the show together?

Rhonda Davis

Sarah Paulson is hilarious to me!

Loser Juice

Ellen just stick to hosting ? this woman wanna put herself in everything

Shycrazykool Lyfe

I love that's she's so genuine lol

Mi_ Amig0s

I guesd your here from tiktok

vianny caba

?? she is so funny.

linda jones

They forget Helena!

Courtney Holbrook

Sarah you are the loml


I'm here from tiktok

Susan Bryant

When I go into school, my face takes on Sarah Paulson’s inner red carpet face ?


i love she i love her so much


Seat back and relies like you only the place I will do

Al Ilm

Are they trying hard to turn Rihanna to into lesbian? It's unlikely. She is wired strait. :)

Anessa Thompson

Sarah saying she cant sing:
Her in ahs freak show singing like a angel:

Mayur Bhise

She looks like a mature emily blunt

daja marieee .

i absolutely love this woman , like seriously

Felicia Miranda

I love her so much deymn huhu?❤️❤️ she's making my life feel so easier by just watching and looking at her demn hahhahaah


Nurse Sr Rachetd

Jazmin Tabuena

I love u Sarah

Bianca Nweke

Hellcat it’s a srt ??

Fairy Lizard

she is FUNNY


Ela é muito minha crush??

emma fuller

She forgot helena


Sarah on Graham's show though ?

FerieL Istaa

Who's from tiktok???


Everyone always forgets HBC?

Roizel Diez

The only time I really LAUGHED while watching an Ellen video ???


For head’s down she way more different all 4and 5 time I been. Darting in my life now Cancer for head’s down she wya more difficult

Kimv Esquivel

Love her!

Maíra Valois

thats perfection right there

maming dading

i love her so much


Are you sure she is Ratched?

Francesca Recchia

I love her ???

Agustina Marino

So funny ?


how could she forget helena??

Han Su

Is this Cordelia after she got sick of being the supreme and decided she wanted to be a living legend?


It's funny how Sarah is in American Horror Story but she gets scared so easily when she's on Ellen.

Mélancolie Lupine

OMG my gurl Awkwafina played on Ocean's 8 !!!
I didn't even know !
Am so proud of her, I love her music, she rap so well, has a good flow, funny lyrics, and incredible style and her clips are fire. Happy to see her as an actress with Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling and Ann Hathaway ... You rock gurl !
Big cheers from France ❤️

S. Y.

That suit is ???✨??‍♂️

NezsGallery l

Me realizing that her dancing on Ellen was 2 years ago ???

angelena lloyd

0:32 had me in tears ???? I love her so much!!


She’s the only one who makes me genuinely laugh

Suck Y’a mum

Who’s here from tik tok ?

Lara385 zapping

Sarah should have a sitcom

Danielle Marshall

God bless you all in Jesus name amen and amen and I pray God will continue to help anyone going through anything at the moment. Much love

Katelyn lewis



She’s such an amazing actress. I watched Ratched and it was amazing

Katharina Röser

I don't get the outrage ellen n e v e r acted nice. She's mean and she doesn't hide it.


i love her ?♥️


3:36 Talk about human instincts! Ellen was about to push the button (look at her left hand placement on the bottom hem of her jacket) to signal the person inside the box to come out and scare Sarah, but Sarah screamed before then. She is telepathic after all!

deedee wilson

I came from TikTok

Tatiana Acevedo

I just love her

Heyy, It’s me

I can’tt with the faceeee

emmanuella edah

she didnt mention helena

Alex Clarkson

Im really annoyed they left Helena Bonham Carter out when they mentioned the cast

XX 25 XX

Sarah Paulson: names everyone in the movie but Helena ??

Timothy Lee

Who's here bc of tiktok

Daniel Bauhaus

I love her!!!!!!

Ms Ces Santos

My fave horror thriller actress❤️❤️❤️❤️✅✅✅ ratched latest ❤️

Audrey K

She’s incredibly funny and beautiful ??


Sarah Paulson and Sandra Oh in a movie together would be GOLD

Zahra Hussain

1:35 where’s Helena ???? ??

Aaliyah Soto



1:17 doesn’t show Anne Hathaway


Pretty in pink. She's hilarious & the put her with Ellen, I'm falling out my chair in hysterics.


i love her but is nobody gonna talk about how she forgot HELENA BONHAM CARTER?!!?!?

Denny Jones

When she said sorry and made that face it made me think of gillie from snl


Everybody get your “came here from tik tok ticket here”

Mila Scott-Jones

i’m obsessed

Ms Fine Wine

She’s fun

Melanie Rivera

Everyone is here from tik tok but I’m here for Ratched ! AMAZING actress

Jeremy Sion


Stephanie Garay

I stan Sarah Paulson

Trinity Moore

Wait is this the girl from American horror story?

Guitar Guides

"Seems impromptu but Im sure they rehearsed." What you mean Paulson? Do you mean it in a good way????


She is genuinely funny! I’m a fan!

Its Vytra



When ever she talks about the cast of oceans 8 they always forget Helena Bonham Carter! Is she not as famous in America?

M A.

Gosh, I could listen to her whole day and just be laughing, rolling on the floor. lol

Rachel Linton

Ellen's fake laugh

Not sure faces

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Neil Oliver: Leadership has ‘callous disregard’ for individual livelihoods

51 603 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Historian Neil Oliver has

Historian Neil Oliver has accused the government of treating businesses with a “callous disregard” amid Covid lockdown.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the broadcaster said: “It’s individual people and individual businesses and individual livelihoods that are being done away with as though they don’t matter.”


Click here for the latest Covid-19 guidance from the World Health Organisation ► https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

Theydon Bois

Never has so much been sacrificed by so many for so few


The current UK government is run by individuals with little, or no, life skills. They have led a cloistered, privileged life, yet are now running, and ruining, our lives. The same can be said for most, if not all, previous governments, of whichever persuasion. We are stuffed whichever way we turn.

Idiot Incogneto

There is a huge potential prize for being the first to escape this madness.

amanda jane gowans

we should get to vote on the decisions the government are making now

Hazel Moorman

The government now tells up what to do what we cannot do .and what time we must be home.
What we can say.or not.
Locked family up for more than a year.
The list goes on
When do we call this a communist state.
With the TV everyday giving the orders


It is a public health crisis though. Manufactured via destruction of socioeconomics.

Jon Scot

Nice to see Neil very passionate there brilliant short show


I hate to say it but I told you so. This is never going to end until we take life back!! Neil is brilliant! Greetings from Ireland ??

Chaos Ritual

Van-Tam looks like Napolean from "Animal Farm" They're not hiding behind Science... they're hiding behind one scientist!!!

Jon Dingwall

It's become startlingly clear that their never was such a construct as democracy in this country as the government are clearly taking orders from elsewhere... Marionettes being played by an unseen hand

Laura's Channel

People are going to have PTSD.

Paul Hawkins

Yet the opposite is also true : if we end lockdown more people will die and they are individual lives too


Apart from the English Government and their Advisers being psychopaths...we in Scotland have to deal with our own psychopathic SNP Government and their Advisers
The ludicrous adverts pushing emotional blackmail on the public is so crass and evil it's a Sin that needs addressing through the Courts of Justice...if true Justice still exists !

We are not here to protect the NHS...that's the Government's duty paid through public taxes....we are also not here to devalue our own lives in order to save others on PRESUMPTIONS of contagion.
These horrific crass pictures of masked faces declaring..."Can you look him in the eyes and say you did stay indoors to protect him ".
What the fuck !!
I'm spitting fire after having been in lockdown for a YEAR OF MY LIFE And then this emotional blackmail everywhere you look....eyes through masked faces....come on people WAKE UP ....This is so crass and Evil which devalues your life to the point of nonexistence....NO MORE ....JUST WALK OUT THE DOOR ....FREE !!


Telling yourself things will be better tomorrow is a never ending mirage, only with actions can you find happiness today. Treat each day as if it's your last

Malkit Brach

We got the vaccine, now what? No change. Surprise, surprise.

George England

We can't do anything nowadays, short of civil war, because the government , police have taken power ,s to stop people even protesting.
No one apart from the rich or the destitute can handle the massive fines or wants to go to prison.


Social distancing is killing society.

carol mcghee

Neil has woken up, talks a lot of sense

Brian Petersen Hine

We will never see "Optics" again, the pubs are doomed!

Itchy Bum

Neil Oliver is a beacon of common sense and humanity.
If only he could get into government.


All joy has now been sucked out of life....

Barry Austin

WHO & CDC acknowledge pcr test is a fraud. End lockdown


I soar and carry on my life regardless of the false fear never worn a mask never had a problem will NEVER abide by these 'rules' you can shove the vaccine up your arse I will defend my arm from needles or hydrogel with my life,and my entire families too. When you are awake you can clearly see.


He doesn’t like being indoors! FFS!

Bilbo Baggins

There is a crisis in many, if not all, of the Western democracies. The system we all have allows individuals with little experience or capability to silver-tongue their way into positions of power. This has clearly happened in the UK and very markedly here in Canada. And, of course it recently happened dramatically in the US. With such unskilled neophytes holding power, things often amble along without the populace noticing the lack of depth or conscience of many of their leaders as long as it can be 'business as usual'. As has happened in the UK, Canada and US over the last year, things spin out of control when these 'leaders' are pulled away from being able to indulge in pursuing their own political fantasies (note Trudeau as a fine example) and are faced with a real and urgent management task, such as the COVID crisis. And things really have fallen apart in these three leading democratic nations, with many more deaths and much more misery than was necessary. In the UK, no government minister has ever admitted any mistake or has apologised for anything, even though it is obvious that huge errors have been made. It have been very much the same in Canada and the US. We need to work out how to ensure that governments are headed by competent people with some integrity (in the UK, ministers used to resign when they fouled up; now they just cynically calculate the damage to the party and carry on) not just an assortment of egotistic clowns who talk their way into critical positions.

Mark Oldfield

Neil should have been on the SKY debate last night (Covid lessons we learned) which was appalling, I know I was a virtual audience member.
Neil talks a lot of sense.

G J Sykes

Mike Graham went to university by the way. Oh and he doesn't have a medical or scientific background.


It will be solved by a Gold backed currency together with a Quantum banking system. x


The Government are criminals.
They know the COVID test is a fraud.


Neil is spot on here,

Hedonists Heaven.

Definitely need to check out that Richard Littlecock info.
Not seen it yet.

Jacqueline Entwistle

Goverment are obsessed with corona life must go on as normal


Hancock is a completely unloved dweeb. I hope vociferously that his career is ruined, and he's tarred and feathered. Useless bag of mostly water




The only risk is being apprehended.

eric ohara

millions of people living in an open prison for nearly a year the govt needs to compensate every man woman and child for wasted life

Charles Williamson


Malcolm Turner

I actually believe watching Matt Hancock with his horrible smirk and watching some of the other MP s like boris they seem to be enjoying themselves ,maybe they are making lots of money with the contracts they’ve given out to friends and family ?


As always Neil is inspirationally correct and eloquent. Thank you Neil. Thank you.


I'm sensing an increasing anger in Neil's talks lately.

Chris Murray

Neil is spot on. I wish people like him would be in charge of this country.

Grandfather Sky

talkRADIO go round and round in circles but never address the elephant in the room - that all these measures are coldly calculated for a specific end goal. Mike bangs on about how it all makes no sense...but it makes perfect sense if you have an agenda that you're trying to roll out.

Jack F

YouGov don't do what this numpty says.

Richy Doop

Two homeless men sitting under a bridge.
One says to the other
"why haven't we caught covids?"
the other replies
"Because we don't have a TV.".

Wallis The Scot

On worldwide basis


Look everyone its the Worldwide Dictator Olympics !!!

Philip Merewood

Neil Oliver increasingly trying to be relevant with garbage extended metaphors and analogies. Whilst offering no solution at all.


No fear - from a 68 year-old! ....... I fear the government and Sage and mandatory jabs. They are absolutely hostile to people - the virus is a virus, not the first one and not the last one!

Mel B

Spot on Neil, I go out to buy enough food and essentials so that I don’t ’have’ to go out again for another week ?

Archie Archer

It’s not about a virus, it’s about control and freedoms systematically being taken away all by design..
(Is this water getting warmer, said the frog)..

Robert Power

investigate the fraudulent figures and jail the globalist climate change covid gang

L Jo

''Yougov''? Hasn't that Mr Zahawi got something (a lot) to do with that? Conflict of interest, perhaps?

This has little to do with a virus any more. And nothing to do with ''incompetence'' - even of Madge Halfcock.


Children and adults on sleds! Carpe dium! Seize the day!

Steve Tomlinson

Thank Neil Oliver one the very few voices of reason, amongst the total insanity we are living through but we can the people can change in system that is utterly corrupted by neoliberal economic classes.
Short of voting any party that do not back this insanity
or the utterly corrupt systems.

Rick Hall

This last year has exposed lots of truth about government and how they dont carecabout us, just their friends and themselves.

linda lambert

Neil Oliver lifts my spirits: he has so much common sense and expresses passion about what is happening: the madness of this Government and what they're doing to our Country is truly shocking.

michael knight

If we dont stand up now were finished, they are not going to stop...the control they have, they will not give it up unless we do something...

PJ Jordan

Oh yeah theres no over illness at all just covid , so wether you died of a heartache, cancer run over , fell of a ladder . You died of covid end off . And theres proof of this .

Kelly Kapowski

You can't reason with the unreasonable

jai t

I love this guy even before watching this. He is very clever and brings happiness to everyone and his following.

eric ohara

amazing scotland can produce a waste of space like sturgeon and a brilliant man like neil oliver

David Rutter

I’m sick of this Government.

Christopher Coverdale

He's right

Colin Watson

Boris said that he might open pubs there is something or but wait he also said an alcohol band. So many won’t open. Where you going I’m off to the pub for a pint of water or a cup of tea really come on people so a pub can open but a cafe can’t. Again no sense from the so called highly intelligent conservatives. What did they learn at school??? Incompetence


They’ve discovered a fantastic method of controlling the masses! If we aren’t careful this will never end!


Neil has hit the nail on the head yet again!
The government have lied, changed course and alleged objective so many times i have lost count, and have been ignoring their own data and making up the 'science' as they go along.

Ian Mac

Mike graham well known teetotaller ?? and bigot


They are in power for what they cannot deliver..like a public limited company.

TheFox Hat

Neil Oliver is NOT a Historian. He reads scripts full of nonsense on history programes. It's why 50% of Scots hate him. While I disagree on the history he tells us, I completely agree with his personal views on the effects of Con Vid. It's a pity I can't get many other pro independence supporters to watch his talkRADIO appearances.

WIlliam Hope Hogson

Can't do with the fat man but Niel Oliver is so astute he could blind you. But more than this is his integrity. A rare commodity among people who have a voice. Top respect. A real man.

Paul Wright

Big fan of this Neil Oliver chap.

The Doctor

Well done Brits you voted this governemnt in, you voted for Brexit. It was plain as the nose on your face of the consequences.

pea dub!

its as clear as day,isnt it.

Victoria Greenhowe

Wonderful man. Common sense . Talks for the majority. The people in government will never suffer. They and their families will not be affected. They are weak. They are frightening people. We will never forget. Or forgive. Well done Neil. And let's not forget this government allowed the care home scandal. The elderly and their relatives have been treated with contempt. They will never recover.

Darren Ross

How do we proceed from the situation we’ve found ourselves in?

Lowering restrictions takes us backwards and means the huge spend was wasted.

Continuing lockdown strangles the economy .

What’s the least bad situation?

What countries got it and are getting it right?

Jackie Lilley

Love Neil voice of reason thank you Neil

mukkin fuddle

Never forget the torturous Government, the brutal Police and the over jealous Council officials, enjoy your legacy you criminal bar stewards.

Sally Sturman

Neil Oliver nails it every time. End this madness!


It may Well be a deception; but if it isn’t then We’re all feked Forever! :-(

Decimus Septimus Tutelus

Get a shave Neil please.

Polish Patriot

uk gov have nothing to say about uk public with serious health conditions that are not being addressed in hospital bcoz the uk gov only think that convid is the only illness . the uk gov have blood on thier hands.

TangMo Than

Furlough is keeping 80% of the population from rioting.

Ian Clark

Weird, it’s loads of wealthy people wanting things opened up, all the low-paid workers I know want lockdown restrictions to remain at present.

Lyn Harris

Amazing furlough analogy.end furlough now and the virus will disappear!


If you did your research Niel you wouldnt have this flight anxiety. Trust me there's nothing to worry about. Soon they will lower the PcR test cycle threshold instantly lowering 'cases' and say its due to the vaccine whilst controlling the sheep'inserting nanoparticles into us,and making millions through investing in you guessed it,vaccines!

L Jo

How much do they print? As much as their masters allow them to.


NO politician should receive a salary or a pension beyond the absolute bare minimum for their families until a full recovery has been made. It is scandalous that they can destroy other peoples' lives while not feeling any of the suffering themselves.

Brian Petersen Hine

Decent leaders give hope not fear, total total sociopathic weasels in charge of the world.....

Maranello Classic Cars

Lifes short, we cant lose these precious years

George 1312ACAB

So true about furlough, it’s like a dead body being propped up by riga mortis. I can never seen an end to this nonsense anymore Covid has literally has become like a religious cult following.

Michael Mccartney

It’s not going to end anytime soon

Glenn Fletcher

Hmmm filling it with adverts..another part of this evil game....soon as it gets into deeper thought...boom ads..not an accident...imho..Gnz..

Steve Crook

Government are corrupt cowards

Graham McNeill

This is all part of new word orderall governments involved ,take all their fun ,football n drink,
Slip in commi rules ,begand obay to get your freedoms back,,but no bad words on match days,,no drunkerdness, or loose all andgo to slave amp

edward bonner

Another crunt.


I am exactly what you described at the beginning, except the child of ones, yet I totally agree with you and the rest of the talkRadio team about lockdown, and have from the beginning. Thanks for keeping up the sense of this world.

James Glass

All I do I try to get on as best I can. Try to ignore the garbage on the news. I am unwell because I had a brain bleed a near fatal one as a Soldier back in 97. I ignore the NEWS as it’s the same nonsense 24/7. Cummings is a moron. The Health Minister is a Moron. When the truth comes out? They must be arrested?. But please try to keep your energy high. Push back the negative nonsense on the news.

Gary Churchill

It's becoming apparent that Hancock is drunk on power. There are countless pictures with him and Klaus Schwab when he was Digital minister. It's all planned to literally crush the small companies and 'build back better'. I don't remember voting to get rid of petrol, diesel and natural gas for my central heating boiler. If I wanted that I'd have voted for the Green Party which I bloody detest.

Mike Davis

Health passports on the way, we are truly buggered if we accept this and its by design.

Alan P

Neil Oliver for opposition leader!!