Solar comedones removal

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Senile comedones Spreading Blackheads - Removal

30 255 views | 14 Jun. 2019


Not solar comedones.

B Why

Michael J Fox over here holding the camera after smashing two fat rails.

Anneke Ramkissun

Ears need to be cleaned also ?

B Why

Lmfao bro what the fuck is w the awful bindibopper music?! Lmfaooooo


Stolen video

Richard Kelly


Raven Taylor

All over the place

Maria Rojas

Existen vídeos mal editados pero este se gana el oro ??

Amy Ballance

Is the camera person drunk?

Jeannie Hysell


Deborah Cantwell

Those aren’t spreading it’s jut an ear full

melisa lopez

Really bad camera movement

Sera Duke

Camera work made me feel like I was watching a CoD stream -- not good

Solar comedones removal

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Marcos Solar Comedones Extractions

2 132 789 views | 6 Sep. 2019

Hello YouTube Family &

Hello YouTube Family & Friends!

Yary has been working really hard editing this videos for your viewing pleasure this weekend. ??

Marcos and his wife are great friends and I was so excited to see him again.

I hope you all enjoy this short video. ??

Love you all!

Enilsa ?

Janice Bolduc

She talks too much!

Jan Low

You cant see half of what your popping cause you talk and the word show up over the pop

Marie T Cabrera

Great job really enjoyed this.

Wendy Stubb

What a wonderful improvement you have made to his skin.

Libby Campbell

I don’t have instagram otherwise i would subscribe!

Amanda Knowles

0:49 I don't think I've ever heard anyone pronounce the T in "softens" before...? ?

eileen winnick

Perfection. Nice clean work The patient is so relaxed.

Roo Hamm

I would not be sleeping..??

Cat H

There is another site Dr Phil McGraw Beauty...using your videos. I see your name on the gloves, and your techy

Jeannette Bowman

I love the before and after shots.

Dionne Dunsmore

It makes PERFECT SENSE for u and ur staff to refer to the ppl u all treat as PATIENTS!!
What does NOT make sense is ppl on utube giving i grief for calling ur pts, pts!! THATS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE!!
For 20 some yrs off n on, i worked in doctors offices. Am i NOT to call the ppl who go see the dr for treatment patients bcuz im not a doctor??
Pretty stupid ehh? Of course iht call em pts ....n u n ur staff do too! They are ur pts! Smdh ppl say some of the dumbest crap sometimes! Lmao?


Lurrv Before & After

Hugh Hammell

Like to see some new work.her work is the best.

Jami Rigsby-Jenkins

Every time you say, “Okay, stretch and base,” I hear Reese Witherspoon in ‘Legally Blonde’ saying, “Bend and snap!” ? I love your videos!

Terry Tully

Great job girl

Donna Sandlin

Love this. Lucky wife and lucky Enilisa !!

Maria Rosa Lobo


Jody Sheridan

Enilsa, you must be fatigued because your Texas accent is more pronounced in this video.

Jake Diddy

Awesome cleanup on that dudes comedones Nilsa?????

Maria Consuelo


Tereasa Ross

Marco looks good

chrissy pink

How do I purchase the 20%glycolic was from you?

Spacemonster Killer

the WOSH and Taserak will work together, Miss Brown, together with your skill to de-pus Marcos' skin

Martha Gauna

Me encantan muchos los vídeos de Enilsa, felicidades

Meg Griffin


Cristina Nobilio

Brutto video

Cindy Hodgkiss

A solar comedone, is a word one would associate with the sun? Why is this clients pimples called SOLAR comedones?

Laura Carrow

It's nice to NOT see the finger nail gouges on patient skin. You have mastered the cotton swab techniques !

Clau Akam

Great job! You don’t hurt the pacient’s skin

Danièle Racca

There is no need to talk that much to repeat the same things all the time anyway. I d much prefer some soft music.

Dee Kern

Enjoy watching your videos. A true professional!

Shirley Anne Young

I LOVE solar comedones ❤️❤️❤️

Tereasa Ross

This had to be an older gentleman why would you not take care of your skin just Nasty

Joan Stevens

I enjoy watching Enilisa over almost anyone and don't have to worry about anything being put on the gloves.

sandra clark

You do such a wonderful job cleaning your clients skin.i would love to come to texas to see you for skin care?♥️♥️

Tina Adkins

I just found your channel, now I can binge watch through quarantine ?❤️

Samir Amie

Stop talking

Jennie Kelly

When a doctor sends his patient to Physical Therapy, the PT therapist calls them a patient. So, yes, your statement made sense. I can't believe someone would be so anal, as to say that because you're not a doctor you can't call the people sent to you a patient. It's a simple case of ignorance as to how your clinic does business. God Bless and Much Love ???

HazelBoTedAp Gonzalez

I’m curious, does insurance pay for this type of service?

Adam Bosley

Funny thing is I would pay whatever "Marcus" was charged for this visit just to pop those perfect comedones. No joke.......

Stuff We Like

I love when you guy's do before and after!

danny foshee

oh enilsa those are the goodins.

Hannah Robidoux

Thanks for splicing and spending things up!

Roxane P

You’re so gentle on that mature skin... I’ve seen videos where older patients end their session bruised black and blue!

Jennifer Roya

You are so lovely Enilsa, you have a gift & a great attitude to help others. Love your work, it’s so important to help others.

Dionne Dunsmore

She does such a thorough job cleaning his skin


You can't use Tazorac around your eyes though as it will damage that sensitive skin.


7:35 -
Big blackhead: SCREW YOU GUYS! I'M GOIN' HOME!

Other blackheads: Dude! You ARE home!

Big blackhead: SCREW YOU GUYS! I'M MOVING!

snezana kohlbacher

Less talking pls?


That's from sun damage??

Brevlyn Bates Whetstone

You are amazing !

Anne Love


Erik Nybo

R u seep , u seep ? ? No now leave me be , I'm letting you pinch my blackheads with Q-tips ...

Viansa Margolis

Terrible technique.

Doreen Daykin

Love..love..the solar comedones


Omg, what's up with me???? I watched this and my neck, shoulders and arms almost cramp from helping you push out those blackheads......lol.....need to troll my friends for blackheads again....lol

Annick David

Was it me or was the camera somewhat a bit off focus. But great work on this client.

Clarice Dos Santos

não gostei de ver pois não limpa até o fim . ficando restos de secrecao

Yolanda. Torres García

Nice very

Mary Greene

Not cleaning out completely.

Spacemonster Killer

The other channels treat clients like they're just a nose full of pus, but you treat them like they're almost the same as a normal person


I think it would be cool to end the video with a before and after picture.

Army Morales

On this video looks like you Squeeze only half way to look like you leaving Half Of the content in They poor

Hugh Hammell

Clean OUT the DAMN PORES, you LEFT guk in all the first ones. THAN I just turned you off.

Наталья В


Joan Cheeseman

Softens is pronounced sofens. The t is silent. Love your videos!

Carole Drennan

This is not a criticism, but a legit question. When there is a hair in the blackhead, why not tweeze out the hair and them address the blackhead? I worked for a doctor who did it that way.

Mary Harris

You're my favorite blackhead and solar comedo remover!!

Grace Malan

One of the best ????

Melissa B. Smith

They look like black heads. What is the difference?

LuluLisa Lu

When does a blackhead become a comedome?

Ilona Kat

Love a man who takes pride in his skin care ?? at any age

Hephzibah Black

Love her voice.

Sherry Gilley

This would be a dream job for me, what training or formal education do you have??

Susan Cruisin

You're not evacuating them. It started with the first one.

danny foshee

enilsa if i came to you you would have to wake me up with a soothing voice like yours.how come your q-tip don't instantly become soaked with oil and grease?i just wondered in case someone asked me from another country or something.lol.lol.


Don't these people have a mirror? Why not get rid of them on their own?

Felicia Flores Arce

Podrían reponer videos antiguos de Enilsa y otros habiian muy buenos

Amira Fadlallah

I finally figured you out. All you seem to care about is wasting extracting time so that you could leave enough blackheads to insure another video on the same person. That is probably why Smiley didn't come back. You barely extracted anything on her the two times she was there. She drove so far to get to you. I would not blame her if that is why she did not come back to you.

Hugh Hammell

clean out the bloody PORES,it's not fair to this patient.

Joanne peck

From now on I am going to call cotton swabs "popper sticks"!

BI MacDonald

Additionally. On the same channel. A females gloved hands traumatizes the clients skin with her fingernails. If you guys work together thats one thing. But if i paid for this. I wouldnt want to have her on my skin.

Kat Brax

Excellent extraction job!

trianella Bianchi

She Speaks to much!!!

BI MacDonald

Im going to have to assume that you (Enilsa) know your work is being presented on other channels.

Mamie Harrell

Enilsa your best at this cleaner and take better care of ever one skin.

Tereasa Ross

This is one of the best

Adam Bosley

Wow you are good tho. Seriously the best I've come across in my watching thousands of these vids. How you notice and get so perfectly those ones around and under the skin tag without messing with the skin tag at all. Grade-A stuff here folks. Like watching Tom Brady surgically drive 80 yards down the field, but you know..... with zits

Cyndi Foore

I don’t do Instagram or I would support you there.
I have joined your Facebook page.

John Blaine

The cream sounds like a alien civilization..

Anita Alberto

I love the qtip method, it's like squeezing with fingers to pop a zit or black head??? I don't like watching other youtubers who use a tool and still leave junk in the pores, I love this channel my favorite ???


Your camera keeps going in & out of focus. It's frustrating because it messes with my eyes. ? Is there any way to please fix it?

Dorothy Drummond

Your simply the best better than all the rest. You never let us down. Fabulous pops and clean pores. No dirty gloves. Caring and considerate with all your clients. Luv you. X

Cidalia Paiva

Love watching her ,she or her voice is so sweet .

Tonia Jean-Pierre

Enilsa you are providing excellent medical service to a person, so because of that I consider everyone you see as a patient. Did someone say something about you calling them patients? If they did, I think they are wrong. You are seeing them and providing medical services. Your assessing, doing a procedure, providing counseling and making appropriate follow up care. All those actions to me makes them your patients. All those actions follows a SOAP note and that makes them all your patients. And your doing a fabulous job and your patients are happy with your services. You also take the time to protect the patient and yourself by wearing PPE, you aren’t a doctor but you are providing wonderful medical services. As a viewer I really appreciate your content. If you ever decide to come to Florida I would love to be your first patient here.

Joanne peck

Good job!

Virginia Reid

Thank you for sharing

Annette Feka

What's the difference between blackheads and solar commidomes?

Carole Britain

There is a site called- Dr Phil’s Acne treatment - using your videos. Thought you’d like to know.

Joy Howson

What are solar comedomes