Temporary hair relaxer

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My First Relaxer After Coloring my Relaxed Hair

3 800 views | 10 Aug. 2018

This is my first

This is my first relaxer after coloring my relaxed hair. I decided to do a braid out to keep as much stress and tension off of my hair as possible. I'm in need of a trim badly but I need to find a new hairdresser that I can trust.

Soft & Beautiful No-lye Ultimate Conditioning Relaxer System SUPER


Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor, 8 oz by Aphogee


Red by Kiss 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer by Red Kissu


CLAIROL Jazzing Gentle Temporary Semi Permanent Hair Color #56 CHERRY COLA


Microwavable Deep Conditioning Cap


Silk Elements MegaSilk Leave-In Hair Moisturizing Creme 8 oz


NYBEE Royal Edge Control



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So pretty!!!

Evelyn Annette Gordon

Question in July I went and got my hair relax and it came out looking like a loose texturizer. I want it straight can I relaxer it again like a virgin relaxer being that it is curly

From Darkness to Light Scriptures and Author

I like your curly hair and laid edges.

Maggie Lherisson

Would you say that the soft and beautiful relaxer is milder than silk elements relaxer.

Flyy & Chocolate

I got a relaxer a month ago, 2weeks after getting the relaxer it didnt look like I got one. It's been like that where I get a relaxer and it dont take or just last two weeks. 65-75 dollars is a lot of money to spend and the relaxer don't lasts. I don't know what to do with my hair?

Earl Moss

It looks good


Turned out beautifully Sparkle! :)

Relaxed Hair

Beautiful results

Katrina Collins

Looks real nice lady!! Love that color too!!!

queen netta

I see them edges growing back girl.. getting longer those at my nape are becoming annoying cause they're not long enough they stick to my neck

Naturally Gina

Yaaaasss ????

Juliana Antoine-Hargreaves

Sparkle, you're amazing!!! Your hair looks great!!! I wish I didnt have two left hands and ten thumbs..haha

SuperPhdiva SRB

looks good boo! great job!

Taneesha Jackson

Looks great boo. Good job



The HaRRis Lyfe

Sooooo pretty and healthy looking

LaTonya Hughes


Michelle's Daughter

Very cute! How did that one piece break off?

LaWaughn Miller

Your hair looks great. You have my old butt thinking about using that color.

Brown Boss





I’m loving the color in your hair. It’s beginning to look healthier. I’m working on mine too I need a trim but I’m too lazy ?

Kats Kat57

Looking good gal!???


Do u use neutralizer?

Calisa Hardy

The color is beautiful.... But did you leave that rinse in overnight too? Ohhh... I'd be scared!

Magalie Zamilus

Do you get burned at All? I am looking for a relaxer for sensitive scalp. I used the just for me relaxer the regular that thing burned my scalp and leave my hair so brittle.

silma jones-roberts


Charlene Henry

hair looks amazing... soft n beautiful and color is popping


Such super gorgeous results, Sparkle! As, you truly are a hair styling genius!????


It turned out beautiful ??

Plush Furr

Beautiful sis?????

Besides Beauty

Love the color!!! ???

Queen Delaine

That braid out is ??. Gorgeous as always. ??


How many months Post relaxer

Sapphire relaxed hair and skin care

Wow? looks very pretty ? tfs God bless you ??

Suphane Dash

looking good


I remember those rinses...that was how I found your channel

Natalie Lexidor

It look nice

Plush Furr

I luv the loose wave luk ????

Temporary hair relaxer

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Natural Hair: How to Straighten Hair Without Heat Damage

560 144 views | 23 Jun. 2015

Its been 2 years since

Its been 2 years since Ive flat ironed my hair but since the big chop in January, I haven't flat iron my "new" natural hair until now. Being that I am trying to keep my hair healthy and damage-free, I chose The Mane Choice Thermal Defense System for the maximum protection. I hope that you enjoy and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! :)

Thermal Defense Silkening Collection:


Visit www.themanechoice.com for more!

❤︎ Follow me on Instagram:


❤︎ Email for business:

[email protected]

❤︎Like me on Facebook:


❤︎Music by: Devin Bhana'e



Why is she bleaching her skin

bung hole


Carleigh McNutt

You said no heat damage, you ran a straighter through your hair, that is causing heat damage to your hair and alot of it too

Stacy Brown

She looks like Sooki from a old show called True Blood


holey. you must get very annoyed with all these comments people make about you stating "straightening hair without heat" especially since your heading does not say that lol.

anyways, your hair looks beautiful. I'm planning on purchasing that line of products. they compacted the set. do you still use it?

Chloe Fennemore

hi I just wanted to know if you know how to make straight hair really big tight curls cause I love tight curls but my hair is really straight anyone comment please ?

Neiko Himeles

look at her eyes please make video that don't have flat iron to straighten

Omg Yass

Can You do another video on how to do it with no heat and no chemicals? Love this video btw ?

Sonya Washington

??Clearly ALOT of people is blind in there right eye. it says HEAT DAMAGE not HEAT

Tricia Nancy

is this an advert for themane choice cos i'm loving it too

Lovely Kitten

and i can watch if i want to!?

Blessing Nosike

not to be rude but u did use heat it was not only dryer

Bomtastic Babee

I seen that smoke on the first piece


You are still using heat

Elisa Penciu

"without heat damage"...

Deahjanae Chapple

what are that products u used were can u get them

Evening Bane

How do you get volume at the middle of the hair? Do you angle the straighter?

Silly J

how long does your hair stay straight?

Mwangi JazZ

I like your fro and tattoo...


You used so much product. Wow

S Wilson

Went to the website to purchase this exact 5 product set, but couldn't find it. Are they no longer carrying these items?


What temperature do you put your flat iron on?


A blowdryer is using heat tho

Sharon Lys

Hi all of you you shoukd really listen to William Branham's sermons they are very important urgent deadly serious check

Olivia Brown

Amazing style!! I would love to see you do a product review of Straight Silk Spray Heat Protectant by JuniorLabs. It really gets my hair silky smooth ❤️❤️?

Lovely Ayona

Wrap your hair up when you done I'm telling you it'll do more good than harm I promise even if you only leave it wrapped up for 15 minutes it'll have more bounce and more flow

Colombane Mld

You are Beautiful, I was wondering if this last after the shampoo or do you have to repeat the process every time you wash your hair ?

bung hole

It's private

Butterfly Bae

Hair is so pretty and natural

Shaimaa Allam

you used heat and you said without heat

Sabareesh Muralidharan

Too much work for hair though.

Nightmare Court Pictures

I chemically treated my hair a while back, and i from time to time use the S curl to give me some curls.

I'd like to straighten my hair though. Should i cut my hair and then wait for my natural hair to grow or can i heat straighten my chemically treated hair?

yamin Ramah

Is it gay if a man straighten his hair

Jasmine Jones

u have such beautiful hair!!!??? love ur video!!!???

Morbid Mutilator

Does this cause product buildup? If so how do you get rid of it?

Brandy Yolidio

Mane choice products are awesome!! I looove the deep conditioner I steam it in my hair & it's helping a lot!! My hair was damaged by a careless "stylist" she caused me to MAJOR hear damage & costed me abt 5 inches :-( What can I do, gotta start over. I hope the next person she messes up, gives her a good tearing up!

Mahmood Ghonaim

but ???you use heat

Shaq Does Stuff

what do u use on your edges?

Evening Bane

How do you get volume at the middle of the hair? Do you angle the straighter?

queen Fatou

Are u able to do this regularly without heat damage or do u have a limit to how many times you straighten your hair


You kind of look like Meghan Markle

Goddess Lex

Loving the hair.


Comments are all people complaining saying she said no heat, people complaining about this being a sponsored video people saying she lied cause heat does damage your hair seriously just watch the video and move on everyone's mad

Jakela Nelson

I am so glad I came across this video!I have been using their products for a year now, and I just received my order of the Thermal Defense line a couple of days ago. I haven't had my hair straightened in almost 7 months. Thanks for posting and reviewing their products!

Aliah Johnson

Regardless a straightner is heat witch equals heat damge

Jason Colbert

Your hair is almost exactly like mine. Definitely subscribing !

Elizabeth Morelus

It’s cute

Sky Sin

Your hair is beautiful. Mine up not completely sight but it is not as pretty as yours

Surya Bhandari

How can we make long hair same like african hair because it is varry sirt when the hair will long then we can strret no?

Eee Bee

you did use heat

playamade nyny

her eyes

Naja Sumler

Thank you sooooo much for posting this video because my hair is thick and kinky so this will help me. I'm 11 years old and this video was amazing.

Angel Mendoza

What about shampoo and conditioner?


Wow... I love your hair au natural, after it was washed! 0:14

rehab وبس

omg here hair was short she make it long who think she used heat ho love your hair


Oh my goodness, you made me immediately think of the character Missandei from Game of Thrones, especially with the natural hair- the actress is Nathalie Emmanuel, you're both beautiful ladies!

Nelly Makeleni

Your natural hair is beauty!


So many ppl in the comments can not read, and call themselves snapping on her lmao. She clearly said without heat DAMAGE. Not without heat!


Hey! I'm mixed and I think my hair should look like yours if I knew how to take care of it at all.

It's currently short and has a lot of break ins (getting better). I still straighten it but I'd like it to be like your hair at the beginning of the video eventually.

Do you have any advice? Also is it harder to take care of natural hair as opposed to straightening it? Like is it more time consuming?

Corine Rene

You did use a flat iron

Nicole Lee


Sheneka Nicholson

You have pretty hair.Love your videos

Blessing Nosike

u used heat with ur stupid dryer

Areesa Zyan Shaik

you said without heat and u used a straightner, Why??????????????????????????????????????????

Blessing Nosike

guys im sorry she said "no heat damage" read the title

Baby Wolfie

Okay Cardi B

Niah J .


Toy Soldier Cheeks

Stunningly gorgeous and cute at the same time ?

Ayoola Agbaje

Can we do this for kids around 8/9

Shemya Mitchell

omg it looks nice

Pedram Bn

That's too much work and I'm soo lazy is there any easier way to have straight hair

Tariq Javed

You said that without heat but you are using hair dryer and hair straightner .you lier

Life with Athena

Your so pretty

Kayla Johnson

How long did your hairstyle last without having a touch-up?

mentawi nu


ashleigh owens

soo pretty hair is amazing ?

Bibo Feel

Quick question: are ur eyes naturally like this or do u use an app or something


You are so beautiful <3


u beautiful

asmara flower

Your hair is nice but your using heat.

Mahaila Dolloway

finally found some1's hair that is similar. ☺?

1 Love

Prefer your curls so much more. Natural beauty reigns supreme

Faithey Straughter

What kind of flat iron did you use?

Vanesa Terry

I tried to straighten my hair but it didn't get this smooth and Frizzed up. Yes I get my ends clipped and deep condition regularly

CrazyMe 841

you're curls are my goals ??

Anita Arora

which hair straightener did u use????

Tyrone Udtohan

i thought no heat? lol

Brittany Aikens

Mane Choice is the truth!

Corine Rene

Her ears are pink


What is ur straightener name?

Aisha Jones

shes gorgeous???

Rayen Sinopa

I wish my curls were like that, I wouldn't even be here lol. You have beautiful curls missy.

Lovely Kitten

I hate this channel and her?


how is this heat free?

Kysie Killz

? looks beautiful! ?

Omg finally some with the same exact jheri curl texture as me! Subscribing!

Grisel Santos

What flat iron do you use ?


Oml your hair is pretty when its wet, i love it!

Nizanouz08 nizanouz08

too much pain for an unsatisfactory result!

Trenidy Riddick

My hair is the same length as yours but the the only problem is I have a ball spot on the left side of my head but it's only small if I put it in bread would it look a mess

Samira Aluede

They said it was without heat damage but but it does have heat damage

Temporary hair relaxer

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?Applying Pretti Phizziez Temporary Hair Color On Relaxed Hair | Review and Demo | VickyJ

594 views | 30 Aug. 2019

?Hi beauties in today's

?Hi beauties in today's video I will be reviewing and trying out a Temporary Hair Color I purchased from Pretti Phizzier an online company I found on Instagram.. Check out my video for the application and results...





Hair Colors

Blueberri Blast


Blush Copper



??Videos You'll Like??

How To Wrap Your Hair


?How I Self Relax


?How I Trim


?How To Grow Healthy Relaxed Hair https://youtu.be/NA-o-JGGnFs

?Relaxing 17wks Post Hair https://youtu.be/nCsn-QSwEu8


Inquiries Contact: [email protected]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vickyj3015/


I have tried something similar in my and my daughters hair for Halloween. Some products sounds really good. I like that you can apply to different types of hair.

Yvonne Jack

I luv dat colour woo

Allthings Styledby Pam

Hi Vicky!!! I do like the packaging Vicky Lolol!!! I like the ingredients in the blue berry blast!!! The blush copper had the same ingredients as the first that’s really good!!! No wax and no gel that’s really good too!!! Yesss!!! The blue berry blast looks just like blue berry Lolol!!! But you can see the silver undertone!!! Ooh I’m just realizing that you don’t wash your hair like other box dyes Lolol!!! I agree the waves really really do make it looks so good!!! I’m really liking it on you Vicky!!! I do want to see the other color too!!! Girl I so enjoyed your video My sweet beautiful friend yesss!!!! Xoxo Pam ????

jjac'Keee KooKz


I Am That_Goddess

I like how it came out! Glad to hear you tried it out!! ?

Cooking With Estelle

Nice upload my friend??great review, thanks for sharing.Have a nice blessing


Did it transfer to your clothing? I noticed your finger tips.


The result isn’t bad at all, I wish it dry on time though, the color does look good, I recently purchased the one for natural hair but I haven’t tried it yet, thanks for sharing ❤️

Sapphire relaxed hair and skin care

It's very pretty, it seems like it all runs out with every wash I see a little bit on your hands. It's very pretty especially up against that black thank you so much for the review God bless you??

Yvonne Jack

I wish i can find dat product here.it sounds good

MsMoMo Teaches

The color is really pretty!!

paris yally

Wow! Lovely Vicky looks pretty good and cozy on you! Love it very much! Like your hair looks very hot!!! ??

Vicky J

Hi beauties in today's video I will be reviewing and trying out a Temporary Hair Color I purchased from Pretti Phizzier an online company I found on Instagram.. Check out my video for the application and results.Stay tuned for follow up taughts and review in Pt2

Sam Mendo

It looks very good! Im buying it?

Rosas Beauty Fashion

I like it a lot. It looks really pretty. Looks great. I would love to try it. I’m just scarred it might dry my hair out. It really looks beautiful on you. TFS hugs???

Pages And Polish

Hi there Vicky! I love the colour. You look lovely as always ❤️❤️


Beautiful! Want to see other color too!

Vinod Tripathi

you look great