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The Strange Case of the Missing Sunscreen Gene

164 506 views | 12 Nov. 2018

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If you've ever spent too much time in the sun and forgotten to put on sunscreen, you know how painful a sunburn can be. But for some animals, forgetting the sunscreen wouldn't be a problem because they can just produce their own!

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/eda6/7490f385e8ecd3e4f4b491288f844f4a3d50.pdf [PDF]








Lost sunscreen, lost color vision, man early mammals sucked

F Maz

If feel like we are due for a new intro song. That way we could all hate the new song and bond together over that shared hate. Then one day you'll release a third song and we'll all say we prefered the previous one, keeping the community bonding cycle alive.

Pizza Master ➈


Timothy Oertel

Engineering Explained shirt? Nice!


Now ponder on what that means if we temporarily lose Earth's magnetic field... As has happened multiple times in Earth's History.

Clare Travels

I'd give anything for a sunscreen gene. Even people with type 3+ skin have no idea of the pain of 1st degree sunburns ?

Lauren Doe

Why not just genetically engineer people to put that gene back into the genome and not even mess with pills? :D

Niko Nissinen

HOLDUP! "Gadusol is enviromentally friendly, because it's already in the marine enviroment". That it is in somewhere doesn't mean it's good for the place where it is in. Plastics are there too and oil.

Boris Dorofeev

I've got a computer tan, so I'm fine.

Chris Hernandez

Well there are viruses that can manipulate our genes so isn’t it possible that algae could’ve done the same thing?

Clorox Bleach

stares in melanin


Well, there is melanin and many mammals have fur or clothes...


I wont burn without suncreen i just get faily tan but if i put any suncreen on at all i get severly burnt in the sun idk why

BROLYdictCUMBERbatch Montour

So the Mighty Kryptonian has MAA's that makes him super powerful! He absorbs the UV Light of Sol!!

Shahadat Hossen

Why I don't get sunburn?

Toby Bull

We can alter our own DNA?

Lilac Lizard

So an out there theory is that the Cambrian explosion (which is the time we're talking about this gene appearing/horizontal gene transfer) was actually caused by panspermia from Venus, as it corresponds with when venus was errupting & spewing tonnes of rocks into earth crossing orbits & lots of those multi-celled life forms were extremaphiles that could have survived the trip here on those rocks (tardigrades, brine shrimp etc).

Doesn't this finding also support that possible theory? Venus, if it was earth like prior to it's resurfaceing 500 million years ago, had more intense UV & more need for protection.

Someone wrote a paper about this theory if anyone wants to read more to see I'm not totally nuts suggesting this (well I don't think I am, I really haven't seen anything that rules this out as possible/likely) https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1608/1608.03074.pdf


Humans are weak

Val K

Humans aren't from Earth

We originated from a home planet that has a milder sun


Couldn't you consider sunscreen a part of human evolution?


Per usual, Sci-Show kicks all sorts of butt! Please keep up the good work!

truth spoken

Nice engineering explained shirt I love watching that channel as much as I do this scishow

Throttle Kitty

I wear my hair down over my face some times... I went to a music show in Texas several years back, and I got a sun burn on just one side of my face... but not the other. it was so weird and unpleasant.


03:50: "...and people with lighter skin? don't get much of it anyway."

This reminds of that science article from a few years back that said Superman - who gets his powers from ☀️ - should be Black.??‍♂️


I cannot wait to not have to slather on sunscreen and just pop a pill instead. (I wonder if it'll have any side effects)




What happened to that yeast made smack? I want updates

Willian Dalsoto

We are some unlucky motherfuckers, ain't we?


Not Everybody can have melanin

Debangsu Sarkar

Brown and Black people laughs in background

Niko Nissinen

Engineering Explained

Grant A

Fixing the white people problems


Laughs in melanin

asimple pie

Why i wish i was black


Fish: Gains sunscreen gene by eating algae.
Me: That's pretty cool. I wonder....(looks at bottle of sunscreen)

Peter Peterson

natural light is evil.

Belinda Weber

Australia: sunscreen year around, lead-lined head to toe, blue man group style suit during summer! Lol, or at least what it may become in future years?!

Christian O. Holz

Maybe we will be able to reintroduce those genes by using CRISPR


Outside is dangerous, outside is where bad things happen. Like BURNING.


As a fair skinned red head, I would like to sign up for the trials!

Espen Schjelderup

Engineering Explained ?

General Durandal

The Curse of Cain is the reason we can't protect ourselves naturally from the sun.
The sun shall burn us like fire, and the mark shall be visible on our skin.
Fanatics thought black skin was the mark, but it's actually white skin.
It's very easy to figure out.
A black man and a white man go to the beach,
neither have sunscreen.
Which one get's sun-burnt first?

Jeffery Lara

Nice engineering explained shirt

Emily Jelassi

I'm so fair that I don't burn, I burst into flames! And I think I've tried every single kind of sunscreen and sunblock, but I still end up burning.. the sun hates me ?

Jodie Kirwan

So recalling your 4th Nov episode (https://youtu.be/4pU9O_LFxmk?t=411), the mammals that spent their days hiding to avoid dinos, would then need to contend with Velociraptors lurking around at night?


It looks very promising. Sadly, if Gadusol ever gets to market, it will only protect against UV-B, not UV-A.


I never forget sunscreen! I don't want to loose my pale complexion!

Le Cheems

4:12 I'd be the first to buy those pills.

Ajr Alves

Danio Rerio is called "Paulistinha" in my country, it is a very common(and cheap) aquarium fish here...


That's actually crazy to think about..sun screen pills.

I love cats I just love cats

Why do some white people not burn? My daughter is one. she just gets a golden tan... I burn quickly

21st century Jeronimo

Have they done studies comparing different ethnic backgrounds of people like those that eat more fish in a diet to see if some people have acquired the gene and what about GMOs that's in direct but it's still an issue. What exactly makes that safe again what was that argument. You are or can be part of what you eat proven.

Alter Ego

Together with the loss of the photolyase mechanism and fur, that makes humans triply vulnerable to the sun.

Andreas Aristokrates

Pill form?! That's super unnatural, how is it even supposed to work, we need to do some horizontal gene transfer ourselves...

Mr. Collins

Hey scishow think on this will ya: why would birds need this they have feathers?

Luis Aldamiz

And acute hearing! Let's not forget one of the most important mammal evolutions is the "migration" of rear-jaw bones to the ear where, adequately reduced in size, they make for excellent amplifiers.

Ideoform Sun

There must be another mechanism to not burning from the sun. I was doing a therapy where I drank 12 glasses of fresh cold pressed vegetable juice daily (I pressed it myself) for three years. During that time, I could go out in the sun all day and not burn. I am fair skinned with blonde hair. I used to burn. During this time, I also took fewer soap baths and showers to avoid chlorine and fluorine. I bathed once a week with soap, but the rest of the week I just did spot cleanups.
Go out in the sun, it's free vitamin D. But don't wash your skin with soap for 12 hours to let the D formed on your skin to soak into your body.
I was also doing daily coffee enemas, which stimulate your liver to produce glutathione, which causes your skin to lighten, and feel very soft.
I wonder if taking vitamin D, glutathione, carotene, and chlorophyll would do the same thing.

Adam Wishneusky

Skillshare plugs are getting less and less relevant to scishow content


Omg! Can we please fix this with CRISPR... Please hack my genes to make gadusol?

P Body

Testing Testing.

Danny DP

I spend all day outside in Colorado and California throughout my life and I’ve never gotten a sunburn. However I have gotten tans before which is kinda sad due to the fact that you’re cells kill themselves for you to counter mutations from the sun rays and their deaths is what causes the extra pigment in a tan

The Sapien

1:50 "Horizontal Gene Transfer"
Like, how does it happen from eating? What about kissing? Does it only happen via bacteria, or what about viruses, which rewrite DNA???


There is a blotch on the left E on your EngineeringExplained shirt! REEEEEEEE
Hmm? OH! Yeah, very nice video about the sunscreen gene too btw :)

Raymond K Petry

...are you saying that the gene for Gadusol is absolutely,-nonextant in humans, or just that Gadusol is not produced in human skin cells—in other words, is there no junk-gene that would produce Gadusol if it were 'complete, correct, unbroken, not defeated, not recessive...


I'll throw you some interesting topics for episodes:
Could we theoretically fix our vitamin C generating gene and no longer worry about scurvy?
Could we ingest some enzymes and get nutrition from wood pulp, also known as dietary fiber?

Belinda Weber

To quote John Green "Stupid nature" ?

Misti Roberts

I like how science is always telling you stuff they can't possibly know like that human beings had fur and stayed inside to avoid dinosaurs- those are theories or hypotheses not facts

Jose Ramirez

Interesting ? I thought summer was over already ????


So we can't produce Vitamin C or sunscreen genes?


The idea of being able to take a pill in the morning instead of slathering on sunscreen is VERY attractive to me. I can't imagine it would be good for vitamin D levels though.


I need that Gene in my life! :0

Kayclau's Shipposts

I want that gene!

Dominik's Geeky Life

I don't understand people who insist on going to the beach and NOT putting sunscreen, just because they want to get a tan. Then, they complain about getting sunburned. Just like people who complain about being hangover every weekend but they won't stop drinking.. ugh, so annoying.

Virginia Hansen

It's probably also not a concern since most mammals are covered with fur. They don't need sunscreen like we bald mammals do.

Joanna Atkins

Cool shirt ;)

Bert Henry

Love the shirt. I follow him as well.

Cat Islander

I need me some of that Gadusol cuz I burn like toast cooked over a bonfire.

Frozen June

The part of having a full, Protective fur coat protecting mammal ancestors would seem to have more of a driver to losing the gene than being nocturnal or burrowing animals.

Matthew Smith

black people have the sun screen gene


Cant relate


Then what is melanin then?

Johnny J

I worked construction in the sun in the south west desert for two decades and never got a sun burn, go figure.


Skillshare is offering SciShow viewers two months of unlimited access to Skillshare for free! https://skl.sh/scishow-11


Being pale skinned in Florida is suffering...

Nightshade Kelly

I'm extreamly pale and my skin refuses to burn. I try to purposely burn cause im curious and it still wont happen

Brenden Pischke

Or... you know... just build up a tan.

When I was working a job at a garden center, within a week of working there I was able to build up a tan dark enough to allow me to work a full 8 hour shift in the sun without any sunscreen.

Edit: Although I suppose it depends what your ethnic background is. I'm 3 quarters European so I look white, but I am also 1 quarter Chinese so I guess that lets me build up a tan when I need it.

John Smith

I wonder if horizontal gene transfer happens due to the "accidental" creation of virus-like offshoots, which then infect cells of different species. Anyway, it sounds like we could put the gene back into our DNA if we wanted. Let's get started on that.


I think I must have devolved then. I have pasty white skin, practically blinding white, but I neither tan nor burn. When I was younger, I would go out to the pool in my apartment complex daily, lay there for hours with no sun block trying to get a tan, but to no avail. When I die I'm going to donate my skin to NASA so they can make better space suits that will allow astronauts to space walk right up to the sun.


When I'm designing a baby, I'm adding these genes to is genome.

Carlene Panda

god a gadusol vaccine would be a revolution


I haste sunlight. It's too bright and too hot.

Lee Lovelace

I see that Engineering Explained shirt. ?


I lose my jeans all the time.

Gustav Löwgren

04:20 "while we may not be able to get these fish sunscreen genes back"
CRISPR: challenge accepted!


Is it me or did SciShow got a weird obsession for horizontal gene transmition in november of 2018?

Peter Francis

more UV --> more mutant --> upgrade Tier faster

Half Blind Productions

vampires be thrilled at this news

C.O. Jones

Wow, Stefan Chin is getting pretty buff. Nice.
I could certainly use a gadusol pill — I’m losing what little melanin I had.

de sp

I'm white but don't burn and tan very slowly. Anyone else like this?

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Laura Thomas

Hello Angie! I just purchased the gift bags:) Perfect idea... Hugs until next time!

Brittany Stephens Anchondo

Angie, I know you deal with redness like I do. My Curology that has the same actives as you, has not helped with the redness much for me. I have been using the Purito Centella Unscented sunscreen and it takes almost all of my redness away while it is on and is making my skin look so much better! It isn't tinted either. I purchased the Purito Centella Recovery Cream, so well see if that helps even more.

Silver Fish

Thank you ?

Iris T.

I tried to use your Timeless discount code (hf5off) and the website said it’s not valid.

Anita Miko

Great suggestion on the gift bags. And likewise on the retinal serum. Future tip: I’m looking for an anti aging body cream or spray or something that will dry down really fast after showering. I keep neglecting the skin on my body because I’m too cold to wait for body lotions to dry.


Do you still use the Olay body lotion? It was the one with Niacinamide.

april west

Hi. Could u do a eye look with the colour pop taupe eye palette please! Thanks ❤️


Hi Angie! I am trying to remember the name of the eye patches that you use. I have the Derma E but you had another brand and I can't not remember the name. Could you please let me know? They came in a green container. I tried them first and loved them but thought I would try the Derma E. I like them but I think the others had a better smell and were more moisturizing then the Derma E.


Do you avoid sugar? Your skin is amazing and im afraid my sweet tooth may break down collagen and cause wrinkles.

tiffany sadler

Thanks for sharing this with us

Rebecca Oakley

Angie have you tried EGF serums?

Myra Waterman

Enjoy your info on new products!

Jennifer Britzke

I love these bags! Already have several sets in my cart. Shared with family also!
Hoping you're going to do a tutorial on your eye/makeup look!

The Merz

Lots of good idea's as always, thank you. Those bags are a good idea. I've been re~using Amazon gift bags but never thought of looking for these. The huge pile of trash after holiday's really bothers me. So wasteful.

Gloria Leder

I just got the little pink refrigerator that you recommended. Love it. So cute!!


You’re so beautiful, I’m so grateful for this channel!

Velvajean Trapp

I went through all my lotions and they have hyaluronic acid in them. Thank you for tip on what to look for! Maelove is out of the new serum for a while?

L Nott

Love the blonder hair, Angie! I think being blonde really suits you and makes you look brighter, flatters your face. Well done.

Natasha Weldon

Can’t buy Maelove as I’m in the U.K...?

Robin Spencer

BOO HOO ?! Maelove serum sold out! Oh well! Guess I’ll live with this wrinkly neck for now!????

Julie Lyons

I use holidays bags as well, but the ones I use are not cloth material they are 2 layer reusable bags. I think they are made of mylar balloons are made of.

Jane Seemann

The gift recipients didn’t get to take their reusable bag with them? I would’ve thought it became a part of the gift.

julie farnes

Where did you buy the jeans you have on?? Cute!

Glo Gloria

Angie I love the color of your eyebrows, do you tint them? If so what do you use? I can't find an eyebrow tint that isn't too dark.

Robin Chestek

I’ve been using the Olay Regenerist Whip sunscreen for a few weeks now and I love it. The main thing I love about it is that after I’ve been wearing it all day there isn’t any white sunscreen accumulated in the lines on my neck or face. I give it 5 stars.

S Weintraub

Guess it's back to spending 70 bucks for the Avene to save my neck, since the Maelove is sold out till Feb of next year. Oh, and your code for Timeless ain't working, Angie.

Valarie D

MaeLove, out of stock already? that was fast!

Hatch Man Do

Confused. So do you do both the ecofce AND the nuface thing? How are they different? Can you compare the 2 and are they really working. Going to get one for xmas. Too pricey for both.

D Smith

Didn't you say that the lights bothered you when you first got that mask? I tried the the one from Dr. Dennis Gross ( or PTR- I forgot) and the lights drove me crazy. Do you wear eye protection as they recommend?

Jen Heckman

Thanks for the eSalon code. Looking forward to trying the kit and rockin' some highlights again.


I love what you did with the wooden tray!! So pretty and perfect to put on a table!! Love a your recommendations!! Always do!! I really want a LED mask but I just can't afford it!! Thank you Angie!! ??


Thanks to your recommendation I ordered eSalon hair color during lockdown. Love and amazing quality color and their communication and customer service is tops!! Also right now they have decreased the number of gloves in the kit from 2 pair to 1 - donating gloves to Essential Healthcare workers!! Hey eSalon!!

Renee Burich

I saw a more pliable mask for the face and then one for the neck on Pampered Wolf’s channel...I think it was from CompleteBody.

Julie Lyons

I bought the red light therapy mask that you have in gold and said you paid $233.00 I found the exact same one on the site called Wish for $47 and it included the attachment for the neck.

Lynn Niblock

Can I ask you what is your opinion on IT Cosmetics please? ??

Jennifer Britzke

Dang! Maelove is out of stock until Jan 27, 2021.
I'm on the waiting list!!

Teri Wilde

If I am just starting out with adding retinal/retrinal to my routine...would you say I could use the Maelove on my face if I did not want to order the Curology? Thanks!

Tareasa Tiffin

I really hope Olay comes out with a tinted Regenerist mineral sunscreen!

Marcelle Fantasia

Hi Angie, thanks for the lovely video. I know that you are knowledgeable about cosmetic chemistry so I wanted to ask your opinion on Talc in eyeshadows. Is it safe or is it dangerous? I find Talc as an ingredient in many eyeshadow palettes and I don't know whether I should toss them out or not. Which brands would be safe to use? Thank you, Angie. Stay safe, stay beautiful.

Cathy Ledbetter

But what did your daughter think of those pants?

Daisy Hen

Great bags !! Ever thought of doing outfit ideas from Macy's ? They are having great sales and their quality is excellent. Their prices run lower than Nordstrom and a little higher than Target


I really like that cropped sweater.

Penny Hopp

Hi Angie, quick question....I’ve read that sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours. Once you apply a mineral based sunscreen and let it set, then apply the rest of your makeup routine...do you remove everything and redo your sunscreen and makeup?

DeeAnn Gunnells

Ahh! The Maelove serum is already sold out!!!


your highlights look really good

Lynn Devlin

Can't wait for the video on eSalon Light! I really enjoy the quality of the color and how easily it washed off. I just ordered a slightly darker base color for a winter high contrast look. Thanks for getting me to do this. Great quality, so convenient, and love the accessories ❤️❤️❤️

Paloma Blanca

OMG, for the past 7 years I do not use paper or plastic. I use pillow cases and any bags made out of fabric and every one loves it. I recycle all the bags and every one loves it. The best part is talking every guess in to using fabric bags to protect the planet, and let me tell you; when they send you pictures of their presents on fabric bags under the Christmas tree, is so rewording it puts a smile on my heart. Thanks for talking about it !!! I love your videos!!!

ZoeTrent73 Neo

Hi Angie, can you please share if the Photon face mask is heavy and whether it presses down on the nose or eyes and cause any discomfort when you put on the mask while lying down? Appreciate your comments. Thank you!

Edie H

Your hair looks so good.. Love the lighter blonde on you..


Another good one is Geek & Gorgeous Retinal Serum in an airless pump.

Sanjuana Soriano

Do you only use the Maelove serum on your neck or how does it work in your skincare routine?

Maggie Garcia

I am super surprised that you recommended that Maelove serum. Since it has so many essential oils in there and you’re usually pretty good about recommending products that are fragrance and essential oil free

Maura Noonan

I used to think my grandmother was crazy for saving wrapping paper.....she would carefully unwrap and reuse it the next year. ?

marci giardine

Angie: I want to buy either the NUFACE Trinity (have the FIX) or the ECO LED Mask recommended in this video. Since you have rated both high marks, at 64 with eye wrinkles, above the lip wrinkles, slight sagging skin with larger pores--may I ask which one you would invest, if you were me; choosing only one? Thank you for all you are to us (POST) Hot and Flashy women who still make every effort to look their best AND especially thank you for doing the research!

shelly belle

Cute bags. They have a Santa feel to them, like he just dropped them off. North Pole ain't got no time for all that wrapping.

Anne Clark

Where does the Marlove go if you use curology in the pm?

Nancy Davis

We’ve been reusing gift bags for years! It’s become a family joke! So much easier. We do buy new tissue paper tho.


Hi Angie! Do you knwo anything about GoPur beauty skincare?

Paula A

I absolutely LOVE your make up today!!! You look so young and fresh and gorgeous!!!

Menopause Lifestyle Solution

just subscribed! love your videos hun they're just what i've been searching for! this is such a helpful video x

Orchid Hunter Smith

Everything is just wonderful Angie! Thanks for showing all your finds! I want them all!!

Jennifer Groves

We have to get you in some color! :-)

Lori Carroll

I remember you are currently testing another 3 minute red light face mask. When will that video be coming. I’m waiting to see it to make my decision between the two.

Sharon Lester

What does the infrared mask do?

Trish Barbour

Great video Angie! I'm really keen to try the new Maelove serum but can you confirm if this should be INSTEAD of regular Retin A / tretineoin? Or can someone here answer this for me? Thanks a mil in advance....?

Wendy Mac

I would love to see a tutorial/information on growth factor. There's so much misinformation about it. :)

janis mlka

Would love a video on todays make up! gorgeous!

Stephany Bayne

Hi Angie. I’ve been living your information. I tried the rare beauty foundation and liquid blush, the Sephora gel waterproof retractable eyeliner. Love them all. I also started using vitamin c, retinol, hydralonic acid on my skin, and sleeping a wedge pillow. I can’t believe the results in such a short time! Thanks so much for knowledge and information.


I just reuse paper gift bags year after year after year....also reuse tissue paper. Have had some bags for over 10 years. But those cloth bags are cute.

L Nott

Love the blonder hair, Angie! I think being blonde really suits you and makes you look brighter, flatters your face. Well done.

Stacey Ring

Does the $5 off timeless work anymore? I tried to use it and it wouldn't work.


Do you use curology in the under eye area?

Nicki Dolce

Angie, Have you tried Perricone MD Photo Brightening Moisturizer/ Vitamin C Ester Broad Spectrum spf 30 ? Only $29.95 at Costco, on special now. It is really nice!

Mary Sapia

Hi Angie !
Is there an otc azelaic acid product I could incorporate into my skin care routine you could recommend without having to subscribe to curology?

Yvonne Ramirez

There will not be any holiday shopping for me this year but I'm okay with it. As long as my family is healthy and happy, that's all that matters. ?❤️

Laura Fagelman

I absolutely LOVE the colourpop Thats Taupe pallette!! I LOVE your fashion style. I'm 49 and your style is perfect for age appropriate. We want to be trendy, but not look desperate and you have this nailed perfectly. Thanks again for another informative video!!


I would be so disappointed to not get to keep the bag LOL

Mary Johnson

Hi Angie. Could you recommend a day cream for face. I've been using cerave pm for day but with colder weather my face needs more. I've been doing your skincare routine. Thanks.

Jillian Navejas

So glad you reviewed the maelove! Would you recommend a peruse serum be applied over it or under it?

Sara Neyens

Love how you always through in the science of how chemicals work for efficacy! Thanks for that! Do you have a link for your bracelet?

Michelle Jaramillo

The Maelove Retinal is out of stock and will not be back in stock until Jan 2021 at the earliest ;-(


Hair is looking Blonder and Longer and of course Prettier - if that could be possible ?

4Ever Young

Anybody else just given up on makeup and hair since the pandemic? I am a nurse and wear a mask all day. I have my hair pinned up in a bun all day and wash it every day after I get off work. We are having a Covid surge in my community so I don’t go anywhere. There’s just never an occasion to get all gussied up.
Still do my skin care and wear sunscreen every day and sometimes mascara though.

S Wood

Yes, please to taupes and cool tones for me. I just bought some single shadows from Sydney Grace that are in the taupe family (both shimmers and mattes). They are amazing! I highly recommend trying them.


Loved the reusable Christmas bags!!

Deb Gilbert

Really useful ideas Angie! Thanks again. You never disappoint :)

kaye ski

The malove serum is sold out already!

Gayle Elliott

My infrared mask arrived today—can’t wait to read the instructions and start using it. In the late 70’s, we learned about the use of infared/red going back into the 50’s-same with electric current diodes—back then it was a round glass disc shaped bulb held above the skin. Hood to know it works and we are seeing a resurgence now. Love those gift bags!

Aura 3:33

MyChelle makes a retinaldehyde serum too. (around $35-40) Sold at Whole Foods and Amazon.

L Nott

Love the blonder hair, Angie! I think being blonde really suits you and makes you look brighter, flatters your face. Well done.

Tracey Higgins

Hi Angie. Love those cute bags. Great idea. Great idea with the Maelove vit c. Wow, Olay has a sunscreen? Awesome. I love the led mask too. Have you seen the one on eBay with 7 colours. I have that one. Yeah I think the transparent mask is a no go. Love the high pigmented blush. Love the Denona nudes. Colour pop taupe is gorgeous. You always do a beautiful job on your hair Angie. I have to get that top. It looks amazing. I love gray so much. Ooh I love that tray too. Such a great size. Thanks lovely, for doing such a great video. I’m about a third through my holiday. Just done the Great Barrier Reef. Tomorrow we’re off to Hervey Bay which is just near Fraser Island and doing a day there in a Hummer. Super excited. It’s been great catching up with you while holidaying. Sending you sunshine from Oz xx???

Tanisha Harrison

Thank you for the Maelove recommendation, Angie! I have been using Avene RetrinAL for many years and while it’s pricey, I love the product. However, the pump has broken on the last two of three bottles I’ve purchased and a good portion of the product went to waste. I had sworn off buying another bottle due to the poor quality packaging and am happy to have a new product to replace it. Thank you again!

Sue Anderson

Angie, I love how you can speak to products that don’t work for you without trashing them. Speaks to your character. I purchased the That’s Taupe palette as soon as it came out and have been really enjoying it. I’m a Rouge member so ordered the Natasha Denona Soft Glam and a few other spendy items I’ve been wanting to try. The beautiful thing about Sephora is their customer service! Never have any issues with return if needed. And that tray! Imagine the cost if it was at Pottery Barn. Great video!

Terry Nicoll

Love the vid. The boots are really adorable. Centerpiece is so creative.

sonya fani

Hi Angie
I live in Canada and most of product not coming here or at expensive shipping.
Walmart products are different too and no shipping to Canada?

Lynnea Nilson Thibodaux

Hi Angie, are you going to update the AM/PM skincare routine list on your blog so we can reprint it with the new Maelove product? Maybe there are other things you’ve changed? A couple of things here for me, but sold out. I’ll check back though! Thanks as always! Lynnea

Diana W

Trust me the Earth has been through a whole lot worse things than wrapping paper. That was hilarious when you said that, I had to laugh aloud.

ashley guidroz

Angie- I saw on a previous video that you used a laser hair growth light band. Are you still using that? If so what brand do you like?

stephanie schindler

Have you seen that new beauty tool on qvc/hsn. Eco beauty nano needle for home. I was wondering what you think?

Mar Tina


Suntan cream offers

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6 Reasons to LOVE Mineral Sunscreen! With Dr Emma | Dr Sam Bunting

7 348 views | 24 Sep. 2020



We’re HUGE fans of mineral sunscreen at the clinic. Great for toning down redness, safe for use after procedures and suitable for use in the trio of conditions we see most of: acne, rosacea and eczema.

But in the past there have been limitations. A white cast, due to the large nature of the particles of zinc and titanium dioxide. Pastey formulas, which make skin looks dried-out and patchy.

The good news is that advances in formulating technology mean that many of these hurdles have been overcome. So here’s why we’re such fans.

How to find Dr Emma Wedgeworth ➯ https://bit.ly/3ismLJw

How to find me:

SHOP DR SAM'S SKINCARE ➯ https://bit.ly/3gEHfyt

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To continue the discussion of all things skincare, follow the link below to join my secret Skincare Club Facebook Group! https://bit.ly/39VSn7b

As always thank you so much for watching and for all your support!

Disclaimer: The content seen in this video is provided only for medical educational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please seek professional help individually if you suffer from any dermatological condition. Due to the volume of patients seen in the clinic, and to the unique nature of skin, Dr Bunting is unable to respond to every query on these videos.


Plus the iron oxide in tinted sunscreens blocks the visible light which causes melasma/hyperpigmentation.

Richa Rajesh

Kindly suggest some brands!

Amy May

Please could you recommend one for oily skin? Thank you


Unfortunately for us dark skin people, our choices for mineral sunscreen are extremely limited.

T Anon

I live in a drier climate and find mineral sunscreen seems to dry out my skin. Trying to find one that has some counter balancing moisture component is difficult. The other issue is trying to find a tinted mineral sunscreen that woks for fair skin. You either get the orange brown, which is usually too dark (for some reason French sunscreens love that tint, perhaps trying to instil a sun-kissed look) or pasty, ashy tones. CC and BB creams with spf aren't much better. In most lines the "light" is too dark and "fair" is too pale and pink. I end up having to buy both and mix them, which expensive and a pain. IT cosmetics claimed they created that illusive in-between colour, but it turned out to have a weird undertone.

Daily Dose of Medicine

Mineral sunscreen filters are effective for reflecting UV rays when applied as directed, which includes applying a generous amount (one ounce for the entire body) 15 minutes before sun exposure. On the other hand, chemical sunscreen ingredients penetrate the top layers of the skin to absorb UV rays?

Peter Kloosterman

According Labmuffin both organic and inorganic filters work immediatly on application:

Freedom Life

If you want to make a sunscreen that will probably leave a white cast for someone, instead of making mineral sunscreens why not make sunscreens that use Tinosorb M or Tinosorb A2B? Just like with mineral filters those two can leave a white cast but they provide far superior UVB and UVA protection, esepcially Tinosorb M, it provides hands down the strongest UVA protection of any UV filters out there! Plus those are huge molecules that are unlikely to penetrate the skin deeply so they are very safe. Seriously Dr. Sam you are in Europe you can use better UV filters so why not?

Annie Whitmore

Can you recommend some mineral sunscreens?


flawless tinted sunscreen soon ??✨

Noora Bint H

I’m not interested in mineral sunscreens anymore, besides, there’s already a TON of mineral sunscreens on the market, many of which people consider “great” so you are entering a saturated market lol, I am middle eastern, pretty sure you see a lot of middle eastern patients in your london clinic so you know what kind of skin tones we have, mineral sunscreens simply dont work great for most of us, not a fan of them whether tinted or not.

Vegan Games

Usually the UVA protection can be a lot lower in Mineral sunscreens. The inkey list mineral spf 30 offers UVA at 15. Is that enough for aging issues?

Noora Bint H

I also want to mention that i have oily skin with large pores so mineral sunscreens tend to settle in my pores and they make my skin look flaky cause oily acne prone skin doesn’t exfoliate itself properly and the white stuff makes my skin look flaky, so unless you have perfect poreless skin, mineral sunscreens suck

bag ofhammers

I trust and like Dr. Emma more than Dr. Sam. She is a consultant dermatologist whereas Dr. Sam is not, also comes across as more warm and genuine.

Mart Basa


Noora Bint H

What more can you innovate in the mineral sunscreen market? It’s overcrowded, I don’t think formulations can get any better than this in the near future! I’d rather a chemical sunscreen that excludes the old irritating UV filters so something with Uvinul T150, Uvinul A Plus and Tinosorb S, I also like a reefsafe sunscreen so no octinoxate


Could you recommend any particular mineral sunscreens, especially for rosacea?

Mira G Beauty

Can you please recommend a good mineral sunscreen?


For some reason o strongly dislike when Dr Sam and Dr Emma do a video together. I feel very different energy vs when Dr Sam does it alone. When they r together it s so annoying that they ask each other about things which each of them can answer on their own. No need the 2nd person there

tracy bownes

can you please give us some reccommendations of tinted and untinted mineral spf x

Johnson Rojo

I hope Dr. Sam will include newer UV filters that provides better UVA protection like tinosorb s and m and uvinul a +. ? can't wait for the release of the new product, also need to restock on night and brightly ❤.


Chemical sunscreens work immediately as well. The 15 minute thing is just to allow it to dry and form a film. But its not like they dont work right away

Stefanie Blanche

How long after opening can I use mineral sunscreen?

Lucrece von Kasm

Please add a mineral sunscreen to your range! ????


So should we not be using Dr Sam's SPF which is chemical right?! I'm so confused...!

A Banks

My third sense is telling me that a mineral sunscreen is coming to Dr Sam’s product line up!! ?


Mineral sunscreens usually more drying vs combo or organic ones.

Freedom Life

Dr. Sam there is nothing wrong with organic/chemical UV filters! I really wish people would just stop importing such myths based on the lack of availability of modern UV filters in the US, this stuff only applies to the US not Europe and Asia where you can use better UV filters! Ever heard of Tinosorb S lite Aqua? Uvinul A Plus? Uvinul T 150? UVASORB HEB? Bisdisulizole disodium? Ecamsule? Drometrizole Trisiloxane? Amiloxate? Parsol SLX? Tinosorb M and Tinosorb A2B? of course there are other newer UV filters such as the controversial enzacamene.

Gimmy Bolt

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Doctor dohgo can also cure

Freedom Life

First of all Dr. Sam, the newer chemical filters available in Europe and Asia are VERY photostable, what you were referring to are the UV filters used in the US which absolutely SUCK. It's the old filters that are irritating, the newer chemical filters are not irritating, and mineral sunscreens along with every other kind of sunscreen, tend to clump up together and cause patchy protection over time and the protection will decrease regardless of the type of UV filters used. Also chemical filters tend to stay better on your skin because they absorb into the top layers of your skin, so the top layers of the epidermis whereas mineral sunscreens stay on your stratum corneum so they can rub off a lot more easier. Chemical sunscreens will also work right away but for maximum protection it takes about 10 minutes to form an even layer on your face, mineral sunscreens also need to form a film on your face, therefore it also takes time to give the maximum result that it can.

6 reasons to HATE mineral sunscreens:

1. They are inferior to newer modern chemical filters in terms of UVA protection, high UVAPF/PPD values difficult to obtain in a cosmetically elegant formula.
2. Can feel heavy and thick
3. Leaves a white cast and white streaks on the face, will settle into large visible pores and blackheads, depending on skin tone, regardless of how well formulated it is, there's always a chance it will leave a white cast for someone, also doesn't tend to work well for men with facial hair. They also settle into and around the hairline
4. Reapplying them makes them look whiter and worse
5. They rub off a lot more easily than chemical sunscreens
6. They can be drying and astringent

Julia Kenney

So many things are wrong with this video, you still need to wait after applying mineral sunscreens, the wait time is not about ‘activation’ it’s about making sure that the sunscreen has evenly distributed and absorbed to create an even film and there’s no holes in protection, never rush into your makeup after sunscreen, wait 10 minutes and make your breakfast etc.
zinc sunscreen doesn’t magically last all day! You still need to reapply throughout the day, chemical or not, reapplying is not because the filters are breaking down but because throughout the day you scratch your face wear a mask etc which will ruin that even layer and create holes in your protection.
finally the amount of sunscreen needed to get the labelled SPF of a product is much more than what most people would comfortably wear of makeup. Never skimp on sunscreen or think that ‘a little goes a long way’. Relying solely on spf in makeup is not a good idea.!
I understand that these dermatologists are from the UK where UV rays are not as strong, but as a redhead from Australia this is not good advice.

Chingsom Ningthemchamayum

Dr Sam
I am first today?
Love you and your videos

asdicmcod asdciasdjo

I think chemical sunscreens are far superior because of Extremely high UVA protection, for example Bioderma has a 42 PDD chemical sunscreen and Riemann P20 has a 56 PDD rating.

It’s impossible for a mineral sunscreen to get that high UVA protection unless you use more than %20 Zinc Oxide which of course it will give you strong white cast, and even then it still won’t reach Chemical sunscreens high UVA rating.

Elena Testarmata

Waiting for your mineral sunscreen !?

justin _

there is always so much sexual tension in these videos

Sreeja Gummadi

My favorites for my oil skin are purito water comfy spf 50 mineral sunscreen and purito unscented spf 50 chemical sunscreen

Adam D.

Great Video!

Ranveig Lie

I hope Dr Sam is coming up with light tinded mineral sunscreen ?? Without niacinamide ??