Nasal spray for dry sinuses

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6 Different Types of Nasal Sprays | Which is Best For You?

20 566 views | 27 Nov. 2019

There's a lot of

There's a lot of misconceptions about nasal sprays so we're going to try to set the record straight with some basic information today. There are a lot of different types of nasal sprays and they're used for different reasons.

Nasal Decongestant

Nasal Steroid Spray

Nasal Antihistamine Spray

Nasal Atrovent, Ipratropium

Nasal Cromolyn

Saline Nasal Spray

The first category is probably one of the most commonly used and this is a nasal

decongestant spray. These phrase are over-the-counter products and common

ones include Afrin, Sinux and for our Canadian listeners Otravin. These sprays are very popular because they work really well and one of the problems is they work too well.

They give you a very quick relief from nasal congestion and drainage within usually 10 minutes. These sprays are appropriate for short term use that includes when you have a cold or a flu for several days or perhaps an allergy flare-up. What they're not appropriate for is long-term use there are warnings on the bottles that tell you don't use this more than five days. Those warnings are real.

The problem with these sprays is that they can be addictive because they decongest so well and they can actually damage the lining inside the nose if they're used for too long a time.

When the starts to happen the spray will become less effective people will tend to use more of it and at some point it will just totally stop working and you'll be stuck with it badly stuffed nose that you will not get relief from that has damaged tissue.

Nasal Steroid Spray

The next category is spray which is probably the second most commonly used as ones like this which our nasal steroid sprays. There's a lot of different brands such as Flonase, Nasacort Nasonex Rhinocort and these sprays are all similar they all use medications that are steroid based and

they're in the same family of drugs.

There's also generic versions of these that can either be prescription or over-the-counter as well.

Nasal Antihistamine Spray

If you can imagine taking something like a Claritin and putting it into a spray form which you shove up your nose, that's what these sprays do. The upside of them is again they tend to be very safe they have a faster onset than the nasal steroid sprays and usually will have an effect within half an hour.

The downside of them is that they don't work instantly like a decongestant and you probably wait about half an hour to get a good effect.

They often don't have a very good taste so we tell people after using them they should brush their

teeth have some gum etc to kill some of the drainage that gets into the throat.

Nasal Atrovent, Ipratropium

This is a very different type of spray and it really doesn't do much for the congestion or stuffiness but it does help drainage and it's designed for people that have frequent thin watery drainage from the nose.

Nasal Cromolyn

These sprays are not used that often because they need to be used fairly often several times a day and they're not terribly potent. The one upside is that they are generally thought to be safe in pregnancy unlike the other sprays.

Saline Nasal Spray

Saline is just salt water that is balanced to be the same level of salt that's in our bloodstream and tissues. Using plain water in the nose is an irritant. So all the sprays have a certain amount of salt in them.

Saline spray is incredibly safe it can be used in pregnancy in children and in essentially anybody. It has a cleansing action where it helps to keep the nose moist and healthy and remove debris and mucus it also has some effect on the feeling of congestion. It can loosen mucus so you can properly blow your nose and clear out secretions without using too much force.

We hope this was helpful!

In this video, Dr. Ariel Waitzman discusses the 6 different types of Nasal Sprays. Some types of #nasalspray are appropriate for short term use. Other sprays can be used frequently over time.

Flu season is here, and it's important to understand which type of spray is recommended for different situations. #nasalcongestion #fluseason

There are many different Dr. Ariel Waitzman and Dr. Fred Lopatin have offices in Dearborn & Livonia Michigan. If you would like to schedule an appointment please visit https://dearbornent.com or simply call 313.582.8853

We would be happy to answer any questions!

Disclaimer: This video is for educational

purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. nasal spray


Solid work Doc

Willie Will

Great video I learned so much

gazala a

Hi. I am using category 2 spray in India with brand name of Aquamet, i was prescribed it by my doctor 9 yrs back used it for 4yrs den i stopped using it, cause condition felt better den i did change city it was in control didn't have much problems.. But for a few months condition got bad every other day had runny nose so went back to d doctor gave d same medication using it regulary but if i miss a single day... My nose starts runny wat do i do plz help... I cant visit my doctor as she moved to different place n d lockdown has not helped in d situation

Hadyu Rahim

Can i know where does the SATO Nazal Spray stand in the category?

M Ba

Steroid nAsal spray can dammage yourveyes


I heard you need to use Afrin 3 days,,,,


thx u doctor

WB Oliver72

Excellent ! I liked the video and subscribed. Thank you !


Dearborn MI?

Rosina Lock

Sadly this is of no use to me. It's all about the nose! He did mention mucus which is what i suffer with but nothing to do with the nose? i thought mucus only comes with respiratory problems? That is what i am looking for, but the above good for people with nasal problems, sadly i never have those problems, mine is breathing difficulties. But he made a very good and perfect video because he was thorough.

maxim maxim

Excellent video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you considered - Qonnayce Mindful Formula (should be on google have a look)? It is a great one of a kind guide for stamping out your nasal polyps minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend after many years got astronomical success with it.

Guru SEO

I thought there was only one

Touch Nimith

This can buy in Cambodia dr?

Skyler Kallabat

Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve been using Flonase for almost a week now. My congestion is gone so now I will stop ??


Afrin makes one spray called “No Drip” but you can’t use more than 4 days....It doesn’t leave you with nasty taste....


Can you tell us about xylitol spray?

Keith Goodwin

Sounds like they do not want to make something that really works. Doctor do not cure shit. Sell you shit with a bunch of side affects. License fools practicing on us. FACT

Nasal spray for dry sinuses

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How to most effectively use a nose spray: technique, suggestions

78 316 views | 17 Apr. 2018

This video is about How to

This video is about How to use a nose spray

point the bottle straight up

the nasal passage goes straight back (not up)

aim away from the septum

make sure your nose is cleared as well as possible of any mucus

Medical Disclaimer: All comments are generalizations and intended to be for educational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

EleanorWalters Walters

I am so frustrated that I had been pumping all those pills as well as tablets that did not do heck for my polyps. And now I simply used this nasal polyps treatment “Vοzαnzο Tvο” (Google it) and applied some dietary changes and the polyps are gone once and for all! I`m very pleased that I found this product through my own research. .

Moonlight Paw

Because I use wrong by spray it into my septum now my nose is bleed and stuff every morning when I blow my nose. I would like to know if that normal and how do I fix that? Thank you

fallout man

My doctor told me to bend at a 90 degree angle and to point toward the ear. He said I have a lot of swelling but no infection and it could take about a month to get it under control. That's what been causing my fullness and a weak sense of smell.

Mandem Bhushna

Hiiiiiio sir

Min Chen

Hi Dr. Liu thank you for the video. Two months ago I had an ear surgery after surgery my Eustachian tube blocked , do you think the nasal spray will works with my tube blocked ? Can I use it?

Maria Christie

I'm trying to help my 7 year old use a flixonase nasal spray. If he lies on his back on the bed with his head hanging over the side will the spray reach the correct place?

Miss_B Hello

Thanks! What is the purpose of blocking the opposite nostril?

James Biehl

When you mention the nose going straight back, you could reference that diagram you have behind you.

Jasmine Monae

Love it thank you ?

Jordan Favazza

I have sharp pain in my left ear. No doctor has been able to help. Would anyone be able to help?

Adolfo Maldonado

Thank you Dr

Charles Adams

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Makie Dee

Thank you doctor!

Rainbow Girl

So how’s everyone’s quarantine going lol

Miss AK

Did anyone quit smoking and feel like they have something stuck in the throat I’ve been told me it’s mucus, and now I need to use a nasal spray

Collins Roberto

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Ip Duanyi

If we use the green bottle nouse spary is the same must band down your head cannot bring up

mamaska Ziga

Hi i am just wanna ask you my nose is block 1 years i am try any spray not help only otrivine been to GP i got Mametasone help but no weri good

Nurul Huda

Doc, after i used the nose spray, i keep sneezing, is it fine or not???

Touch Nimith


rhetorical researcher

Dr what cause noise bleeding?

Live Cricket & Gaming Channel

watch the latest video how we can use our nasal spray properly https://youtu.be/0o6JPoOlvac

Net Neutrality

The best explanation. It includes everything. Thanks


Fortunately I found this nasal polyps treatment method “Vοzαnzο Tvο” (Google it), and that I instantly started out seeing advancements. In a few days my polyps were obviously shrinking and also the head aches and stuffy nose were long gone. Right after 21 days the polyps were no longer noticeable and now, 5 months down the road, they haven`t came back. .

Merciful Servant

Thank you Dr for the video..


I try the thing you put my head how and squeeze but all I felt was only air I had squeeze more for water to go through I like the automatic ones I'll be buying the ones I always buy I wanted to try the squeeze bottle is not for me I did got a bit of solution in but not enough smh with me

Lucy Os

Thank you, Dr. Liu!

Destiny Wisdom

Хочу поделиться свидетельством того, как крем на основе трав доктора Абили спасает меня от стыда и позора, мой пенис был для меня большой проблемой, так как его размер был действительно таким неудобным, и у меня также была слабая проблема с эрекцией. Я не могу заниматься любовью с женой, а мой пенис был слишком маленьким для взрослого мужчины, как у меня, с пенисом 4 дюйма, и, что еще хуже, я не выдерживаю в сексе, я не могу даже последние две минуты, это было действительно стыдно мне. Моя жена действительно устала от меня, потому что моя сексуальная жизнь была очень плохой, она никогда не получала удовольствия от секса, я всегда думал и искал решения повсюду, пока не увидел свидетельство того, как крем на основе травяной смеси доктора Абили помогал людям в отношении их пола. жизни, поэтому я решил дать ему попробовать и, к моему величайшему удивлению, менее чем за неделю приема трав мой пенис вырос до 11 дюймов, я не мог поверить своим глазам, и когда я говорю сейчас, мой пенис теперь 11 дюймов, и я нет снова недельной эрекции. Я могу дольше заниматься любовью с женой в постели. И мой брак сейчас стабильный, моя жена теперь очень хорошо наслаждается мной в постели. Вы можете связаться с ним по электронной почте [email protected]gmail.com, позвонить или что-нибудь добавить через +2349034412845.

Jia Ming Zhuang

I think I’m not using the right way to spray my nose. I use different kind.nasal spray but I still have stuffy nose.

Jenina Manalad

Its is okay if i feel something on my throat?


What if the inflamation is on the septim? I had polyps or turbinites (my doctors can't agree) in the septum. I thought I was therefore supposed to apply to spray directly onto that...? Please help with this

Maung Hussein Juhar:811

Thank you

Razzle D dazzle

Will this also help with the ringing in my ear? I've had this for over month. Doc says it's eustachian tube dysfunction

Karina Smith

Thank you so much Dr

Marion McBride

Thankfully I discovered this nasal polyps treatment solution “Vοzαnzο Tvο” (Google it), and I instantly began viewing improvements. Within a couple of days my polyps were clearly shrinking and the headaches and stuffy nose were vanished. The polyps went away entirely after three weeks and have never come back; it has been five months today. .

Kim Young

I have inferior turbinates enlargement problem and my nose has always been stuffy. should I use saline spray like respimar or just stick with saline irrigation? are there any better over the counter spray for my nose? thank you so much

Fugitive Recovery PHansen

Always get your info from a Professional, Thank you. Well Done.

prasanna mourya

Which nosal spray is best for pansinusitis patient??

Agnes Estrada

i think im not using the right way of the nasal spray, i spray straight inside my nosetril

Hopelessly Me

Thank you for this excellent educational video Dr Liu. This will greatly help me in explaining and educating my patients with the proper technique.

Kofe Laheulu

Thank you it very helpful

Nasal spray for dry sinuses

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Allergy experts questioning nasal sprays due to coronavirus concerns

4 072 views | 25 Mar. 2020

Some doctors are

Some doctors are questioning whether nasal sprays and nasal rinses are the best treatment for season allergy sufferers right now due to coronavirus concerns.

Kay Sib

Paul Walker lol.

bruno cass

And they call themselves doctors...ceticov19 antihistamines works on Covid 19 , it does not kill the virus but modulates severe effects. Do your research properly !

Harry Reams

Take medical advice from Florida. I dont think so.