Mineral face make up

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6 371 views | 8 Nov. 2015

Hei! So since mineral

Hei! So since mineral makeup is pretty popular among girls I thought I would dedicate an entire tutorial to mineral makeup. I use brands such as BareMinerals and Glo Minerals in this video, which are som of mye favourite brands of all time. I love how they combine health and beauty!

Products used in the video:

BareMinerals Original Foundation

BareMinerals Matte Foundation

GloMinerals Under Eye Concealer (Natural)

BareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener (Luminous 2)

BareMinerals All Over Face Color (Warmth)

BareMinerals Mineral Veil

BareMinerals Blush (Vintage Peach)

GloMinerals Brow Kit

GloMinerals Eyeshadow Trio (Coffee)

BareMinerals Blyant Eyeliner

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Liner i fargen Exhilarated

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick i fargen Speak Your Mind

BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara

Instagram: @karolinagriciute

Blog: http://karolinamaria.no

Are you a brand that would like to get in touch with me about me reviewing a product? Please contact me here: [email protected]

Mailin Elmarsdottir

Du er jo til og med flawless uten sminke

Karolina Maria

+Sofie Fevang Tusen takk! <3


You're so pretty! I loved the makeup!!


HEY Fabulous video and makeup look ... Loved it so so much ... Huuuuuugggggsss

Sonja Helmersen

Hvilken farge har du i original foundationen? ❤️

Georgia Hughes

loved watching this, you're soso pretty! sub4sub?x

sofie fevang

Så fin video!

Mineral face make up

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25 904 views | 2 Jun. 2017

Thank's for watching my

Thank's for watching my full face first impression of Mineral Fusion makeup. Mineral fusion makeup is free of parabens, gluten, artificial colors, phthalates and other harsh ingredients. This is an affordable clean makeup brand with tons of products verified by the EWG. Hope you enjoy today's full face first impressions review on Mineral Fusion makeup.




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CHANNEL ART BY → Huong Nguyen (https://wang-calorista.myportfolio.com)



This video is not sponsored. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. Some links/codes are affiliates. I do not recommend anything to you that I don’t believe in wholeheartedly.



mineral fusion illuminating primer

mineral fusion liquid foundation in warm 2

mineral fusion concealer duo in neutral

mineral fusion bronzer in luster

mineral fusion blonzer duo

mineral fusion blush in flashy

mineral fusion eye shadow trio in density and espresso gold

mineral fusion liquid eyeliner in ebony

mineral fusion eye pencil in coal charbon

mineral fusion volumizing mascara

mineral fusion sheer moisture lip tint in adorn

mineral fusion brush-on sun defense spf 30



SHOP GLOSSIER 20% OFF 1st ORDER http://bit.ly/2qt3LiM

NUDESTIX → "SEREINWU10" 10% off http://bit.ly/2sfYL23

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Danny T

To the one percent of people who are scrolling through the comments I hope you have a good day - from a YouTuber with a goal if 1k

A H Stone

Thanks for the review. I want to try Mineral Fusion products. I understand the struggle with liquid eyeliners, the only one that seems to work for me is Hard Candy. I thought all your makeup looked great on you.

Mentally Conscious Uprising Society

See going natural is always better and in playing on using some of mineral fusion products along with maia's mineral galaxy make up. There is many natural make up but you have to find the right one. Its hard when you have african american natural products because its not that many out there but i try to have hope and pray about it.


They do have powder and I don't think this is not that expensive. Pretty pricey to me.

Melissa Julian

Thank you! I've always been curious about this brand. What do you think about makeup from Avon? I was recently given an Avon catalog. I NEVER see Avon talked about on YouTube. I don't use Avon at all, just curious. I appreciate your reviews on brands.


This has been one of the most genuine review videos I've seen. Thank you!

Tyra Hudson

Last year I used their mineral sunscreen with a SPF 50 and I did like it but I did feel it had a strong scent so I never got it again. I havnt tried any of their makeup but I did see it at CVS a couple days ago so thank you for such a thorough honest review.~ ❤️

Tracy Tydlacka

I feel the same about foundation. It just never looks goodon my skin so if I do use it its minimal.

Sophia LoRe

Just started watching this video and I have to say that your skin looks AMAZING before you put any makeup on!

Vannah Louisiana

I've seem this line around for at least 8 years set up at Wegmens in the organic area. There are trials so I tried concealer and did not like because there was too much of a yellow undertone for me. I used the tinted moisturizer before and it was average yet I didn't repurchase because of the color and there's not many choices. There me a few colors of the liquid lip glosses that I use and do love. They're very moisturizing. ???


Awesome video.

Kenia Suarez

The highlight looks a little bit dark for your skin tone but still looks good on the skin

Ana Allen

Thank you for doing reviews on natural beauty options! Keep it going :-)

mary shoai

have a great weekend.

Mariana Grama

I like your eyebrows and eyeshadow... and you are beautiful ???????


If you are going to put on foundation then you have to PUT ON FOUNDATION. I wish i would have seen full coverage...

padmathilagam ramachandran



I have an love this foundation but this application was wild. Streaky (especially on nose close up) and no translucent or matching powder applied before bronzer and blush? very muddy!

Ashley Wu

I really liked how close up you zoomed in in this video :D I can actually see how the foundation looks on your skin! I love your videos! <3


For a more natural eyeliner, try the ZuZu Luxe eyeliner.

Lisa Middleton

Love ya girl... but I need to help you. Phthalate pronunciation sounds like FALAIT. You're trying too hard there. I always google words that I'm unsure of the pronunciation. Here's a link of it being pronounced:

Melody Eve Ramos

Yes, I LOVE MF! I did love the foundation but don’t use it as much anymore since I’ve transitioned to wearing more of a light makeup look. It definitely works better if you use a more lotion-y type primer underneath. The concealer, powder products and lip glosses are amazing. So happy you reviewed this brand. :)

The Darling Debs

Thank you for try this out for us. I hope buy something from the them sometime.
Debbie ?

Mikey B

Great vid serein. Enjoy your weekend and everyone here in the comment section. Your all beautiful inside and out....don't let anyone tell you different


Love how honest you are!!! No sugar coating- just a straight up thorough review❤️


Wow so the eyeliner can stay for whole day!

Virginia Tomlinson

I really love the way you explain everything!

Crystal Sellers

I really want to try their eyeshadows and bronzer now lol. I love their pressed powder foundation. Lighter coverage than the foundation you used but it's so good...I also have the three in one stick in terracotta and absolutely adore it as a blush.

Nichole Ancheta

Thank u this video I'm really trying to look for a good primer this seems good ?

Lynn Downey

Serein I just had to stop the video for a quick moment to let you know how much I respect and appreciate your authenticity. I watch several other channels and while you are all talented in your own ways and that is a gift in itself, as a self proclaimed skincare/makeup enthusiast I try no not swayed by bloggers who may not be completely and 100% honest with their reviews. That is not to say when I see a mind blowing highlight or bronzer, etc etc. I don't rush out to buy it but I do take certain attributes into consideration. You are one of the few bloggers I take at face value each and every time and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for that.

Andrea Herrera

any tips for making the concealer not crease, cuz mine did. I try and try and it creases bad, and quickly, I don't use powder, cuz it makes me dry and wrinkling. Also, how do you mix the colors if needed, on the duo concealer?

vee gomi

would you recommend the creamy concealer ?

Kris Tibbs

Great video!!


I love this kind ov videos =) So happy to watch it now =)
Can I ask you which camera you used? The quality is so perfect!


Ashley Tunny

If its not obvious in any spare time I have I love to watch your videos. That bronzer seriously looked so good on your skin tone. I may have to check it out for myself. I love trying to focus and support more clean options! Thanks for the video I loved it as always. Probably my third time watching it lmao. I just really love your channel! Thank you Serein!

Carmen Anderson

The timing of this video is perfect! I was looking at Mineral Fusion makeup yesterday, but I didn't make a purchase. Now I can go back and buy with confidence.

Brittany Mann

Thanks so much for reviewing this line!!! I love Mineral Fusion and NO one ever talked about them. The other primers are much better than the one you tried (that one is my least favorite). I agree with your reviews on the liquid foundation and eyeliner. The liquid foundation clings onto my dry patches and the eyeliner flakes on me and makes my eyelashes weird. For a clean eyeliner I would recommend ZUZU LUX.

I would recommend trying the mascara again without the eyeliner cause I think its pretty good. The pressed foundation powders are also AMAZING and worth trying. I love the eye shadows and bronzers just as you mentioned. I also recommend trying some of the lipsticks and lipglosses. The MF brushes are some of my favorite and have lasted over 5 years but look like new.



Milan B.

I like these videos!

Spark _

I LOVE your tutorials! You are very up lifting...seem to be happy ALWAYS! I COULD feel your passion for this...& you are serious about IT! I love Mineral Fusion...especially the powder foundation one of the very best if not the best! I have oily skin...and this powder foundation & their mattifying primer do the best job! AND I usually get bumpy skin if I DON'T remove my make up for any reason & sleep..., but this one & Tarte clay liquid foundations( tube) are the only two never do that to my skin...& funny thing is that make my skin even smoother & super fresh! I strongly believe it's due to the clay power! Like as if I did an over night facial!!! Especially Mineral Fusion one as much cleaner ingredients over all compare to others...( their mattifying primer has clay in it) .Also their lipsticks & lip butter are amazing!I also should mention that the powder foundation gives me a FULL COVERAGE! & it's totally biuldable ! AND I do believe Zuzu Lux powder foundation gives a FULL coverage,too!? As I tried a sample at a store...it felt that way!


Thank you for the vid. What are the other foundations that you like more? Did you have a chance to try MF powdered foundation? Thank you


Hi! Love your honesty and how down to earth you are- could you possibly review Rae cosmetics?

Kalinda Vazquez

Thanks for another awesome video!! Love that you keep including cleaner brands :)

Ronda Fultz

I really like the eyeliner on you. I have super sensitive eyes and these products felt amazing. I had no itching like I do with most eye makeup.????

Windy Rungkat06

love this video so much. i do admire your natural skin. it's not flawless. but still looks beautiful because your confident. and see this video makes me more confident about my skin too. thank you Serein. this is so inspired for me.. you did great job. love you. xoxo

Ruby L

Great review thanks. I think their mascaras are really good just gotta wipe off the excess product from the brush.

Mineral face make up

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Full Face Mineral Fusion Try & Apply Review!

4 204 views | 29 May. 2019


VIDEO TITLE: “Full Face Mineral Fusion Try & Apply Review!”


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In today's video I will be trying and applying a full face of Mineral Fusions Makeup! I have tried a few Mineral Fusion products in the past but have never tired a full face worth of Mineral Fusion products before. Be sure to watch the whole video to hear my thoughts and opinions of this Brand! So if you're interested in watching me Try and apply a FULL face of Mineral Fusion Makeup, then this is the video for you! Enjoy!


Epidemic Sound ("Happy Calm Acoustic")

Epidemic Sound ("Slow It Down" MindMe)


Liquid Mineral Foundation Shade-Neutral 2

Liquid Mineral Concealer Shade- Neutral

Luster Bronzer Duo

Mineral Blush Shade- Airy

Illuminating Powder- Shade Radiance

Eyeshadow Trio Shades- Riviera & Density

Volumizing Mascara (Black)

Glossier Boy Brow

Mineral Lipstick Shade- Alluring




Whole Foods Market

the Detox market


EMAIL: (Business inquiries only please): [email protected]

FACEBOOK: CleanGreenBeingMSN

INSTAGRAM: cleangreenbeing_MSN

SNAPCHAT: cleangreenbeing



This video is NOT sponsored and the products seen in this video (Full face of Mineral Fusion Try and Apply Review) have been purchased with personal funds.

Thank you for watching my Full Face Mineral Fusion Try and Apply Review!

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Annie B.

I have been a MF girl since I discovered them at Whole Foods years ago. EVERY single product of theirs you used I own and love. We could totally be twins!! ? Thanks for the video. Try their nail polish, lipstick butters, sheer lip tints, lip glosses, and 3 in 1 color sticks. You won’t be disappointed! By the way, give the darker matte bronzer shade another try. I wear the same foundation shade as you and if I go with a light hand and blend well, it looks very natural. Cheers, my friend!!

Erika Fields

What is your favorite natural mascara? :)

Kenny Moore

My sister asked if you could do a review on the By Terry Hylaronic Foundation and Osmosis + Colour Performance Wear Satin Foundation she'd like to hear your reviews on them since her skin is so similiar to yours

Jeanene Brown

Thanks for doing these video! You are a Doll!


I bought Riviera eye trio because of this video and I love it! Wegmans is carrying this brand now!!!

natalie pfund

I feel like their foundation stays on top of my skin like a mask.. and cones off easily. Does the setting spray help with that? Or if I used a primer? I’ve never been very into makeup, but trying to learn. Thank you!