Scalp tattoos

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Women SHAVES HER HEAD for a Scalp Tattoo

220 364 views | 15 Jul. 2019

ScalpMicropigmentation is

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These are UNFILTERED results.Beware if photos are photoshopped or Edited ??

Cheryl Reuter

Amazing ❤️❤️

Stone Rocky

She looks awesome bald.

Gilbert Rocha

Beautiful baby girl love it bald smooth tattooed

sian jones

Wow u cant even tell she had a smooth paych that just brilliant
, shes beautiful xx


I think she looks prettier Bald :o)

Gary Christopher

Beautiful work


Se beautiful I love a well shaved girl

Dale Montgomery

I love my Tattoos my head is all Tattooed . An I am for you getting your head done to . I would love to see it what you done so far . Text. Me or friend me okay

Nohemí Hernandez


Robert Fogelberg

She look as if she was born to be bald

الماجدي Mahdi


The Great British Barber Hair News


Keith Williams

Sexy bald head

Ricky Baker

Why use a trimmer to shave the whole head?

Marie Wallace

What’s up Johnathan. I love your business. My daughter is 14 now & she’s weird lol she has alopecia. She reminds me of your sister so much. I mean it’s crazy. I look at her & I see Andrea

anna Nardo

O.M.G. Couldn't pay me to do something like this to myself. Now she looks just like one of the guys, nothing more...…………….

Marley Alexandra

she’s so beautiful, i have alopecia and i could never imagine it ? she’s so amazing

Josh Oman

Totally sexy gorgeous ?


She looks so much better! Great job!

Scalp tattoos

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Ep. 64 Scalp Tattoos w/ Christina P | Dr. Drew After Dark

222 587 views | 1 May. 2020

Christina P. joins Dr.

Christina P. joins Dr. Drew on this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark. Drew and the Main Mommy discuss cool guy Norman Summerton and take a look at his Twitter. They then take calls from the listeners regarding lactation, bloody browns, and delayed ejaculation. Before moving on to some of Christina's TikTok curations which include a Ukranian swing, Nookie Monster, an old gay, and constipation. Who is YOUR favorite TikToker? Let us know in the comment section below!






Chest tattoos are pretty big in the military culture, especially with dudes that are in combative roles, like infantry, Calvary, etc. How does that relate Doc?

Matt R Sneks

Could you imagine that being your granddad Jesus fucking christ

Sydney Hensley

I love Stephanie. She's fun. ?

David_dabz 530

Yooo you guys should use the vpn to make it so it looks like your in his area and call him.


why do i try to eat while watching.

Jarl Redwood

i think the head tattoo is a marker or some form of non permanent tattoo


Pig Norman Summerton! Haven't laughed that hard in a long time!


Thanks for keeping me sane, I really appreciate the podcasts in these trying these, your honour.


I think Drew needs to interview a tattoo artist. He's got no idea about the meanings behind them...


Could you imagine? You're alone in the hospital, dying from covid, and Dr. Drew walks in to hook you up to a ventilator. What an actual fever dream ?

Michael Montana

You guys are doing great !!

hotrod Valorant Videos

That jersey guy was great!


please dont slam the table so much ^^

Crunchy Crails

Those tits didnt come out of nowhere Drew! His method works. Im sure official trials are lacking but you can obviously tell he has some skills conjuring that cleavage

Jenna Cryan

so Nadav needs to follow Sam Morril on twitter..

Jon Bon

Wtf is going on here?


Love you daddy Drew but please knock it off with these CP collabs/tok analysis and get back to the long form interviews

Eric Allen

Does Dr Drew know that his mic picks up every tap and hand pound on the table?! Get you fucking life, Blueban and tell him that’s going on.


Also. I love who ever is laughing thier ass off in the back

Bobby D

If i eat eggs after not eating them for a while i will totally have the snake browns

alexx woodwick

The video of piggy wiggy at 13 min terrifies me. This is beyond a normal kink. The is disturbing to say the least

C Pint

Does it bother anyone else when Christina tries to act like she knows what Dr. Drew is about to say? Drives me nuts, and he never corrects her, he just pretends she was on the right track.

David Stattin

bruh i love Drew but what he said about neck tattoos wtf lol, my brothers a law-abiding electrician and he has neck tats.


I don't have Twitter anymore. Can y'all post about live. Alls somewhere else? I NEED to ask a question.

Jerrod Bates

I wish I thought all this was so hilarious... But... I just don't get it

Lucius Stryker

They should have Norman (Pigtits) on the show so Tom can beat him with a hose. It would be good for both of them.

david miranda

I know you may never hear this or read this but ty so much for everything, the last call on this episode really helped my situation on how I’m dealing with heartbreak in a similar situation, this really helped me get some kind of closure and I can finally move forward


I beg to differ Dr. Drew!! i Had a male best friend in high school who had hieroglyphic tattoos on their neck! It doesnt matter if their nick name was Big Gay Tony though...

Logan / Gursh

My step father is a doctor, and every time I ask him a medical question, he does the same shit as Drew and lists all the small possible horrible things it’s possible to be.


I live 2 hours from Calgary I’ve literally contemplated calling that guy and telling him to get ahold of YMH lmfao what is wrong with me



One thing that someone whose emotionally or romantically involved with an addict/recovering addict needs to know, is that when they become truly sober, they will be almost a new person. So in order to continue a relationship with that person, you need to be not only open but completely ready to restart the relationship from the ground up. Often times addicts are with someone because of their addiction or because of the symptoms of addiction. And when you remove that aspect the entire dynamic can change dramatically.


Nothing more uplifting than ‘Ol Bringer of Bad News’ Dr Drew

Dominic Duran

How do I call in?

J Duke III

Norman is just following proto

Caroline Guy

aw Christina mentioned Kathleen Hanna shes a riot mommmmmy

cody lake

Norm and RPC should meet


I'm not sure why Christina keeps insisting that being of Hungarian descent somehow makes all Slavic people "her tribe" Hungarians and Ukrainians are two very distinct nationalities, And arguably Hungarians aren't even Slavs.


The delayed problem I have after I take gabapentin. I don't take it frequently and am active frequently she know when I've taken it. One time it took like 4.5hrs to get the job done.

Crunchy Crails

Maybe its a Charlotte’s Web fantasy with some hard, hard, puffy left turns. That’ll do pig...that’ll do

Mr Senior

I've been a fan for years but.....not anymore......for obvious reasons.

Vis Chetty

I came here just hear what Dr D says about that crazy old dude. Thanks for getting to it up front. Shame man.


Yaaayyy dr.drew. @sloanbella is asking her viewers to send support to you. She's been naming hollywood a-holes but she says you are a legit good guy!
Sending good vibes from a long time time listener (adam carolla days!)

Jo ?

Tattoos = crazy person/criminal
Wow, never heard this before ?


Hey, did anyone hear Joe Rogan GLASSIN in his last podcast?

Kyla Maria

I don’t mean to be controversial, but normal sounds like the voice actor to Winnie the Pooh


IDK how you can whittle a person with neck\hand tattoos down to either a criminal or a drug addict. I know a lot of people with them (myself included, I'm 33) and yet I don't know anyone who's ever been a criminal or a drug addict. We also all have well paid jobs. Still love the show though.


I feel like they forgot all the artists, suicide girls, and hipsters with that tattoo chart.


did blueband fucking cough at 2:49 in THIS BOY GOT THE RONA THE WHOLE SHOW TAINTED


Dr. drew, I have a chest tattoo (only one) it is a name. Please diagnose me

Brad W

I want to know about the Turettes of the eyebrows/blinking that Dr. Drew suffers from.

Lance Walker

That was the eye of Horus, not the symbol of Osiris.

John Gavin

She rockin the chain

VetFishing TV

i got knuckle tats and i dont do drugs :'D


Parrot clamp


Norman Pig Tits is going to die from a blood clot if he keeps pumping those udders.

Charles Birdsong

aaaaaand dr.drew has officially dropped another level ???.


Can this cause some sort of blood clot on Mr. Pig?



Ellen Chernevich

I can't wait to kidnap Christina when she finally decides to come to Ukraine!


"It's an equal opportunity employer" lol Drew


Maybe Dr. Drew predicted the pig worked in a nursing home because of the pig's giant milk jugs?


i love them and this show but its sooo dumb when they say stuff like “knuckle tattoos means drugs”


Christina! If you want a safe and cool slavic experience, come to Poland! It's beautiful, it's modern but has enough slavic vibes and it's civilized and clean like a western country! Just come to Krakow or to Warsaw and book a historical trip from there!

joe blow

The puny box understandably report because yugoslavian empirically mug amid a gaudy eagle. alive, decorous lung

Caroline Guy

"shes fucking TRANSLUSCENT" omg yall made Drew mean and i love it, he must be so confused with himself

steve zavala

This would be Christina if she was religious

Elyssa Pierce

Love you Dr. Drew, I know you aim to help people. Do you believe healing properties in Gemstones and crystals can really be beneficial to people? Check out this video which talks a bit about how they can be used with meditative practices. (I made it, just to share my experience) What do you think?


Blood relations mean nothing, amen mama

Ethan Willetts

Can someone please deep fake Garth and/or Toms face onto Pig Norman Sommerton!

Kenneth Massa

I was eating when Norman started making pig noises, and had to stop

Dale Lane

Lol, you mom’s need to check out Tom in his cartoon captioning vid, the comments from High & Tight ppl are off the hook!

james B

Family doesn't automatically mean "Forgive, forget."
I've seen and been through some shit. Don't ever be afraid to cut ties with people who are genuinely awful. Just remember, pretty much anyone can have kids...

Justin Walshe

I like to think that dr d is the funny doctor that Tom spoke about in his act.


He seems like such a nice old man, too bad he's a big fat pig creature.

John Doe

Opie and Dr. "Corona ain't shit"


I feel like Christine already has enough traumas. Leave her alone.

Abby Skinner

Everyone keeps saying Miss Talon, but in some photos of the tattoo you can clearly see it’s M$. Talon. It’s short for Mistress Talon. She is pro-Domme. I found her online profile. Meaning he is paying for her to tell him to do these things.

AVPO Gaming

Someone please send the mommies the video of Norman eating "pootine". I don't have the stomach to do it myself.

Brandon Marsh


Ryan Marshall

Great episode

Zachary Hess


autumn lane

Christine and Drew’s confusion about the pigs sexuality is bisexual erasure

Alexander Khlapov

Keep Feathering it brother!

barry hohman

I had to have a dry wedding because of my stepmother drinking issues! But we still had a great time!

N8 Cabbage

I was a male Dom for many years and have been in the BDSM lifestyle for even longer. To give a quick answer to Christina's question about how some fetishes can become sexualized...it's usually more about conditioning than it is endured trauma. Much like giving a dog a treat when it sits. That dog learns that sitting is good because then it gets a treat. After awhile the dog will sit just at the sight of the treat because of the association its made with the two. Well, if you were to pinch someone's nipple really hard as they came, over time their brain would begin to associate the pain with the pleasure. After enough time, the pain simply becomes pleasure. This obviously is just one simplified example, and there are other ways that we can become conditioned to pain, humiliation, isolation, and even objectification.

Alberto Avila

The milk lady


I love how Dr. Drew refuses to "diagnose" the pig with Masochistic Personality Disorder.
He obviously loves to be humiliated. I don't get why it's so hard for Dr. Drew to grasp it when he literally is reposting things and asking people to laugh at his atrocity.

This is someone who will only love the trolls more. Good luck trying to get the reaction you want out of him lol.


did they edit out the poutine video?

Kevin Kalal

Shit hits wayyy different now that they allll got it lol

Stuart Livermore

Neck tattoos don't mean drug addict, they mean neck tattoo. Period. It's very unfair to generalise in such a way...


I think the pig gets temporary tattoos on his head. I don't think that video is old.

Enjoy Coke

Yeah, let's just continue to promote the "comic" who steals valor. What's next Ari Shaffir as a guest on YMH dosing Tom with 250mg of PCP?


Wow as much as I like Dr. Drew, he couldn't sound more ignorant when it comes to tattoos

Dragon Zander

Hey Doc your sign is melting! Replace the frame with one made of aluminium and stand it off the wall 3-4" and you'll be fine.


I thought everyone was over judging people based on their tattoos ?


I don't think the pig guy is gay. I think he's into being humiliated

Crunchy Crails

Christina looking good for Drew with her mommy chains

Rockin Sunday

Got my throat, sides of my head, and hands no record or drugs