Natural ways to get rid of eye bags

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Simple & Natural Ways To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

213 093 views | 26 Dec. 2017

How To Get Rid Of Puffy

How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

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Listing few simple effective ways to get rid of puffy eyes

1. Water 0:34

2. Potatoes 1:04

3. Tea Bags 1:35

4. Cucumbers 2:04

5. Egg Whites 2:34

So, these are few simple home remedies to get rid of puffy eyes. Do try them, to experience the difference


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Umaid Ahmed

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I love your information. Thank you very much for the information.

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Damn i have bad eye bags cuz i havnt slept well for a week

Lee Felix's Egg

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Andy S

8 to 10 glasses of water? Yeah right,...not with my bladder!!


Fact : humans can't be alive by only eating a one thing like apple , banana, egg , or milk but you can eat only potatoes for be alive cause potatoes has all the things that helps us to live .

the man behind the slaughter

I just noticed I haven’t drank water in a couple weeks

(Why was this in my recommendations)

Fan Of Me!!

Can you make a video on how to reduce full body fat quickly... Please! It's a request...!

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Ty I had puffy eyes for literally all school year hope I get rid if them todsy

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Did it worked for anyone?

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Will our skin smell after the egg wash?


Mine are not just in the morning... they’re just constantly there ffs

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I have puffy eyes bc I was crying

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"Drink Water"
Me : Say no more!

Fan Of Me!!

I have tried cucumber on my eyes and trust me it really works. I felt very refresh.?

Fan Of Me!!

I have tried cucumber on my eyes and trust me it feels very refreshing and dehydrated. Thanks u r amazing?

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It is useful for our daily life

XxBTS IsMyLifeuxX

I tried the cucumber one in was great the first day but. When I waked up my eye lids where full of red tots. Soo yeah that's great.


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My Health Channel By SR

Very helpful information to get rid of puffy eyes.

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Thank you I just got puffy eyes yesterday this can help


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Love yourself

I have severe atopic dermatitis and my eyes are constantly dry and swollen, and my whole face has been tight lately and idk what to do cuz it makes me feel ugly

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Cucumbers Dont work

Rebecca theqxeenwassup

Its hard drinking lots of water cuz wATER just taste so weird it has no flavor or anything its like it only taste good when you need it like after running really fast or when you thirsty and I dont get that thirsty so what does that mean

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Does it work?

Natural ways to get rid of eye bags

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6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags

1 437 views | 6 Mar. 2018

http://www.supremesearch.net/blogs/Seven_Natural_Ways_to_Get_Rid_of_Eye_Bags.html - A good way to get rid of puffy eyes is to drink at least half a gallon of water every day.

Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Eye Bags

Virtually everyone hates noticing eye bags first thing in the morning or at any other time. Fortunately, there are many natural cures you can use to quickly get rid of eye bags and improve your appearance. Below are some of the top natural remedies for this unsightly problem:

Aloe Vera

Used for centuries to treat and address hundreds of health complaints, aloe vera is also a terrific remedy for under eye bags. The aloe vera plant is full of essential nutrients and antioxidants, all of which do wonders for the skin. Aloe vera naturally reduces puffiness by soothing irritated skin and improving circulation. It is also believed to flush out additional fluid around the eyes, which also reduces swelling.

However, it is important to avoid placing aloe vera gel directly in your eyes, as this rememdy is for external use only. Aloe vera gel can be purchased in virtually any drugstore, and all you need to do is apply fresh gel to the skin surrounding your eyes, leave it in place for approximately 10 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water. For best results, these steps should be repeated two to three times a day.

Raw Potatoes

You may be surprised to discover that the humble potato is one of the most effective natural cures for puffiness around the eyes and under eye bags. Not only does this remedy eliminate puffiness, it also effectively lessens the appearance of dark circles. This cure works due to the fact that potato starch contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Simply placing appropriately sized slices of raw potatoes on and under your eyes for 15 minutes can bring visible results. As an alternative, you may wish to chop up a medium-sized potato and wrap the clean shavings in a soft cloth, wet it, and place it over your eyelids for the aforementioned length of time.


An age-old remedy, placing chilled cucumber slices over your eyes works quickly to reduce bags and general puffiness. This remedy is easy to use, as the natural shape of cucumbers just happens to be perfect for treating under eye bags. However, make sure the cucumbers are appropriately chilled, or the results will be lackluster.

Tea Bags

Another time-tested natural cure for eye puffiness and under eye bags is the use of teabags. Not only do they soothe irritated eyes and make them less itchy, they also have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling underneath the eyes. Simply chill two new or used tea bags for approximately 30 minutes in the refrigerator, dampen them and placed them over your eyelids, underneath your eyes, or both, for approximately 10 minutes. This remedy can be repeated throughout the day whenever puffiness is discovered.

Cold Spoons

Because cold objects relax blood vessels and tighten skin, a simple, free remedy to use for eye bags is cold spoons. Simply chill six metal spoons in your refrigerator for approximately 15 minutes and hold the round part of the spoon against your closed eyelids until the spoons once again reach room temperature. This is why it is a good idea to chill six spoons at a time in order to have fresh, cold spoons on hand when the first set reaches room temperature.

Get More Information Here: https://youtu.be/QTyVP3k6VvY

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