Shiny means

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Shayne Ward - No Promises (Video)

103 122 318 views | 19 Jan. 2012

Music video by Shayne Ward

Music video by Shayne Ward performing No Promises. (c) 2006 Simco Ltd. under exclusive licence to SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) Limited

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Adnan Aldrajy

My love ? loved this song ? 2019 I need seen this comment in 2022 ??

Terri Rangan

Happy V Day 2k21! Especially to the single folks listening to this song rn ALONE

Hoàng Củi

I love you

Ashton Jansen

I feel happy and sad at the same time when I listen to this

Anas Chaudhary

The world failed this masterpiece

ayman 1996g


اردني هاشمي


Rachad Jabbar


Yogendra Thakur

Beautiful song?

Sine Jensen

You All know that the song were original made by Bryan Rice and not by Shayne right??

mima b.

i really just came here from a taekook edit lmao

Lessya Litvinova

It's my favourite song ?. My heart and my soul say thank you very much ????????

sabila ela


meran persian



I have memories in this song
Song like perfume when you listen all your memories like a tape present in your mind
Brillint feeling at this moment



karim Djemili

BRAVO 2021

May ann Balasa

Now, I'm Lesting, February, 11.2021.my sister in collage. His teacher, sing to me that song


Sad to say but my ex. Die in real life and when i miss her. i listen to this song ?

Arose Sassy

I really love this song

Tunajil Sadia Ananya

I'm still here. Painfull! 6 Feb 2021

Freeman YXD89


Wuan Vy

A la verga.

Dan Hon

When I miss Shayne Ward's music.

Seshan divantha

2021!!! Old but gold???

Maram sunny

Im sorry for the kids that they don't know about this song ?

Nono Aa

How many people deserve this song in this world? How many? Does any one know??

moosa subun nafar


Abdou Rouagat

2007 to 2021


oh my!! the song and the video are perfect!! ♡♡♡♡♡2021!

Madinka Mukhtar

Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love
Эй детка, когда мы вместе, наслаждаемся друг другом,
Every time you're near I feel like I’m in heaven
Каждый раз, когда ты рядом, мне кажется, я в раю,
Feeling high
Чувствую себя на высоте,
I don’t want to let go, girl
Я не хочу потерять это, детка,
I just need you to know girl
Просто знай это.

I don’t wanna run away, baby you’re the one I need tonight
Я не хочу убегать, ты мне нужна этой ночью,
No promises
Никаких обещаний...
Baby, now I need to hold you tight
Детка, сейчас я хочу покрепче тебя обнять,
I just wanna die in your arms
Я просто хочу умереть в твоих обьятиях.

Here tonight
Здесь этой ночью.

Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love
Эй детка, когда мы вместе, наслаждаемся друг другом,
Everytime you're near I feel like I’m in heaven
Каждый раз, когда ты рядом, мне кажется, я в раю,
Feeling high
Чувствую себя на высоте,
I don’t want to let go, girl
Я не хочу потерять это, детка,
I just need you to know girl
Просто знай это.

Akhil Pareek

Still tears in my eyes while listening this song feb 2021

Ola Lola

2021 i wanna back to the old time

Cherry Mae Amar

Achilles to Marem

sisu ameer

مين يسمعهااا 2021 ♥️?

Ann Chua

February 9 2021 ?

Sunil Bahadur Singtan

2021 Feb From Nepal ??

Shïmìõñ Mõlsõm

All time fav❤️

Rumbie Makono

How many wish they are in love with the right person ....

EZ413 Enerel

still (g)old 2021

You Cef

…Old But Gold… ??

Mohammad Tanzeel Wani

Love this song

Yasmin Gorospe

Andito ako dahil kay Achilles at Marem?

Kristine Mallari

i always listen this song

Chahinez Boulafrad

Old is gold

emman patatag

This song never failed to give different hit in our ❤️

Anannya Gomes

A moment to appreciate how beautiful is the model! ?

Charuni Dushara

2021 ??

World citizen

You maded mate
You nailed


realizing I was in 8th standard and it's already been 9 years since then.... what the f**k is wrong with time why is it sooooo dammnnn fast!!!!!

Vampire Queen

هاي الغنية عندي ذكريات ويا شخص اعرفه ع الانستغرام وحبيتة وجان اسمه زكريا تقريبا من ديالى قبل كم سنه فقدت حسابي الانستغرام ونسيت حسابه جنا حافظيها سوا يريت نتلاقه مره ثانيه ❤

Steve Bryant

Am in absolute love at sight with her! Jesus she is so damn pretty its no joke. top 3 ive ever seen in my life for sure!



Khurram Iqbal

Feb 21 anyone

nurul izzah

Still a legend forever. This is masterpiece


10 years ago i used to hear this song a lot,

And it seems like my life will end up like her, full of sadness & lonliness

Lol, :) these emotional songs are way too emotional for me,

Queen Mélinna

2021 listing to this beautiful song me and my broken heart?

Blink Sé

im here bec of marem and achi </3

Muqaddas Ramzan

February 2021. Never getting old..

Anh Truong Bui Tran

Nam moi ai con nghe khong? From Vietnam

Lily Lalduhawmi Lily Lalduhawmi


Bisher A Melhem

I love it...❤??

Glady Dawn Maquiling

Old but Gold. 2021

Ha Ha


Edios 009



I love this song and Shayne forever???


Pes song

Vampire Queen

I miss you zac were are youuuuu
This our song remamber ?

imane njm

This song reminds me of my teenage awkward years lol

Majid Khan

This song is everything and still be a masterpiece !

Neiha Kholhring

memories seeker's are here prove me wrong

Евгений Попов

2021 ?

Sarfraz Siddique official

That's awesome I listened this song 9 year

yuyu aung1991

My idol

Dominik Szoka

Eden HaZard

Doodle Bug

If anything, 2000s videos were dramatic AF


I never get tired of listening this song ??❤❤❤?????

Viktoria Andrea Berg Østergård

The sad thing is that the man who actually wrote the song is named Bryan Rice, and it seems that nobody actually know that. This video has millions og views - Bryans Only has 200,000 views

faiza Hafeez

I have very strong connection with this song.?listening in 2021

Nurul Islam

Not like this year..... it's for everyday..❤️

abdullah aldowair



February anyone?


This deserves billions !!!!!!!!!!!

ASMR بالمغربي

2021 ?

Lola Wolf

اجل انها لاتدوم

Chumatok Tok

I really mis This Guy
Where are you Mr Ward ?

Sushant Arora

Hey everyone... A huge applause for the real maker of this beautiful song Bryan Rice.❤️ It was never shayne wards song....

Chanda Gautam

All time favorite song....???

Sushant Arora

My whole childhood was a lie. The original song is from Bryan Rice. Shane just did a cover... I realised this today... Omg

Aziza Zizoo


Tra miie

I heard this song when I was a kid, it's 9 years now

shosho Shahed

من اجمل الاغاني و من اجمل الأصوات

Наргиза Усенова


Sandaru Fernando

who is listening in 2021. they know real love



Muhammadjon Bekmirzaev

it is already February 2021 is here anyone listening from all over the world

Thim giải trí


Shen Yurs

2021 ???

Genaro Sison

My most favorite music

luego achraf


Shiny means

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What Does THE SHINING's Final Image Actually Mean?

2 559 400 views | 6 Mar. 2018

"I'm sorry to differ with

"I'm sorry to differ with you, sir, but you are the caretaker. You have always been the caretaker."

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Rhasaan Cosby

Jack was in HELL

Денис Сорокин

Под сатаной он сидит

Win Gates

In The Shining, once Jack succumbs to the whims of the evil spirits at the hotel, his soul is trapped there. In the book, he is only able to regain control of himself briefly, in order to tell his son to run away before the boiler explodes, killing him and destroying the hotel. With Jack then dead, the evilness tries to take over Mr. Hallorann (who doesn't die in the book) as he, Wendy, and Danny are about to flee on snowmobiles, but Hallorann is able to fight them off. The trio is chased out of the area by the topiary animals as the Overlook burns.
In Doctor Sleep (the sequel to The Shining), Danny returns to the Overlook Hotel with Abra in order to stop Rose the Hat and her minions (True Knot). After Danny kills the other members of the True Knot, Jack's spirit is actually able to help Danny push Rose to her death from an observation platform, and Danny sees his father's ghost wave goodbye to him, finally finding peace.

brett Smith

Read the book! It's literally directly in the book. a scap book scene was deleted from the movie wich explained it. Theirs really no hidden messages in this movie. When things didnt make sense Kubrick woukd say. It doesnt make sense to me either it's a ghost movie! Nothing needs to make sense. Yet his only movie with no meaning is his most talked about film for having hidden meaning lol people I tell ya are dumb.


That's because Jack Torrance was the caretaker in his past life back in 1921

Ben Lawver

The hotel consumed Jack, the Butler is Grady, consumed as well, either way Kubrick's ending is way better than King's

Mary Lou Lord

11 months into the Pandemic. Anyone here cause pandemic? If Jack could have had internet instead of
a typewriter, maybe he would have made it. Solitary confinement is a hell of a thing. We're just living in a fancy
"solitary confinement" right now. But seriously, if we didn't have internet?

The Multiplayer

At the beginning Jack said: I would do anything for a drink! And so came Loyd and everything else happened and Jack died, but he said he would give away his soul to have that drink and join the party and so he did! He has sold his soul!

Amrita Bagchi

Welp, I did notice another thing.
Jack was keeping the same hand position in that photograph as that of Baphomet.
Can you explain this please? Or is there any intrinsic connection?

The Stig

I don’t believe in reincarnation theory.This movie is realistic(ghost are probably just Jack’s hallucinations)

Tom Cottrell

I think it he is a Character in a film

Mr. Perry

Remember this line... I will give my soul for a drink! That’s what Jack said at the Bar

Alejandro Alba

Nope that picture was put there because the director ignored half the book and was to lazy to give any back story. So he just said here this will make people speculate how I ruined a fleshed out story. Hahaha people will accept anything

Leonard Dement

What the picture meant was that he was now apart of the hotels staff. He is one of all the many ghosts of the hotel.

Life in Common

What I think? I think we need a modern remake of the Shinning... that’s what I think ?.... So... what you guys think?

Kayla Nelson

I think it means he’s trapped with the rest of the victims


Is it possible that it’s not him but an ancestor in that photo and it has significance to the madness of jacks but actually it’s the isolation and creepy nature of the hotel along with his alcoholism which makes him hallucinate.


Bubbled up from my subconscious after decades of this film, I think it's just another hallucination/projection from the hotel. Think about it. We watch a movie about some people - or places - that "shine"; that is they see or create people that were dead, hallucinations of a flood of blood, alcoholic drinks that are consumed but disappear, etc. etc. It is completely within the logic of the film to have Jack - or his doppelganger - to appear in an old photo.
If you accept this interpretation - even for a moment - there's another stroke of Kubrick's genius (if I'm right); throughout the film , all the "shining shit" has a PURPOSE RELATIVE TO THE STORY plot, character interactions, characters personally, etc. but that LAST bit of shining (the picture) - the only witness is US, so the PURPOSE is US. Yes, the Overlook knows YOU are watching. Fuckin' genius. The hotel broke the fourth wall. Kubrick, I'm tellin' ya, frickin' genius.

Nathan White

It is a masterpiece! I get Stephen doesn’t like it but I feel his criticism is unwarranted to a point. Kubrick saw a story different to the one in the book. The general plot still stands. If anything Kubrick transcends the book.


“Come and play with us Danny, come and play with us, for ever and ever and ever”

There is the answer


It really means as above so below

security force

20 seconds of this boring narrator bastard ... I'm gone

Paul Michel

None of those guests look normal. They look like a crew of trick or treaters grown up and gone bad.

코너 맥그리거

Gaming Rhyder

On the video image it is the artist of a song from the shining.

John Kim

The entire picture should be read as loaded allegory --and not - -Hollywood conventional realist.

Wendy is the creep - - is possessed by INTEL run mass Medea and its now seven decades priority
'Men are futile Pigs' project.

Key to diss--Abeling and short circuiting - -and even pre-empting and murdering - - any possibility of righteous indignation and hurl - -
thru all those decades of broad daylight - - Rockefeller USURY - Rockefeller --RED- China treason project.

Inter-generational USURY --abolished- our republic in 1933...

Steven Mitchell

Doctor Sleep was an insult to this film. My advice is forget Doctor Sleep exists because it's laughably bad and just watch The Shining. As far as I'm concerned there is no connection whatsoever just a quick cash in and a bad attempt to recreate Kubrick's genius and flopped badly.

Mauricio Hernandez

Movie is overrated

Drake Karr

Horrible explanation


Who doesn't get what that image means? He became part of the house... obviously.
And Dr. Sleep confirmed it.

Albert Van Krieg

mucho pinche vervo wey

Yaho Postinguy

Love the movie for the tension but it's way too shallow to bother finding any meaning in it. The characters are flat as hell. You have a husband who goes from about to snap to snapped, a wife who's on the verge of breaking down at any moment to breaking down, and a kid who just sees things. And then you have the ending with the wife basically walking from room to room in a haunted house you'd see at the fair grounds coupled with a chase scene with a maniac with an axe. Is that really worth any sort of deep analysis? Kubrick gutted the book (which explains everything btw) and gave you a scent of an understory and put together a visual classic.

nikhil guleria

What if he was jack the ripper and then moved to the overlook hotel and then reincarnated as jack torrance

Diontae Daughtry

Very insightful great video ??

Alfred Holmes

The last picture shows Jack Nicolson with his SATANic CULT! These whatCULTure aren’t gonna lead you in the right direction about the TRUTH their just gonna DECEIVE you & LIE to you about what it REALLY means and the TRUTH is this whole movie was inspired by MKUltra to test out on ppl and Shelley Duval was a victim and casualty to these HORRIFIC & SICK mental,physical,verbal,and sexual abuse and assaults during the making of this “movie” and the ppl responsible are this SATANic CULT that Jack Nicholson is apart of ...WAKE UP ppl!! REPENT & accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior and be saved from the wrath to come when he returns ✝️??❤️?

Susan Schmitt

After watching several different analyses of this movie, I have come away with a better sense of the movie however, I think Mr. Kubrick’s version lacks depth. We didn’t see a progression of Jack’s mental deterioration. He appeared “sane” at the beginning but, almost immediately after he arrived at the hotel he spiraled down. We had no sense really of what demons this man was fighting other than alcoholism and a violent temper. I got no sense of Jack and Wendy as a couple. They seemed loath to be near each other. Shelley came across as a whiny doormat and I was rooting for Jack to whack her. Now you can’t fault Jack Nicholson’s performance. He always does great and didn’t disappoint in this movie. His chopping at the bathroom door is still classic. His utterance of “here’s Johnny”, never fails to creep me out. The best performances in this movie, I thought, goes to Danny and Mr. Halloran. Mr. King’s screenplay for this book was much better and I still watch it.

jules Fauvel

I don't understand who is tony ? a real man or just a guy in the imagination of danny

Michael Rapson

It is about Jack reincarnating as caretaker to serve what the house wants... what the house wants requires a much longer answer.

Ramsey Wrinkles

My theory is that jacks soul is trapped within the hotel, remember when he said “I want to stay her forever and ever”

Shirlee Hicks

My initial interpretation was that the hotel had taken possession of Jack's soul after he died. Granted, I was a kid at the time, but that's how it seemed to me.


The ghost of jack is trapped in the overlook hotel and will haunt people who stay there. DUN DUN DUUUUNNN!!


maybe the hotel just drives its caretakers insane and when they die they are added to the picture.

John Kim

Rob Agar's analysis on youtube comes closest to fully nailing this picture.

Kubrick is dealing with USURY - -
--------------------------- - inter--generational USURY -
------------------------------------------------- - - and the take over and subversion of first -England - -and later the American republic - -

Toss in the inside joke of before birth inversion of the population and you just about have the whole thing.

The off hand references to the moon landings - -and Nazi thing - -etc. are meant to be just that - - -off hand admissions of hoax craft --spell craft.

Meanwhile - Danny's blood flood elevator vision is clearly pointing to the then being 'mainstreamed' - - knifing of one's unborn - -to get up in the system.


ElyMely's Channel

He appeared in this painting beacause, probably this story of the movie is real ??


The Hotel Was Hungry... Jack & All The Victims Were Dinner! The Care Takers Were Always In The Front The Picture! Frame Is Put It On The Wall It's A Trophy! - "The Trinity Killer" From Dexter

Brent Ulstad

I would LOVE to see Stanley Kubrick's reaction & response to a question phrased as "Was Jack just a man who was simply cra?"

Jesus Christ

Latosha Adams

Why isn't the Black man in the picture


That was him before his recarnation and originally life in 1921 his second life in the '80s

Travis Fadness

One of our top ten, (favorites). We love you Jack! Never explain !! I think my bucket list just added Estes Park, Colorado's Overlook Hotet !! Love the old panaramic photo at the end, I might inherit one...1910's Fireman Of Decorah, Iowa Carpe diem...Shssssshh ! !


Stanley Kubrick is dead so we'll never know, didn't even watch the video.


Alex Hosay

Steven King deals with things “beyond time and space”. That’s his kind of horror. IT wasn’t scary because kids got mangled, IT was scary because it was powerful and evil from beyond time and space. The hotel in The Shining isn’t scary because dad goes on a murderous rampage, it’s scary because he’s under the control of something powerful and evil, acting from beyond time and space. It’s next-level creepy because we can’t wrap our heads around it. The photo at the end is NOT supposed to be explainable; it’s beyond comprehension from our frame of reference of how we expect reality to work.

james rashbrook

I thought they only wanted people who shinned as it allowed the hotel to become corporeal and physically do things in present

MLP - Major League Pansting

Who is the biggest fan of this movie?

- MrRIchBiker

i still have no idea, what that ending pic means, that was the best DOUBLE TALK, ive experienced

Cooper Wright

Unpopular opinion: doctor sleep was a pretty bad sequel

camaro Carl

No. You are wrong. Read the book mate.

Avalon Fogel

I believe it’s like Hotel California. You can check in any time you like, but you can NEVER leave. I think Torrance was always a jerk, but when he moved in, he became possessed into killing his family. I think all the ppl in the photo died within the hotel through suspicious means...

K Malone

I saw the movie when I was a kid and just now reading it, 1/2 way through. The doctor asked the parents if they knew where he got the name Tony from. They said yes. He told them not to tell Danny, let him come to it on his own. Am I missing something? Where did the name Tony come from? Does it ever say?


Only my theory but I think Jack or the character in the photo is holding a secret message in his hand that is tightly folded in a way that you could pass on a private message via a casual handshake or slip into someone's pocket as a cry for help. Maybe a metaphor for the visions he has sent to danny in the future to help him to break the cycle. Danny then is the actual one who unlocks the food store and leads Jack into the maze as a trap just like the sort of trick he would've seen in his favourite Roadrunner cartoons he is seen watching.

Broly S

He was not always The Caretaker. Grady ıs not tellıng The truth. You can see İn 1921 Photo he ıs İn The hıgh Socıety. A Member of The group.

abu zarrin

I would say Doctor Sleep is way more entertaining..The Shinning is very slow paced i almost fell asleep watching it..when i heard people say that the shining is the best movie to watch..i set my expectations way to high and found it very disappointing ? sorry everyone..i didn't enjoy it that much.

Wonder Woman

He was a man too easily led by his impulsive and aggressive manner.......and the hotel deliberately brought out the worst in him......i think pictures at end are all the people trapped there ...?

Kieron Melley

Time travel or manipulation... eye rolls I'M OUT

Michael Wallace

I thought it was as if the hotel turns him on his family and when he dies sucks his spirit in.

Max Mac

Watch Room 237 documentary

The Four Books Unknown

Man's Evil Buy-In, A Comparison Model:
A man, his changes, spring from nature evil
He buys, becomes in as many have before
Thus good, it wanders, though as it hasn't lived
To not destroy a hand it once implored
For all men seek and fulfill their vast rewards
So, as to not miss worlds their golden loads
They there can't perceive our evil store
But, their nature's surely still an evil told.
-Beercan de Borde


In the book the old woman in room 217 had a origin story. In the movie the room is 237 suggesting it's a different room with a different lady. She as no background story and it makes her more frightening.


Interesting perspective.

David Marskell

Did anyone ever bother asking Kubrick what the hell it means? lol

Clive Conrad

I thought that maybe it meant he was one with all of the past residents such as charles and delbert grady, making him “always the caretaker” because Charles Grady, the previous caretaker possessed him, as Jack and Charles became the person that tried to kill his wife and son, making him one with the Hotel’s residents and one with the caretaker while he was possessed. I’m really sleep deprived so I might be wrong but there it is.

Vilda Laiback

I think every caretaker or something ends up there.

Daryl Espino

I saw the twins and the naked lady in the picture too.

frank devlin

always view it as Jack was pulled into the hotel one he died

Captain Lou

Jack had the gift. The hotel, as well as other creatures in King's novels feed on that gift when they feel the presence. Jack didn't know he had the gift which is why he was susceptible to evil influence. I think the hotel, possessed Jack from day one. And we, the audience see the being that is possessing Jack. We never see the real Jack.

Brian Smith

It just means he’s become one with the hotel, across time

Pedro Negro Rackham

The real "evil", big villain was Mr kubrick himself. He has tricked the minds of fan's after 1980. Its a movie about mental health and the decline a person experiencing during the process.


Maybe thats why jack shines too. So that no matter where he is in the world, he'll be drawn to the hotel.
Jack has to shine, him and danny are the only ones affected by the hotel. Until the end of the movie where wendy sees some things but that doesnt happen in the book from what i remember. Everyone but her sees stuff and according to Halloran, the hotel only bothers people who can shine a bit.
Even if jack was reincarnated or influenced by the hotel, he had to shine a bit.

Nicholas Shade

The guy in the picture is actually his father.♻??

Ryan Parker

Stephen King hated this movie.

stark's_ brother

I can't understand the difference between Delbert and Charles Grady, and who is guy telling about a great party.. ?

Tommy Tucker

‘I'd give anything for a drink...I'd give my goddamned soul for...just a glass of beer’

Jake Wilke

So it’s either reincarnation or that’s just all the victims

Troy Jackson

I first watched The Shining a week ago, and I think, in my opinion, I think that last photograph means that he was one of the people who was killed by Grady. And his ghost met Wendy. Had a kid named Danny. Brought them back to the Overlook Hotel. And tried to kill them.

Ike The Insomniac

Or Maybe The Picture Is All The People Who Have Done The Same And Now There Souls Live On Threw The Photo ?

Brooklyn zoo 718

He should make a movie on the grady twins that would be cool


I think the hotel beings back people who were associated with the incident, like it reincarnated people who were related to it in some way, like people from the ball, like its their destiny.

Bonless Bread Bun

I keep hearing that, Midnight, The Stars, And you is in this movie so I have to know.


I used to like to think he became part of the overlook and there became part of the picture. And would add others who died as part of the hotel

Sauce Yeti

If you look at the 1920 picture's right left corner, right at the entrance, you can see a human sized frog hiding in shadow...


I have never understood this movie! There are so many layers that I see something new every time I watch it. Why is Danny wearing red one minute then changes outfits a minute later? Who is the woman in 237? How did Jack get out of the fridge? What is that Bear doing? I could go on and on. Cheers.

Latosha Adams

Movie sucked


The hotel is America built on ancient Indian grounds...The picture from 1920 is a real photo from that time with elite bankers and politicians in it. So basically the film is saying the rich elite is corrupt and you the masses are doing their killings for them cause they control your mind. Great film to watch in 2021

Bill Gates

I think it's pretty ridiculous that a film ending should be explained because it's that puzzling or has several interpretations. Is not a film (or any other form of art for that matter) supposed to be made by human wit to express something in a way that the average intelligence can understand it without the need to overthink and guess or even invent possible explanations? In the comment section everyone has his own theory about the meaning of the film's ending. I think this means only one thing: the ending of Kubrick's film is poorly conceived, during the film the director should have inserted other eloquent elements to help the audience to unequivocally understand the symbolism of the ending. A minor shame.

Meanie Panini

I think it was the "Shine" of the hotel, and that Jack was extra receptive to it, not to the degree of Danny where he could see things and talk to other people who had it Telepathically. There's a lot of details in the dialogue of the film. Hallorann said him and his grandmother had it, suggesting it is hereditary and skips generations. He also mentions some people have it but don't know or don't believe it. Jack may be extra sensitive to imprints left by the shine that influence his thoughts and might have led him to drink. I don't believe he was reincarnated I believe his soul was absorbed into the "Shine" of the hotel after he froze to death. But if Kubrick said it was reincarnation who am I to argue.

Broly S

It a mix of all. So you cant never be sure what ıs True and what not.
But The closest ıs The Reıncarnatıon Theory. Jack wanted to be apart of Socıety whıch hıs former Soul was lıke on The Photo. Hıs lack of self confıdence make hım The Caretaker. You can see thıs İn The Ballroom Scene everybody has a suıte buthe have normal clothes.

Robert Hasse

The explanation: Don't actually mean shit.


He said that he want to exchange his soul for a glass of alcohol, well i think that really happened, exchange with a killer (forget his name)

wade caffey



The end of the Shining is actually one of the easiest things to explain - and once I tell you what it really means, will seem obvious to you - and you'll be disappointed.....But here it goes - don't read on unless you want it to be ruined:

There are two major clues in this final photo - and they are obvious and true and undeniable. #1 Jack's expression in the photo is one of true happiness - not the twisted (Nicholson) maniacal glee - instead, Nicholson smiles in a way that seems very happy, relaxed and "normal". He's a normal person and is happy in this photo. #2 - for a second, look at the people in the ball room photo. If Kubrick didn't provide the date, what kind of party do you think this captures? Obviously, it's a New Year's Eve party....but, it's not. It's a 4th of July party. Who the heck has 4th of July parties? Regardless...July 4th is what? "INDEPENDENCE DAY"!!!!! The key to this photo is that Jack has now gained his independence from the evil that has followed his family blood line for generations. And now that he's free of it, his spirit is happy, and normal. This all has nothing to do with Steven King's version - this is Kubrick's message. Tell me where I'm wrong....

emma ransford

I think judging by the ending scenes of the Shining, The Over Look Hotel was a collector of souls.

Shiny means

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The Shining: Ending Explained

1 769 874 views | 14 Oct. 2017

What happened at the end

What happened at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? Until the last minute, the plot seems to be wrapping up in a conventional way. But... Support us on Patreon (Thank you!): https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7792695

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Haley McLain

What I still don't understand is why Halloran had a vision of everything that was about to happen to Danny and took a plane, car and snow cat to get to them and then doesn't bring a weapon or anything to defend himself / them?

Miki Miyazaki

Olive oil scared me almost as much as all the other scary stuff that happened etc lol. She looked like a creepy emaciated wispy ghostly specter. She wouldnt have needed much makeup to play a frightening vampire, zombie etc etc etc.


The hotel as like people can't liberate from their dark past and many stories are repeated constantly - drinking, abuse, violence etc.

Steve Jobs

"Im not gonnna hurt ya, Im just gonna bash your brains in", got me lolling so hard lmao


Its symbolic. The Hotel, like the United States, is trapped in a never-ending cycle of violence. How many wars for a country only 200 years old? How many other senseless acts of genocide and brutality?


An excellent take on this hell of a movie


Aye thats sacred ground not cruelty or evil acts, tf

Jeevanesh Sawhney

The Overlook Hotel seems to be like a white supremacist organisationx being established over an Indian burial ground enforces this idea. Also, the shining seems to be something like empathy that is born out of violence or torture towards an individual. The people told in the film to have 'shining' are Hallorann and Danny both have faced violence and torture; Hallorann being a black man has been subjected to racial discrimination and Danny has faced the tormentations from his father (a rather more personal connection to violence, that is why danny has more power than Hallorann as we see that Danny is able to contact with Hallorann with his powers but Hallorann isn't and seems to find other ways of communication). The fact that it is being said that the Hotel as well possess something of shining tells us about the nature of the hotel and about the awareness of the crimes it perpetuates.

Killer Queen

Its cute
with meaning
Right Michael?


1:24 Jack being cheeky.

Jack Brown

Violent American history, as if America is the only country in the world with a violent history, name me one country that doesn't have a violent history.

Di Ane

I think Dick Halloran represents someone Kubrick knew when he was a young adult.
Dick - Powerful leader /ruler
Halloran - Pirate - One of the first families from Ireland that emigrated to USA (Self - made new money)
The character tells Danny (Kubrick's inner child /creative self) things about the supernatural forces and how the Overlook (USA) really operates, on a deeper, darker level.
It is surmised that Kubrick told this person things he (Jack) was involved in, (moon landing hoax) and Halloran helped him (Danny) get himself out of USA, in one piece.
Kubrick had to leave his more arrogant, ambitious, destructive self behind - frozen in time.
The person who helped him was killed/sacrificed for his indiscretion and assistance.
Which would explain why Kubrick thought if he left his safe haven in England, they would also kill him.


1:16 is this scene in an extended version of the movie? Because In the one I saw, they only talk about going out, but Jack says he wants to write... and also this one 11:10 I didn't see this one anywhere either... If someone can clarify me this, I'd appreciate it very much.

Dawn Finch

I wonder what became of Wendy and Danny


The managers assistant, Bill Watson in the beige turtle neck, never says a word. Probably means nothing but with Kubrick you never know.

annoula maraki

Interesting info that make me appreciate more this film, one of the most interesting parts is that about native Americans ?


So, tell me this, every time the little pictures of Stanley Kubrick are shown in a corner in this video, I find alarming resemblance between him and Jack Torrence, look-wise. Is there some Nolan-level self-insertion going on here ?
Like: Overlook symbolizes the great cinematic world, where we tend to "over look" many aspects/hints of a film, Jack is the director who brings his family, a group of people completely relying on him, that is 'us', and then leaves us horrified, mystified until we are forced to leave the hotel/movie but its impact leaves us with lingering dreadfulness and curiosity.

John Parks

The photo at the end has Jack doing the baphomet pose.

Devon Brockhaus

10 years after the Shining, we have Twin Peaks, with a lot of the same symbolism and surreal qualities.

Adam Search

So ok, there are so many inferences that can be made thematically for this film. I accept that. This video talks as if it's fact. Is there any original intentions of Kubrick recorded about this film?

Robert Hudson

John Wayne plays Jack Torrance in El Cid.

Jack Mentone

The best part of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is not so much the fact that it is a great film in the horror genre, but one of the most unique in said genre. Unlike most scare flicks, which rely on the unbalanced number of jump scares. The Shining is unlike any other before or since, and depends on symbolistic features and audience interpretation to send home it’s hidden messages and themes that are as scary as they are fascinating. There is in fact a reason why The Shining is still talked about forty years after release.
At least for myself, the first time watching it, I didn’t find anything remotely scary for the first 90 minutes roughly. Not to say those 90 minutes aren’t important, we’ll get to that shortly, but truly the last hour or so is where all the visual horror is, and I think most people would agree with that. Of course, that is only my opinion but this will be crucial later on.
The first 90 minutes are practically setting the table for what is to come. The plot is very simple and to the point, and when combined with the great method acting from the actors it makes the audience feel involved, a lot more than other horror movies would seem to do. There were many times when I was watching this when I felt like I was watching a horror movie. Kubrick and his team set up dolly tracks all around the hotel they filmed at for these intense shots that really helped captivate this feeling and it complemented well with the horror theme.
However, it wasn’t till multiple viewings showed me where the symbolism takes place throughout the film. I grew to appreciate the film as a whole after this and, along with the film Room 237, made my own interpretation of the film that I favor compared to the rest.

I feel the film emphasizes how we as humans can never escape our guilt-ridden past. We are told in the film that this hotel was built on a Indian burial ground, (which i can guarantee you wasn’t given truthfully and mostly stolen) American west and mentions of our past is everywhere, and Jack are main character who’s seen to be the average person in America, is haunted by his past so much that when he is “dull boy” he resorts to it and become our main villain. Danny and Halloran because they have the shining can see the Hotel, which is its own thing entirely, and Jack communicating. Halloran attempts to save them, but dies because the Hotel told Jack to kill him while also warning him about his family. This is mostly seen through Jack’s conversation with Delbert Grady in the bathroom, which I find to be the most important scene in the movie. We see major themes being outlined and their conversation sends chills everywhere. Danny excessively uses REDRUM to tell Wendy, who in many ways is the ‘true protagonist” or at the very least is the character that the audience can relate to, that they must escape this horrific place. Finally, I believe that the ending with Jack in the picture from 1921 means many things. For one I think that the hotel has captured Jack as a ghost, which is what the hotel is, and perhaps the hotel is stuck or got possessed in the year 1921. However, I like to think that Stanley Kubrick and his team are telling me that like how humans can’t escape their past, Jack is in the same situation, as he is stuck in his past. But that is among the greatest things about this film, how easy it is to enjoy it.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Plutonic Pizza

wanted to know what the picture in the end meant, got a whole damn thesus on the colours the themes the morals the references Jesus

NoahBones 12

am i the only person that thinks jack looks like frasier?

Remco van Engeland

The crucial differences between the book and film was indeed the ending. Thats why i was very disappointed after i read the book and saw this movie for the first time Hotel didn't burn. ?

Addison Shipala

I was not really scared by the movie but that picture creeped me the hell out

dave regan

Only Kubrick can explain the ending.

Firhan H

The only thing i hate around the shining is that when someone shympatized Duvall, hundreds of people just be like "meh.. She's a bad actress anyway"

Well I think she's great, i can't imagine other person in this movie..


its more metaphorical meaning is that abuse causes cycles of abuse

Marco Debart

It sucks monkey balls....

Irina Irinka

Yeah, the hotel shines in the way that the scenes with Jack have mirrors in them and reflect back at him what he holds inside. Danny is a representation of the shining as the moon on his shirt reflects the shine from the sun.( If we want to discuss his sweater, although that is just a symbol of this) Finally, by freezing Jack his power to emit warmth is taken away completely,but you could say that the weather already kinda symbolically makes their relations colder all through that point. I agree with most everything else said here,just wanted to add this.

Naresh Kumar K.V

some scenes which are shown in this movie are not actually in the netflix when i watched it . i came to know that there are two versions to it American and european vresions . American version is bit longer than the european version.

Nicolas Godon

5:08 To me it's obvious that the Apollo sweater has an even more radical meaning of the new frontier, reminding the colonization pattern at work in US history, inherited from the past (UK, european settlers etc)

Robert Hudson

Jack is Longines or Saint Longines. What is written on the piece of paper Longines is holding in the photo on the 4th of July 1921 is a name. the name is Adolf hitler. On the 29th of July 1921 adolf hitler became the fuhrer of the Nazi party in Germany. I think anyone with eyes could see that.

cameron pickard

jacks been inthe hotel forever an will remain there

Anton Boludo

It took me a long time to appreciate this movie, because I knew the book so well.

There are so many differences between the book and movie that they are two separate stories.


Who's watching this after watch the part 2 of the shinning, Doctor sleep


Kubrick is for the Pouts!!!

D Redmond

Another brilliant video, I have subscribed. The ending of shinning is not chronological it's like the handmaid's tale! The twins and symmetry. When the film is played forwards and backwards. The beginning shots are like the afterlife. The yellow car the seed of life and the overlook hotel the womb.hence the blood stream!


My family, especially my dad, absolutely loved the way this was filmed, how they placed a mirror there to reflect Jacks expressions and how the actor (Also named Jack) twitches his face and how he wrinkles it, my dad said that this is him at his best, and said there’s a lot for filmmakers to learn from this movie! Bravo!

Niraj Zambreker

i think stanley kubrick just want us to watch movies, just watch them and not debate on them

The Take

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Duo West

That judgmental and unamused look from the doctor when Wendy is explaining what happened to Danny's arm is fucking priceless.

Melissa Rush

I forgot they mention Indian burial grounds in this. In pet semetary, another Steven king book/movie, Indian burial grounds are a huge focus


Good review, also check out "Room 237" for another interpretation.
You are leaving out the Red VW crushed by a truck, it was red in the book, this was Kubrick giving King the finger, saying 'this is MY story now' and they drove a yellow VW in the movie.

Simon Ketpimon

First time I saw this movie was when I were alone in my room at midnight. I ce only seen the last 30 minutes. And I realized this is kind of master piece of art ever seen. The golden room, how sublime of the image and all cinematography still in my brain. Ambiguity ending made this film more and more interesting to analyze.

millhouse millard

This channel deletes comments just so y'all know


Ending he dies.

Ben Quinney

Don’t get sucked in


The scariest part is the escape. Now Danny is stuck with a schizophrenic single parent. Jack is a recovering alcoholic and a bad dad, but Shining is ALL in Wendy’s head. We cheer for Danny’s doom, unconsciously.

Maniae Official


Mergen Alimaganbetov

The Shining is just an example of writing a PhD thesis during Covid with your family. I mean, good luck :D

Avinash Singh

On a burial ground .....

Raj Choudhary

The boss said we don't have alcohol in our hotel???


It would be funny that the ending was just simple and the viewers are making complex interpretations about it.

Ima Go Apesht

I need to know about the guy in the bear costume.....

The Retro Gamers

I get this movie is good, but I get the feeling, that just like The Thing, people want to over analyze this movie as well.

Loilicorne 17615

Well the only solution we have. Just nuke the f*king Hotel


I've lost two hours of my life for this shit. What a waste.

Jana Riley

After watching this and reading many of the comments, I have some theories about the theme of alcoholism in the movie.

The photo is dated 1921, and American prohibition of alcohol began in 1920. For the photo to make sense, assuming people are enjoying cocktails as the movie shows, it would have to have been done in secret because of the law. There’s the theme of hiding alcohol use, a common behavior for alcoholics. Many alcoholics and non-alcoholics use holidays and special occasions as a celebratory reason, or excuse, to consume alcohol. They hide behavior, and put on a happy face for the world to see. The photo is of a large group of people, smiling, and celebrating when it could have only been done in secret in 1921.

We can see, taste, smell, and touch a drink, but we cannot hear it. It is believed this is where “clinking” originated when we cheers and make a toast. The idea is that by creating sound, we satisfy all five senses in the enjoyment and consumption of the drink. The hotel is also missing this one sense of sound; it’s very quiet, and Jack’s five senses are not completely satisfied without it. Only Jack seems to be plagued by this silence. In order for the hotel to have sound, it must be created by the people who are there. By giving into his destructive alcoholism, Jack has caused much of the sounds to be those created by his own desperation — his yelling and Wendy’s cries. He’s hellbent on making as much noise as possible.
REMEMBER: The shining is done in silence. Whole conversations happening without either person saying a word?! The shining is the ability to understand and connect with others without requiring actual sounds. Although it is entirely possible to drink alcohol without clinking glasses, Jack believes he must have this noise in order to be fully satisfied and to remain in denial that his drinking isn’t a problem — it’s merely used in celebration, a common excuse for consuming alcohol. Wendy and Danny can’t provide that sound he truly craves, in the form of enabling his alcoholism; however, the supernatural figures can because Jack is the one who sees and interacts with them. He says he would give his soul for a drink, and the bartender appears. Jack feels disconnected from his family and resentful at their ability to communicate in a way he cannot. He feels isolated, as alcoholics do, and he recluses further.
The silence of “the shining” is deafening to the desperate and resentful Jack.

When we cheers, we are making a toast, or toasting. Jack has no one to toast with but himself (maybe that’s why in King’s version, the hotel burns). It finally and literally toasts Jack.

Jack is told he has always been “the caretaker.” The cycle of addiction and the psychological harm inflicted on the children of an alcoholic parent creates the unhealthy codependent — deemed literally “the caretaker.” It is safe to assume that Jack comes from a family of an alcoholic himself, backing the idea of repeated cycles of violence mentioned. Codependents or “caretakers” often cope with alcohol and drugs into adulthood, perpetuating the cycle. In the novel, Jack says thank God that Danny got out. Jack dies before the cycle could be repeated, which would have likely caused Danny to become a codependent, a caretaker — and more likely to become an alcoholic.

Lastly, the last shot of the wall of photos show 21 pictures hanging on the wall. Remember the year 1921 and the picture states it was the 4th of July ball, keeping with the theme of America and patriotism, and the Overlook Hotel (overlook is an appropriate name) is located in Colorado.
Colorado was unique in its passing of alcohol laws in regards to legal age for consumption. To put it briefly, it had the lowest age in the country of 18, which only a handful states also had. Just a FEW years after these states dropped their legal drinking to 18 (in response to people being able to vote at age 18 ??) thirty US states then raised their ages to 19 to combat drunk driving fatalities. Colorado did not. It wasn’t until four years after this movie that 21 become law across country. When this movie was made, the most common ages in states across the country were either 19 or 21. Colorado kept theirs at 18. Most states actively tried to curb consumption of alcohol in this way, but Colorado didn’t. And it was one of the only states with NO minimum drinking age after prohibition. Colorado did not budge from the age of 18 until the federal law was passed in 1984 that made 21 the legal minimum age nationwide.

As Jack says, “Bourbon — the White Man’s Burden.”

Angela-Marie Coe

So Wendy had no idea her husband was a reincarnate the whole time they were together?????


Something that should definitely be included, in regards to the Native American motif, is that the photo in the end is on July 4th. You know, America’s Independence Day, and a date that would absolutely arbitrary and meaningless to a Native American :)

Clive Conrad

Me at start of quarantine: 8:13

Me now: 12:04

Fuck Shit

the most horrific part was the "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy"

Amps Thunderhound

The Acting from Jack Nicholson is phenomenal and one of my favorite performances of all time!

Brent Beshara

Great review. I like your conclusions. Keep up that good work!

ClemsonFootball AndCards287

i thought this movie was great, it's been one of my favorites for awhile now, but i wish it could have been a lot more like the book.


Let’s not forget we’re coming up on the centenary of the July 4th Ball. Be typical Kubrick if there’s something he was telling us to look for on that date......100 years later.....(cue spooky music)

Just here to watch videos and comment my opinions

Alcohol reveals truest self? I have to say I disagree with that. I'm able to drink as much as I want and what will eventually happen is I get very tired. However, I never lose control of the things I say so I could lie or tell the truth. Even asking others like college roommates and family basically everyone I know has said they notice no change in my personality at all. I now don't drink at all except on vacations, but the only effect alcohol ever had on me was that when I drink a lot I can get progressively sleepy. Even then I always knew to lie on my side so I don't throw up by accident. It didn't make me more angry, more paranoid, less angry, more relaxed. It literally had no effect on my personality. I also knew people who got angry and I think were not their true selves (a college friend). He would lie like crazy when he drank sometimes not angrily (making up funny stories that never happened) and other times angrily, but I don't think it was his subconscious. I honestly think it just made him retarded or something lol.

Renegade Ace

When will people learn to stop building things on native-american burial grounds

Wonder Woman

I HATE psychological movies........They effect me something Terrible..........Jack Nicolson Brilliant...........????


Just saw this movie for the first time.. wow... thanks battle rap lmao

Jay Wong

From the start of the movie you never see Jack with Wendy and Danny at their home. When Jack enters the hotel he immediately gets taken over by the spirit that was the caretaker. So we as the viewer see Jack as Jack Nicholson but that’s not how he looks to Wendy and Danny. Even himself at times by the amount of times he is looking into a mirror or reflection back at himself. The caretaker has always been the guy who looks like Jack Nicholson so that is why the spirits see him as that.

Mike Delia

Lost me at the Indian part

Paul Anthony

I'm still clueless

Abby Wolffe

The first time I saw this movie I thought maybe Grady was originally in the photo as the caretaker and that maybe it was a murderous cycle that whoever was the caretaker became absorbed into the hotel and showed up in the photograph like Jack until the next caretaker shows up. I'm not a Stephen King expert or huge fan, but when I watched Doctor Sleep I noticed (like everyone) that Lloyd had Jack's face. I thought this meant that the old caretakers became new parts of the hotel- Grady showing up as the waiter and Jack becoming the bartender.
But I'm not sure, I saw the movies three years apart.

Raphael Howse

4:23 is where it becomes overanalysis for me

90s Billie

Jack and his family stayed in quarantine before it was cool.

Angela-Marie Coe

5:24 I thought he wore the Apollo shirt to represent some sort of sexual violence that happened to him. Someone who made a video about this movie put a theory up that Danny was abused by his father and his mother asks what happened to him and why he had bruises and he blamed room 237, but we don’t know why nor will he say what happened in 237

John Kim

You are 'overlooking' - - the real meaning and message of this picture.

It is inter-generational USURY - -and its Rockefeller --RED- China - -treason make way - -'Men are Pigs' project.

Eve has been seduced - -and taken over - - and weaponized - -by INTEL run mass Medea - -

And it is Wendy's hallucinations which are at work - - and - -even - -up the stairs - -Kubrick's own confession of black mail.

Halloran's death - -did not occur - -but is a visual pun on Kubrick's black mail and pent up outrage.

; The Wendy Factor : The Shining' youtube - -now essential - -along with Rob Agar's capture of the USURY and nation--damning fundamentals.

And why do ALL the 'analysts' - - overlook - - the -obvious- lead handler - -the man Ullmann hands Jack over to
in the opening - -'Bill' --aka USURY - - - 'What's on' ?

Pure - - EVE - -- ULL - - --
------------------------------------------- - - - EVE - - ALL --- - -

Jack x FN -

Here’s my explanation i think when he entered the hotel and stayed for months at the overlook hotel made him start hallucinating previous events in the hotel and playing mind games on him believing he was always the care taker of the overlook hotel. Then he got possessed and tried to kill his family. Then when that picture showed at the end was all the souls that died in the overlook hotel.

Hush Money

The Overlook was Built on an Indian Burial Ground Where the Indian Spirits took Revenge .... End of Story ....

Leah H

The cycle of violence is a theme of the book. Jack Torrance had a violent, drunk father that abused his children and wife.


4:25 him throwing a ball at the wall is meant to emphasize continued cultural disrespect??

He literally throws the ball at other walls...


Darling light of my life,you didn’t let me finish my sentence, I’m not going to hurt you I’m just going to bash your brains out. Savvy

Ausome Aspie

Why does the hotel want Jack to kill his family?


It's crazy that jack never interacts with the picture shown at the end. if someone looked like me in a picture,i'll trip for sure. did he not notice the pic?

Don't frown, I'll leave Q_Q

i was so hyped about the film because people keep hailing it, but i dont get the horror/terror, maybe a bit creepy but not much if you compare to many other.

James Guthrel

why does everyone feel that everything in films has to be explained or have a meaning
part of the reason why I return to films like these is that there is an enduring mystery to them
like life itself


The best thing about the movie....

Danny:"red tum red rum red rum......." in an old man's voice....

Hello everybody

Another take: Jack IS the demon of the hotel. The curse is attached to him, and so He is inevitably drawn back to the place of its origin. In the hotel his memories return to him, his bloodlust grows, and he has even brought his own blood sacrifice. Then Danny's Shining sense wasn't warning him about the hotel, it was warning him about his father.

Anurag Chowdhury

FunFact: Trivago gave 1.9 to 2.1 stars to this hotel!!

Simon Wells

Why does he say here's Johnny?

Jeswin Thomas

Hotel California: The Movie

John Kim

In 2020 - -this one has fully emerged.

It is -fundamentally- about inter-generational USURY - - -deviant economy - - and the infiltration and subversion of -first- England ( 1600s )
and later the American republic ( 1933 ).

Done allegorically - -a film within a film - -that's throwing aside genre itself by the finish.

Yes, there is the usual over lay of INTEL's 'Men are -creepy- Pigs' project - - and passing references and dispatch
of secondary hoax craft - - ie the Kennedy trauma hoaxes - - the Elie Weisel project - - the space hoax etc - -

And, in 2020, it is clear, Danny's blood flood elevator vision was pointing to the then kicking off -mainstreaming - - of knifing one's unborn
in order to serve the sis---dumb.

The only element missing was a glance at Rockefeller's -then in full swing- -- RED-- - China 'transfer treason' project.

Look into it. Then look again at 'Shining'. Then listen to the talking images of mass Medea - - - -strap that diaper across your face- - -
find the nearest mirror - -and look at your clueless self - - -

george eskiadis

Too much analysis spoils the beauty of art thus preventing you from enjoying it.

Kasey Phillips Brown

How is the cycle of violence broken if he still kills someone? Does this person not count?

Kanarya Yiyen Aslan

The worst horror movie of all the times.

Jordan Joestar

The complexity of this movie is just worked in so many ways! I love the analysis!

Becky Maggie

Personally I think it's absorption, surely if it was reenactments of violence it would happen every year? Unless I've missed something.