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? I Stopped Using Soaps Or Facewash & This Happened!! ?

4 628 views | 15 Jul. 2019

#nosoap #facewash

#nosoap #facewash #clearskin

? I Stopped Using Soaps Or Facewash & This Happened!! ?

Hey Lavishfam ! ?

Recently mene ek video dekha tha which was in my recommendation section and i thought why not to try this out and believe me jo changes mene apni skin m dekhe were amazing. ✌

Do Try this remedy for 3-4 days and then come back and comment your feedback. ?

Link to the recommended Video- https://youtu.be/xz2HkkIpM5w

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Bhawna Chauhan

I luv u Di u are my favourite

Lavishka Jain

Is video ko save kia ya ni?? ?

Arshu Khan

Short of content ?

Manvi Gupta

sach h yeh mere face pr bhut acne thae pr jb se maene isse use krna shuru kiya mere pura face clear ho gaya

alpana verma

Winter m use krskte h dry skin people.

Her World

Mst video dii... Mene bhi try kiya....it's really amazing DIY... Keep it up


Sooo sweettttt

Ayesha Fur


upasana kul111

I too use this last 1 year..its amazing...??even every diy of mirriam works superb..

Kaur Multani

Hey..nice di..lub ju

Tamanna 1927

Ok dii tqsm❤️ and save bhii krli video nd ab app theek ho means k cold nd fever ??

snehamayee Pradhan

Jarur try karna h ye pack to .. thank you laviii

Angel Samira

Awesome awesome

Tamanna Warwal

Yr mere to face pe pimples hogye the boht medicinez ki wjh se ... Ab pimples nhi rhe but marks Hain boht sare ???? kuch DIY btado

Cma Shaik

I luv ur name di? Yes i follow miriam sis channel?? ur skin???

Rubaba Anjum

Di can we use any other thing except multani mitti?

Merin Barbhuiya

Yeh meri b prblm hai dear helpful video for me thnkx for sharing this very nice home remedy and save karliya yeh video??????

Makeover by Nikkita

Desi nukhas are best as per me...

Nitish Sadhna

dii aapki tabiyat thik h.. take care..
honest vedio...

Ankita Mohanty

Which brand of multani mitti is good ??

Sunehray Moti

I tried it n it really works yr?

Khushi borasi

Yes dii me ise follow karti hu

Komal Bankar

Can we use milk instead of water?

Nidhi Sharma

Mast videooo hope you reach 20k??earlyyy


M already use krti hu di mujhe mere mumma ne suggest Kiya tha???

Dev Miglani

Is it helpful in case of sensitive skin


Very helpful vdossss diii ? ❤️❤️

Bhawna Chauhan

Di mai pehle se hi ese krti hu bhut Acha hota h ye

Praveen Prabhu Desai

Superb dear


Ye m Krti hu week m do baar बेसन bhi add krti hu???

Soap substitue

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Infant/Baby Macs Emulsifing Ointment B.P. For Eczema Soap Substitute

164 views | 6 Jan. 2021

Macs Emulsifing Ointment

Macs Emulsifing Ointment B.P. For Eczema Soap Substitute

Macs Emulsifying Ointment is a soap free cleanser for use as a soap substitute in eczema and on other healthy but sensitive skin. The product can also be used to prepare Aqueous Creams and Buffered Creams. Use as a soap substitute for eczema and on sensitive skin.




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Thanks for watching?????

Incredible food London

Nice video
All the best

Super Millionaire

Great product

Super Millionaire


Desi Cooking Secrets UK

Great video dear. Thanks for sharing. Stay connected and stay blessed

Soap substitue

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HORSE CHESTNUTS FOR LAUNDRY: free and sustainable soap nut substitute

6 810 views | 29 Oct. 2017

Around here right now, you

Around here right now, you can't walk down the sidewalk without tricking over buckets full of horse chestnuts. So I was very excited to learn that you can make a laundry soap out of them exactly like soap nuts.

Since I love free, I packed the kids up and we brought home a bucket full to experiment with. I show the soap solution I made, and talk about the steps to make it, as well as how I feel about the final laundry.

I would love to know if anyone else uses soap nuts or horse chestnuts long term for their laundry! It seems like such an amazing solution that it is almost too good to believe, lol.