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Body Makeover | Cloud 9 Skin Solutions

113 views | 10 Oct. 2016

Skin Firming Body Gel and

Skin Firming Body Gel and effective Cellulite Treatment.

Clinical trials prove you can reduce cellulite’s ‘orange peel’ effect and re-firm your skin. Body Makeover has six active ingredients, including ivy which effectively boosts the flow of blood and fluid to treated areas.

The results? A warm tingling and a rosy glow…followed by firmer skin and a noticeable reduction in the appearance of cellulite dimples.

Shop Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Body Makeover: http://bit.ly/2dB6X7F

Visit Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Online: http://bit.ly/2e2gsPL

Transformations skin and body solutions

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“WHY I DON’T HAVE LOOSE SKIN” 100+ Pound Weight Loss

112 449 views | 18 Apr. 2019


“WHY I DON’T HAVE LOOSE SKIN” 100+ Pound Weight Loss

In this video i want to talk to you about the reason as to why I don't have as much loose skin as you might think someone should have after losing 120 pounds.

I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about loose skin for a few different reasons. Some of which are controllable and others not so much.


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After losing 120 pounds in a year and seeing just how amazing my life became ALL AROUND I decided to start this YouTube channel to help others do the same, even faster...

Too many people online are regurgitating the same information which kept me, and is probably keeping you from reaching your goal. Through my own experience I've put together a free training that un-brainwashes you, cuts through all of the nonsense and provides the truth...

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John Zaranek

I'm 37, lost 25 lbs 25 more to go ?

Devin Paulsen

Love the videos man. Just stumbled across looking for 30 day pushups before and after. I was 6'0 285 about 6 months ago and now I'm down to 235 without a crash diet. This has been my biggest fear of loose skin with losing weight. So far nothing yet but I'm still about 40 lbs over weight. Figured I'll just fill it in with muscle if need be lol Feels great to be healthy though not feeling like I'm gonna black out every time I stand haha

Unknown A

I am 14 years old and around 5,5. I weigh around 215 pounds. Will I have loose skin???

Abel Castrejon

You’re 6,4 no wonder you don’t have loose skin . I’m 6ft 270 I want to reach 170. My stomach fat looks pretty hard and I’ve realized people who have the fat hang usually end up with loose skin but mines like a pot belly and I’ve seen people not end up with loose skin. But my man boobs are pretty big but they don’t hang down either.

Eldin Radovac

Thanks so much bc I was scared to have lose skin, by the way I’m 14 so thank you so much man my motivation is so much better now

Ayesha Khan

What would be considered slow weight loss? 2 pounds a week?

Justin Brazy

I wanna lose weight im scared of loose skin ?

Lili Simms

Im 26 260lbs and 5'11 :( been over weight for ever. Im so scared imma have a ton of loose skin i so far lost 40lbs and my arms look gross :(


Eating oatmeal only for a long term diet,will help me to prevent loose skin?


Weird. I lost 70lbs and had no loose skin. Didn't even worry about it before or during the weight loss process. Wonder how many pounds you need to lose before loose skin appears. (6'2 dude btw, maybe that explains it)


This is bad advice. Dude delete this vid please and do some research and make a new video. Years ago when I lost so much weight I made sure to put on effective skin tightening gels or creams on me everyday after I showered WHILE trying to lose weight and get fit. I didn’t wait till after because having loose skin is an eye sore and can be problematic and a let down. It takes less than 5min to do it everyday after you shower. SO EASY. Doing this simple thing will not only have you disciplined from accomplishing a good habit everyday but it will make you FEEL AND LOOK like more of a WINNER when you reach your goals. I had no loose skin by the time I reached my goal after losing a ton of weight.


I’m 12 and 300 pounds..if I lose 170 pounds will I have loose skin I have had fat for atleast 4 years.. and I’m 5’9 and I mostly have fat in my belly,arms and thighs


Im 15 and im trying to loose 10 to 15 kg will i get loose skin

Raul Gillette

I'm curious, I'm 16 and I'm 220 pounds at 5'8, I want to lose for example 50 pounds? I also want to get to 6'3 when I'm by the age of 20. Any advice for me? Plesse!


Hey Joey, i'm a male 185 cm"(6.1) and 94 kg(207 lbs) .My goal is to get 82 kg( 180 lbs). I will have loose skin ? PS: 18 yo


Skin sheds all the time, so, it is a matter of time before it sheds back to what is suppose to be.
proper diet works, and, treat your skin like clothing... shrink it.

Shantel Razo

I think the main factor on if you're going to have loose skin is how big you are and where you hold weight most. I've been on my journey for almost 6 months and ive lost 78 pounds. But I was 326 when I started and I'm now 247. I was big as shit and would eat only junk food everyday. I did a 180 and I dont touch any junk food. I eat keto and plan to stay this way forever. I throw in intermittent fasting on certain days. I've noticed it takes away inflammation and makes the body tighten up good. Also exercise is important!

D. N.

I’m not even sure why I’m watching this, I’m paper thinn. Well I guess it’s still good advice in case I ever need to give someone advice on the subject

Westside_ Kratos

I’m 26, 6’2 and weigh 280. I’m trying to cut my weight by combining Keto, Intermittent Fasting, and weight training. My target weight is 230. Lot a belly fat.. hoping not to have to deal with loose skin with this method...

Real LimeJuice

So I’m 14 turning 15 and I’ve been gaining weight for about 4-5 years and I’m 5’11” I won’t have saggy skin right?

Daddy Boii

I have been losing weight for like 2 and a half months and at the start I was 235 and I’m now 205 but when I started I looked bigger then some people I’m 5,11 and most of my fat is on my chest area because I have gynoclamastia and still insecure but my goal is 175-70


This is my goal. Focus on being healthy and the fat loss will be the consequence.

-Sleep better
-Eat Healthy
-Active Life


Anaishka Vega

Im about 5’2 and I weight around 300 and I’m wanting to loose weight but scared of the loose skin although I am 16 but in your video it says that if your younger your skin will adapt more to the weight loose can anyone tell me if it’s true or any tips for weightloss?

Bryan Regus

Hey man, I’ve been on a weight loss journey for 3 months (officially on June 23rd). I’ve lost 31 pounds so far. I need to lose 90-120 more. But I’m 290 pounds and 5 foot 7. Hopefully I won’t have loose skin. I’ll keep updates throughout the year.

Alex Green

Are you half Asian?

Y Ghatavi

isn't this true? if you lose 100 pounds in 3 years you won't have loose skin, but if you lose it in 6 months and keep the lost weight off for 3 years, your skin will look the same, your skin would have enough time to contract, it contracts at a constant rate regardless you lose weight fast or slow

Jo Joke

I have 170lbs want to lose around 50/60 I'm 15 years old been like this for about 3 years would I have lose skin after ?


How old were u ,When u sart losing weight? I'm 17 years old now. I'm so worried.


This is crazy, I’m currently around 300 lbs and also 6ft 4, hopefully I can get to where you are now

Msksks Mzkzksks

Hey man I am 5'11 and weight 230 and need to lose 60-70 pounds do you think I will hv much loose skin? I am 18 btw

Triple DoubleTony

Awesome video sheesh we got lucky bro I’m 6’6 I’m on my journey now already lost 50 lbs ?

sour bricks

Ur a fking alien


I’m 16 6”0 and weigh 250 do you think I’ll have loose skin and I need workout tips

Melissa’s Thoughts & Life

I am 6 foot not a lot of loose skin I lost 110 pounds about. But I am 39 healthiest I’ve been in years. Thanks Joey! ♥️♥️♥️???

lel lil

We know what loose skin is,we dont know how to prevent this. And ur video isnt helpfull

dc5 juju

i’m short and that means i’m fucked. surgery here i come :(

Christian Neusüss

I'm turning 32 this year, I'm 178 cm and 88kg heavy, I wanna loose around 18kg and the plan is doing this at 0.5kg per week. I'm terrified of getting loose skin. What are your thoughts on my chances to dodge this issue? I started gaining this weight for around 1.5 years.


What helps you is that you're tall, 6 feet tall and my actual weight is 280. I wanna loose from 60 to 80 pounds man and I'm scared on that.
By the look of my belly, I can tell all my loose skin in gonna be there?‍♂️

emeline okafor

What about 7 years


Um, people who are in their older years DO want to lose a good amount of weight it's just that at an older age we have to work harder to lose that weight.


Ha 5’4 ha I’m scared I’ma have to do the thing pregnant people doo

Caveman Plays

I’m 13 and I’m 5’6” and I’m 210 ish, and it’s been hard I’ve been running a lot changing my diet biking and idk what to do at this point I don’t gain any weight and I done loose any weight...

Opal Stigma

1 year in and over 60 pounds down ??, another 40-60 to go till I’m at a healthy weight. ???


Thanks I’m 15 I’ve been losing 3kg a week going good


Im 16 I used to weight 242 or 250 and now I weight 155 or lower and I have some like jiggly skin left will it still adjust

Star Feel

Young Conan O'brien


Lost 100+ lbs, gained excessive amounts of Chadness

Kaleb Rolle

I’m 15 what do you think ????

Jessica Moore

Excellent video!


I am 13 years old and I'm 5,2 will I get loose skin?

Jessica Alvarez

For once I'm glad that I'm a 5'9 girl after watching this video ??

Jesus saves

I'm 15, 150 pounds, 5'0 (short:( )
My goal is 99 or 110
I don't want extra skin but I want it gone. Someone please help cause I'm honestly scared to try and loose it

Aashish Kapoor

So I lost about 17 pounds in a month, I am doing cardio and weightlifting. Will I get loose skin. Extremely scared cuz of that

William Ehlers

Honestly even if you had loose skin you’d still be hot af.

abby large

i lost 65 pounds in 8 months (from 189 to 123 ish) i have been over weight for like 5 years prior to losing weight. i am 17 and i have some loose skin (it doesn’t hang it just bunches up when i move or stretches when i lull it) on my arms, thighs, and chest. do you think it will minimize because i am younger?

Christopher Ward

Fasting = Autophagy ---> Cold showers = thermogenesis ---> Bone broth = COLLAGEN ---> Keto/OMAD and Smash the gym. I highly recommend these scientifically backed options. Loose skin also naturally tightens on it's own, I like to call it "skin adaptability". Obviously the bigger you are and the more weight you lose, the less chance you have of the skin bouncing back, but you will get better results with the tips I mentioned above.

Rasadnya Joshi

Thank you

Manny MakeRight

Im 21 years old male, I’m 210 pounds, wanna get to around 170 pounds so around 40 pounds. Is it unlikely I will have lose skin?

[MVG] Gladius

Hey I’m 17 and 110kg also 6’4 I’m trying to get down to 80kg do you think I will have loose skin, I have stretch marks at my belly and bicep area

Abdirahman A

I am 26 old and my height is 5.3 and i have been on over weight last 9years , now i have 92kg and i want to loose 30kg within next 4month so i will have such problems

Big Mo

Thank you joe but what if some one has too much fat around the stomach how can they avoid lose skin around the stomach i mean would weight lifting stop stomach lose skin what will stop lose skin around the stomach area what work out is the best for lose skin on stimach please bro do a video on that


It motivated me so much!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you . You gave me hope... To avoid lose skin. I needed to hear that

Iban Anahammock

80% because you are young. You have ability to rebuild collagen & elastin, plus you still have high testosterone, DHEA, HGH levels that make a massive difference in cascade of endocrine functions that affect skin integrity. 20% your genetics. Taking a fuckton of collagen, MSM, hylauronic acid, ACV, Vit D3 with K spectrum, biotin, high quality easily digestible protein, dry brushing to clear lymphatic system, gut healing protocol and liver support (milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, quercetin, balanced B vitamin) during weight loss will help tremendously no matter what age.

José González

I am 13 years old 250 Ibs 5’5 do you think I might have loose skin?

Odell Beckham

I’m 16 and I weight 205lbs I want to loose 45 pounds and I am 5 6 do you think I will get loose skin

William Griffith

Hey so I’m 17 I’ve lost 85 pounds and I’m grindin lol and my goal is 110 to loose but I have worked so hard for this and now I’m seeing loose skin and I hate it like how can I get rid of it


Another thing is people tend to only run at first instead of building muscle to tighten their skin up.

Gustavo Alexandre

Im extremely scared of losing weight due to all the things on lose skin that I have seen... I know I can do it, but I am so damn scared of having lose skin, I don't hate my body right now even though im 146kg, but I know I would if I ended up with loose skin... Can anyone testify if colagen helps with the loose skin issue?

Md. Shahriar

Hi! I am 16; 5'7; 107 kgs. I am trying to lose around 20-30 kgs but scared of loose skin. I eat around 1600- 2000 calories and exercise regularly. So could you help if i am intaking a safe amount calories everyday to not get loose skin


Anyone new watching listen up. This guy right here is your best friend, if he doesn’t motivate you to grow as an individual, inspire you to work hard to feel good, push you to educate yourself, and so much more... idk who will. He’s the realest and rawest person on this platform. Joey doesn’t sit here making 10 minute long videos with half of it being a bull shit sponsor. Instead he makes genuine quality videos focused on driving people like me who used to feel unhappy, insecure, unconfident, ugly, fat and so much more to work hard for their happiness! Thanks Joey so much for your outstanding videos, and the hope they had given me back when I was really feeling down about myself.. keep up the hard work bro ????



CrAzY Beans

I’m getting close to 13 and 180 and have been overweight since 7 am I okay but I gained a lot of weight from 5th to 7th grade

truealpha gaming

Love you vids man keep it up ??


I am currently around 24st and want to lose about 8/9st... I'm really worried I will have loads and loads of loose skin. I am 20yo and 6ft0. Should i be worried?


I have 35lbs to lose what should I do fast or slow cut


I need to lose about 20 kgs in 4 months and i am scared will get loose skin, any tips ?

Audrey Tortorice

How many pounds did you lose a week?


I lost 80lbs in my 40s and No loose skin. One month before I started my diet and exercise program I started taking collagen daily three times a day. Then as I dropped pounds I began adding BCAA before bed along with my collagen and my skin is as tight as it was when I was in my 20s. I also had nasty cellulite all over my thighs and buttocks and ALL of it went away with my weight loss (yes even men can get cellulite).

au zip

ŵhat he want to say its: i am young, i am tall and i am tight. :D


I can’t remember if it was you who posted a video up or somebody else, touching on the subject of loose skin, and they mentioned that it shouldn’t matter. As long as you’re achieving your goal in losing weight, getting fit, achieving the healthiest and best figure you can, the skin that stays there is a part of that journey. By that point nobody will even be bothered at looking at the extra skin, and you in yourself will have already gone beyond that point of “the extra skin”. I can’t remember if it was you or another blokes channel on a similar journey, nonetheless great work. I have always been a yo-yo in my weight, around 120-90kgs. Since 2012 i have above 105kgs. I’m still on a journey, but the discipline since November last year I haven’t slacked. You are an inspiration mate. Keep it up. Off the record, I am 32 years old, so it’s going to be harder for me, but I’ve been getting that buzz, that rush when working out, like I used to back when I was 21 into my teens. Cheers!

Emerson Rodriguez

I'm 16 years old and I weight 200lb, 2 months ago I weighted 228lb. My goal is 160lb, but I'm really scared of loose skin. Should I really worry about it or am I still young enough to go ahead with no problems?

(I'm Turning 17 in may)

Bontigo Man

5’10 220 i have most fat in stomach and legs so I probably will get loose skin ?

Nunyo Bidness

What about just trying to lose weight slowly, to give your skin time to tighten up?

Giselle Jacobs

I’m 14 and I’ve been fat since like kindergarten and I’m 5’6” and trying to lose weight now, so if I lose 100+ pounds will I have a lot of loose skin?

- kyle ,

The more taller ur more you don't have lose skin

Younginpimp10 OppK

I’m 14 I’m 5’9ish n I way 207pounds how
Do I not have loose skin? Bc that’s what I’m scared of

Jake shanks

I only need to lose 44 lbs
My height is 5"11
Will I get loose skin

Nomo 4u

I thought you was maybe 5’9 at most didn’t expect you to be 6’4 lmao.

Kenny’s art

What’s happens if your not a teen yet do you have to worry? I’m trying to loose weight ..

M Rana

So I’m like 5”6 and 170lbs at what rate should I lose the weight?

Rylie Samantha

LOVE that you pointed out the importance of acting before worrying! thanks a lot for this video ?

The email Id

You video is depressing.

Marko ASDA Driver

You still have elasticity in your skin because your young, try doing it in your 50s

Favio Llerena

Mmmm I am 5'9 and when I was 16 went from 280 lb to 150 in a year without any loose skin, i made a bad choice about 3 years ago and started a relationship with a sedentary girl Who loved sweets and fast food, i ended up weighing 300 lb Last year at 27 years old wich for a 5'9 guy is a lot, now I am at 184 lb without any loose skin, i think loose skin depends on genétics and how distributed it's on your body and yes loosing the fat too son, in my case when I got to 300 lb I had a big gut, arms, legs, ass everything except for my hands and feet and I used cardio and low carb diet to get to about 200 lb once I got there I started lifting some weights and doing ab training but nothing crazy and added more protein to my diet to slow down the weight loss a little bit I am 184 lb right now after 1 year I plan to take at least 6 months to get to 170 wich is were I will stay at for a few years and slowly get to 160 without stressing out. If you wanna avoid loose skin I would say take at least a year and a half to shed about 3/4 of the excess weight , let's say you are 350 lb go hard on the diet and the cardio until you get to about 220 lb, once you get there introduce some weight lifting and more protein in your diet to slow down the process of shedding the fat of a little bit. And don't try to get like súper skinny all at once, get to a point to where you are like 190 lb and from there go really slow until you get to your goal weight, please never go balls to the walls loose skin is horrible my brother had to have surgery Last year because he dropped 200 lb without listening to any expert.

Angelo Jaramillo

6’4? Damn thought this dude was like 5’11 only lmao


Hey guys! My plan is to lose 45 pounds in 1 year. Right now I'm 176 pounds. Am I likely to have loose skin?


Fuck I’m 12 and I
NEED to lose

Fajer_ San

I have question IM fat and I’m 11 years if I lose weight I would have loose skin or no please answer ?
Edit : yeahhhh I’m tall and This first time I feel happy to be tall

Harrison Kirchofer

im 22 years old. My heaviest was 290 and was that much for about a year or year and half. Im now about 150 and I have excess skin. What should I do to tighten my excess skin


Meanwhile I just wanna lose 30 pounds

Transformations skin and body solutions

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How Cellulite Saved My Life | TEDx TALK with Ashley Black

11 853 views | 5 Aug. 2020

I'm so excited to share

I'm so excited to share you with my never-before-seen TEDxWillowCreek in Chicago from March 24th, 2018! Hear my story and about the revolutionary way to view chronic pain and our cellulite. It helped me, and I know it can help you!


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