Tretinoin cream directions

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8 KEY TIPS TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING TRETINOIN | Advice for beginners to Tretinoin/Retin-A //Retinoids

18 729 views | 3 May. 2020

#Tretinoin #RetinAJourney

#Tretinoin #RetinAJourney #Retinol

These are my top tips and advice for beginners that are starting tretinoin or early in their retin-a journey. How to use tretinoin to get the best results for acne and anti-aging! I wanted to share things I wish I knew more about tretionin cream/gel before I started my tretinoin journey. This can apply to various retinoids.

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This video can also be relevant to other acne medications such as Differin, Apdapelen and Benzyol Peroxide. Some of the same principles can be applied for retinols and not just exclusively retinoids.


Where did I get my Tretinoin?

I got my Tretinoin while I was in Portugal. Over the counter and for around £2.50 (which is a steal!).

What percentage am I using?

I am using 0.05% and have not moved higher or lower.

How often do I use my Tretinoin?

Currently, I use Tretinoin about 5 times a week on average.

How long have I been using Tretinoin?

At the time of filming this video I have been using Tretinoin for 6 months.

Do I use anything alongside Tretinoin?

I use Benzyol Peroxide gel or wash in the mornings. I usually use a zinc soap on my chin as it is a very congested area for me.


How often do you use it?


I’ve been on Tretinoin for 1 1/2 years for anti-aging. I find it helpful to use a baby cloth to lightly exfoliate with a gentle cleanser every morning to get rid of the flaky skin. Also, put on a moisturizer first, wait 20 to 30 mins then put on Tretinoin.

Sorala Silber

I should start once’s a week then go to second week 3 times a week is that good

Ipsita Haldar

Your journey helped me in starting my own... So thank you. ❤

melborne with fs shaik

can i use odanry niacinamide and hyuloronic acid b/w this tretnoite cream

DeAmber J

Putting this for someone it might help:) my dermatologist has me using .025% 2 nights a week. Benzoyl peroxide in the mornings. Sunscreen. Anddd I had to get on birth control because she believes in treating the inside and outside of your body, and I have hormonal acne. She did recommend using on non comedogenic products. So I use cetaphil for a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and a tinted sunscreen for people of color. ? she predicts a major clear up for my skin in 3 months. And she said it's okay to wear foundation as long as it's non comedogenic/non irritating.

Be Lucky

Hi , I have been following from few days and all the knowledge u provide to us is commendable thank you


How often i should apply sunscreen during indoor days?

Glory Jane Logrosa

Good afternoon everyone. I am using retinoic acid for almost 4 months and still my face is irritated, acnes are coming and my face is red. I am also using Cetaphil moisturizer. Am I going to continue using the product? Is it normal? Thank you.

Rana Alkh

I have been using tretinoin 0.05 for about 2.5 months andi have whiteheades but really red and inflame on all my cheecks i don't know what suppose to do ? Can i continue using it? ???please help

Wajiha Nayab

I'm using tretinoin from one mnth and my skin become more oily and pores are more visible is it normal

Danae Mendoza

Just made three weeks on it but i do use benzoyl peroxide ( PanOxly ) . But, I wash my face twice a day, once in the morning when I wake up then mix my sunscreen w my lotion (aveeno daily moisturizer) . And, the second time is around 5 or 6 o’clock in the afternoon. I use benzoyl peroxide ( PanOxly ) then apply cerave moisturizing lotion. Then apply tretinoin around 10:30pm. I’m still peeling on a few areas of my faces but my skin tone has gotten better and acne

shivika singh

please make a video on how to reduce pigmentation around lips

Hannah Galloon

Is your hair naturally curly? It's gorgeous! Also my top tip is to apply tret with the short contact therapy method, I leave it on for 30ish minutes before washing off and applying the rest of my skincare, studies have found it's just as effective as leaving it on overnight but with a lot less peeling/irritation!


your skin is glowing! are you wearing make up? or are you
still on your no makeup ban?

Bee G

my skin is testy with niacinamide too! I've tried products that contain it from LRP, SVR, Dr Sam's, Purito, and CeraVe. they all irritate my skin except SVR and Dr Sam's-- so bizarre!

Richa Sharma

Your video quality is so good for a beginner, what equipment do you use?


This is a great video. You have a lot more/better information than other similar videos out there.

y k

I was prescribed to tretinoin a month ago but I stopped it because of the purge.I couldn't handle it and it made me feel not wanting to leave my house.But I decided to try again and stick to it and I hope that tretinoin will work.Acne is hard.Thanks for the advice?

Amanda Chernishkin

Would you mind listening the ingredients in your tretinoin prescription?

Noreen Haider

My skin is not too sensitive, I am
Using things like AHA BHA twice week..is it okay if I start with 0.05 tretinoin.


I like the black striped top you are wearing.Where is it from?

Tasnia Anzam

Can anyone please tell me the intro sound name?

Umar Khan

How long does it take for scars to disappear?

Sonu R

Can you increase your video volume? I can hardly hear anything from my bluetooth

Blake Fisher

I’m on day 5 of daily Tretinoin use and have yet to experience a purge. Is that normal? I wear sunscreen daily as well as have oily skin. Could that be preventing my face from drying/purging?
Side note: I do not struggle with acne, but am using tret for large pores, fine lines, and general aging.

Thunder 440v

I like to apply castor oil on my damp skin... It's less messy that way n keeps skin moisturized for long that way ..

Josh Gaitan

Wait aren't u supposed to apply it a decent distance away from your mouth

Sorala Silber

I should start slow

Hodan Abdirahman

I’m using tretinoin 0.05% and hydroquinone every night but my face is always red with a lot of spots? the spots hurttttt

Carter Higgins

I'm starting tretinoin, and I was just wondering if your supposed to apply it all over your face, or are you only supposed to apply it to the areas affected with acne?

RaShonda Danielle

Do I spy the Jackie Aina palette??? Thank you for the video. I appreciate it so much.

Amanda Fernandes

1. Don't rush, begin slow.
2. Up your moisturization game.
3. Evaluate the Irritation
4. Take your time
5. Don't miss out on sunscreen
6. Use in combination with other actives (optional)
7. To buffer or not to buffer (moisturizer before tretinoin)

Lovely video. ? I'm gonna begin tretinoin tomorrow.

xhena vangjeli

i started tretinoin 3 days ago 0.05 for anti-aging . i have no acne. but my skin has experienced 0 irritation even tho i used it 3 days straight. my skin looks better the texture especially . nor have i experienced drying. my skin feels so normal. i’m now starting to doubt if everything is going ok?

Sugar Babe94

Where can I get tretion in the uk


to be honest my acne has just cleared out, there's just some scars, pitted scars and dark spots arphnd my face. but i heard that tretinoin can make your skin smooth, and help with scars. should i try? but i'm scared of the purging tho. i just want a smooth skin, especially on my forehead, they look ugly when my face is oily, they're bumpy. any suggestion? i would be so happy if you actually reply tho?

edit: i'm currently using The Ordinary Niacinamide, it helps with my acne A LOT. i want to try tretinoin but i'm scared. i'm 18 tho but i have fine lines on my forehead

Sorala Silber

Trenton gel help with blackheads shrink your pores is that true

Manya Gyanchandani

My skin is just like yours
My skin is sensitive to niacinamide
I use tretinoin for one year now and still gets acne so I have included benzoyl peroxide every alternate night and I use only sunscreen and moisturiser in the morning

Tretinoin cream directions

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Tips to Deal with Redness Flaking and Ashy skin | Tretinoin | Undercover Chemist

986 views | 29 Apr. 2020

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Here are my list of fragrance free sunscreens that I'm loving!

1. Suncut UV Protect Gel SPF 50 PA++++

2. Garnier Ombrelle Face SPF 60

3. Garnier Ombrelle Complete Sensitive Advanced Body And Face Lotion SPF 60

4. Hada Labo Gokujyun UV White Gel SPF 50 PA++++

5. Rohto Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk SPF50 PA ++++

Products I've Mentioned:

1. Vanicream

2. Cerave Moisturizing lotion in the tub

3. Cerave PM lotion

4. The Ordinary Naicinamide 10% with Zinc

5. Sana Nameraka Face masks

Afra Imdad

Hi dear..i was using tretinoin for 2 days and my skin became red.. Peeling and a lil burning sensation.. Can I stop using it and are there any side effects if I stop? After how many days my skin will get normal?now I m just applying aloevera gel. After how many days redness will go off n my skin become normal? I just used for 2days

Ella S

How can i get tretinoin?

Deadly Spirit

How long does the flaky skin or peeling of skin lasts??

Manya Gyanchandani

Thank u for the great knowledge dear.. I appreciate your efforts ☺️ I want to ask that people says that we should use higher percentage of tretinoin is that true? Or we can get the same effects with the lower percentage ?Also plz tell us about the vitamin c serums for brightening of the skin. Thank u ☺️

Aisha Arshad

I can tell that your skin is very clear and that's great. It's also pretty even toned, which many women want to achieve. But it seems that maybe you're wearing a sunscreen in this video that has left a white'ish cast on the face.

ss rose


Bee G

helpful video! I haven't yet tried soy isoflavones for redness so will look into that. How did you get on with The Ordinary nmf+ha?