Lip plumper before and after

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GLAMGLOW lip plumper before and after

51 574 views | 14 Apr. 2017

Hello my gorgeous YouTube

Hello my gorgeous YouTube family...

I hope this video helps you in some way if you are considering purchasing some form of lip plumping product. I have tried quite a lot of different brands and this is by far my favourite for performance and pain. lol

i have done a couple more reviews so if you would like to see them please check out my other videos

enjoy xxx

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Thanks lovelies xoxox

Yoyo Yoya

You’re saying ammmmm alot
And talking alotttttt

Shaye Crawley

OMG when you ripped open the bottle the wrong way I laughed so hard!!! that was so funny hahaha I'm glad you didn't wreck it

Jennifer Liebo

You look like Chloe Sevigny , but even more beautiful ! Your eyes are stunning ?

iitskeykey !

the hole is meant to hold the product so you don’t have to keep dipping


Nice video! But it would be nicer if you cut out parts of the video. This could’ve been 5-7 minutes in my opinion ❤️

Olivia Shaffer

I have it on right now and It barely hurts I would say that the pain is a 2/10

coline the one who motivates

Your gorgeous girl

gia avila

you look so much like Jenna Joseph, so prettyyy

shreeya gaigole

Don't take a lot of time please

Frizia Rounak

What was the other lip gloss? The one that was really painful


Great video! Subbed:)

sophie lobo

ya funny and beautiful

Suzana Mario

16 min is a lot of time you could've done it in like 5 min , you are beautiful . keep it short tho

Dirty Unicorn

wow like I can't finish watching this because you're making me dizzy with all that focusing in and out issues

Karen julie Attard

All we want to see is before and after and does the product work?? With the picture in focus preferably

Dirty Unicorn

ugh one of my biggest pet peeves is when the camera goes in and out of focus like this. it makes me dizzy and is very off putting


Weird lip applicator

Julie Cavalcanti

Amazing review !

Burnt Chicken Nugget

You’re beautiful!

Scarlette Baudelaire

If you don’t move your head around so much the focus problems will stop. Taking your eyes off camera every few seconds is what makes it start over.

Joyce Blafford

Thanks for making this vid. I’ve been considering a lip plumper and this looks like the perfect one for me.

Bee Molo

You are hilarious. Very entertaining and informative. Thank you.


What was the lip plumper that you said was so painful? You didn't mention the name and I couldn't see it properly.


Jennifer Aniston vibes


Jennifer Aniston??? ??

Aannette Garcia

You talk a lot


Thank you for this review ? gorgeous ?

Alice Goncharova

I have it on right now and it stings so much ?

Elizabeth Albino


Lip plumper before and after

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I tested an electric lip plumper at home ( before & after )?

203 views | 9 Oct. 2020

He guys, hope you guys

He guys, hope you guys enjoy my review on this lip plumper from Amazon. I think it really work so if you want to try it I recommend you should. Not bad for only $30. Let me know in the comments if you guys want to see more review videos like this. Don’t forget to Subscribe hit that notification bell and give me a little thumbs up. Love you guys xoxo_Cyn ❤️

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Torres Mobile Car wash And auto detailing

Nice job ?

Jodie Banzali

Is there a link to buy ?❤️

Chris Gutierrez

Oops ?

547 600 views | days ago