My percing

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piercing my rook and vertical tragus

306 325 views | 19 Mar. 2020

Hope you liked this video

Hope you liked this video of me piercing my rook and vertical tragus at home! Like and subscribe for more piercing videos and follow me on instagram!

Tattoo and piercing insta: https://instagram.com/jp.bodyart?igshid=km6mo3pqiqc2

Mine: https://instagram.com/priyalyla?igshid=17dy6plqkvmmy

Douae Benslim

yall are really annoying screaming roly in the comments

Soggy forest Nymph

Every time I look for a totorial your there

Brenna Foster

You’re so brave doing cartilage because I’ve been told it can be shattered if not pierced right

Litara Duodox

bro i got my rook done twice (side by side left ear) and wow... the pain tolerance. like i didnt scream or even grunt but i would NOT be able to do it on myself lol


4:00 ouch bitch wtfff

Jade Povey

So jealous of your industrial :O ive got stupidly thin ear cartilage and ive had it reject twice ?

nonbinary baby

I really want to do a lip piercing but I dont know if I would end up doing good on it and being lucky with it or not

Matilda Hope

you’re so pretty ????

patience madgwick

she should have a bigger bar coz of the swelling ?‍♀️?

Frances 1

i love watching piercing videos but the first one made me so uncomfortable. knowing that a needle was just sitting under her skin. it looks amazing but i didn’t like watching the process


im telling roly ?

Soani Velez

How do you not have any reaction??? Do you not feel pain ?

Olga Nari

u’re so beautiful

Ai Ri Kei

How many gauge did she use for her surface tragus??


Am I the only one who doesn’t know who Rolly is?? Lol also why is everyone so pressed ?

Anky Norbruis

you are so pretty

Anna Grace

my friend has done all of her own peirceings(9),except for her nose, and they turned out perfectly fine w no infection. people r just overreacting! i say if u can do it urself, go for it. it all comes down to ITS HER BODY!!!?

I am Jade Marchelle

Not sure if you're a piercer but you could be banking right now girl!!! ???

Ugly Jerk

how do you see it...i spent like an hour adjusting the mirror but i have to like cross my eye to try and see

Aviana Amondsen

Rolyyyy, where are youu


I did the same and the ball part is so difficult

Steph Irons

You need help never self pierce

rebecca xx

infection TSHOO TSHOO

Jasmine Bratton

Clearly uses numbing cream

Jon Snow

Dumb ass girl

Katie Melo

How are your piercings healing?

tabitha washburn

can you do a room healing process???

Natalie Young


Ai Ri Kei

Quarantine got me piercing myself 10 times (with a safety pin) and my mom doesn't even know?. I love them but i suck at placement because my eyes are too blurry and glasses get in the way?

Erica Lynn

Girl you're seriously bada$$! & without even trying lol my husband wants his dermal done so I was thinking of getting the anti eyebrow piercing but I'm freaked out lol I'm so thankful I found your page I subscribed instantly you're amazing ❤❤❤❤

Candace O'neal

all the "hey professional piercer here" comments are annoying she said it was her body for a reason , she put a disclaimer for a reason, and she said she was trained for a reason love that your trying to help, but with no hate just stop and fucking click off save yourself the trouble love what your doing priya <3

Sherelle Curtis


Erica Saldivar

Damn u should work by doing people piercing, because ur very good at doing it tbh (that no cap)

Makenzie Mcclintock

Dont have insta sorry sis

naomi garza

this girl has mad balls of steel for doing her OWN piercings ???

Ty Diamondz

The roly comments annoying af - your piercings look great, I be entertained watching your vids while doing mines??

Elizabeth Heiberger


Miles El-Guindi

take a shot every time someone says roly


why do people get so angry at what she does with her own body! maybe its not the smartest to do it yourself,but she knows that! she knows the dangers of piercing and she is choosing to anyways, if u dont want to see her do this DONT. WATCH.

Rio F.


Kelly Ramirez

Tragus looked so scary !!! I could never do that myself

Genesis W

can you sleep on it?


How did you sleep?

Solana De Los Santos

I’m real sad I didn’t have enough skin to get my vertical tragus done :’(

Rosa Lee

Wow those look great

Emily Carter

You remind me of effy from skins

Charlotte Marody

I pierced myself with you lol

dliuc's ass

Did she just say the pain is 0-2/10... ?????????

Areej Vohra

Everytime I'm sick like this time. I sneck up in bed and watch your Piering videos. Idky it's kinda part of my medication.

Ted MacFarlane

Repierce my industrial ?

Chayma Nad


Naya Daily

Ur pretty ???

Alex z

you are nice
krasivaya. u tebya yest' paren' ?
beautiful. you have a boyfriend ?

Jasmine Cornejo

700th comment

Sariah Rodney

High pain tolerance gang

Cierra Dubose

I literally just did mine an hour ago and I love it ! It really doesn’t hurt

Amaya Mitchell

stop commenting roly its so annoying literally nobody cares she did it and she likes it

qj And

All you here saying is yessssss girl get it

The Harajuku Barbie

Idk why but watching this made my fresh industrial start burning ?

Grecia Marure

I had this ? it didn’t hurt it felt like pinching ? but i took it out

All Things Amanda

I pierced mine on Thursday . And it didn't hurt and I love it.

nut meg

everyone is freaking out but this is hella impressive ngl

Johanna Laster

where's @roly ????? ????.

Abby Pierce

where are the earring from in your first hole??

Megan MacQuarrie

did she put a straight barbell in a surface piercing? 0,0

Verónica A M

Who tf is roly?

Madison Taylor

how are they healing up? honestly you did a really good job and you knew the risks and still decided to do it. it's your body idk why people are so pressed lol

Kit Kat

So I hate septum piercings... but your's looks super cute on you!

amy armstrong

dude you’re so pretty


Ur very brave

User 1

u give off effy vibes rah xx

Pets And Beyond

Y’all what is the problem with her modifying her own body. She probably knows now what she did wrong, but she’s proud of it, and she just wants to share it with the internet. Stop commenting roly cuz hes just gonna say the same thing everyone else is. You just want to see her get shamed by roly. If you hate it so much just leave and dont watch the video. It’s as easy as that

Ellie rose Forrester

Tbh hats off to you because you do everything really safely and really well so who cares what people think go for it, people over react if you keep it clean nothing is gonna happen x

Ruby Bright

Wow I love this I absolutely love those piercings also ur so pretty

Tyra West

My tragus was so complicated to do on my own lol I loved it though!!!

uka —

trying to my vertical tragus on myself was literally so difficult sooooo i went to the professionals ?

Kayla Schnei

roly wya

Bianca Plus One

did your vertical tragus heal ???

Princess Bri


Karen Ennis

Can you ice it?? I had to ice mine when I repierced

KaylaineGabrielleReisDosSantos Gabrielle

Monooh tu é muiito doiida kk mais gostei ♥️♥️

minisode aoty

I'll never trust u, how tf couldn't this be painful?????

therltianamari _

Where did you get the jewelry you used for this piercing ?

Toy Cripps

Wow you have amazing pain tolerance. Nice piercings

brenna kelley

I was so scared that entire time because it was crooked throughout most of it??


Dont use a curved barbell for a surface piercing. Dont use a curved barbell for a surface piercing. Dont use a curved barbell for a surface piercing. Dont use a curved barbell for a surface piercing. Dont use a curved barbell for a surface piercing. Dont use a curved barbell for a surface piercing.

Girl I dont know Where u did ur appenticeship but u got scamed .



Karee Strachan

Was doing my own septum the other day and I ordered a piercing kit off amazon they sent me the same size jewelry and needles soooo it was really hard?but I did it and it’s sooo pretty


That rook looks weird like you placed it too above

Kenzie Glover

How old r u

lizzy coleman

I just pierced my helix and that shit was so fucking painful how the hell can you do both of those piercings and she’s not even feel it I am shook

emmy zorn

Where do you get your jewelry from? I love the cute little minimalistic balls you used & I’m trying to find similar ones :)

Kayla Walters

how can you do that I would never be able to LMAO

Cha Cha

OMG ???

Fayth Jones

Ik this video is old, but this helped me sm and my piercing looks sooo good!


damn, you're so pretty..like, aesthetically pleasing

ZyeTV Films

Freakin LEGIIIT ! u get my subscribe ?

Morgan Haupt

Umm how do you do this to yourself? I've tried piercing my own ears and cant ?

A. Pseudonym

9:04 socks cat is like "what are you doing?"


weirdly enough, i'd trust her to pierce my ears.

My percing

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12 772 views | 9 Feb. 2021



social media

ig @rari_kari

twitter @rarikari_

tiktok @rarikari

email [email protected]

tumblr rari-kari

depop rarikari

piercing kit


i used a 20g needle and 20g hoop jewelry

#piercingmynose #diy #nosepiercing

Cheyenne Clausen

It looks sooo cute on u i love it, do the other side with a stud!!!


I did this when I was 17, but with a regular stud earring. I’m sure it’s quicker with a needle, because it took me a good 10 mins to push the stud earring through. Here I am 26 and I still have my nose piercing, it healed perfect.

Jacky Garcia

Yes do septum and the stud

Madeline G.C

Yes do the other side and get a stud so it can look even? Or all three would look fine too?

Charmaine Evans

Looks amazing on you girl?


it looks so cute!! ?


I’ve pierced my nose three times. It didnt hurt because I used numbing cream. I know they say that numbing does nothing, but it helps make it less painful


idk this is just me but i think the one piercing looks just so good as is. I would keep it just like that for a second, but more could be cool as well.

Shika Sath

Lol the “oww” kills me

Liya Johnson

Really cool how experienced you are in piercing yourself. you look very cute!

Erica jpg

Why the hell you don't do this by a professional? Two seconds of pain if it's good. Not like that, god.

feeling the fear

I love you Kari

Sam Salazar

I just noticed it's Minecraft music in the background lol


i pierced my nose by myself on the same day you did ? mine did not hurt at all because i also have a high pain tolerance


You could also pull off an eyebrow piercing


Pls do a hair update already bleached mine again ???

Maria Joana

babe do the septum next it's gonna look very cuteeee, I'm getting mine pierced again next week ?


Girl your gutsy! I got mine done with a gun.. and then closed it and I wanted it back and tried to re do it my self and it hurt me so bad I decided not to.. and just keep it out? it looks super cute though!??❤️


Hello there. I loved the work so much. I have been trying to search for vid similar to yours that explains everything in this video. ?‍⚕️ ?Your tip reminds me of the content of this informative Dr. Ethan! Dr's tips are for sure educational and he really helped me on my studies. He is an insightful Dr on YouTube and he teaches wellness and diabetes.

You should see his YouTube out and give the med student a subscribe! ? #DrEthanOnline


There is not one thing you can’t do at home ?


This is for sure gonna hep me do this! Thank you ??

Samantha Madison

Can you try out tooth gems? You’re the go to for anytime i want a personal opinion on doing something at home?❤️

carolyne lopez

What size do u get ur misbhv leggings in ? ❤️


A hoop looks great on you! But for the healing process I would definitely put the stud in. It helps to heal the piercing properly. With a hoop it's easier to get a bump which can be hard to heal later on

Korok _king_82

ya ha ha you found me.

Aysia’s Room

i literally pierced my nose 5 times ?? im crazy

jack bank

I would do 18g bc you have more jewelry options


instead of a hoop I would try out just a straight little stud to heal and then once you're done healing you can do like a hoop.


Use a stud ??‍♀️ , ring will get infected

nadia aycart

I want a nostril so baddd????

K. C.

I literally just pierced my nose before I clicked on this vid. It's my 3rd piercing in my nose. It's cute girlie❤️


I think you should have put on a stud instead of a hoop because you pierced your nose with a straight needle. So as it’s sensitive your loop will not help with the healing process because it won’t stop moving in your nostril. Please put a stud instead next time ): but you did a pretty decent job and it fits you perfectly !

Panda Manda

Septum, I think it might look weird to have piercings on both sides of ur nose. I’ve had my nose pierced for 15+yrs now it’s still my favorite and least painful one. Even my ears get sore from time to time with just my lobes pierced. I used to have 3 piercings in my ears but it was just uncomfortable- earrings were getting caught and ripped out from my hair and they were always sore.

Kira Morris

That looks like it hurts !!.... But it’s so cute on you ❤️❤️

Moon Diana

oh no..oh no..oh nonononono

Aysia’s Room

now we are twins ?

Bad Doll

Omg more piercing video please ?✨

Nikka Amable

FUN FACT: there's a nerve connecting our nose to our eyes that's why we uncontrollably tear up after a nose piercing. Anyway, good job Rari! <3

Darlene Lucia Cavazos

Darling u r so brave u took it like a BOSS LADY, I was holding my breath just say, it looks beautiful ur a beautiful lady, u rock it

Mikhayla Grace

I wish u could give me a piercing lol ?


im tooooo scary ?❤️

Emi ‘

it looks so cuteeeeee


I want this, but my nose is full of dark pores

jeraaldy saraavia

I'm 13 years old and I have 3 piercings on each ear so 6 in total and I did four of them on my own, I'm super proud of myself. it makes me feel brave


and also you should have done the ice it really does help , it numbs it and it doesn't make it harder to go through I've done mine and it went through super easy and it didn't get infected and I was surprised!

Mak Marie

Name a prettier girl.. ill wait

Mercedes M

Girl do the septum!! It will look super cute! You’re tempting me to get a septum now?

Bexa Gomez

Ow ?

Syd Leilani

lmaoo no offense but that's why I just go get my piercings professionally done. You looked like you were in pain and it took u a phattt minute to push it through.
Also for the hoop don't pull it apart to separate it, you just have to pull the two sides away from each other, makes it easier and you don't have to use pliers.

Sonya Blade

Lol I did this w my best friend when we were 12yrs old!!! We were badass. Now I’m a mom.

Star Sepulveda

do the septum

Susanne N.

I luv ur tooth gems!! Did u do those urself?


your SOO beautiful boo

Wing Icecream

Can someone please tell me where you get piercing needles from for science?

jazmin márquez


Ti ne

You’re so pretty


You are so brave. It looks really good!

molly!! •

You said everyone said it hurts bad? I'm so glad you went Into it knowing it would hurt because people convinced me it wouldn't hurt at ALL and when I had my left one pierced I was in shock from how bad it hurt, but when I pierced my other nostril it didn't hurt as bad because i knew what to expect. In a nutshell; if people tell you a piercing doesn't hurt don't believe them ?

Ashley Salazar

Omg, I screamed like it was my nose ...I swear I heard the skin rip

Omar Baylis



Es hermosooooo


Is there anything u can’t do u do everything ur talented ???

Colm O Brien

Looks great. Obviously, I watched this video to freak myself out, but my main take away is that the piercing looks great on you

Al D

You are such a badass, I could not lol

Katelyn Cummings

You should do the other side and wear a lil nose chain!!


Septum hands down??


I have two studs and my septum and honestly its cute as hell. You should do it.


bought my kit can't wait to try it!!


I think a stud on the other side would look really nice


girl this looks fire. you’re tempting me to pierce mine now ? i think the septum would look hella cute with the hoop


it looks soOo cute on you !! not sure why people are trippin on you for doing it yourself when you did all the steps a professional would do ?

Jay Santiago

Oh nah you buggin. Lmao ? I got mine done somewhere and I was gushing blood from it never again


where is your wig from :0

May Paterson

you're literally so cool! it looks awesome, good job!!!

Coda Garcia

piercing my nose was the easiest thing ever and 100% not painful, my cartilage was more painful than my nose

Schoolingd __

Listen to thissss oml it will suit u so wellll??? get the other nostril too,and add a chain?????? ahhhhhhhh its like u got the face for it geezzzz

paulette Harris

Wow girl your brave my eyes were watering for you. Ive not seen a septum piercing befor Thank you kari ??

Naturally Unnatural

Do you know where you got the nose jewelery? They look simple but cute.


i pierced just about everything but my nose...you make me wanna pierce my left side lol

kay :D

ahhh it suits u so well !! <3

bruna malto

like for the minecraft sound <3

Brenda Silva

Eu aqui do Brasil vendo


Omg I could feel the pain thru the screen ?

Aneesah Mohammed

A stud on the other side would be so cute

Windy Schultz

gonna try that aquaphor tip.

talking Tom and friends Gold Run

It,s looks cute But I think you should do your ears at Home you would look beautiful


you’re so smart for using a cap, i would have never thought of that

Heather A

What guage needle size did you use?

xo_stephany _

the minecraft music makes everything better

Lauren Lawrence

Super cute, put a stud on the other side!!!!

Midori Crawford

Bring back the septum!!!?


i did mine at home and it was such a weird pain/sensation for me... like yeah it hurts but it made my head feel so weird :/

Victory Christina

It looks cute ☺️ I don’t think I could do my own tho?

FBI open up

you should have just got it done professionally lmaoo would have been alot quicker and less painful

deborah tran

usually you should pierce the nose with a stud first before you change it to a nose ring :)


lol just did my nostril today & it hurted a little, but my eye really teared up??

Rachel Heinl

You should do another ear piercing so I can get the courage to try myself!

Mayah Lourdes

if anyone is thinking about doing this also you should get a needle that’s a little bigger than the jewelry so it can slide in the needle hole better

and i oop

you are so chill and wholesome

Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua


My percing

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PIERCING UPDATE! MY newest piercings

10 904 views | 18 Jul. 2020

all my piercings are maria

all my piercings are maria tash apart from the gold hoops which available here https://matthewcalvin.com/product/rocha-hoops/

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Saffron Lord

Please do a tattoo video! Would love to see! ?

Charlotte Elliott

I got my conch done about 9 months ago and love it! I didn’t find the pain that bad and it has been easy to care for. I too am tempted to make it a double with a little bee/butterfly and a flower in there. A forward helix is also on my list but I’m worried about knocking it once it’s pierced.

Terri Fenwick

I have 7 on each ear somewhat similar to yours. Mine are all 14kt. yellow gold and diamonds also. Love Maria Tash also. I may get one more ..... ??♥️

Amalie Jensen

Thanks for the update! I have been very inspired by your piercings when creating my own curated ear - and you have definitely made me fall in love with the conch as well, I love how it faces forward and catches the light ??


Yessss, I agree a tattoo video ?

Alena Sycheva

Love your piercings and earrings, Maria Tash is my favourite! My conch was healing for so long. You are lucky that yours healed fast. Please make a video on all your jewelry!

Raquel Maceda

Owww are beautiful pierings, i missed your daith:c