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How to use Layer Mask? Photoshop CC Tutorial for Beginners

454 535 views | 6 May. 2014

https://www.guru99.com/how-to-use-layer-mask-photoshop-cc-tutorial.html This beginner’s tutorial will describe a very important part of Photoshop tools "layer masking”. It gives us the ability to hide and reveal parts of the layer without deleting them. Fresher’s can learn how to use layer masks in Photoshop and become Experienced designer.

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Ahmed Eldeeb


Baki 151

How to recover the hidden pixels?

Leisia Duskin

Cool video. Especially your use of Blend Modes to integrate the final design. Thank you!

Anji Gamboa

thanks :)

washington sam

please where can I get the pictures

Mujtaba Khanusiya

nice video bro

ravali reddy

have been watching so many videos on this topic but its just 4min i have completely understood the topic.....Thankyou!

JAtin Sharma


Navin Mukhi

Awesome......The Best Tutorial on Layer Mask


The layer masks werent even needed you couldve just used the earser lol

TheLevianGamer TLG

great use thank you

Becky Mokelke

Quick, simple, informative! Thanks!!

Razin Reaz Abedin

Hawkeye cries in the corner of the shwarma store

Melissa Davis

LOVE this tutorial. Quick and to the point!

Akshay Kumar

Thank you sir ji ❤️?

Shvet Mathu

It is very complicated to try to be creative in photoshop

Gabriel R.

Thanks man i was looking for something like 1:10

waiying lau

Thank you. This is useful for beginners.

Tojo Jose

Your class doesnt say anything about brush settings...learn more to teach...next time best wishes...


It looks shit tbh

Mario Galeano

It is really working for me. THanks

jsab fan

finally, a good tutorial that explains it very easy, and its goes right to the point its nice and short and not 20 mins long. thank you!

Rani Maharaj - Sharma

Very nicely explained..Loved it...

Afaleteo Ntem

Perfect Tutorial!

Tee Algenius

sorry, i don't understand again. can you teach me one time??


Only thing I didn't understand was how to set the layer mask.

Anchal Yadav

Sir please add link in the description to access the images u used

Clayton Murphy

This guy is a BOSS!


thank you


imagine if he could talk without sounding like his reading from a peace of paper

Rehan Farooqui

God bless you

Tuvshinbat Sundui



Thank this has advanced my skills please reach out #pausecbs

Mark S

terrible video


Rip hawkeye

Zoe Centenaje

this is probably not important but why the hell is Hawkeye not included ?

Chuck Purnell

I noticed your layer mask was white but what if I wanted the layer mask to be black how do I make that change?


You should never speed up a video when showing something new as beginners. You didn’t mention where the icon was to get there. Your layer panel is too small. You didn’t mention the hot key to select each layer together and put them together or even mention why you did that process. Video would’ve been perfect with some fine details and slowing it down.

Mohammad Iqbal

please provide stock images? everything is fine

Qi Perez

Hawkeye left the group

Dhruv Nagrani

I actually love this easy tutorial with known characters..


Wow so cool! :) Hello! When I paint different layers the previous layer painted stays under the new color (doesn't overlaps the new one). May be you could help me? And one more, when I paint a big piece and then want to continue, the next stroke goes above that 1st color and that spot becomes darker :/ How can I make it all one color? Thank you in advance!

SFG Jointzz

this is the worst way to use mask... great job teaching me nothing

Pretty Sure Media

Awesome tutorial. Great voice and very direct instructions!

Shockwave AB

I can't really tell if its voice over or generated audio!

LA artist

Thank you so so much!!!

Kerstin Smith

im at school right now and i have to make this and im gonna kill myself i have a headache and i have to make this aaaaaaaaaaaa

Danh Hiệu Vũ

thanks u

Ar Raju


m. deicke

I mean, for this application you could also use the eraser tool to silhouette an object. How would you use for instance a polka dot pattern to mask out chunks of a photo?


Sorry if this comes out rude but the final image looks like boxart from a bootleg rip of the movie ?


what if i want to clear the background easily in it, and not have the black its too hard


Thanks! This'll help me improve my graphic design MASSIVELY.

Tea Boy

really nice

Dale Murphy

My quick mask is not working when I add the mask to the image then select the brush it doesn't blend the images together

Janaka Kariyawasam

Thanks for the Straight to the point content! Really helped me out. :)

Buggs Hunny

you're awesome

Daneyes White

sorry but I can't speed it up that fast...... .-.

Abdullah Payenda

i use select and mask tool but when i use refine edge tool it does not work even it damage other parts if u write something about it i will be thank full.

Karl Harris

HA! So good.

Darija Radchenko

The tutorial is incomplete and shows just a small part of layer mask usage

salah ouali

Hhhh I have been watching videos of the same topic, but going over 20 minutes and finally got nothing. On the contrary your 4 minutes tutorial taught me everything


A great tutorial that showed a real application of the use of layer mask

Joy Dharan

Awesome! Without lot of bla bla ..taught very nicely & presented quickly . Salute sir!

Mr Baffoono

Looked for a whole month How to do this. And automatically shows up the moment I log on Youtube. You're the Man.. thank you lots. Saving this video for later tonight to make a banner for youtube.


Hi Guru99 thaks for the explaination. However, I wanted to learn how to blend two images and able to see one underneath of the other



Basic's Restaurants

tjis is amazing. good video for making posters


very bad

Daniel Svart

Quick and very useful !! thanks

Prince Mjprasanth

Wow! You made me understand very easily the uses of layer mask. Thanks bro.

MarkMe Productions

thanks.. really helped me!


well... the only important things in this vid are:
1. black hides pixels, white reveals (as long as u dont invert the mask)
2. u didnt explain anything about refining edge...the heroes look very boxy... its like they are not from there.. but still for 4 minutes is good..
remember this : black hides pixels (on white mask) and white reveals the pixels of the image.. nothing more from this video..:/


how did u even put 2 pics into the same place it won't let me drag pics into photoshop


not for beginners dipshit.

Logical Volume



Avengers movie poster makers be like :?


my brush does not work in layer mask, can anyone tell my why or how i can make it work?

Håvard Madland

Where did u get that brush?

Maximilian Höhl

You should explain what the single functionalities (blendingmodes and so on) are actually doing with the images/pixles. Otherwise we are just learning how to do an avangers-poster by recipe

Donna Conley

Speaking waaay too fast for a beginner to keep up!

La Kicia Hughes

Lovely! Short, sweet, and to the point. Very understandable! Thank you!

Josef Slezak

Amazing quick and simple tutorial!

Ashley M

How would I do it for a single item onto another image? The same way as this video?

Lady Llamaler

So, when I'm masking I have to have black as my color

Indie Music Minute

at 3:02 you should NEVER stretch an image in one direction, always resize it while maintaining the same ratio.

erbi bunya

mantap. tepuk tangan

Kamila Wright

This was so super helpful...THANK YOU!!!!!!

Aseem Dhami


Christoph Dino

Hi what adobe is these? 2019 or 2018?


as a newbie.. the way u teaching so fast for me and i dont get it.. by the way, tq for posting..


amazing, thank you for this!


I think it would be a great idea to provide us with all the images you have used in this video so that we can practice at the same time we watch this otherwise it was a great video. Thanks


19 people are haters


nice..and thank u


You don't explain your steps. If you want to do a How to Use video, explain how you are doing things step by step. This is more "How to make a movie poster" than how to use Layer Masks.

Constable Dodo

This is so hard can I pay you to do it for me for school?
please it's my last year of collage and I really dont want to go another year or even a more semecter

Unmistakably Chinese

Everything you did seems to be so easy! Need to keep working on this thing.

Yuri Serrano

Why don't you put the images?

How to use mask

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How to wear a surgical mask ? | With subtitles in English | Tamil

21 556 views | 28 Apr. 2020

Skip to 3:25 for the demo

Skip to 3:25 for the demo on how to redesign the mask to minimize gaps on the sides.

In this video, I will be explaining on how to wear a surgical mask in an effective way. Though wearing a surgical mask is not fool proof way to prevent infection, there are certain ways by which we can minimize the risk if worn properly. This video is based on instruction provided by my Doctor friend. However, the best known prevention method will be to stay home and practice social distancing when we are outside.

Disclaimer: The method explained in this video is purely for informational purpose and does not guarantee prevention from any sort of infection.






Anything Pesalam

Do you know wearing surgical masks don't prevent us from getting infected? They don't provide complete seal to our nose and mouth unlike N95 masks. However, we can do this minor modification on a surgical mask to get better seal. Watch the video fully to know how. The actual demo begins at 4 minutes. So, skip to 4:00 minutes if you want to get straight to the point ;)

nome cognome

much appreciated! thanks!

Dr. Vinoth

Nice video bro clearly explained How to wear Surgical mask.Very useful information for These days??

Vishnu Prakash

That's true Ram, This video helps to better use of the surgical mask than usual usage which may have more exposure

Manikandan M

Bro n95 mask online வாங்கினேன். reuse எப்படி பன்னலாம்

Sameerah Parveen

Very informative, even for dust I used to feel this mask does not cover my face fully. This method will help.. Thanks Ramu?✌️

Leslie Lopez

Thank you ?

Hariprasad Prasad




Raja Gopalan

Soooperbs explanation ?☺️??

Dharma Yoga

நீங்க சொல்லுறது ஒரு வைத்தியர் சத்திரசிகிச்சையின் போது பாவிக்கும் முறை அதாவது தன்னிடமிருந்து கிருமி நோயாளியைதாக்கக்கூடாது என்பதற்காக அவ்வாறு நீலப்பக்கம் வெளியில் தெரிய போடுவார்கள் ஆனால் இன்றைய எங்கள் நிலை கிருமி வெளியிலிருந்து எம்மைத்தாக்கக்கூடாது என்பதே எனவே வெள்ளைப்பக்கம் வெளியில் தானே வரவேண்டும்?

akshay patil


radha rajan

Super?? very clearly explained?? keep going ??