Simple eye roller

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TRY THIS!! Easy Hack for Everyday Brown Smokey eye

309 938 views | 12 Dec. 2019

Try this easy hack to ace

Try this easy hack to ace that everyday soft brown smokey eye, everytime!!

❤️Previous Video: Easy DAY to NIGHT Glam Transformation using 2019 Favorites https://youtu.be/myOWWhJFBFg

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✦Products used in this video (in order)

Colourpop hyaluronic concealer pretty fresh https://bit.ly/34DS9y0 (use 5smitha at checkout for $$ off)

Karity Nudes & Rudes Eye Palette https://bit.ly/2pZnaxs

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner - Nude https://amzn.to/2Mb5Iyd

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara https://amzn.to/2oBh6e9

Karity Lashes in Cosette https://bit.ly/2Ov1rXM

My favorite brush set: https://amzn.to/2IkZ1ca

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I love you all, and thanks so much for tuning in!

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♡ ♡ Smitha Deepak ♡ ♡

Iqra Khalil

If someone doesnt have that brown concealer so can we use brown eyeshadow?

Farooq Hayat

I have dark circle they look more brown than these browny eyes?

Lux Lux

Nice look dr

Faeeza Shaik

What a brilliant idea? u are a genius!

Arunima Das



So beautiful!?

Isabella Amin

This look is STUNNING! Yaaas girl

lalitha chandrasekaran

Mam please suggest some nude eye pencil which is more on the natural side..i got one from a brand which turned out to be more white than nude.


Omds this is a game changer thank you so much ?

Pramila Yadav

I love the way you do your makeup,, they are always stunning ??


I LOVE that you are using Karity products!!!! ? This looks so amazing!!!! ?

Michele Jones

Thanks for this tip. I'm going to try this

Stephanie V

Sis how do you apply lashes so easily ?

Hazel d

Hi Smitha please use a makeup revolution palette to create this same look please. Thanks


Ur so smart!!!

Laura Castro

This is genius! ?


Love this look!

Aayushi Tiwari

The best part of video rollel roll blah blah blah.... ???

Tahmina Islam

Could we use dark foundation instead of concealer??


Can we just give those lashes a thumbs up, holy smokes those are nice


I didn't expected it to be that easy ?

Divya Patodia

Omggggg this is so easy yet so beautiful!! Loved it ❤️. Definitely going to try this. Thank you so much for this video ?

Claudia Okyere-Fosu

Nice ??

Asma Bilal

Lovely and quick!

Chumki Das

Thank u♥️

Noora Queen

I think this won’t work well for hooded eyes

Komal Nadeem

Loved it ?

Shan Cruz

oh wowwwww!!!! That was quick!

Shweta garg

Mam plzz make video for hair and skin by using homemade things. I can only trust you ?

Muvaa Mayraa


Entropy Fan2


Sana Shahbaz

Who else think.. This lady in video is not smitha... And voice is also quite different

Riddhi Kamble

Loved it ♥️

Happy Girl1

So beautiful!!!!

Darcy Markey

Beautiful Smokey eye! Super simple❤️❤️?

all thing everything

Which nail polish are you wearing


Absolutely gorgeous eye makeup! I love your technique too! You make it look so easy but let me tell ya I would probably screw it up when I add that outer corner shadow and it would look muddy. But I am sure going to give it a try! Lol Thank you so very much. You have very beautiful eyes!❤️?

Neelam Soni

So beautiful

Aakanksha Saxena

How do I give 10 thumbs up to you, fabulous

Monique B

Love it

it's Dawn Elle

This look is soooo pretty and you made it so simple! I can’t wait to try this!!

Mrs.Indian Monroe

This was helpful because I really stink at applying eyeshadows and figuring out my transition colors ???‍♀️ lol and I've tried using a concealer but still seems I'm getting a blue tint color lid so I'll try out the darker shade concealer trick☺️

Munmun Das



I did it with brown lipstick as a base
Great look

Alba Juliana Acosta

Soo beautiful! I can’t Waite to try it

Shiba Toppo

U r amazing i luv u?????

Vicky Stevenson

Thank you ?

HibbaJehan HibbaJehan


Valentina Gomez

I love it

Rachel’s Studio

Deeper concealer- how ingenious. This is so simple and very flattering.

Thank you Smitha

Shalu Solanki

Mam plc do aishwarya rai eyes makeup in hum dil de chuke sanam movie...

Shilo Harrington

You made this so easy I wouldn’t be afraid to try this because I love makeup, just not that great at it. Love you Smitha!

Tammy Xx

So easy and pretty xx love the lashes too x


I guess this tutorial is for lighter skin?? it’s still pretty


Pretty ?

Erma Wilkins

Love this look. Thank you

Francine Erivez

I love your videos happy new year to you

Zawar Haider Khursheed Series

Beautiful makeup

Manpreet Kaur

I m d
Feeling to open my own makeup channel soon I promise I will mention your name in my blogs

Ashish a


Lyra E

A makeup tutorial that doesnt pressure me to buy 20 things, I love it

Vidya Balakrishnan

I loved it smitha. Thank you ??


Please suggest some easily available or accessable fake eyelashes hooded small eyes ?. Please.

Priyanka nandi

Waiting for your 1 million girl

Clariel Valera

OMG! I love it! I think this should be a great smokey for hooded eyes like mine. you are the best


amazing trick!!! i will try this ☺️

Gen Gg

Darker concealer! Genius ;)

Priya Parwani

Very nice eye look

cheryl turgeon

I’m definitely trying this??♥️

Jack Jee

Eye shadow palate would be glitter or in a mat please tell

richu ravindran

Thank u dear for this easy smokey I done it today and it was awsome. Smokey eyes in less than 5 min ? looking for more videos like this.

Amna bilal

You are doing good work ,in very very esiest way, i recently subscribe your chanal, good work and very very esy in just few mint keep it up


I adore your videos and your eyelooks, thank you!! ♥

Jennifer Hayes

Amazing hack! Love it and can’t wait to try it. ❤️❤️❤️

Lisa P1

So pretty!

Ahana Mary Sebastian

This is my everyday look and I do the same ?

Jayashree Bhowmik

Thank you... Smithaa for this trick

Angelica France

Love it ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Girl1

Can’t wait to try this tomorrow!!!

Every Haircolor

Love how natural it looks not overdone!

Sophie Spiers

Your eyes are such a beautiful rich shade of brown ? nice tutorial ??

Md Nizam

Very nice??

Rabbya Shahbaaz

In love with what you shared ?

Tina chhabra

Hi smitha please do divya khosla kumar lehenga makeup look from yaad piya ki aane lagi song

ladee wesley

Is there any look u can't nail? This is my everyday look as well. I would live those lashes though. Thank u Smitha.


I have to try this! Beautiful simple look



Maria C

Genius. ❤️??

Dove Young


Nafisa Shama

Lovvvve this look ?



Kazaku Kogalniceanu

i do this with liquid lipstick ??

Camila H

I’ve just given away a darker concealer I bought by mistake. Ahhhhhrg ?

Gigi McGuane

Greatest smokey eye look ever! New subbie here.


Wow! That's an awesome tutorial!

Gio Marrocco

Very pretty

Ruchi Kumari

You are incredibly beautiful ??

Genesis Velazquez

Love the way she says POP

pink sugar

Plz do a makeup tutorial of shehnaz gill from big boss 13..


I love your eyes, very nice.

Simple eye roller

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Does This Real-Life Photoshop Eye Roller From Loreal Men Expert Really Work?

67 580 views | 21 Aug. 2011

UPDATE: I tested this

UPDATE: I tested this Loreal For Men Expert Expert Stick against Sperti


This Loreal Men Expert Eye Roller really got my attention for obvious reasons. Who doesn't want to get rid of his eye bags?

The big question is: does this stuff really work or is it just a overpriced elegant stick with zero to none effect?

Website: http://mario-live.com

If you like my videos please subscribe to my channel, share them with your friends via Facebook and give my Facebook page a like over at https://www.facebook.com/MarioKluserP...

Thank you very much for watching!


XD the guy got no dark circles AHAHAH you got me there, cuz it's so tru... what are they tryna hide with those immaculated plastic face ? i'd prefer see a face like you, a real one, with real dark circles created by life itself. i like your video man


My friendly advice for a good video comparison next time you should only do one eye and also post a before n after photo. Thanks for posting your review n keep up the great work!

Laurie Rosen

It definitely reduced the puffiness. Thanks for the review.

Mario Di Leonardo

@JustifyJustin Yes, I know. I've quit smoking in the past and it had immediate effect on the rings under my eyes.

Bongane Shinini

lol ..........Mario

Mario Di Leonardo

@mariokluser it's = its

Tyrell Hamilton

I could totally see a difference. I have just started using this product today, it has only been an hour and I can see a difference!

Milton Soto

It Works ... Thanks for that test ... For a better result put it inside your refrigerator (not frozen But cold) and u r Going yo see better results

Mario Di Leonardo

@JustifyJustin What also works is an ointment that you use for (I don't know the English word for it) this painful things some people have on their anus. Lol, I tried it ones and it worked quite well.

Mario Di Leonardo

@garowice Maybe I'm an extreme case who needs surgery, lol

Mario Di Leonardo

@smoothymcgyver Yes, thats the name and it works. Lol.


ok .. i'm a new fan of you


The Tea bags have to be put into a small cup and pour a hot water on it so they give a little juice then cool them to a body temperature so you do not burn your eyelids. This works very well trust me..Cucumbers always work well it is from the Doc OZ. program on our program and I do practice that and they are really helpful. Plus cost you a little to buy a cucumber, the tea you already have at home. Good luck!!


Hmmm, the lighting is different in the before and after (probably the time of day?). You should really take a photo with a still camera in a closed room and replicate it a few hours (and perhaps after a few days of regular use) :)


Mario fresh cucumbers slices put on your eyelids when relaxing for a few minutes will do also a Tea bags, black tea also is effective...Try it and will see that with a cheap way will get rid of your eyes circles...Thank you...Zuzanna

Justin McVicar

@mariokluser Hemroid Cream. lol, you put that on your eyes? hahahaha

Kenneth Ly Videography

damn, it dose work but just a little bit =S

Justin McVicar

@mariokluser I must though, what gave you the idea to try it out?

Kylo Bran

Quit smoking,thats how you get rid of them....

Mario Di Leonardo

You're probably right. I really should do that anyway.

Dejvid Milosheski

How is working they Product!!!

Kylo Bran

Way to go buddy! nice job!

ASMR - Gaming chillout

If you really mind the bags you should look up restylane. It's expensive but it works.

adrian blakley

dont waste your money on this shit... overpriced does not work ,, there are far better  profucts out there that do work and are better value for money,,, try BIOTHEREM,,, OR NIVEA


This shit really works,
Maybe not on u, because every body is different, i tried it yesterday, and i see results after 3hours or somthing

Mario Di Leonardo

UPDATE: I tested this stick against hemorrhoid ointment in this video: https://youtu.be/jtLMGqTUDN0

Mario Di Leonardo

I probably try this one day :-)


Oh and on a side note, not to sounds like an ass but I notice you're a smoker. I figure reducing/quitting smoking will give you much better results than any cosmetic product. The negative effects of nicotene on the skin is well documented. Just saying... ;-)

Arturo Gómez

I see a diference on you. You have a lot of eye bags and are not completely gone, but definetly see a diference. I'm going to try it and ser what happens.

Mario Di Leonardo

Thank you!

Mario Di Leonardo

Thank you. I have to try this out and be a little more patient.

Mario Di Leonardo

@JustifyJustin You're right. Another point is this: would they have disappeared after an hour or two anyway, without the stick.


Does it remove the dark color?

Justin McVicar

@mariokluser My next Facebook status right there. The world must know!


@mariokluser Yeah, I don't think these things dissapear that fast. If you look at other products they specify improved result after +- two weeks of daily usage. I opted not to go for the eye roller product - I've read too many reviews saying no noticable result was achieved. I decided to go for the Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. Yes its technically a ladies product but I figure eye skin is similar and womens cosmetics have been researched for years. Metrosexual mode = off ;-)

Mario Di Leonardo

@smoothymcgyver Yes, mankind should cover it's face in Hemroid Cream and flush the fancy and expensive beauty products, lol.


Dude you don't see results the first time, you need to keep using it daily possibly twice a day then your going to notice over time you call black/dark rings will vanish... in combination with enough sleep/rest.

Mario Di Leonardo

In the meantime I stopped for 11 month now!


It's cheap in thailand!

Sebastian Orendain

Muchas gracias amigo= thanks very much my friend.")

Simple eye roller

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Big Lashes & Simple Makeup Tutorial ♡ feat. Benefit Roller Lash

147 views | 7 Aug. 2015

Hope you all are having a

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! I created a simple natural look with big lashes for either catching up with a friend or just everyday, I even did a mini review on the roller lash by benefit. If you rock this look don't forget to tag me or #Luceylook I would love to see it. I apologise that the sounds at the back, as I am a mother so its extremely hard to ask a child not to speak lol or make noise. so sorry.

Hope you enjoy my video as much as I love making them xo

First Impression on New MAC Pro Long Wear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryDvQACT_Nc

My Brows Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxHMFtiC_0M

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How I get USA Makeup to NZ



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