Sodium sulfonate

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Pharmacology - Lactulose vs. Kayexalate nursing RN PN NCLEX

10 392 views | 25 Jun. 2020

Pharmacology Lactulose

Pharmacology Lactulose vs. Kayexalate explained clearly by Mike Linares from https://Simplenursing.com/nursing-school

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A message from Mike Linares, founder of Simplenursing

Since 2012, I started to do mini lectures from my parents in home library, armed with a $30 white board from Walmart & a sock to erase the board. Since then I have created over 1,200 videos, only 20% which live on YouTube, and have helped over 100,000 nursing students pass their NCLEX, HESI, ATI, and Kaplan proctor exams. Thank you for the continued support and love as we strive to help LPN, LVN and RN students become licensed nurses!

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Thank you for the support! Don’t be scared, BE PREPARED!

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Don’t be scared, BE PREPARED!

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knowledge is POWER

nanouska Muasi ya talo

Thank you so much
God bless you


Hello. Okay so this is gonna sound crazy, but I’m 15 yrs old. And you know this hectic pandemic?? Well I think I have it. Cuz everytime I eat something or sometimes randomly my stomach starts to hurts for awhile. This has happend before this pandemic, but I also get pretty chilly and all. That’s about it. Do you think I have COVID-19 or what???? I hardly ever leave my home, if I do, I take pro caution and I wear a mask. Pls help!!! I don’t wanna get tested!


You simplified this so well I need to invest in that app ASAP. Are all your explanations easy to understand like this?

Nichole Malek

Wow I was just googling this 2 days ago and could find an answer


Thank you for all your videos. I watch a few to refresh my memory on meds and content like diabetes and I’m happy to say that I passed my nclex in 60 questions.

Kim MS

I am not a nursing student but I love your channel.

Sodium sulfonate

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Synthesis of Ethyl Sulfonic Acid and Sodium Ethyl Sulfate

6 553 views | 17 May. 2018

In this video, I

In this video, I synthesize Ethyl Sulfonic Acid, and Sodium Ethyl Sulfate, and there's a bit of a problem involving a heating device again.

=====================================================Music Credits:


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PoorMans Chemist

It's a shame this channel doesn't do more videos.


Who died dude!? Isn't chemistry supposed to be fun and entertaining??

Flixer Studios

Why did you use only 80 mL of 98% sulfuric acid? I calculated the stoichiometric amount and it says that you need over 180 mL of sulfuric acid.

Muhammad Hosein Khodabandelou

Hay bro please answer me ?
I did this expriment 3 times I used 30 g of sulfuric acid and 14 g of ethanol i heated it upto 110 celcius about 4 hour and it fisrt turned yellow the brown and at last i got a very dark brown color then I super carefully poured 31 grams of caco3 and seperated the percipitates ... then I added NaHCO3 but to get sidium ethyl sulfate but my final yield is around 10% and its super wierd ... u had 80% yield and its very annoying to me

ahmet selçuk

Make trimethoxylbenzaldehyede please

Dom McCrirrick

Why do i have to add calcium carbonate before sodium carbonate
Can i not directly neutralise the product with sodium carbonate creating sodium ethyl sulphate?
Also would i be able to use sodium bicarbonate instead of sodium carbonate

Raito Digital

U should put your bottle in an ice bath or something that help removing some heat as you pour H2SO4 in. That how I handle H2SO4 anyway. I use it quite a lot and pour it in too slowly is a pain for me.

Anyway, thanks man. Appreciate it. And damn, u better use some natural rubber gloves. The gloves u r using looks like something to protect yourself from organic solvent, doesn't it? When it comes to chemistry, safety first. Wear some eye protection too.

Сергей Викторов

good job, I used a drip funnel and did everything like you in the video but I did not have a color change, the temperature of the holders was 40-50 degrees Celsius, the reflux time was 3 hours

Bradford Drake

Good work! At least you yield was 70%++ I would like to see someone make video on makng oleum 20% extra SO3-- heat [NH4]2S2)8 at 120C and one of the oxygens falls off, then react that with 98%sulfuric acid to get 2 moles SO3[bubble directly into 98%sulfuric to get oleum],React that with 95% ethanol to get 85% yield Na ethyl sulfate.

Heaan Lasai

Thanks for uploading this!
Can this be done without sulphuric acid in any way? H2SO4 is heavily regulated here in Europe since we have a vulnerable ground water table. Amateur chemists and painters seem to pour it into the drain, which is not good, so we've come to the point where they've had to impose strict regulations over who can buy it. Any other acid is easy to buy, it's specifically H2SO4 that we can't get.


Can you send me detergent powder formulation please.

Dennis W

What's with the sad music? Sounds like Weber Cooks chili cheese nachos


Why just letting it evaporate using a fan - does it already decompose in the range of 100°C? And could you please send me any solubility data, since I want to recristalize… :)

Luther VL

How would you describe the scent ? Been a while.


Fantastic! This will be very useful. Thank you for this! ??

Flixer Studios

Hi, I tried the reaction but after refluxing for just one hour the mixture turned completely black. I kept the temperature at around 100 degrees C and used 99% ethanol (dried over magnesiumsulfate) and 96% sulfuric acid. However there seems to be sodiumethylsulfate present. What did I do wrong? :)

Angel All Love

Are you still making videos, or will you again?? I get worried when a chem vid guy goes awol.. a cheap substitue for vacuum is that bottle u have to squirt water. Place funnel into bottle open while bottle is squeezed, and when the funnel is then lowered, w some small amount of weight, it creates an airlock and the unsqueeze pulls the product thru. Its something...


How to made Acid Slurry for detergent.

Dániel Sályi

Why do you talk about calcium? How did it get there?
How do I get sodium etyhl sulfate then?
Do I only have to mix (naturelaze) the solution with sodium carbonate?
then I would get sodium etyhl carbonate disolved in the water... The recrystale in the water to get final product?

Could you help me out?

nika zautashvili

thanks for the video
can you tell me how much final product you got here in grams? )

kieran O'dea

I remember spilling concentrated H2SO4 on my jeans a while ago. Instantly they started turning to mush and man they got hot. I yanked them off asap but the heat burned me more the the acid.

Zachary Singer


R Johnson

Your channel is very interesting and full of unique demonstrations! There is one experiment I've asked around about, but I've found no solution to it. Extracting capsaicin oil mixture from chilli peppers is not difficult. Just pick a solvent, set up a Soxhlet and that's it.
Or is it? The product from that extraction is a mixture of oils and lipophilic compounds including capsaicin. But is it possible to somehow separate the capsaicin from the oil? Perhaps through recrystallisation, or some other method?

Jonathan Rendon

Using 200 proof EtOH and Reagent grade H2SO4 got me an orange solution upon heating.

Adam Grossman

Dude, you can order a little vacuum pump for $20, and just get a 12v (DC) power supply, which many people have lying around anyway. It's not as powerful as a real lab vacuum pump, but it beats the hand pump and gravity. https://smile.amazon.com/Karlsson-Robotics-D2028-Vacuum-Pump/dp/B00DYA21PU

catherine Ramouillet

The 1st movement of the Moonlight sonata is weird : it looks like you're preparating the drug that you will use to commit suicide. Or some weird and sad stuff.
Pretty bad music for illustrating that. if you really want classical music, you should use some Bach's concertos like Brandenburger Conzerts

Flixer Studios

Is there an easy way to filter the calciumsulfate and calciumcarbonate solutions? I find it very hard to filter, it takes forever and clogged my vacuum filters. I hope you have a solution :)


In Germany, 50% sulfuric acid can be bought as pool PH-down.

Is it possible to concentrate it by simply heating it on a hotplate?

Sodium sulfonate

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What is Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate ~ AwesomeKevin Labs

7 505 views | 14 Feb. 2013

Linear Alkylbenzene

Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate is a chemical found in Laundry Detergents! We will also learn how to make laundry detergent! Enjoy!

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Music Credits:

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*Note*: This was a dramatization. There was no Linear Alkybenzene Sulfonate used in this video. It was water. Linear Alkybenzene Sulfonate does actually have all the properties stated in this video.