Uses for sesame oil

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Shrimp Fried Rice with Sesame Oil : Yummy Recipe

12 492 views | 6 Jun. 2019

I like to eat fried rice

I like to eat fried rice and the shrimp fried rice with sesame oil is my favorite food. If you like eating fried rice too, I advise you to make this menu. You may like it.

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Fried Rice with Crispy Egg : Thai Recipe https://youtu.be/W0_GcEcwR4Q

Egg Fried Rice with Crispy Onion : Quick Recipe https://youtu.be/kNwl2-GudnQ

Bacon, Garlic and Egg Fried Rice : Thai Recipe https://youtu.be/sDmJqpjP0tw

Haseena Pattan

Tq Soo much

Sad Sack

Finally one that says what TYPE of oil!

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Baby Girl

Looks good. I'm trying it tonight.

Rabi Manandhar

According to title of this vdo, you could have use about 10 table spoon of Sesame Oil, but unfortunately you have used just 1/2 table spoon of sesame oil. LOL ha ha ha !!!

totikky tikky

I have other interesting fried rice recipes for you. 
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 Egg Fried Rice with Crispy Onion : Quick Recipe                 https://youtu.be/kNwl2-GudnQ               
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 Shrimp Fried Rice with Sesame Oil : Yummy Recipe                 https://youtu.be/UABGL9jsVXU

Uses for sesame oil

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Fried Ramen Noodles in Sesame Oil With Fresh Ginger and Garlic

5 325 views | 29 Jan. 2019

Demonstrating How to Make

Demonstrating How to Make Fried Ramen Noodles in Sesame Oil With Fresh Ginger and Garlic. .

Ramen Noodles Recipes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIJy_ztfZlCwOleY4o6WxFhi2dduWmN7t


Food For Gamers Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIJy_ztfZlCwv8KegvUWVos7iD2HswwEN .

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Please Subscribe To My Channel For More Great Content: ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMmINX2ziq3ch6UsbpkbFqw?sub_confirmation=1


Do you know if the sesame oil is refined?


This is my collage cook book.

Waheed Bhuyan

Ala Dental! Lol

Unstoppable Zone

It is pronounced "Rah-mun" not Ray-mun"...

Justina MacKenzie

I wish I hadn't just eaten cause I would've made this! ❤


The way you pronounce certain words makes me chuckle ?

Nnyl Knowles



How are those Raymond noodles?

Larry Crabs

What's aladental

Farah Joseph

It’s pronounced Rah-Men noodles not Ray-Men noodles.

Shamara B

I thought sesame oil was a finishing oil not a cooking oil

mighty mouse

Can you cook anything else?


I pronounce ramen the same way ? unless I'm ordering

Bettie Roberson


JPWiLL 1989

Wrath you used the whole packet of seasoning ! You should've let the garleek and ginger do most of the work ?
Love your videos keep them coming !

Peek Boo



Mm garleek and raymen love that combo

Ed Reid

A la dental......??????????.......Lordy...........

Morris Hicks


Buzz Worthy

Fried ramen noodles don't really work. Broth is definitely needed.

Buzz Worthy

I tried seseme seed oil i didnt like it. It's too sweet.

Alberto Venegas

4th ?

Shirley Post

Grate, great! Lol.




Tbh i dont like ramen but you made it look pretty good ?

Jasper S

Most ghetto chef ?‍? wit them garleak and sum ginjar

Unstoppable Zone

Gar-LEAK? No Gar-LICK.

Morris Hicks

“Raymond noodles “ ???

Lee Ortiz

"A la dental"...ohhh Lord.


This is great for single fathers

Mireya R

I love how you say garlic ?

drown deep



Lmao, he said gingar

Katrina Cobb

Creating fun words while cooking ?

Janelle Idek whatever



Why can’t you pronounce one word correctly?

Candice O

Maybe you should change your channel name to 101 ways to make ramen noodles?

Uses for sesame oil

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159:Duniya ka best Tel Hai Til Tel||World Best Oil In Ayurveda By Dr Arun

800 060 views | 11 Dec. 2018

Please watch:

Please watch: "143.*Secret Of Wellness With Happiness* ✨

By Renowned

*Dr. ARUN MISHRA* (Mumbai)

(OJ Ayurveda)"

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Tel Lagake Nahao Body Banao:https://youtu.be/Mxq1fCKeNzo

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Thanks for Watch


Dr Arun Mishra

Nawal Kishor

Thanks sir ji

Mahesh Goswami

Pet bahr nikle to kya kare ak video banaye . please sir

Vandana Chauhan

Which oil is eaten in eczema

Pushpendra Nitin

Penis pe til ke oil ki massage kr skte h kya

Pravin Gohil

Helo sir...
Nagfani// findla fruit par 1 video banaye


Sir nabhi mein tail dalne ke bare mein bhi video bnao sir pls

Sangeeta Trehan

Kya til ka tel nabhi Mein daal sakte hae

Sangeeta madam

Sir til ka tel cooking mei kar sakte hai kya

rajesh mani

कृपया किसी कंपनी/ब्रांड के तिल के तेल का सुझाव दे दीजिए जो आपकी समझ से शुद्ध हो हमारे यहां तेल निकलवाने की सुविधा नहीं है

sagar Ambolkar

Kya til Tel ko castor oil ke sath milakar balo ko laga sakte hai

meena kumari


Kamlesh Bhawsar

Safed dag ke liye 1 video banao.

Pratibha Endait

Charbi kam karne ke liye kab malish karani chahiye subah ya rat

Mahesh Valecha


Satish Satpute

,उपर वेस्ट या बेस्ट लिखा है? Good information

Prashant TathoD

सर चेहरा खुबसुरत बाणाने के लिये जाणकारी दे

Jitendra Kumawat

Medhi k laddu or till khane ka shi time ky h ?

Sasidharan Mk

Thank you for the valuable information.

Ramesh Jadhav

अतिउत्तम जानकारी।

Ram Mahamuni

??? अतिसुंदर ???

rajendrasingh agraiya

Ling bad jata hai kya isse

Anupam Shukla

Aur sir aap jo face pr lagane ke liye bol rahe thy to wo bhi bta do kaun sa tel

kishore mirchandani


Health Maange More - Kirti Sharma

Big like ???
Thanks for sharing ?☺️
See you around ? friend


Sir height k ly benifit h kya sesame oil

Sony Sharma

सर मेरे नाभि मैं से थोड़ा रुई जैसा कुछ निकलता है रोज ओर नाभि मैं से बहुत बदबू आती है साफ करने के बाद फिर से ऐसा हो जाता है ये कैसा लक्ष्ण है pls रिप्लाई jarror करें

Richa D05

Thanks sir

B.S.S Dairy Farm

Sir icki aur auche se video bnaay

mukhtar ahmed

Abe gadhe dunya ke best tail klonji aur zaitoon ke hain jo mout ke alawa her cheez ka ilaj rakhte hain ,kiya til ke tail main ye gun hain?

Shams Tabrez

Please contact sir mob.8898046871

Pravin Lall

Can anyone summarise this in English please.

jaya jarji beauty

Kya til Ka Tel sabji pakA salts hai

Preeti Shrivastava

belly botton me dalne k liye kaisa h?

Bhagirath Meghwal

Black Til ke oil ka churma khata hu m

Kakali pathak

Sir kya til tel ko morning mein empthy stomach mein le sakte hain???

Sweety Tyagi

India m kon se brand ka tel le skte h

Aayush Gupta

Hello, I just want to ask what til/sesame oil to be used, black or white sesame oil for cooking.

shibanarayan Dutta

Sir thandi ki mausam mai kan sa tel accha ha body kaliya pls sir bata dijiye... ?

sunny yadav

Sir til ka tel pee sakte hai. Din me kab pena hai.

Bhagirath Meghwal

Tel ka oil bajare ki roti m churma karke khana chaiye

Pratiksha Mishra

Doctor muche vetiligo ka treatment batayeya bahut kam only ten percent hehe satek koi treatment ho please answer my question

Sudam Sethy

Very nice advice

khem chand

Goodmore sir

Deeksha Gupta

Thank you vaidya ji.... Bhagwaan aapki hmesha raksha kre...!!!

Yasmin Ansari

Sir isse chest badhege kya

Anupam Shukla

Sir kala wala til yeh fir white wala tel kaun sa plz reply

34 Munde Pawan

Kya til ke tel ko ling pr bhi laga sakte h?

Madhu Kumari

Thnq so mach sir sir kya dabr awla or trip ka tel mix karke balo me laga sakte hai or chehre par bhi pils reply sir

Manika D

Til oil is best.....i massaged my face with til oil and then i gave steam after that washed face ..it relieved me from excessive cough , and runny nose, and stressed eyes

shailendra Singh

Sir bachcho ke massage ke liye market se til Ka tel Shi hota h

Varuna Soni

क्या तिल के तेल का सेवन हृदय रोगों में हितकारी है अथवा यह भी ब्लॉकेज उत्पन्न करता है क्योंकि ऐसा कहा गया है कि तेल चाहे कोई सा भी हो मोनो अनसैचुरेटेड हो चाहे पॉलीअनसैचुरेटेड हो इसमें उपस्थित ट्राइग्लिसराइड ब्लॉकेज बनाते ही हैं

Laxmi Mishra

Akho ke upar agar ebaro white ho toh Kya lagana chhiy plz btay

PEACE liker

तेलो में तेल
जैतून का तेल।

Michael Coutinho


Shabnam Khosa

Hi meri bacchi 2.5 sqql ki hai uski brai. Ki problem ki vjhaa se vo chal nahi paati aur na hi bina support ke khadi ho paati hai, kya aap btaa sakte hai ki ye til ka tel meri bachi ke liye helpful ho sakta hai aur agar mujhe use karna haj meri bacchi ke liye to mai. Is tel ko kaise apni bachi pe use kar sakti hu means ki maalish sahi rahegi is tel se ya khaana khaane ke jaise mouth ke through de sakti hu isko ???? Aur btaaye ki isse koi side effect to nahi hoga ????

Priya Devi

Sir kya aap hamre yha aa kar hamre Ayurveda medicine ke video ban skate hea

kabir worship

Kya ak saal ke bache ke naak me dal skte h

Rajneeshkumar Sharma

Nice video .


Thanks for very much Dr sir ?

B.S.S Dairy Farm

Sir black till ja white?

Shabana Kasu

Mote log til ka tel kaise lagaye

Shitla Prasad Pandey

Always yr information is best

samir Sarkar

Will it be useful to nervous system ?

Aarti Nagle

Very informative video

Tapan Mali

Sir my mother is 65 above, She has dry skin, low blood pressure, she has tyroid, she always have body pain and cramp in legs. She has vata dosha for sure. Is it ok if she eat 1 spoon of teel tel every morning

Dilip vasant Karhade

बहोत बढ़िया और नई जानकारी मिली ।धन्यवाद ।

Santosh Bhalerao

Kesar par banay ye video plz sir

Puja Sarangi

ayurved use karein

Vikash Sagar

Sir kya patanjali ka til oil use kar sakte h? plzz fast reply

Rajneeshkumar Sharma

Nice video .

Mustak Kureshi

Hatho me pasina aye to kya kare

jitendra singh patel

Kis brand ka til ka tel achcha h jo har jagah mil jaye plz reply soon

Monika kumar

Dr.saab jinko lakwa ho kya wo til k tail ki malish kar sakte hai

ravinder singh

Je garam ha thanda

Suman Verma

Can we consume it also.

archana andhari

Til ka tel malish ke liye konsa brand pure hai

Abdul Raqeeb

Hafte mein kitni bar lagana chahie

Surender Aggarwal

नम:, काफी जानकारी दी हैं,आपने,तेल के लिए, तिल कौनसा ले, सफेद या काले? जानकारी देने कृपया करेl

ruchika gupta

Hallo sir. Kya cold pressed oils use karne chahiye

Man Thapa

Bahut bahut achhi janakari

India Got Talent

क्या ये तेल ,,,,नाभि में डाले ,,तो मोटापा,,, कम और शरीर चमक कर सकती है?

Geeta Gaikwad

Khana bana sakte hai kya sir?


Kya Til ka tel khane se fat badta hai?

Bhumika Sahu

बालो के फायदे बताये।

swain sunil

Lekin bahut mahnga he.

Shekh Shahrukh

Sir til ke oil se malish karke ling ko lamba or mota isse ho sakta hai kya

Pramod Firangi



लिंग पर मालिश कर सकते हैं

Ajay Kumar Chakravarty


Ratan Kumar Yadav

You topic selection is superb,main channels should atleast learn this from you, people say.


Which cold pressed sesame will u recommend from the market

Dev Pande

Khane ke liye kaon sa tail achha hi

The Reformer

Penis oil bana sakte he

Rupesh 20Kumar

Sir Kya sar ke balo Mai laga sakte Hy.

Mouparna Debnath

Sir Can we use this in our thigh fats..??

Sanjay Aroras

Sir pure til ka tel kahan milega kaun sa brand pure hai pta nhi chlta, plz btaye city me kaun sa brand le.


Thanks sir?
I use it , truly it's effective..…...

Sameer Khan

इसको लगाने से क्या होगा

Ruchi Asija

Sir i want to study ayurveda.plz give details for the same

sweety k

Sinus mai til ka tel daal sakte hai naak mai lekin gas acidity Bhi rahete hai