Laser hair reduction

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Laser Hair Reduction Myths Debunked | Expert Advice

33 937 views | 21 Jun. 2016

When it comes to Laser

When it comes to Laser Hair Reduction, everyone has their speculation about it. It's that one beauty treatment that has so much mis-information and myths about it, and we're here to bust them!

Just so that we know we're busting these myths with the right facts, we brought in an expert AKA Dr. Bindu Sthalekar, Dermatologist & Cosmetologist to answer some frequently asked questions about laser hair reduction.

We hope this video made your decision making a bit easier, and helped clear all your questions regarding laser treatment. Let us know in the comment box what you think! Till then, stay tuned & stay Glamrs!

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Daniya Khan

what's the perfect age to get this treatment? ?

simra momin

please do a video on home remedies for facial hair

aarti negi

please specify the rates also for laser treatement..

whizzy_ kitten

after laser hair regrow and they are thicker more than before laser. its experienced

Chandi Somesula

good and helpful advises thanks mam...

Sharron Antony Carlose

hello my mum have facial hair because her mother had facial hair she is 32 she pluck it out once or twice a month can you gve a solution, please?

anittha makhija

Good evening...mine is oily skin and i have black heads on face..can you suggest some tips or treatment for black heads on face and around lips...

priyanka sachdeva

Hi! Very informative thank you for sharing this! Can you please tell me will laser hair reduction is effective in pcos?

Afreen Fatima

glad you spoke on this topic!?? helped me alot

Ahana Ganguly

wat an usefull advice!!!!❤

Fashan Bin Haque

we want Faarah back!

saima hussain

As a diabetic I'm not allowed laser treatment, can u recommend an alternative for the removal of facial hair? it really effects my self eestem. pls help


Great video - if possible, could you do a more indepth video on what to look out for when trying to find a good laser place? especially when you have medium to dark skin and dark hair, what types of machines are more effective, what type of results can we expect

Ayesha M

Can u tell us about paraben?

Jaspreet Kaur

my cousin got the laser treatment. and when I saw her last year her she told me that laser is actually for hair reduction and not permanent hair removal as hair on her face, arms and legs reapppeared after a year of the treatment.

Simran Mehta

Hi I really need to get this answer as I am dwindling between continuing with laser or going back to threading. I have very course black upper lip and chin. I have had my 6 session of laser for this area and due for my 4th maintenance. My hair may be a little soft but it is still long and reappears in about 35-40 days. ideally maintenance should happen by 2-3 months. If I have to get maintenance of the laser that frequently it just doesn't feel like economical to me. I don't have the money to spend more money to see only half-baked results after 10 session. can the expert advice if my laser treatment may have been done incorrectly or this is a normal case. also if I go back to threading would it affect my facial hair in any way?? please please respond

tanvi bohra

At which age u can go for lazer treatment ? how much does it cost ?

samridhi mahajan

can you tell something for underarms lazer??

harleen kaur

I'm 16 right now and I have lots of facial hair and sideburns..at what age is it suitable for me to do a laser treatment?

Kim Erny

I did my facial hair treatment 6th times and the result still the same..my facial hair still growing thicker..

shweta s

It works for how many months or years ?

darji sufiyan

will u suggest any home remedies for facial hair

Misbaah Zari

how much it will cost for laser

ss shabeeba

can yu pleas help me get rid of dark cicrle some remidy that i can use . plj

Nikita S Jain

Very useful info and great clarity in communication as well! Thank you doctor :)

Jasmine Rahimuddin

didn't know abt this before... thanks for the info.

Dr.kala Krishnamurthy

pls also do a video about using "topical steroids for fairness"... it's after effects and treatment..


you forgot to mention the treatment period depends on the skin type and hormonal balance of the person. people sometimes get their hopes high thinking in 6 to 8 sessions they will be hair free. For people who have hormonal issues ( which im sure many females have but are not aware of ) this wont suffice. During the first few attempts , Yes the hair did thin but the growth rate has not reduced till date. ( my 14th session) i do every 1.5 - 2 months. I really wish people give the exact true picture and not give false hopes to females saying they will be hair free in a few sessions. I am always for laser compared to other hair removal methods but the realistic results must be put out.


After trying laser, waxing, etc, I find the best thing is to simply shave

Srabani Mohapatro

always it takes for sitting to fully stop hair growth in laser process how much it cost for 1

Chaitali Rokde

how to shave wid coconut oil n which moisturizer uh should use?


I am currently having laser done on my legs arms and underarms :) very effective

Shweta Vishwakarma

Hello Dr I have excessive hair on my Chin n upper lip bcoz of pcod n hormonal imbalance I am using laser treatment at home with hpl laser it's less effective I
U have suggested efloranithine cream I wanna ask you that whether efloranithine cream is effective or wow hair vanish cream

samzzie Paz

thankyou for the help

Priya Darshini

Very informative, but please don't yell at us. :s

Lily Hate

"the more lies to be told the more you'll sound stupid"

Parul Attri

Soo needed this video!! Have my first laser session in 2 days... All my worries just got busted!!

Nish Nish

How to connect you for giving this treatment

Laser hair reduction

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Laser Hair Reduction Treatment at Berkowits | Myths & Facts About Laser

35 638 views | 21 Jan. 2020

In this video, Dr.

In this video, Dr. Anupriya Goel medical director at Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic discusses the Laser Hair Removal and its procedure.

Q. Laser hair reduction consultation

Q. Laser pre-treatment care

1. Avoid waxing, bleaching, threading

2. Avoid tan/sunburn

3. Avoid chemical peel and other laser procedures

4. Avoid creams containing retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid

5. Make sure to have full hair growth

Q. Laser hair reduction procedure

Q. Post care instructions

1. Apply sunscreen

2. Apply Berkowits heal cream

3. Ice the treated area

Q. Top myths about laser hair reduction

1. Laser can cause skin cancer

2. Laser hair reduction ( LHR) is painful

3. LHR is costly

4. LHR is only for women

5. LHR makes your skin dark

6. LHR causes permanent removal of hair

If you like our video don't forget to SUBSCRIBE our channel @ http://bit.ly/2HSWhyB

**For Consultation please visit:** https://www.berkowits.in/ or Call @ 9999666699


● Facebook: http://bit.ly/2GNqLCT

● Instagram: Berkowits Official - http://bit.ly/2HRbmR8

Dr Anupriya Goel Official -https://bit.ly/2KuTFwJ


Can you please tell is it lead to harder growth during the initial sessions.. ??

sanbi sharma

Mera period 8 se 9 mahine Ho Jaate jab tak Koi dawai Nahin Khao tab tak Nahin Aata Hai aur chehre ke aur Sharir ke bal Kale mote Hote Ja Rahe Hain bahut jyada Pareshan Ho please koi upay bataiye Kahin chehre ke bal ki vajah se Chehra Chhupa ke jana padta hai main bahut jyada Pareshan hun please Mein theek hoga to Uska Bhi Bata Do

Cute Aashu

Face shaving krne k bre btaie

priyanka arora

Hello Ma’m, where is ur clinic?


I am having grey hair and i am 21, what i do?

Ashmy Fernandes

I would like to ask what are the cost of per session for laser hair removal treatment

Poonam Gupta

Hello, kya face per wax kerne cahiye

Priety Arya

Mam laser main skin black Ho jate h kya

sanbi sharma

chehre ke hair badhate ja rahe hain please laser machine se thik Hua ki koi cream Lagane se kya ho sakta hai please bataiye

A rathi Anu

Awesome very well explained ??

sanbi sharma

ma'am laser treatment ka Kitna kharcha Hota Hai


make a video on laser treament for reducing duble chin ......

Rashmeet Malik

hello ma'am
whenever I go for LHR, after 4 to 5 days I always get lots of acne on my face.. I always use ice pac after LHR is done....I'm sick n tired of applying anti acne gels......plz suggest something ?
thanking you

Falak Rahman

Ma'am I am 17 years old I have many facial and upper lip hair . Tell me how I reduce it naturally. please

Sabika Rehana

Hlo mam ...I am 17 yes old ND my weight is 38 . I eat bt there is no gain in weight .....I look like 13 or 14 ..... everybody else scold me to eat ...wht to do ? Plz tell
Is this is the sign of skinny person ??

Astha Gupta

Mam i want a video on skin supplements vitamins n minerals that can B taken on daily basis please let me know

rohit jain

amazing vedios as alwaya ?Thanks a lot ma'am keep sharing vedios of skin n care forever ?????

Raiana Islam

I want to meet you.. I am From Bangladesh..

Laser hair reduction

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Laser Hair Reduction On Upper Lips | Dermaworld Skin Clinics

22 464 views | 22 Feb. 2018

Step by step process of

Step by step process of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment on Upper Lips done at Dermaworld Skin & Hair Clinics

Our experienced and highly trained laser therapists perform the procedure meticulously taking care of each detail of your skin type, age, type of hair etc.

To book your appointment with us, please call: +91-9911100050 (Rajouri Garden); +91-9911300050 (New RajinderNagar)

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Mosinnasi Mosinnasi

laser treatment is permanent hair reduction


I hope in the future they put this to be part of the market appeal


In this decade or 10 20 years laser hair removal is going to change and get very advanced

chaudhary bilal Good learning vedios

Its parmanent treatment????

Riya Kumari

How much it cost?