How to grow black hair past shoulder length

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23 044 views | 8 Jan. 2020

Hey guys! These are the

Hey guys! These are the steps I took to grow my natural hair to waist length. Over the years of my hair journey, I've had so many people ask me," How do I grow my natural hair?" "How do I retain length?" "How do I keep my hair healthy" "How long does it take to grow natural hairdo waist length" so on and so forth. I decided to make this video talking about what I personally to achieve waist length from armpit length hair in less than two years. All the things that I've mentioned in this video are things I did CONSISTENTLY over that period of time so that I could maximize length retention and get to my hair goals quick. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I really hope that it helps!! xx

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shaune hemphill

How often you wash your hair?

Clare Ye

Thank you the great tips...subscribed!

Becca Adams

great tips. I love how diet was the #1 tip. I think it's the most important too. Thanks for the video.


Can you make a video about diet, what things you eat to grow long hair?

Grace Osas

Thanks for the video! My hair is currently bra strap length and I'm hoping for it to be past waist length this year. I usually keep it in braids and twists and redo them each week. I hope to learn how to style my hair well when I grow it out as well ??

Be A Lamb Would Ya!

?my hair grows really fast I’m halfway to armpit length & I went bald last august like?I don’t do much I use the same regimen

Sunny Up Town.

Damn I wish I saw this video earlier I thought I had everything down but little did I know ??‍♀️

Tracey Banda

Your first point is so so critical because a lot of us naturals are out here buying this and that oil, this and that product but true health starts within. Drink your water, eat your vegetables, and your body will thank you? I love these tips. New subbie! ❤️

sheila grayman

Beautiful, you.?

Zahra Ismail

Just found you! Your eyes are SO endearing and you provided such valuable tips. Thanks so much.


What’s the porosity of your hair?


Old Tips, the make up looks good tho


Wow l literally watched this video from start to finish, l loved it

Lavina Banks

How many times do you wash your hair in a month? Beautiful hair .

Curl Code Black

What are your hair goals for 2020? I would love to hear them! (PS: The part where I talk about trimming somehow got deleted but keeping up on your trims is another CRUCIAL step in length retention! I trim my ends when needed and make sure you use sheers opposed to regular scissors - sheers are meant for the hair and are sharper whereas regular scissors are dull and will give you more split ends than you started with. If you need a trim trim your hair or get your hair trimmed! Holding on to split ends will only be detrimental to the length you want to retain.)

Fashionably Jay

I definitely need to work on eating better so my hair can flourish


Girl 2 years? I need to see pictures because I’m pretty sure nobody’s hair can grow that fast...
Edit: I just realized I assumed you were talking twa to waist.. where was your starting point if you got waist length in such a short time?

yes beautyizhername

This is a great video but ladies I have to put you on to an amazing hair oil check out Blossom products. Net their hair oil is amazing it grows your hair super fast I promise give it one month it will be the best $30 you ever spent

Yolanda Kerr

Eating chocolate while shes talking about diet?

Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom

Great video! I agree with all of your tips. I would like to make it to waist length by the end of 2021. ?

Brandy Wells

You talk too much... get to the title please!!!

Nicola Pitter

Hello curl code black. I have a question and it would make me so happy if you answered!??. I'm 12 years old and my mother won't let me wash my hair. I have never washed my hair on my own because she won't let me but I'm sure I can do it. I even made a list of reasons why she should allow me to wash my hair but she still won't agree. I want to start washing my own hair so so so so so so much. And my mom wash my hair very rarely. If I had to guess I would say she washes it 2 or three times a year because trust me, definitely not four. I think I'm a big girl now and I should start washing my own hair because I always wanted to wash my own hair and style it in protective styles although I don't know how to do any styles at all????, but I'm watching videos on how to cornrow and so on. I am very determined to start taking care of my hair. My hair is passed my shoulders and very very very very very very very very very very much close to my ummmmmmmmmmmm, boobs ?????. Please give me your advice on this. What do you think about this. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please answer. It would make me happy. How can I convince my mother to make me take care of my own hair. She isn't very understanding when it comes to talking but please give me your opinion. I'm waiting nervously ??. Also your hair looks healthy and beautiful and you are beautiful and helpful. Thanks for reading. Please reply

Tracey Banda

Your voice is so soothing ?

How to grow black hair past shoulder length

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449 views | 4 Mar. 2018

Hello everyone thank you

Hello everyone thank you for reading my description box! Below I’ve listed my playlists to make it easy fir you to view the content you enjoy!? Don’t forget to share and subscribe, have a blessed day?✨


Hair Videos:


Faith Talks:


Makeup Tutorials:


Hey y'all ! I know I'm two day's late on uploading so I'm giving you all 8 tips that will help you in your hair journey . This video will help anyone who thinks there hair doesn't grow past a certain length . If you enjoyed this video you should watch my HOW TO: GROW YOUR HAIR FAST IN THE N EW YEAR video !


Niseygirl Love

Great tips. Been watching all of your vids.

The Tea

Super helpful! New subscriber

Sameera salah

Thank you❤️?

Suphane Dash

love this , thank you for the tips :)

Sapphire relaxed hair and skin care

You were like Me 2 years ago my hair was just a mess because I didn't know how to take care of my relaxed hair at home The Stylist that I was going to the first to all they did was cut on my hair every two weeks because that's when I would go get a wash deep condition and then I would get a relaxer every 8 weeks but I learned a lot watching YouTube and I've been doing my own hair at home for the past two and a half years now and it seems to be doing very well I have two daughters that will do my relaxer for me and I stretch every 18 weeks but before I started my hair care regimen I asked the Lord to drop it in my spirit to give me products to use for my hair and oils that are best for my scalp and my hair and lo and behold I have those I just subscribed to your channel it is good to see another relaxed woman thank you so much for sharing these tips God bless you??

Brea dames

Amazing advice

Rosemary Mitchell

those were great tips girl your hair looks so healthy thanks

Makayla Janaè

Hey y’all, if you enjoyed this video be sure to check the description box for my “Hair Videos” playlist to watch all of my relaxed hair content!?✨

Justice Walker

Really enjoyed this video. Very eye opening! ? Thank you.


love love love your hair! New Subscriber, I'm on my hair journey now as well just started my YouTube channel if you could subscribe back that would be great! thank you so much

How to grow black hair past shoulder length

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HOW TO GROW YOUR RELAXED HAIR PAST SHOULDER LENGTH in 2021| tips to grow long healthy relaxed hair

937 views | 22 Dec. 2020


HOW TO GROW YOUR RELAXED HAIR PAST SHOULDER LENGTH in 2021| tips to grow long healthy relaxed hair

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Pauline Fonglyewquee

If you be consistent and make sure you trims end, there should be no reason you can not get to waist length.

Amara’s Lifestyle

Great tips. But didn’t your hair break while stretching your relaxer?

Hot Girls Video XXX

I'm Single ??


Watch in 1080p or 720p for better quality

Peace Samuel

How do you stretch your hair without heat?
Not sure if am getting the word "stretch" right or if you meant straighten

The Relaxed Afro

Flip that hair sis ?

Vee Na

This is just facts??????

Odette Young

You have amazing hair tips. Your hair is always beautiful.?


Thank you for your honesty. Very Educative. Relaxer stretch is key ?