Makeup routine for dry skin

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"Every Day" Makeup Routine For Dry Skin

561 575 views | 6 Jan. 2016

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- S K I N -

Nivea Cream Lotion

Glossier Bomb dot com

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil

- F A C E -

Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation "9"

LA girl pro concealer "Fawn"

ABH contour palette "medium"

Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Kat von D Powder "Deep 66"

Milani Blusg "blossom time rose"

Becca cosmetics "champagne pop"

Artist couture diamond glow powder "Gold digger"

- E Y E S -

Miracle Lash "Vain"

Morphe Gel Eyeliner

Essence Lash Princess

- L I P S -

Nyx expresso lip liner

Nyx matte lipstick "Shy timid"

Mall lipstick "starburst"

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AaliyahJay

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AaliyahJay

Snapchat: MsAaliyahJay

If you are a company wishing to contact me please email me at:

[email protected]

ForTheLife OfBree

ik what you mean .. we have the same type of skin .


awn aaliyah ?♥️

Britney A

I love how excited you got when you put on the lipgloss ??

TheProcess Life

So the powder doesn't dry out your skin..I must be doing something wrong..

Aanaysha Beauty

did she burn her forehead?

Kgosigadi M, T

You had me at the amount of cream you put in a min into the video. Saw that and went, yaaaas! Finally! My type of dryness

JustMeMina garcia

new sub love your makeup

Alexis Nicole

I also have super duper dry skin and my Dermatologist told me stay away from Nivea and anything with fragrance for that matter....you should try doing that it might help.

Dearr Kaiii

I still don't know what hair company she said ??

MaryHelen Salas

New subby! Seriously doing my make up while watching your video?? thanks girl!

Marisa Reif

Your skin looks FLAWLESS!

Briana Kelley

So pretty! Thank you for this!!!!!!! Thought I was crazy for not using traditional primer.. my skin just says no LOL!

kk Reid


Da realist B

Please do an eyebrow routine


How long do you usually wait for your moisturizer to be soaked by your skin before you apply foundation? I use the Nivea Creme as my moisturizer as well but sometimes my foundation doesn't sit well on my skin. Thank you ?


Bruh... You would melt in half a second in Australia... I'm struggling since I have dry skin but the weather here is so dry and hot ??

Nivea Hines

Lmao my name is nivea

Rasheeda Mary

now I know I need to stop using a primer

shantell carter

Yesssssssssssss???..thank you beautiful

Kageyama SIMP

Tbh u be looking a lil cakey. Your skin looks amazing without makeup too(love it). PLZZZ make a video trying out a bb cream but the products you use are really helpful!??

Jess Marie

Your freckles are so cute!

Kayla Moore

Omg I'm so obsessed with your makeup tutorials. you teach me something new each and every video. thank you ???

Mia Pia

Defintley my makeup for highschool

Shantel Nicole

3 years later and I'm still in LOVE! Check out my 2019 Everyday Makeup Tutorial for Dry Skin on my channel! AaaliyahJay INSPIRED!!

Kalyn Garrett

Your so pretty!

Cindy Germain

my sis put me on to you and im really feeling your tuts. i just needed a really simple make up tut for everyday and i also have really dry skin. im a new subby now so i cant wait to see more.

Nyamal Yol

i know i get lots of patches of dry skin i was starting to think it's because of my foundation which is mary kay bronze 8 but thanks i really feel less worried i will try what you do i just have a question should i keep using my ordinary foundation or not?

Nidia Debranche


Jane Williams

you are gorgeous without makeup dang

Lativia P

Your awesome so glad I watched this !

Eleanor Lloyd

My problem is I'm pale and have dry skin which is a nightmare and I live in the uk most of the product you use we don't have or there not pale enough

Mimie N.

Random: Girl, you make me want to get braces. Your teeth are so nice now, I remember when you had braces. They gorgeous na

Amber Pearl Beauty

Try putting the primer on after all of your lotions I have SUPER dry skin as well as eczema and I put nivea on first, then A and D ointment ? (learned from you) and then nyx photo loving primer and it doesn't dry me out at all!!!


aaaah. i have crazy crazy crazy dry skin too, with eczema / rashes to top. i haaaaate how cakey i look when i put ANYTHING on my face. so much so that i end up not doing anything and going out with a bare face / eyeliner at most and brows and i'm sad cause i know i can look better but at the same time i'm like nothing works on my skin, it just doesn't look good. T_T any solutions???? or just hydrate the hell out of my skin and hope for the best???

Vannasgran 617

Is the G.A. Foundation long lasting? I want something that will not budge. I have dry skin and in the winter like you I get dry patches.

Marilyn Sandoval

My new favorite tutorial thank you so much for this ❤️

A. Imperial

Do a primer haul for dry skin ?

KeAndra Ceesay

Omg that's awesome you use something so simple as Nivea! I have dry skin and I get so tired of trying to find things that are costly that don't work and Nivea is cost effective and does work... So I'm excited!

TiLi D

I'm glad I found your channel. I have dry skin & woman of color

D Orr

I like how u do ur eyebrows

Adele Mercedez

I use Vaseline intense care deep moisture lotion it's jelly cream!! Everyone talks about using the primer but it did the same for me.

Invictus Arcana

Awe man thank you so much for this vid! My skin hates me, so I might try your routine and see if it helps. I live in the desert so that doesn't help any haha.

Tamtam Tamtam

I am a dry skin girl too, do all primers dry your skin.

Brandy Kackley

Youre so right about the primers drying us out. Makes my thin light weight tintedmoisturizer look cakey too.

Jane Daniel

It's so interesting that you don't use primer! I have been using primer on my dry skin and i always get cakey foundation, so I'm for sure going to try and not use that next time to see if it works! All other videos i've looked up just say to use really expensive primer but I dont have the money for that! haha


You did a great job.dont let know one change you. Stay sweet.

Jamya Griffin


Bianca beverly

You look better without makeup.


What do you use to exfoiliate?
Ps. Your skin and makeup is goaaallllssss??

Monica Iheart2heart

can you do drugstore items

Kasara G

Hey girl! Love your videos, I have severe dry skin and eczema and there's a liquid type mask by No7 called "Beautiful Skin Hydrating Mask" it's formulated for dry/very dry skin. It retails for 16.99 at target and it's amazing! It's the only mask that works for my dry skin. I use it before my makeup when I have the time. This video really helped so thank you?

Gigi gigi

you're beautiful

Tivani Makamu

I needed this ... I was soo depressed about my face. My makeup looked sooo terrible after applying ??❤️❤️

Rose L

your really so pretty


yes Nivea. I use the soft one most of the time. Funny thing is I never considered myself to have dry skin until I tried this Shea moisture thing and I didn't realize until after that it was for dry skin and it made my skin feel dry and terrible


Omg! tytytytytytytytytyty! I have health issues and my skin is dehydrated. I bought so many primers and it made my makeup look hideous! So I learned that I need to moisturize so when you said that... I was like Yessss I relate! this video is very insightful! Thank you so much beautiful Queen! ❤️?

Nissi J.C.

can you use the translucent powder as a normal face powder?

sarah jane

Oh my god my skin bugs me so much. Like she said for her her skin is dry but she gets patchy in certain different places during certain times. That is exactly like me, but for me the dry parts start to flake...A LOT and what makes me even more mad is that the parts that are not dry and flaking are oily....OMG this makes me so mad when trying to do my makeup because my flakes start to flake up and the other parts of my face become really oily UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

Glory Williams

I have very dry skin ... I use really oily lotion or coconut oil .. If I don't my dry patches show through the foundation ..

Alexius Driver

So do your Concealer supposed to be ah ligther color of your skin


Watching this in 2017 ?

Candy heartt


optimistic nihilist

my face used to be oily, but lately it was been so dry that my makeup is so cakey and i don't know what to do! i've been trying not to use harsh acne washes and using aloe vera every night and sometimes morning. bought a setting spray (but now i know it dries shit out) and like abandoned my foundation and powder brush because another youtuber says that it's better to just use the beauty blender for foundation and to press the powder in without a brush. not working. it's fine for the first three hours and then it gets cakey again and adding more powder or setting spray helps for a few minutes but not really

Naturally Mediterranean

This is amazing and so easy to follow.

Hailey Sandoval

u should try the argan oil by physicians formula

Bria Dickerson

I wasn't able to tell on camera... Is the foundation full coverage

Nora Berger

you're great with makeup but why do you have to model and pose for 20-30 seconds in every video? lol.


you look so much better without makeup you're beautiful

Chachi Marie

talk throughs please!!!

Knowing Ms.Kandyce

Wow, I have never hear anybody say that vaseline isnt that thick to them! Beautiful video!


Hang on why are you laughing at how she says Nivea? Isn't that the correct way lol?

Yvonne Okpoh

Still one of my favourite tutorials till this day??

Brea Lewis

yes I have dry skin and I was wondering why my primer was drying my face out


I’m hella dry too I feel ya!!!

Mario Rodriguez

I could relate to this video so much, I have dry skin so before I put my makeup on I look like a damn oil slick with all my skin care products ?

hayleen Rodriguez

so I have a question.. I have very dry skin and everytime I try to set my under eye I tents to crease in 2 minutes and it feels so dry and even if I use a little amount it's not working. but as long I don't set my face it's al good..? please can I get some advice


My skin is so dry I cannot wear the Laura mercier powder!! I need help

Dua Abid

Girl.....u solve my problem....????

Kashon Walker

She is so pretty and she does have nice skin and no pimples or anything?❤?

Isabel Ruiz - CHD

How do u like it? I have normal to dry skin , but in the winter i have to use my first aid beauty face mask because around my cheeks it peels of the dryness, how ever the rest of my body needs intense hydration i get super itchy! And want a multi use lotion , summer time my face is fine, but rest of body needs needs hydration

Shan Renee

Finalllllllllllllllllllly someone with dry skin like me. Lol I feel like mosssst ppl have oily skin ?? love the video Aliyah!!!

Jasmine Hill

did you not use primer ?? or was the moisturizer ment for your primer ??

Tiffany Charrial

Why am I rewatching your old makeup videos? Lol This was my favorite one. Now that I'm doing makeup videos all your old stuff is popping up and I'm watching them lol.

Jami Christine

I seriously need a person to help me with this shit. I have extremely dry skin to the point of where it shows up like I have sunburned skin. I've been trying to do it a good way and I've been looking for so many products that'll help but I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Pana_Montana RN

yesssss that nude lips is errrrthang

Virginia Marie

You're literally gorgeous! Love your makeup routine!!!!

Serina T

How are you so beautiful with and without makeup???!! Stunning


I have dry skin under my chin, the top of my lip, on my eyelids, underneath my eyelids and the top of my forehead. Any tips on how to get rid of it?

Da realist B

Please do an eyebrow routine

Nikkie Jaide

Girl I have such dry skin from having lupus, I recently found the farsali 24 k gold skin oil and it works wonders for moisturing my skin! I use it as a primer as well! Try it out if you haven’t already

Supercalifragilistic Seona

I don’t like the finished look. It’s way off

Bhad_ Annie

This helped me thank you soo much;)

Mandiee V___

oh lawddd. ????

leanna joe

shes so pretty

Path To Jannah Club

Yes tht hair???

Damilola Ayomiposi

Nice video love ur makeup
Just subscribed u can also watch my videos

jameela thomas

I love everything about this video! You look gorgeous! I bought all the products & it's now my everyday look too! ???


He makeup is always flawless! Theres so many products that I need but I have no clue where to start


I love you

diana forde


Makeup routine for dry skin

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12 289 views | 5 Dec. 2019

This is my current face

This is my current face routine! Suitable for anyone who has dry skin right now because of the weather change like me ?

To participate in the giveaways you must be following my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kristinaxmakeup/

Check IG stories for prizes, rules ect ??

❤️ Where To Find Me:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kristinaxmakeup/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KristinaXmakeup-134644717078525/


Belif AquaBomb moisturizer

MakeupForever HD Stick foundation

Dior face & body foundation

Charlotte tilbury Color corrector medium 2

MAC Prolong wear concealer

ColourPop Blush stix 'aloha'

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush flawless finish powder

Laura mercier highlighter 01

KKW x Mario Artist & the Muse blush 'very graceful'

KKW x Mario Artist & the Muse Lip Bundle *loveeee the combo*

MAC Fix + spray rose scented



? B U S I N E S S O N L Y:

[email protected]

Alanah O'malley

@alanahomalley please please please consider me for your give away i’ve been using your look for all my events recently and i love how talented you are and how consistent you are with your social media platforms i also love that your looks are wearable yet stunning ❤️❤️

lalexandrasolorio MUA


Maria Nicole

Stunning ??

IG: makeupbynicole.m ?

daniela onofreychuk


Kristina Rossi

absolutely love ?


Shelly Moore

Posting in hopes of winning giveaway! ????
IG: smmoore

Erin Kaphan

@intomosasap ?

Constanza Dana


Hailey Schroeder

I had to wait 3 days to get back into my gmail account to make this YouTube account my luck lol ? but not giving up !

Ig haaileyroosee

Luba ciupei

Would love to win this giveaway. I’ve been wanna to try loving tan for awhile now, so this win would be perfect ☺️ insta- lubaciupei

Aurélie Moitessier

❤@choukettesfuntasy ?

It’s Vanessa

I really want to win this giveaway this one is like perfect because Olive Garden and chipotle is my favorite and I don’t use make up but I would give it to my family members like for Christmas . I never won a giveaway I really hope it on this one maybe if not then whatever I guess I’ll never win anything but at least I’ll try. My insta: vanessa_zvo

Theresa Campbell


Huma Yusuf

Hello Kristina. Hoping to win day 6 . Just started using too face foundation for the first time and absolutely loving it . Hope to win .

? Humii4u

Paige Evenson

my instagram is @paige_evenson and i would love to win your new giveaway

Sarah Kehrig


Chessenia Melissa

@kingg.cp on Instagram :)


Instagram: @rileyporter13

Shanon Ben

Love this look so much so simple and beautiful ❤ i have dry skin and definitely gonna try this ?
Insta: chanez_benflis_bbkr

Kristen Gonzales

I always try to recreate your makeup looks because they are sooooo pretty!!
IG: kristengonzales14

Manahil Ali

I religiously follow your makeup routine for when I’m breaking out. Lots of love ?
Instagram handle: @syedamanahilali

Tania M.

IG : xxtinnyyxx

Hande Kizilaslan

honestly my favorite beauty YouTuber!? ig: hannahxo___

Caylee Delaney

Another freakin bonus entry ? hope you liked my Kristina-eggs-makeup comment ??
IG: Cayleedelaney

Maryam Jam

So damnnnnn beautiful!!!!???? and awesomeee tips❤️❤️ insta: mariamjam

Katie Gray

IG: katieemgray

Roso Cruz

Always beautiful Kristina ❤❤❤

Misty Telling

You look like the owner of Persona, Sonia G.

lalexandrasolorio MUA


Ariba b

I have been following you for a long time... your makeup is amazing...my Instagram account. @ariba.ab

Hannah Santoyo

@hannah.santoyo on ig! ??

Neveen Habeeb

U define perfection and it would mena the world to me if I won a giveaway!!!

Instagram @habeeebix30

neha bhagade

Flawless as always?? insta handle : nehaswap

Sadie Laszloffy Ballet

Insta: Sadie.lasz


Love this look!


So pretty and your cats are sooooo cute!

IG: MrsLindy611

Shylar Foshee

Such a good look! Definitely gonna do this!



Instagram: _paulinaquiros

Pls let me win something for once

Liliya Kryukova

Love this look!! ? @liliykk

Susana Chukhriy


Katie Belinskiy

Hoping to win ? ig- katiebelinskiy

Erica Gamby

IG: @ericagamby

Sofiana Skinas

Love you and your cats

Instagram: sofiana_ski

Kristen Chila

Love your make up tutorials !! Really has helped me improve my make up skills ??

Insta @kris333_

Kat Monera

IG: @katmonra

Melissa Fanet

So gorgeous ! For the Instagram Giveway : melissa_fanet ! Hope to win it ?✨❤️


OMG! Your so beautiful! Love you ❤ your my favorite youtuber!!!!!

Tia Stone

Your so freaking beautiful ???

My Instagram: @tiaaxoxoxo

Alicia Amstrong

I love tatcha products for dry skin!! Helped mine so much!!

Insta: aliciaann_xoxo

Lili Leová

Hey beautiful ??


? I feel you, my skin gets so dry in the winter, almost nothing has worked so far

IG: Iza.cchi

Marissa Streib


Kelly Luther

I have really bad eczema and it acts up in the winter time. I followed some of the steps you showed here and it did really help calm down the dry flakiness. I’ve followed you forever and though I’m mostly a quiet follower,I love you and everything you do and create for your followers! @kristinaxmakeup
@kellykakes1986 on the gram ❤️

Hajar M

Si beautiful
Insta: l_o_t_u_s_

Isabella Thorwaldson

IG handle @bellathorwaldson :)

lalexandrasolorio MUA


Sujana Ahmed

Fabulous ❤️
Ig - sujanaahmedtonnee8

Laramie Miller


Our Limitless Adventures

Love this look!! Wow

insta: plntbsdkelsey

johanna lux

Goddess ? your cat is so cute ?

Instagram: Johanna.2909

Rana Alsagga

IG @rsagga_

Hannah Babich

GIRL I bought the entire KKW Mario collab and literally EVERY SINGLE DAY I battle with opening the blush. I have to legit get something sharp like scissors or tweezers to pry it open. I thought mine was just defective. Glad I'm not alone! Also the lipstick formula is really strange. It's a pretty colour but I find it's like chalky. Is yours like that too?


I love your aesthetic IG @tiffjones21 ?

Emily Hagan


Kamal Ali

Have been your subscriber since last year!
My IG name is: me_meldorkas.
Sending so much love from Indonesia. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Красавица ?

IG Olya826

Nataliya Petrovskiy

I come from Instagram!!!! @natashapetrovskiy

Ana Iris Contreras

Inta: @carrillo_ ana83

Kayla Olson

IG- kaykaybug0912

It would be nice to win something I’d actually
give the gift cards to my mother in-law. Tbh this makeup look is amazing I might do this look sometime.

Tiffany Bates

IG: tiff_bates?

Sam Dieguez



You’re gorgeous
Insta @kenadykimberpaul

Alyssa Hoogeveen

obsessed ?

Instagram: gnarlyalyssa

Kelly Gilbert

Insta: @k_gilbs3 ?

Adriana Gabor

You are soooo sweet ❤️
Instagram : m___ad_

Shannon King

Insta: shannkingg

Jaqueline Botello

I love this look!! Fall vibes???

IG: @_jackiee_99 ??❤️

Brittany Engelhardt

IG- @blynnhardt


so pretty ily ?♥️
ig: taywills11

Rebecca Gorbatenko


lalexandrasolorio MUA


JoJo Stollenmaier

Loveeee!!!! ❤️
Instagram : joannastollenmaier

Kayln Brulport

Love your videos! You're gorgeous!
Insta: dakayln

Veronika Gladysh

@veronikaglad ?

Miss Tuky

Intagram: @misstuky ??‍♀️

Teresa G

IG handle: @ms_scOrpiO24 ???

Mareina Navarro

I love your channel and kitties so much! (And instagram) ❤️❤️❤️

jackie carrillo

Insta: Jackie.moreno_

Olga Guadarrama

Omg I love that moisturizer!
instagram: ooh_gee_

Allie Lowery

Your skin is flawless!!
Ig: Allieemarie16

Lara Mallah

Love this look! ❤️

Instagram: lara_mallah

courtneykaaay greene


Ana Pelayo

I need to do this look ?
Instagram: annepelayos

Sara Winship

IG: sarawinship89

Morgan Wheeler

I’m so grateful for your YouTube video tutorials. I always find them so helpful.
Insta: morganjane11

Myra Frank

IG: @allineedis_coffee_and_jesus

Ashley Butler


Vevee King

I've been dying for your winter routine ?? @mozulek


IG: dundermilfn89 ??????

Mona Latif

Beautiful as ever???

I have learnt a lot from ur videos


Makeup routine for dry skin

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10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine for Dry Skin (NO FOUNDATION) | Jvongphoumy

7 366 views | 31 Jul. 2020

Hey everyone! In this

Hey everyone! In this video Im showing you a very natural makeup routine for dry skin that takes me only 10 minutes (sometimes 15 if its a bad brow day lol) . It works really well for my dry skin so Ive been doing this look as my goto everyday makeup. I hope this video was helpful to you in anyway. Enjoy!

MY BROW ROUTINE TUTORIAL: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B7liromH...


INSTAGRAM: @jvongphoumy https://www.instagram.com/jvongphoumy/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/jvongphoumyy

TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@jvongphoumy

SNAPCHAT: jvongphoumy

Business Inquires: [email protected]

[email protected]




Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Loreal Voluminous Butterfly WaterProof Mascara


Benefit 24hr Brow Setter Gel

Glossier Brow Flick (black)


Aquaphor Lip Balm

HudaBeauty Beauty Silk Lip Balm


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer

Mac Strobe Cream

WetnWild Photofocus Concealer (light beige)

HudaBeauty TanTour Cream Bronzer (light)

MakeupForever Matte Velvet Skin Powder Foundation (Y315)

EmCosmetics Heavens Glow Blush (Faded Clementine)

LauraMercier Matte Radiance Baked Highlight (01)

SmashBox Primer Water Setting Spray


MUSIC: Music Bed (Best Music for your Youtube) http://share.mscbd.fm/jvongphoumy

*Disclaimer* This video is not sponsored . All opinions and thoughts are my own. I always say honesty is the best policy, as always thank you for all the support.


Hi! I love this look it's so effortlessly beautiful! I was wondering if you could recommend some cheaper alternatives for the powder foundation you used? I have really dry skin and every concealer/base I use flakes off :(

ASMR With Bean Marie

Wow love you are stunning ?????✨

Farah Garilva

ah!! So gorg!! ?

Janne Ward

Girl you are the best :)


What brand of nude eyeliner did you use?

Kenya Butts

Such a beautiful look!!!

Sovanny Thach

love this so much <3 ur srsly one of my fav youtubers

Sundays with Jamie

Loved this tutorial! That blush shade is gorgeous ?

Anjenina M

When the skin still peeks through ?? Beautiful work ☺️

Ciara Lewis

This is definitely editorial makeup, simply beautiful ??

anh t

the title says no foundation and then you said “before i used foundation”?


Quality ???

Mindy Vang

Im getting back into makeup, after a year of not wearing makeup at all, i am definitely gonna try this look. & i will be trying out some of those makeup that you mentioned


Love this simple look! The link for your brow tutorial won’t work ?


you are sooo prettyy

priyanka sharma

I was waiting for soo long .. omg at last you posted one and I am completely in love with this video ..
Keep growing girl.. much love