Purple hair tints

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Purple Wild Orchid Hair Transformation with Charisma Star

744 404 views | 28 May. 2014

TONI&GUY Academy breaks

TONI&GUY Academy breaks down how they transformed Charisma Star's hair from brunette to a beautiful wild orchid purple.

Purple Hair Color Step by Step

by Ariana & Natasha at TONI&GUY Academy in Costa Mesa

1. Section hair into 4 quadrants including the profile & radial partings

2. Saturate each section using TIGI Copyright Color True Light with 20 Vol Activator off the roots

3. Once lengths are 1 level below desired lightness apply lightener to roots

4. Process visually

5. Shampoo, condition, and power dry as normal

6. Section out clients natural part. And section out a radial parting

7. Beginning in the back nape area take horizontal zig zag sections

8. Separate out peaks of zig zags and clip up

9. To the lower section apply dominant color (Pravana Vivids Purple) (Enclose in foil or mesh)

10. Unclip peaks and apply accent (Pravana Vivids Wild Orchid) color (Also enclose in foil)

11. Repeat steps 7-10 up the back of the head varying size of zig zags and keeping in mind the larger the zig zags, the stronger the accent color will be

12. Make sure to finish with a dominant section on top

13. Take the same approach in front of the radial changing the horizontal zig zags to very slight diagonal back zig zags this will allow softness near the face and also accounts for hair density being less strong in front of the radial

14. Once again repeat steps 7-11 on both sides of the natural parting making sure to conclude with a dominant section

15. Let process 30 mins

16. When shampooing make sure to use cool water to prevent the colors from running together

17. Shampoo condition and style as usual

We used Irresistible Me hair extensions

For maximum volume we used 200 grams extensions in White Blonde!


Interested in a career in beauty?

Become a stylist! Find out more - http://ow.ly/ti07S

Connect with on social!


Twitter @ToniGuyUSA


Toni and Guy Blog - http://ow.ly/cY3Qi


Definitely doing this to my hair next.

Ranita Best

looks great......done perfectly!

Crescent 64

twilight sparkle

Rachel Araiza

Omg Sooo Pretty ?
&& The Extensions :o
Are They 22 or 28 Inch Long?

Sarah Jones

What a perfect duo! Tony & guy + charisma star!!! 2 of my favs! Love the fab hair! I want! I need! Give me give me! Well I'm actually in the process of growing mine to donate in nov for my 30th bday!! Keep making beautiful fun hair! Xoxo

Sheena Raines

QUESTION! So did you add the purple at the bottom layer, and then do the other colors zig zag? like how far did you go up with just the purple? thank you!!

Grace Palomares

can you do melefacents daughter in decendents please?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Priscilla Nieto

Thank goodness for this video! I've seen many other videos on doing something very similar and no one blends it like you did :)

FooFoo Queen

Awful. She was so pretty. The purple hair is hideous. She has ruined her beautiful hair. The things people do for money.

Space Octopus

It would have been 100x more helpful to most of us if you had actually shown us what it looked like without the extensions first. A lot of us aren't doing that part, and we have no idea what it looks like before that. :( Otherwise, here hair looks amazing.

Fruit 6739

I should do my hair like that! ??


It came out beautiful! And the girl getting the hair done kinda looks like Jacky Vasquez


Those color don't usually match on ppl but IT SUITS YOU PERFECT.. So pretty! :)

Kacey Bad

I love it!

Kandiss Williams

That's gonna fade so bad because her base color was so brassy.

Kristina Marquez

Love it!!!!!

Queen Reaper Gaming

Love the video! Giving you a thumbs up. I also have a purple hair tutorial on my channel. You should swing by and check it out!


How do prevent the color from staining your client face and scalp? I tried it turned out beautiful but was soooo messy!

Frank & Nicole

Now.. the question is.. how did you touch it up when it faded and her dark roots came back in?

Rebecca Arellano

Would love to come in and get my hair done! Let me know if u need a hair model!

Brigitte Garcia

Please dye my hair purple ? where are you located ??

an kan

tragic.. guy tang they seems to need you..

Nelly Smile&Shine

Two different colors without a blend, not a fan ??‍♀️

Danni Jay

How much would something like this cost? I want my hair purple and I don't wanna do it at home. My hair is on the longer side just an inch below my bra line and it's medium-thick.

Lindsay R

Love it! Just sucks it washes out so quickly :(

Klér Klein

Wonderfu hair! I want it! <3

Hannah chau

Wow wow wow.....:) love girll

モエニャーmoe moe

me : so bright and beautiful
(sadly cries inside)

Charisma Star

Love you guys so much!! I absolutely LOVE my new vibrant color!!! Thank you for making my hair fantasy a reality!! ✨?✨

Jodi Stanton

I wish I could get a dream hair makeover! I used to have pink/purple/blue hair and I was able to do it myself and it always came out beautiful. Then I had kids. It's no longer easy, not to mention doable with my RA, and the changes my hair went through after having kids.

Georgina Oakley

do you use a developer with this ?

Ali Gilliam

Wow! That's so beautiful.


where can I go to get my hair transform like that? It's beautiful!!!?

Fatima Abdullah

ohoud alkhodairi 


pink killed it

Yailys Fernandez


Maddi Shulman

The nerd in me is squeeing over that Star Wars shirt she's wearing! AHHHH!!! ^_^

Charlotte Joans

the curls make it look like 5p hair extensions little girls wear

Maddy House

I love this?

Fyrian Phoenix

oh you have done transformations! yay!!! 


That looks awesome! Maybe can we get a video about dying hair to look like a natural ginger?

Julienne Wong


Olivine, the Leachie

It would be nice to see it without the extensions covering up everything you did....


these are the people i need to go to for my hair transformation! :D 
love charis's hair <3 and that cute scissor necklace n.n


"makes it look more natural" wow

Anna Ramos

How much did it cost?

Natalia Hernandez

Star Dust

for how long does the pravana hair dye last?

Anna Ramos

I like the purple better

Tabarek Alnaseri

Wooow ?????


wanting to know is this actual the vivid purple or vivid violet? i love how deep the purple is

Jessica Reeves

That pravana purple lasts a long time

Kara James

I’m going to do that hair Color and hairstyle one day 24 inch 613 blonde weave bundles dyed purple with pink streaks

Kim Lam

Love it

Bethany Diaz

I want to diy my hair this color but bleach makes my hair fall out like crazy

Shaley Vlogs


Kara James

I love her hair it’s really pretty I’m gonna do my hair just like that one day 24 inch 613 blonde weave bundles dyed purple with pink streaks


Twilight Sparkle I found you!

tara mccormick



Love the purple. Not that much a fan of the pink :/

Fruit 6739


Sleeping Beauty

its beautiful, i would love to have hair like that, but not sure on the price, can i have a rough idea on how much it cost for something like that please?




Lets put Pink in purple hair to make it more naturel


So where do you get the products to lighten the hair?

melissaalovee _

Beautiful! i loved it ?

Kaela Wyles

Based in this color chart in this link, are you using violet and magenta?? https://www.google.ca/search?q=pravana+vivids&biw=360&bih=559&prmd=iv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMI8YuLlNGxxwIVg1GSCh3YHAHP#imgrc=2P5Y-NFraK04wM%3A I really need to know ASAP!

Carrie White

thats cool


Love it!! I just had my 2nd Round of Purple dye in the salon, she only lightened it to a brassy color and Yes when it starts to fade it looks like an Ugly Yellow poppin out!!? And Yess It does look like Crayola streaked highlights!..need the 2-tones

Vreede Anna



MMM GLOBAL IS AMAZING profit 100% permonth

Jennifer Thibodeau

I'm sorry I just do not like Pravana pink - it's not a pretty shade - it's very Barbie to me.

يمامه العمرو العمرو

بيخ ومو حلو

Matcha Loverr

Anyone else think Twilight Sparkle? It looks really nice

Kayla Schregardus

how did they curl it, wand or iron?

Cynthia Rodriguez


Lola Aurora

So vool




Very sexy!!!!! Are these semi permanent colors? How long do they last?

Claudia Yanéth

Twilight Sparkle


Is it pink or magenta i don't know which one to buy

Xhiio Peach

hell no .... never everrrr is just a NO NO FOR ME..

Purple hair tints

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Pastel Silver Lavender Hair

3 153 944 views | 18 Jul. 2015

Watch me teach a class

Watch me teach a class LIVE and in person! September 26 in New Orleans - click here for details: http://www.behindthechair.com/theshow/pages/tickets.html

You need to purchase the 2-day color show tickets to get a code to purchase my class.

tmost 2 inches of roots/regrowth. Colorists knows that it's harder to retouch regrowth this long because of overlapping and possible breakage. Thanks to Olaplex I was reassured that even if I accidentally overlapped or the lightener swells, it will prevent breakage. What do you guys think of her color? Leave your comments below, thumbs up, SUBSCRIBE, share with your friends.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/GuyTangHair

Instagram: http://instagram.com/guy_tang

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Guy_Tang

Periscope: Guy Tang

Vine: https://vine.co/Guy_Tang

Snapchat: @guy_tang

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GuyTangHairA...

Products used:

Olaplex No.1

Olaplex No.2

Olaplex No.3


Watch my other videos:

Neon Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange Hair Color: https://youtu.be/sdNoNK82Y6s

From Pubes to Paradise: https://youtu.be/G6rjtAwMrlQ

How to change Vivid Semi-Permanent Fashion Colors - https://youtu.be/M6Z65ipYPLg

How to use Permanent Fashion Colors: https://youtu.be/Wglz2pIGacM

Pastel Lavender Pink Blonde Hair Make-over: https://youtu.be/jIRjNhJ0qF0

Balayage Hair Painting Transition Color Melt -


Black to Blonde to Green Blue Hair in One Day - https://youtu.be/U78rnbrUiG0

How to Remove Vivids Semi Permanent Direct Dyes: https://youtu.be/cHKis8DvWlg

How to use Hair Color Remover: https://youtu.be/lZdfWTJwrfs

Intense Hair Color Correction: https://youtu.be/1Jv2izQmx3Q

Turquoise Blue Purple Hair: https://youtu.be/W8PUt5I9rGU

Kylie Jenner Kouture Hair inspired look: https://youtu.be/WRKiQmlzPOw

How to Babylights Dark Hair: https://youtu.be/ADJYQjR-1UE

How to Balayage Men Hair Color: https://youtu.be/IrBhw8dgmQc

How to Fix Brassy or Orange Hair: https://youtu.be/SSAZFlaQ51U

Music: YouTube Library - Coffee Stains by Riot

Stephany Campos

The guys is annoying but I wanted to see the final look.

babu dxb

I want this on my hair ends... ????

[email protected]

I love this ????


Goddamn that's pretty

Maya Forever

Hahaha you are so funy.love you man and í love your job❤

Beverly Frederick

Striking Color is Awesome on Rutah ★★★★★


I love you so much guy! You are so bubbly and excited and you just love your job. I so want you to do my hair, but I am in the UK. I would pay serious money just for a session with you, you are so knowledgeable and fun. Seriously I'd love for you to do my hair and me enjoying your company ❤️

Tia Acevedo




Barbara Melady


Alyssa Kilgore

Through the comment section I’ve learned that people don’t like to fix the problem but to just put fluff on top of it. Would you rather he say nothing and let her hair break off all the way to the top?

Tia Acevedo

I so want silver hair!!

Tani Robinson

Nice job! BTW, your voice reminds me of the Mad Hatter in the animated movie. LOL ?

Relle M.

I wish you could do my hair. I'm trying to learn how to dye it pastel blue/teal.

SnowWhite X MSP



I want to dye my hair so much but when I watch these videos, I only want him to mess with my hair because he actually knows what he’s doing unlike some people.

Lisa Bustin

Lol anyone else notice the kid being a creeper in the background hahahha

Mirichis Hernandez


[email protected]

You did not mention what color brands u were working with. Could you please . I’m a liscense professional and I LIVE the results! Please!

Samira Saada

I love it. You did real goood job??

Hope Frazier

Omg! She is one sexy human! ?????

Hut Huykeang

Omg, why is her hair look so healthy after bleach?

Julie Fizpatrick

Another beauty!!

Yang's Life

I love his talent with hair color?

Nguyen Babi

Loved the video you’re hilarious! I’m not sure why people so offended in the comments like hello? Terrible roots? You tell them Guy!

Jen j

Where are u located??? I want you to do my hair! I'm in Chicago and a natural blonde! You're awesome!!!


Beautiful! Miraculous transformation.

Zoey Mitchell

In some angles she looks like 20 and in others she looks 40

Tovah Romanov

Guy, you get better looking every time I watch you. Your jaw, your dimples, your face is sculpted. You working out orrrrr? Regardless, you just keep getting more beautiful. Keep it up sweet man. Rowwwrrrrr.❌⭕️

Travel Lexicon

trunks hair ?

Greta Garner

The color is really pretty but you were being really rude.

Melek A. İnCi



omg I'm going so far back into his videos he's a brace baby here.

Heather Fadden

Love all your videos. Please if you are up for a challenge. Come find me !! Seriously! Lol. I’m also a stylist and of course I never get to get mine done. Ha. My issues have always been finding a product to get my dark brown hair to a level 9-10 so I can get those pretty pastels. Yea. The struggle has been real for 30 years. ;)

Meiriana Chen

I was wondering if we can just use conditioner instead of olaplex no.2 to dilute the hair dye..

Ritesh Subba

Can you please tell me which colour we have to mix too get Pastel silver lavender hair colour...??


I really wish for u to do my hair!! @Guy Tang

Ceil Strakna

Thank you so much for this video, Guy! I'm in my early 60s (although everybody says I look younger) and your video has been extremely helpful to me, as I've gone from light blonde to lavender. I can't wait until the rest of my head catches up with the naturally white/silver front, so I don't have to bleach it anymore. I really need to update my profile pic so you can see what you've inspired. BTW, you and Ruta both have the most amazing dark brown eyes ...

Miranda Anderson

Guy do u ware colour contacts , i think your eye colour is stunning, even if the are ware contact's yourcetmyes eyes r still stunning

Jeanine Morgan

Wow, you look so different

angel whitney

Guys eyes are amazing. I want him to fix my hair it needs it badly wish he could travel to south carolina

Frances Jones

That is utterly beautiful.

Jo Sequins

That shirt really is nice.

Amanda Kane

If I have blue hair is it possible to add a silver hue using silver keracolor?

Terri Leigh

I love this color it would be so me! What is so funny is the way you say "less is more"! I tell my daughter this all the time, sometimes she listens and she's 30, still rebellious!

Rita Y.

Me taking notes how to deal with my broken hair before I do a new color

Katie Caswell

Honey this is what I’ve been trying to achieve in my hair..an I got slicing nightmare..oh what I would give for ur advice!! Ur awesome! So talented! Love u! An love u too, ROOTA!

sandra g

Lordt, this is beautiful!

jean morris

Where are you located? I want you as my hair colorist

Cherish Parkhurst

Pearl teal would be pretty

GamerVideos Aruto Hiden

Can you do Smokey gray hair¿

Elizabeth Ward

Can silver hair look good on tan skin??

Gracie to the Max

Before mydentity came in with a Big Bang! Love this still!

Sarah Galicia

I need to fly to wherever you are and get my hair done ???

Beverly Frederick

Wow ! Her Hair Looks like Silver Silk ★★★★★

Deanne Muniz

I dont see nothing rude hes a bad ass stylist colirist hes got a great personality if your a hIrstylist you know its just personality you should be looming at the application not analyzing and judging him. Sensitive are we!!! Lol

Corey Watkins



I sooo love this color!!! I hope you get to do this color on me. Definitely wanna have this color on me in the future ???


I’ve been stalking all your videos Guy, I’m trying to find a white silver more on the white side though and I found this video. I’m just wanting to know what did you put on her hair after you bleached it and before you put that beautiful colour. When she was outside and the wind was blowing her hair around, that.... that is what I want my hair to look like. Please please please let me know ???


I so love that hair! Do that on mine too ???

Tanner grinzel

I have silver blue hair

Simple Life Of Susan

Absolutely beautiful! Fun video!


I feel there was a step skipped over after bleaching

Kathy Mills

Beautiful girl...beautiful hair!!!! If this old lady ever wins a jackpot, I'm coming to let you work your magic!!!

Catherine Stapp

So pretty and a big thanks for a super informative vid!

Ida- Dimas-Kim

The poor girl is losing her hair, look at the spaces between the strands of hair in the back?

Jenna Davis

I think he is amazing

hayleysubliminals. png

That’s exactly how my hair turned after using a bit too much purple shampoo lol

Jane Smith

Mint n forest green for summer!

Christina Gonzalez

Love way you do hair dye so beautifully & talented on women hair san u do hair for mature hair are brunette dark naturally dark brown to reddish or cool under tones thanks love watching ur hair videos much love yo ur fans

يا ابو فاضل

ياريت افتهم شتكول

Прудес Тата

У меня от них неприятные мурашки пошли. Какая мерзость.

princess z

Who else came here because Billie eilishs Hair color

Diane Perez

Your an amazing hair stylist!?

Maria Vel

Eres un grandísimo profesional ??????‍♀️?????


Gay* you misspelled it bruh

Linda Tannock

That colour is gorgeous! ??

Heather Marie

Omg your the best!!!

Ash Frost

I love this colour so much!!♥???

Wakey Wakey

You gave her mermaid hair !! Is it semi or demi permanent? No developer for the toner??

aradhana 143

Hi bro

Oc Lashes

Too much time spent putting her down. Ugh so sad. I'm sure she felt embarrassed... wish I could have watched the entire vid...

Leeann Costlow

came across this guy he is soo nice and very good with hair i really like his hair tecneaks

Christine Scott

Love, Love,Love, the color???

Astrid Rae

How much would it be to get my hair dyed this color? My hair is about the same length as hers and fully natural blonde.b

roxana pitt

Q hermoso color le hiciste me encanto saludos desde argentina

Camila Rebeca

Please come to El Salvador and help this poor human with her messed up hair to make it look this beauty, I love your personality and of course your work! Greetings!

Lennox Ellyson

I’m getting my hair done like this! I might vlog it ?

Dayana Alvarado

God that’s gorgeous!! Love it!

Dark Angel

I would give my left boob for Guy to go my hair!! I had black, purple, magenta and like 5 shades of blue. I put blonde brilliance lightner and toner.... sallys told me it would bleach it, and its not so harsh.. my hair..... OMG I WANT TO CRY!!!

Martha Elva Jimenez R

Who attended that hair’s funeral?


After like the 2 minute mark. Why are you so out of breath. Sounds like you just ran up 20 flights of stairs

Erin Elle

Also Guy, if you double up it’ll cause friction and the condoms will tear.. The more ya know?

Hemis Mom


Every Haircolor

Wowww love this

Debra Morton

Man I love u

J.C Joy의 영어회화

Oh ? I need that color. So beautiful ! Tang is gifted.

Tera Beyer

Everyone hating saying hes mean and judgmental well look at yall ur doing the same thing and saying she said she liked her hair nooo next time listen she said she liked it after it faded when it was purple obviously why she choose this color.. So stop judging and just watch the man work his magic he has crazy skills!! ✌✌ rant over sorry not sorry yall ?

Exploitation Nation USA

But why is her ear flaming pink..

Thang Khan Dal

can you do mine

Purple hair tints

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dying my hair pink

1 644 868 views | 8 Dec. 2016

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These are the lights I use: http://amzn.to/1KibKYQ

and this is the microphone I use (which I literally can not recommend enough): http://amzn.to/1OY2tnH

Andy Panda

Hahah your introduction its perfect Tessa???

Matt Hans

watch film's abaout naom chmsky its an naarachy and they create problem's whoes don solved to the end life. Say him i teach this in schoool in 12 age ad solved problem in plolish i biology have name: "podział przez pleche" translate a google and google this, and say him beacause probably you are knows omebody who knows him. but before check its true.

Maestro Bait

0:19 perfectly cut ahegao faces

Евгений Нагаев

Ну ладно, куплю райзен)


She's too relateable



Arielle Rodriguez

Damn girl how u so popular share the secrets ?

D. S.

Brad Mondo hasnt taking your videos yet?

Federico F.I.N.

this is like a mabel tutorial

Malte Christrup

If you really wanna annoy someone, spam "0" (zero) on your keyboard! If you really want them to laugh spam "2" instead xD

Mr Petaurista

It reminds me my junior high school days when I wanted to grow long hair and dye them turquoise. Actually sometimes I'm quite sad I've never did it. Now it would be too crazy for my work decisions. Plus it's missed opportunity to do it without bleaching I guess as my hair darkened over years so I'm blonde no more.


Guten morning german intensefies

Liner Games

oh my... it's soooo cute

Avivas Outsiders

Because I need to make the choice to be responsible

April N


John R

You are not fair I'd.. in a respectful way.. ask you for a date but you tripping about your haircut ? ... Bleh

Sama Jama

Ok 3 things for you Tessa.
1. You’re hilarious!!
2. Can you make a bad song?? Seriously!! Haha
And the last one if you are able to answer I’d greatly appreciate!
3. I’ve been losing my hair recently and was wondering what products you use along with other hair care products?? Just curious because you dye your hair and it still looks thick and beautiful!!
Have a great day ?

Duolingo Owl

The Soviet Union is spying. Check the comments.

Cary Stone

the comment about pro stylists cracked me up... I am a former cosmetologist and I did hair the same way before I went to school... as have most (if not all) professionals... some are too snobby now to ever admit they did kitchen hair... but not me. It's what (and crappy other stylists) made me want to go to school in the first place, figured if I could do it on myself, couldn't be hard to do other people's lol


this is my happy video, i always come back to it when i need a pick-me-up

Anton Boludo



so beauuuuuutiful ❤️❤️


My biggest weakness is cute girls who dye their hair crazy colors like this. Love it so much.


I never thought to search up to find more people with my name and I'm happy I found you ?

I have my hair short, bletched and dyed blue!

RainbowGirl Ali

Literally adorable though.

Blyat Man23

3:43 just gives me life

Gabe Newell

Why am I watching this, and why I kinda like that. I'm not interested in beauty things at all

Johan Delema

great tutorial!



Michael Spooner

Purple palace lady left her Paris man after 6 years.She needs a good dance,like in the Jonathan Bree video:Until we're Done.Sister in art theater,her ex-peer.Ex-peer-mental theater.I hope dear lady is not too female cloud.Tell her hit some clubs,gal pals making cheer among the gentle genders.She has beautiful comments too.People love her mind.

Purple Haze

Showering in cool water is not just good for the color.. it's steroids for your brain function. True story.

Mitus Gladius


Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu

I read that you're worth 71million dollars. Is that true?

Jily Jenkins

Literally using as a tutorial LMAO

Isabella Cavan

Why did the video of Tessa Violet cutting Dodie Clark’s hair get taken down?


Tessa: it's so violety
Me: ._.


Imagine being the people that are these weirdos friends... I'm jealous of those people xD

Fabo Beleth

Who cares?

Jeff Calvin

Well her boyfriend just need help.

Jacob Meza

thought it was a music video lol

Smoxy Fox

She reminds me of phoebe from Friends

RoflCoptar bob

this is random hahaha

John R

Her talking about her hair makes me think I'm a bastard ?? cause she cares to much ?


you have very pink pine hair!



Gati Marczarczyk

0:02 i love this

Monse-Chan H27

No te entendí nada pero, te quedo muy bonito, así como tu tierna ...

Marcus Berry

Guten morgen

1000 subscribers No video challenge


Taiaba Binte Amin


Victor Welkin

I like your whole way of doing things. It is so chill.

I do prefer the more natural hair color on your earlier videos...but this video is selling me on the more radical shades.

Sxphiia Edits

She did..this...I WISH I SAW HER SOONER

Robert Hocker

You could have the worst coloured hair; and, the worst clothing; and still be absolutely beautifull...

Yousef Alkady


Rikk Hyo

Mulher denovo

Andrew Merrick

I'm already married, but will you be my wife in my next life. The ending totaly sold me.

jhoseluis mora


Dota Pros Noobs

u are soooooo cuuuteeeeeeee oh goshhhhhh

Ahmad Maulana

You should make asmr vid


"Fader? I don't even know her." Please marry me with your cuteness. :p


"Today we're gonna be FiAnCy~"


Лучшие рекомендации парню?????????

Gxmmy_ Wormz

Roses are red violets are blue the title was English I thought comments were too

Maxell deNomie

you know, at first I really thought this was a song! ...glad I stopped, though...love you, gurl!

Gag Collective

never imagine to laugh + smile during a hair tutorial. ur hilarious.

Kerensa Spencer

I saw this video 3 times and never dyed my hair normally since, now I just go for it and hope for the best???

Roberto Beron

Tessa!. Me gusta cuándo tenés el color amarillo en tú cabello...y demás colores.??

Ruben Hair

I love you tbh

John R

Only then the hahaha ? I like your shit ? Soo hahaha

John R

Your trying to hard Tess,?


5 seconds in you have a new subscriber!! ???

idiot sandwich

Omg YAAAAASSS she loves pastel colors she is like meeee

Yul Dominic Vicera

God i feel loved at first sight to this miss tessa violet... all my recommendations are all more on guns, adventures , fishing, hunting, till i bumped to this and i can't stop it... ??☺️

Sarim Wahab

She's like a real life Pam


7 days, oh ok 3 months, respect✌️ I’ve been doing a video every day in isolation since the 1st of April... it’s day 79... help

Grace Webbery

She is basically sophie turner's little sister

Music Life

ook how similar they are


lmao this was hilarious, and also helpful for me

Maya Uygun

good dye young! hayley williams

not quite resplendent

Cavetown just made a video dyeing his hair so I came back here hahaha

Nef Arious

LOL that’s “one part color two parts Fader” goof

Yannic Grawitter

I'm definitely in love


I clicked on this by accident and I have to say this is one of the most entertaining things I have seen in a long time



Fibs G-G

What do you think about manic panic?


норм норм

Алексей Крайнюченко


Ahmed Nafiu Noman

hello Tessa...he he he

Robert Hocker

Your hair [email protected]@KS great...

Keny Sanchez

Omg ura babe ♡♡♡

John R


Jon Lofton

Hmmm how did i get here? I enjoy music but i do not know how i got here.

Gauri Gosain

Got recommended. Really enjoyed.

Jr Smith


Brian Twitty

Your face makes me smile

Shahril Azwar

Are u libra gurl

Taurus Girl

You should try manic panic colours! They last forever ??


земля - крестьянам! заводы - рабочим!


You litterally have my dream hair

John R

You tube makes me want to do something ? not like my self ? .. really Tessa you talking makes me want to hurl but I love the way tessa has her hair curl

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