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Juice it or lose it - a talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho

401 054 views | 24 May. 2012

Try the game here:

Try the game here: http://grapefrukt.com/f/games/juicy-breakout/ (ESC for menu)

Fork us on github: https://github.com/grapefrukt/juicy-breakout

"A juicy game feels alive and responds to everything you do

tons of cascading action and response for minimal user input. "

Big thanks to Niklas Ström for making music and sound effects for us and to Stina for filming.






Emily Short - Make it juicy!


12 Principles of Animation


The Art of Diablo 3


Easing related:




→ to the knee

79 people prefer dry games.


jaw dropped


half the additions make the game feel cancerous




I am a DeVry University student studying Game & Simulation Programming, currently enrolled in GSP381: Graphics Programming I. This tutorial was recommended in our online class announcement. At first glance I was put off by having to sit through a 15 minute tutorial of something not of my choosing. I sat through it and never once got bored. Found it very informative and have got to give thanks and praise for uploading this. I cannot wait to play your game!



Wang Hai Feng

So much useful information in such a short amount of time. Thank you for this.

Andreas Björkman

fuck me that final demo is JUICY.

Furkan Baldır

I just want to say "Heeeey!"


PEGGLE is the perfect example of this


this should be an obligatory watch for any game developer

Siarhei Pilat


Simopr Dev

Awsome ! I was looking for this kind of features to add

Jakub Smolewski

What a stunning presentation! Great work guys!


"from stupid tennis ball to MOTHER FUCKING COMET!" :D

Connor Williams

Perfect video. Is it DoTween?



jonathan camarena


Damion Murray

I wish they gave props to Robert Penner. He was one of the first(if not the first) to break down tweening into a series of easing equations. Most tweening engines out there are based on his work.

Ci Yuen Lam

Wow, this video is so useful and inspiring!

CompSci Studio

So much Juice!


Enjoyed the bottom half of their screen very much

Invader civic

I think I just had a transcendent experience watching them increase the size of the eyes on the paddle.


awww....I miss flash...

Clap Trap

I feel like I was just given super powers.


This helps a bunch! I'm gonna apply this to my next project :D

Ronan McCabe

I think a lot of this can be applied to apps too. Great stuff.

Lars Wilms

i=input   s=smooth output   v=smoothness value
I always use it for camera movement (and also other stuff that needs to be smooth) in game maker. Sorry if it's stupid, I'm not a programmer.

Michael Nielsen

So brilliant :)

Yuancheng Zhang


yashaswi ponnur

it's Awesome


Juicing is too much a trend right now. Good devs will apply it only when appropriate and not use when it is not. Eventually, most devs will have learned but that time is too far off unfortunately.

sarthak sehgal

you won't get it, but I was like " Ohh BC !!" :D


Wow, I wish I watched this 8 years ago.

Multi Hardcore

Awesome presentation. I normally just call this player feedback, but I think I'll really come to love the term juiciness.

Hema Ahuja

Cameraman is looking on the legs of the presenter..lol:) http://www.hemaahuja.com



Esesem ssm

Where is the source code?


There's something disturbing about how much the say "juice" lol

The Cynical Swede

Great talk, fun to watch. But don't forget to actually make a fun game before adding THE JUICE.

D-land Arrese

Amazing effect, sounds, etc!! It´s was amazing !


14:45 even the real life camera began to shake, I thought everything was going to explode while the guy in orange was enjoying himself


Super interesting!

Allan MacDonald

Game Devs just discovering animation principals Disney has know about for decades

Rising Development

Pretty cool how much simple things improve the sense of personality and art in a game, it's awesome!

Dois Koh

"Juicing" is great but evidently this isn't what is missing from the industry.

There are many usernames but this one is mine.

what were they using to change / add features?


wonder what are there guys doing now

get in loser we're eating the rich

as soon as the eyes and smile were added i was prepared to die for the little block guy

Amandeep Singh

I did spice up my first unity 2d game, some stuff learning from Video. :)
I hope its not a cheap idea. (trying to promote here).


ala slipknot

one of the funniest and educative game talk i even seen  


I really like those guys shorts., I can honestly understand why the camera man focussed on his legs rather than that presentation.

Saad MAFiA

What a fun informative talk. Laughed my ass in the train

Julien B

One of my games, applying this concept :p 


Tweening (in-betweens)
Squash and stretch
Sounds and music
Particles (smoke, shatter, trails, etc.)
Screen shake

Phil Mesnildrey

Awesome 15 minutes spent watching this, thanks guys! Thumbs up

Kam Lol

Pls do not say bad words I am 8 an son 9 pls do not say bad words

Jay Purcival Guitar

Went from a tennis ball to a fucking comet ROFLMAO

Senor Meowzors

how many people in the room had a seizure at the end

Rick Loyd

Who came here by Will's recommendation (Masterclass)? Awesome demo and very motivational!


I hope many of you look at games differently from now on... maybe many of the "great games" you think about are just juicier clones of existing concepts... thus is the game really better than the original or are the production values just grater (meaning, someone threw some money at it)?

Riot Jayne

This is fucking rad. Who needs a game. Just make juice.

Big Blue Frontend

Can't have too many particles? Someone never played Space Giraffe.


Does anyone know where within the github the code for most of these juicy features are stored? I'm trying to add easing / screenshake to a game in lua, but have no idea how to implement it.


pero tu quien ereee


Perfect example of 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' Wonderful demo of 'game juice.'

Lucas Kuhlemann

So much awesomeness in one video!

Monster Finger Games

That talk was awesome!!!


This is exactly what made DX-Ball work so well way back in '96. All it really had was flair, but that flair was done so well it became an instant freeware hit. Another recent example of Breakout taken to an extreme, and done so very juicily, is Shatter... which I'm gonna have to go reinstall right now. Good talk, guys!


I watch this once a year to remind myself how important polish is

Raghu Ranganathan

I remember a juicy game: GAME OF THE YEAR 420BLAZEIT

Gonzalo Rosario

they rock!!!

Christopher Alan Sosa Mejia

Is there a way to contact the person who made the sound effects?. I'm really interested in a couple of effect and i want to ask for permission to use them. :). Incredible talk by the way!! :D

Jimmar Abdulrasoul

The eyes thingie made me clap, all alone .. in my room .. yeah ..




guy in ornage top, wind is his enemy, if you guess why I will honestly post you a game key to a random game I haven't redeemed, first person only sorry!

Malcolm Crum

I wonder if Terry Cavanagh has seen this talk...

Luis Torres

This was awesome to watch!

Jessica Lee

Or just play regular breakout and drip a little LSD directly into your eyes. They went way too far at the end, and turned a decent upgrade of a traditional game into a monstrous explosion of crap. To everyone developing games: seriously, don't overdo it with this stuff.

Green Cube Games

legendary video for gamedevs


I just love this talk! :) Once a while I watch it and enjoy myself.

Kevin Buchet

Flash is gone so the game is dead :'(


Excellent!!! I learned more about indie game development in fifteen minutes than from most of those game dev vlogs that last for hours!!! So glad you guys uploaded this =)

Flame Forged Soul

Good stuff, but "squeeze and stretch" is in fact something you can google except it's called "squash and stretch"; one of the 12 principles of animation.

CLIn7 l33tW00d

That's how Call of Duty games are made


Been playing Yakuza 0, the combat system in that game is all about the juice. When you use a heat attack, the visual and audio effects go up to 11.

Chris Braithwaite

i didn't mind not being able to see the top of the screen because i could see their shoes the whole time. /endsarcasm

Peter S

Very nice!

Penny Peach

Juicing is actually pretentious and ruins retro style games. It looks obnoxious. It's like a drug trip light show instead of a video game. I'll never add this trash to my games.

Niklas Lundberg

a Chess game is most likely better without added juice

Chris -0

Have to say most of these effects dont make it better but the idea is good just not the most perfect execution

James P

ooOooooooo juicy

Alex Farley

this is amazing


seems i need to juice up my game. it's already juicy, but needs more juice

Paddy Kelly

Excellent! Obvious but true.


awesome ^^

Dirk Schembri

i still find myself watching this over and over. all the rules still apply 110% great job guys!


I feel like solitaire needs some juice.

Mr. Gebien

How did I miss this video

Aaron Craig

That's pretty cool stuff.

Juice it up application

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How To Make A Juice It Up Smoothie at Home Video

11 568 views | 27 Mar. 2014

In this video, Rachel

In this video, Rachel teaches you how to make an inexpensive and healthy version of Juice it Up!'s delicious "Pina Coolada" Smoothie at home with 5 simple ingredients.


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If you see this, tell me what you favorite type of fruit or smoothie is in the comments below.

Thank you for watching my How to Make A Juice It Up Smoothie at Home Video! This video is NOT sponsored!

supersnake 500

"The mexican isle" i didn't know we had a specific isle lol

user invalid

Do you know how to make a starbucks frapuccino??? I would love to learn!! :)


This looks amazing!! Definitely going to try it. Although given my terrible abilities in the kitchen I doubt this will end well


Piña Cool-ada doesn't have strawberries.

Mobber Loko

Mexican aisle huh

Big Gizmo

show me one asscheek

the Laras and Perez too

the juice is pronounced 'who-mecks'


Can u make the melon madness?

Juice It Up!

We love it! Great video! 

Richelle Rickard

There's no strawberries in the Juice It Up Pina Colada though! :) Looks yummy though!


The vital proteins blue smoothie, and the pitaya sunset smoothies are amazing!!! Do you have a recipe for them by an chance?


please make a Lucky Lemon Punch smoothie from juice it up

user invalid

Im soo going to try this! Looks good! ... I usually get the passion punch :)

Juice it up application

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8 762 views | 2 Sep. 2011

Red Coach Records ( RC 808

Red Coach Records ( RC 808 ) 1974


Just found this 45 at Goodwill last night - love it - funky good time!!

Glenn Clark

My Uncles!!!

Tower of Power

jediný hit funkovej skupiny z NEW YORKU, ktorú vytvorili súrodenci George a Gilbert Davis. Skladba skončila v oktobri 1974 na 47.m. singloveho rebrička Hip Hopu.

Love Is Everything

OMG. I haven't heard this in YEARS! It just came into my head. My mom had this 45 when I was a kid.