Vibrant hair

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How To Get Vibrant Purple Hair

25 049 views | 8 Feb. 2016


Adore -


Adore - Indigo Blue

Adore - Purple Rage

Adore - Magenta Red

ION - Permanent Colour 2

ION - Permanent Colour 4

Peroxide Vol 20

You can use any conditioner

3 bundles of Blond Hair 22"24"24" 16" Closure

Eugene - Instagram - @Eugenze


SnapChat - Philip_Eric

Instagram - Philiperichair

Twitter - Philiperichair

Deja xoxoscruff

can't wait for your next videooo

Lucky Areee

I am actually living for you. Finally some UK hair stylists! Finally some laaaayyed UK closures!
Definitely here for this, yes gawd.

Kelly Anderson

your voice is so soothing i could hear it all day! great tutorial


Just lovely :-)

Margherita Ladyleopard

please can you show how to blend a 4×4 closure?


I love it. I love all your videos they are awesome.

cant wait for the next ones.

Dionne Rose

love love love this look.... Wish you was in my area omg.

Joy Diveo

It looks very good, love your work!

lesha Richardson

Great job


we need more videos!! <3

Tamika The Creative

ugh I loved it! your tips are so valuable! thank you for sharing your knowledge!


How did you remove the dark colored stains left by the dye from the lace closure?

Daphne Calvin

hi phillip I love ur hair do's, how can I get mine done by you.

Latisha Simpson

Omg new subbie ???? where are you so you can do my hair?


I never have luck with trying to get purple with adore dyes. I will try using magenta with the purple rage & indigo I have. Thank you for this video!!


sooo informative! great video!

Lomba Ana

love it ?


love it

Ateya Rich

I would be your model any day...Love your work!!! Amazing


How do you achieve this if you started with black hair ?

Evelyn keutcha Ikejiora

Please l like to you to make me one l want to buy it


I need you to be my hairdresser I'm not even jokibg


This is gorgeous! definitely trying this!

Michelle Bee

I always enjoy your videos. Keep it up ??


can you pretty please with cherries on top do a video for frontal  <: )


Patiently waiting for the styling vids


The high and low lights are gorgeous I just love how it's an ombre. How did u do that just lovely

Moosie Mötley

You're the beez neez! I absolutely LOVE your work!

Evelyn keutcha Ikejiora

I mean wig tortilla number 495k

Jennie Tatum

Looks good, that's my favorite color


sorcery!!!!! lol....love it!...could this be done with dark 1b hair???


How did you get the wig to lay so flat flawless

Samore Beauty & Lifestyle

Beautiful ???


Heey Philip,

Love the video !! I was wondering is it hard to go from purple back to brown hair ? Like do i need to wash the hair until the purple is gone or is there another method

Love from Amsterdam


Dee Smith

amazing and beautiful


I'm going to start buying blonde hair to dye now! Looks a lot better than bleaching dark hair, love the vid ?

Vibrant hair

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Create Vibrant Strawberry Blonde Hair With Only Four Colored Pencils

3 963 views | 30 Oct. 2019

How to color Strawberry

How to color Strawberry Blonde Hair

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"This video was sponsored by Skillshare"

CMW Color Blending System


Prismacolor pencils https://amzn.to/2Wkexcg

Book : Fairy Miracles https://amzn.to/2RRivu8

Klara Markova

Acrylico Paint Pens https://amzn.to/2GaIshf

Website : http://www.HowToAdultColor.com

Email : [email protected]

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/how_to_adult_color/

Twitter : How_To_Adult_Color @ColorMyWorldYT

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HowtoadultcolorCMW/

Nicki McPhee Hals

Beautiful hair! Thank you for another great hair video!

Keni Vrataric

Lori beautiful red hair, you said something, I can’t remember, but it made me laugh, you are just so cute! ?

Cathy O

Lori, your comment about the curl going under being darker really helped me a lot. I still have a long way to go with hair, hopefully some day I’ll get it! Thank you ? I ?

Micheline Lavoie

I need to buy some Prismas! Just look at you go! You are creating my beautiful mother’s hair right before my eyes! Thank you so very much Lori, I truly appreciate what you have done to help me out on this.

Terrific_ Playz

Hi are you sure this is in the book fairy miracles...seems to be what it says in the description area....I was actually looking for the book that had the woman with the owl headpiece and another owl next to her. Would you mind telling me where that picture came out of....I love owls. Oh p.s. thanx for all you do, I watch you everyday?

Rowanne Hagen

Beautiful! Hair is always a challenge but you make it all seem doable. Thank you!

Robin H.

Your videos are great. Thanks for always being so informative.


Thank you, Lori, for your sweet comments! It is amazing how you can decipher exactly what I was trying to accomplish, and even the pencil colors that I employed! Wowzers! I too was trying to nail the color of my mother’s hair, being more red than blond!

Patricia Moore

A-maa-zing! I would never have guessed this color palette for strawberry blonde hair. Incredible lesson. Someday I WILL be able to make palettes of my own the way you do...I think I can...I think I can...I think I can
Mr . Coffee what a stunning picture! Such a vintage look. What was your book?
Thank you, Lori. You really know how to brighten up my day

Audrey Whitaker

Absolutely fabulous lesson! I learned everything I thought I knew, but in reality, didnt know a darn thing! Lol. Thanks Lori, you are the best!

matthew kane

Hi Lori, quick question, do you know where I can find some tips on coloring something white in your videos? I know you have mentioned it and I don't believe it was that long ago. I don't think you have a tutorial dedicated specifically to coloring white, but I feel like it's in one of your videos and I didn't know if you remembered which one? If not, no biggie, just thought I'd ask. Thanks!

Tammy George

Love it! Between hair and skin. I think are the 2 hardest out of coloring on anything. Even on my last picture I just finished. I still not really happy with the outcome, but I know I better leave alone or I'll really make it worse, lol. Thanks for sharing! ? ❤.


Hi Miss Lori. Great video. Wow is her hair color beautiful! I have a small favor to ask. I honestly may have missed this as I have missed a few videos.... Can we take a peek at your Misty picture? I haven't seen it in a while and would love to see the progress. If you recently showed it and I missed it, do you know which video it's in. Thanks so much! I love to watch you color. I always learn something ?

Annie D.

Due to the fact of the video going so fast ---- could you please tell me the exact way you put the colors down --- you started with pumpkin and then what ? I got that you used terracotta, pumpkin, cream , and dark brown. But what order did you put them down in. Thanks .

brandi hargett

Thank you sooooooo much I been searching for the right color combination for sooooo long!!!!


You are so talented. I like how you take the time to explain how it all works out . It is something your eyes can see. It will take awhile for us students to get there. Obviously it takes practice practice and more practice. That's why I bought a coloring book to practice and keep on practicing before I go into my good expensive coloring books . I want to be able to be picture perfect like you.

Micheline Lavoie

Looking at my Faber Castell I have picked out 102 cream, 186 Terra Cotta, 188 Sanguine and 177 Walnut Brown. Not sure this will give me exactly what we are looking for. If you could just send me the number of the PC pencils I think I will go to the craft store and buy those four pencils. I have another picture which I don’t mind ruining....HA! I am going to try my hand on that picture before I attempt re-doing the one in question. You have gotten my juices flowing....thank you.

Dan Renwick

Great hair, makes me wish I had some hair to color. Definitely will record color recipe.

Lori, sorry to be a pest, but I can’t find the video where you recommended a particular
ROLLING RULER. Could you please let me know which one you use. Thanks.

Diane Knuckles

Thanks for the lesson! I wrote it down. I love how you matched the Mother's hair to the coloring page. Gorgeous!

Vibrant hair

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Vibrant Sexy Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Review

3 202 views | 25 Mar. 2016


jolinee :3


Carlie Maria

how often do the elves visit?