Splat conditioner

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Splat Purple Desire Hair Dye Tutorial (Touch-up)

165 071 views | 13 Mar. 2016


Thanks for


Thanks for watching my video!

Here are some answers to common questions:

Q: I have dark hair; should I bleach it?

A: If it is your first time and you want a vibrant color, I suggest bleaching. When bleaching, you must follow the instructions or get it professionally done. Bleaching for longer means you risk severely damaging your hair.

Q: Do I need to follow the instructions completely?.

A: Yes and no. Yes if you want to be sure to get as close to the box color as you want. But, from my experience, if you leave the dye in longer, the dye will stay in your hair for a longer time before fading out.

Q: Does the dye damage my hair?

A; It will not damage your hair since there is no bleaching agent in the dye. Letting it sit for longer allows the dye to permeate deeper into the hair follicles.


Ann Doyle - In This Moment (Album: Toll Road)

Ann Doyle - Princess (Album: Ready to Move)

Anonymous_ Anxiety144

The first time I tried dying my hair the full color washed off lol
I'm trying again and hoping it stays in this time

Kim Newlander

i want to dye my hair the same color to

Ofelia Maddox

Don't use shampoo immediately dying your hair smh


Does the hair stay bleached after all the color fades out or does your hair go back to normal like to before you bleached it?

I love BTS

I have black hair and I wanna dye my hair again since my color went away. Do I need to bleach my hair to make it lighter or no?

claire the clown


Bea Clancy

Splat doesn't take 5 weeks to fade, it fades out the first time you wash it.

Dunkel Engel

I've dyed my hair with the luscious raspberry before and that didnt last long because it was a bright red, when I dyed my hair with crimson obsession it lasted me a good 6 months. I'm sticking with crimson instead that way I can still have the color I want the only thing I'd have to worry about is the roots. if you plan on bleaching be careful, my mom puts conditioner in her bleach so there is not much damage on the hair, the reason to be careful with splat is because its a concentrated dye and concentrated is more heavy than regular bleach, so I do what my mom does to keep my hair from being damaged allot from bleaching. when it comes to the color it will fade depending on how often you wash your hair.

puppy life

this dye is permanent I dye my hair 2 month ago and I still have the color on my hair and it won't come off with water

Wendy and Jamie

How long does it last

Roblox miranda

I have dark brown hair so it doesn’t show but it shows in the sun


How long does it last ? Or any tips on getting it to Last longer? Last time I I dyed my hair with a blue from they brand when I took a shower the next day the dye took off in less than 2 days

Idk Idk

will it stain the tub

808 forever

you should try out arctic fox it works better than splat and it's good for your hair.

Roses & Milk

Will it bleed every time you shower or just the first few times?

vanessa banales

you didnt even used the bleach

Aseret Medina

Where can you buy splat hair dye?

Diana & Jorge Loyal Ones

I Just Did Mine Yesterday Red Love It

Dionxdeandra dionxdeandra

Yours is 9$ My was 30 ugh?

Ada Matute

X favor si pueden ayudarme, me regalaron un frasco del color SPKAT PURPURE DESIRE MAUVE, y mi pregunta es, debo aplicar peroxido de otra marca xq solo me enviaron el frasco. Gracias.

Danny TheArtist

Wait I have a question do you mix the color with anything? (not talking about the bleach)

Elena Tarnowski

hello I have dark purple hair but the color is more like "lusty lavender" but it's another brand that I've used... Now i want to use purple desire by splat should I bleach my hair? even if i have purple?

Aloha I’m Maddy

I loved your video

Bridggette the Baguette

I tried this dye and I have to warn you that it might turn red and only very few parts purple and it will wash out a lot of the color

Melissa Brooks

I wanna dye my hair pink with splat but I'm not sure if I should use the bleach or not ? I've already bleached my hair but it's kinda fading and my naturally hair colour is black. would you recommend using the bleach again for when I dye it pink or not ???

Angelina Garofalo



if it isnt bleach it will only last a few weeks but with bleach it will last little longer

Jess Corales

do you have to use the bleach ?

Darkb4light 06

This stuff is awful! Followed the directions and it not only made my brown hair a brassy color, (bleach), all of the purple washed out by the second day! 2 months later, I have a purple dot on the top of my head. My daughter bleached her hair and wound up with blonde splotches in her hair which was also brown. Added the blue dye and it only stained small sections of her hair. First and last time using Splat!

Sarah Sidener

my hair is a dark ish brown, but i dont want the purple to look as light as yours, should i bleach it or not?

Luz Figueroa

Brilliant idea to put your hair in little baggies to avoid all that mess of dye everywhere.

Amarianna Manso

This is the same exact color I am dying my hair and now I know How my hair will come out... Super helpful... Thanks you

uh ok

I used Splat without bleach and it came right out. People I know say I've gotta bleach my hair if I want it to stay..


I have 2 questions. 1. My hair used to be Lucious Raspberry Red and we bleached it before we dyed it. Now it is completely faded out. Its just a little orange and mostly blonde, should I bleach it again for this? 2. What does putting it in a bag do?

Idk Idk

will it stain the tub

Lisa Nyxx

RINSE IN COLD WATER & DON'T SHAMPOO!!!! Hair dye will just be ruined and all go down the drain if you rinse with hot water Only use Conditioner the first wash.

Brooklynn Hardt

i just boght the dye today im so exited to do it

Sree Mo OwO

Your video is the most helpful one but there are few questions I wanted to ask please answer them if possible.
1-I have black hair and I really want the colour to stand out should I bleach first?
2-If I bleach first then will I be able to keep the colour on for overnight?
3-Any side effects or any damages to the hair like fast hair fall etc.?


and if I don't use bleach what will happen

Isabelle Oliver

Thank you so much! I had no idea how I was going to do this by myself! Also thanks for the bag section idea!! So helpful



Tita Q

If you don't bleach your hair will the color show up as a darker purple on dark hair?


dying my hair now

Avery Salsiccia

I got the same brand and dye at madisonville today and am going to dye all underneath my hair #awesome mom cuz im 11


Is the bleach good? I have red hair and I wanna bleach my hair. I've dyed it using splat, just without the bleach. I also wanna try manic panic, do you have a favorite hair dying product/ company?

Mermaid Luna


Destiny Juarez

I dyed my hair with a towel to cover my skin let’s just say it look like I got ? beat up ?


wait I'm confused, it will last for 5 weeks but some are saying that when you take a shower it will fade so which is true xp


if my hair is naturally blonde (its a light blonde) is it a good idea to dye it peach fuzz?

jillian s

my hair is a dark blonde do I need to bleach, since it looks like you don't I was hoping it would be light enough.

Isabella wilson

i bought bleach too and i bleached my hair before i opened the purple, do i just use the purple container

Stranger Unknown

My hair is black..this is my first time, when I bleached my hair it some turn orange but most of them remain black. ! I need help.. !!

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics

nice video. like you


I'm doing it today! Thanks for you help!!


Quick question.... I'm new with all this... but do you HAVE to use the bleach?

Maricela Barbosa

no se decolora primero?


I've heard bad things about splat people saying it damages hair and doesnt come out at all i want to dye my whole hair with the royal rush splat dye but I'm worried that all the color will stay in forever .. help ?

Ellen Rosbrugh

im gonna try that

Killjoy Jay

do you have the part where you're rinsing out you're hair without the words in it? i think the water looks pretty so i'm planning on making an edit with it but the words are in the way :)

•BluË S0dÅ•

I have the red streaks from the Splat brand and I have dark brown hair. I wanted to bleach all my hair and dye it purple, anddd I am wondering what will the purple color fade to over time if i have the red streaks?


The music doh,ps love the video


where did you get the bags? are they for hair dying specifically?

nonbinary plant

And here I am struggling how to take the plastic cap thingy out of the bottle lmao

just trash

I tried dying my hair with this and it didn't work T_T so sad rn


Thank You?I’m gonna be dying my hair the same color ?

Kristen Marie

How long do u think leftover color is still good. I did my bangs only with blue sapphire about 5 maybe 6 months ago && still have over half a bottle left I wanted to do a dip dye.. since my hair is baby fine && above shoulder length there is more than enough left.. but does it expire or are u suppose to dispose of the remainder immediately. .?? do u know.. wish I would have also saved instructions. Loll they're impossible to get access too without paying other than non affiliated YouTubers uploads such as yours. so thank you!!

GirlHelp 101

I'm surprised ur hair didnt break off a lot why would u leave dye in that long???!!!!!???


Bro when I did the red it lasted 4 year until I cut it

Splat conditioner

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537 views | 18 Feb. 2019

So I tried the purple

So I tried the purple splat hair dye and the purple Wax hair coloring that has been floating around on IG, YouTube, and Facebook. Check out which one did a better job! I was Shook!

Here is the link for the hair wax. Enjoy!


My Go to Hair Products!

-OGX Ever Straightening + Brazilian keratin therapy Conditioner


-OGX Thick & Full biotin & Collagen Shampoo


-Shea moisture Deep Treatment Masque


-As I Am Double Butter Cream


-Shea Moisture Leave in Conditioner


Moisture milk As I Am


Camera and Lens I Use

Panasonic Lumix G7


Panasonic 25mm 1.7 lens


Songs Used

"Racing" by CanciaTheBest (Available on iTunes)

Song: Erik Lund - Summertime (Vlog No Copyright Music)

Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/E338aF6QHu8

Enide Chery

Nice work!!! The purple is not over the top but you can still see it. ?? Good job girlie!


Hey friend..the color is nice on u,u should try blue...it goes good with your complexion.lol..u can try it with the same product..Good video..U should know who this is..?????

MommySon Movement

Love it ?

Splat conditioner

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Toning Your Hair with Purple Splat

435 views | 22 Apr. 2020

Toning my hair with

Toning my hair with “Midnight Amethyst” “Splat” mixed with conditioner for a whiter, brighter blonde for ~ 3 minutes...It actually worked.

Hair color-


Music: Solitude

Musician: Rook1e

Music: Always

Musician: Rook1e

Music: Bonjour

Musician: Jef

Breanna Haskins

How long did it last before having to tone it again?