Shining tattoo

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2 107 301 views | 23 Sep. 2019

Genius hacks you haven't

Genius hacks you haven't seen before

Hey guys! In this video, I bring you something completely different. I'm showing you some life-changing tricks that you can incorporate in your daily routine that will make your life easier...and a little bit more pretty.

- I show you how to make your own temporary tattoos on your skin using many different methods. You can use gold henna and stencils to create cute trees on your skin. Or, you can print out some fun drawings, spray some perfume on them, then add them in water and finally transfer them on to your hand.

- For those times that you want to prank people into thinking that you have a whole tattoo sleeve, I show you the way. You can take a Pringles container, add an awesome drawing on it, and then put your tights on top of it. Trace the whole drawing with some sharpie markers and you are all set.


0:07 - Fun DIY tattoos

1:29 - Hilarious pranks for Halloween

2:16 - Old person Halloween makeup

4:10 - DIY face putty

6:15 - Life changing beauty hacks

7:55 - How to get rid of split ends

8:40 - How to make your lips look bigger


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moly jayan

I will try in Halloween ? party

Arbina Lodha

Yes very nice video

Monica Gupta

Which paper you have used for tattoo?


Whats the name of the music its damn gud...???

Abhilasha Chitnis

Great ?

perumal rajamani


Neelagiri Tharun

You will copy the second one

Billal Manik

How can we straight hair for a week

yosoyfrancisca1 Bolados


#Aya Girl

Ik had die tatoeages geprobeerd maar die waren zo’n harde failllllllllllll??????

Malek king malek


shazia Khan

Background music name

Yalcın Uçar

Kapak fotoğrafı için girdim saçma sapan şeyler çıktı yaa

ᴋɪᴍ ɪʀᴇɴᴇ

Wow amazing ??

Bhawanri Devi Damani

The 3:26 laugh ??



Vaidehi Bijeesh

The ad of rasmalai ??

Shafiullah Gci

Who wants be ugly from these life hacks

Shweta Basopia

It is really dangerous to try with scissors


Hat chutiya

Joanna Louis

0:49 How long will the tattoo stay ??
Pls reply...

a3tech media

0:24 is nice trick to put mehandi



prahalad pareek

2:6 kuchisake onna

Anurita Gupta

Pls tell the music name

Hikmet Memmedov

Onu nece yapıyosus Alta yazin

Raj Kumar



Oh god I think that I should kiss on her lips

Юлия Атанасова

2:15 is very very perfect for halloween

Shashi Bhargava

Amazing ?

sula YouTube


mukesh nayak

Oh my goodness ??????

Sneha Varghese

How to remove fixing powder and things

Megan Quiros S

parese que se ronpio pero es pintado

hyper__ joint

2:09 yes I would so that lil they gone be like
Me: dont I look beautiful?
Random person: Nope.

Manju Raj

Me : vibin' the background music ?️??️
Instead of watching video

Brittani Corbett

The funnel to the ballon was SO small ?

A. H

31 gruesome hacks u shud know!

Veeraseenu Veeraseenu

Super music?

Vijay Prakash Sinha

It's amazing

Samira Shayan

Skcsres Diy ??

Naima Rabbani

Idon't want to be older


how to remove glue

radhika jayan

It's working

Pynjoplin Wanniang

It's looks very real and scary I think it will be a scary prank ???????



fatma şahan


Herin Hans

video editing app

Jhonser Sinaga

Wow i love you ???

Sheetal Yadav

Pls bring an actress in your family and post a video with the actress and your full family

gargi vlo g

Poda patti

unick placement


Gurpreet Singh

Add a patience....wow!

Bailey Spurs

They really shouldn’t be teaching the kids to play with aspirin what if they like inhale it or eat it if they are curious?

sri avsceramics

How to remove this


2.00 yeh Wala episode laal isqh me dikhaya tha??????

chandra sekhar Bandaru

Waste video to watch about thumnail


I don't like that

Puviarasan .V VII-B

amazing how can you do

Nikunj Bala Horo

You want to become old woman so do plastic surgery ??????it is not a joke

Skyler Blake

it's so scary.

Najmul hassan Mirza

Very bad

Bhanu Kalita


rasryan O

Wow so goof

Jyoti Jyoti


Vinita Yadav

Hey you I just take the materials that you have taken but the purfume tattoo not works

ᴋɪᴍ ɪʀᴇɴᴇ

I love you guys ??


My tattoo is fail

lovely rose

Makeup kharab kiya muja hi dadati

Binod Kumar

that tattoo is working or not tell me

akshaya Akshaya

I will never try ??

Rajesh kumar Yadav

Rinku maurya

Surendra Singh Rawat


Biruk Subzero

can you just send a tattoo but feck and at night it will be bright

M. Sukanya

This is dangerous

Надя Ганчева

Good morning ?❤️????‍?


That's great

Kanishka pandey

I really love you're videos


Are you sure it's safe to add glue to your face dummy

William Kavekurupa Kondjara


Original Cell

I love it

Kameshwar Prajapati

you are not afraid

otman msatfi

I want to try to make an tattoo but it's all your fault because I thought cause will be complete you stupid

narasimha murthy

Super ?????

Suvarna W

Saanvika and sudithi

AKSHAT FF gaming

I love this girl

Park Chimchim

It is perfect for Halloween but how to remove glue

Monica Darode

1:41 I can't

All time gamers

1 34


5-Minute crafts GIYA are my favorite? it is awesome and amazing?

Md masud Hossain


Miss Sanchez

Love the joker look

Vinita Yadav

I tried it 5 times it not works

Yalcın Uçar

Kapak fotoğrafı için girdim saçma sapan şeyler çıktı yaa

Aayan Islam

Sogood ?????

Al Baraka Specialty Foods & Bakery LTD.

0:27 only works with a laser printer (if anyone wanted to know)

Padma Kavya Reddy


Dassy Thomas

I all day see your video ???

Balwant Singh

Now how to remove glue
If you also think hit the like button


Glue on lips??

Shining tattoo

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How to make glowing tattoos on skin.|| HARDIK VIRANI || FULL TUTORIAL ||

7 431 views | 15 Mar. 2020

Yo guys subscribe to my

Yo guys subscribe to my second channel and this is my first channel :


Coconut Watermelon

Mast tattoo

Current Gaming

Good tattoo

Rachana Dixit

I like this very very very much

Rachana Dixit

i white light

Rachana Dixit

We can use perfume



Sumedh Gajbhiye

Remove hoga na bdme

Sanjaykumar Nayak

Jyothi Krishna hot for perfect loser

Priyanka Jain


Sanjaykumar Nayak

Closer your track was not perfect

Gaming Beasty

Nice try !?

Shining tattoo

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Shiny Crystal Tattoos by Jenna Kerr (and Collaborations with Ryan "The Scientist" Smith)

5 959 views | 17 Dec. 2017

Jenna kerr Tattoo creates

Jenna kerr Tattoo creates crystal tattoos that glisten and glare. ?✨

(Watch to the end for gorgeous collaborations with Ryan "The Scientist" Smith)

Permission granted by Jenna Kerr.




Collaborations with Ryan "The Scientist" Smith.


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