Laser hair removal reaction

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Reaction to Laser Hair Removal (LHR) on my Brazilian !!

728 views | 1 Feb. 2019

In this video you will see

In this video you will see my reaction on getting my brazilian lasered in beauty school with a couple of my school buddies. Please don't forget to Like, Share, Subscribe and most importantly laugh!! Thank you for watching !

Clohey Horton

I love this hahah

tonacoatl Juan

LOL!! ???????

Danii B.

Was this with numbing? ??? I’m terrified

Laser hair removal reaction

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LaserAway Laser Hair Removal - HONEST EXPERIENCE

10 751 views | 9 Jul. 2020

This video is sponsored by

This video is sponsored by LaserAway.


Instagram: deeshanell (instagram.com/deeshanell)

LaserAway Laser Hair Removal - HONEST EXPERIENCE

Little Sparrow

Girl!! I was about to get this removal this year cause I want to be hairless down there. But had to postpone it due to not having enough money for the treatment. Glad I’m back to work to save up lol

Vikram Khangura

Do edp reaction again

measy86 johnson

Wasnt tryna be a creep... I liked the vid tho.. keep up the good work


Meh. I like a little grass on the field.



Misfits Unite

I've been really curious about laser hair removal so I'm very curious about this.

Laila’s Fantasy

Does it hurt? And also Is it healthy to do any restrictions?

Patrick Xiong

React to Bris pan handling and 42 hours back in action

Nicole Menzies

She makes me wanna almost maybe consider getting this done at some point!

Daily Spida

Great vid. Do you mind if you react to my “They Did Him Dirty” video?

LeZonn Miller

Pls react to Sam o nella academy how to lose weight

T&C empire

React to girl he funny how smooth fit and king cid was fighting

Hugh W

I'm considering having it done next year


dee knows how to make shit i could literally give no fucks about so interesting

Life With Mo

React to Chico Bean and Karlous Miller Duo on Wild'N Out

Angys Landamo

React To Yung Filly Asking Questions

Arijan Martinović

And why exactly did she started removing all her hair? Im not on this channel for too long, can someone be kind and explain. Thanks in advance.

Jared yens

I got electrolysis it pricier but i actually permanently removes and laser just makes it thinner

Brian Aguirre

I’m glad you don’t shy away from posting content outside of reactions, more power to you for being on top. It also sheds some light on interesting topics and personal things you have going on in your life, much love. ♥️

Hugh W

What's the previous video?

Uncle Ruckus

Imagine Getting a Crisp Line up and and Lasering it up so you can always have a good line up


They do butt holes? cuz um ??

Unknown Things On SM

Hey cool video dee! can you please react too Girl fight on live 2020 | Girl beats up her coworker it's so funnny i died of laughter and you will to trust me.. one of the girls said her body is shaped like a upside down ketchup bottle ?? also here is the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-YVWEIsV9g&t=256s

Penny Trui

Once someone ask me for about this I can show them this.

Durrell Glenn

Dee shanell did you say you were 5"6 feet tall

Jarvaris Tubbs

She needs more subscribers because I love her reactions and her vlogs. ?❣?▶️?

Teej Mino

Even though this particular thing doesn't interest me, other brands need to hit up Dee. I would buy anything she approves of lol She on the real.

Sara Elisabeth

Even getting touch ups every once in a while does sound worth it. Shaving is annoying!

Christina Thomason

That seems like good treatment for you well I have to shave every week on under my arm but my legs don't grow as much


How can you give an honest opinion if you are sponsored by them lol

AlisaCs_ F.L

Hi, mi mom thought is good to do it for me (in my legs) cause I shave my legs and I'm like 'removing' tint parts of skin (like a kebap lmao). I'm 14, it's good?

Sneaky raPrince79

You look so much like vanessa morgan in my babysitter is a vampire

Outside Explorations

For anyone that is budgeting and not wanting to spend $340 because i didnt want to instead theres this site called body hair eliminator the link is www.bodyhaireliminator.com and well basically its the same device but way cheaper i bought it some years ago for my wife and it serves it purpose



Phoenix Rize

?.... do guys get laser hair removal? ?

Tktktk 3

Can’t you do laser hair removal at home?

Leonardo De Lima

Hi Dee. If you see this, is it painful?

Becky F.

You should try getting a wax kit for the times that you can’t go get your laser treatments! The hair grows back a lot finer and slower.

Son Goku

Can you react to "Dashie reacts to old video #2"

CJ Meyer

Please react to Steve Harvey in South Africa ??


What happened to your Instagram? Am I crazy or did you used to have a lot more photos? I rarely check Instagram so....

ImRich You’reBroke

React to Lovely peaches admits to killing Cora miracle Part 1 + 2 +3

Laser hair removal reaction

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First Time Laser Hair Removal Under Arm & Hydrafacial Vlog + Reaction!!

4 043 views | 14 Jul. 2019

Thank you to

Thank you to @bye2hair for taking such good care of us!!

Ana got laser hair removal under her arms for the first time!! I cant believe I haven’t thought of doing this sooner? Not having to shave is every woman’s dream. It’s such a painless treatment & not to mention quick?? The skin under my arms feels great and brand new✨ The machine used for my treatment is called Candela?.. the latest technology in laser hair removal?I was so nervous at first but I have to say one of the best decisions of my life!

Anthony got a Hydrafacial Treatment, a treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and protection. Now his skin feels extra soft & hydrated?✨ it’s so important to take good care of your skin even now at a young age. He was having problems with open pours and ingrown hairs from shaving (causing dark spots) with this treatment it cleared all his blocked pores, cleared his face from all ingrown hairs and will prevent future breakouts PLUS his skin is glowing? If you are dealing with skin issues including bad acne/enlarged pores/dark spots/uneven color in skin etc. you tried everything but nothing seems to work.. WE DEFF RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT?? take your skin health to the next level it will change your life


Located: 10300 SW 72 St. Suite 307, Miami, Florida

Instagram: @bye2hair

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON? Like this video if you want to see more.


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Rajesh Samlal

Yes I would get both


Cute guyz

Amelia Yulesmith

Just to let you guys no I subscribe to your channel and hit the bell ♥️

Rhiana Dabney

Hey I’m from TikTok I love y’all.! ❤️?

Vanessa Akarogbe


Sheridan Douglas

My Favorite couple in the world !!!???????? it’s so amazing that you guys take care of your hygiene together ! #powercouplealert! ???? #beautifulcouple ????

Anna P.

Just started watching but ants not really in the videos ? Let him speak also