Organic curl systems perm reviews

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How-To: Ammonia-Free Perm with ThinkCurl™

22 719 views | 2 Feb. 2017

This technique uses

This technique uses ThinkCurl™ from Organic Colour Systems, which uses different chemistry than a traditional perm. Instead of breaking bonds in the hair, ThinkCurl™ gently softens the bonds and augments them into their new, curly shape. This technology means you can perm your over-processed or damaged-hair clients! Plus, it’s virtually odorless, which your clients will appreciate.

vidiel santana

The reasoltes look good

Yesenia Coco

No se lo dejaron bien

M Smith

Where do you buy this product?

M Smith

are there any salons that do this in LA?

Organic curl systems perm reviews

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458 574 views | 27 Jun. 2019

Texlaxing my hair after

Texlaxing my hair after being natural for 10 YEARS!!!!!! ?

Giving you a step by step tutorial for doing a texturizer/relaxer at home! I can't believe my results!

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Organic curl systems perm reviews

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I TEXTURIZED MY NATURAL HAIR! TYPE 4, African Pride || ShelloStyles

37 998 views | 31 Aug. 2020

Hey guys! Yes! I

Hey guys! Yes! I texturized my natural hair, I used the African Pride Curl Elongating Kit and I really think it did elongate my curls. I still have shrinkage but not as much and I still have my type 4 definition and hair so now I'm just dedicated to getting new products and investing the health of y hair and have a better journey.

#texturizer #type4 #africanpride


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Mykel Hutchinson

I’m so tempted too man for the same reasons I’m tired of shrinkage and it’s annoying to manage I just want to be able to detangle in 10 mins ?

Jordyn H

How is this texturized going now, is it still popping ? Also, could you think of doing a space bin with it ?

Miss c

Guuurl, I am so sick and tyurd of this natural hair? that I am up at 2 in the morning looking to see what I can do with it. Nice to hear a yaadie. And your hair turned out great. I think I'm going to try this for the new year. It'll make wash days a breeze.

Coco Bean.Beauty

Hi love ! How long does this last do you touch it up every month ?

She Speaks

Very nice! ?

Grace Lamontagne

I just did the same to my hair 3 days ago and am happy I did. My hair just needed some life because the shrinkage just made my hair look like it was not growing at all. My curl pattern is much looser and more manageable.


Is it permanent?

Lady Webz

Well done hon!


was your hair dry?

Jada Nicole

how long did you leave it in for ?


ok but lets be clear, because I hate you even have to say that as a disclaimer. let's say someone does hate their hair.... it's sad and unfortunate but it happens. Whatever they are trying to do to even like their hair is fine. Let's be honest holding this standard and expectation that people have to love whats been naturally passed down to them can be toxic, especially when society tells them what they have is undesireable. We should be supportive . I personally cringe at women relaxing their hair, because of all the special unique traits that come with being natural, that are lost when relaxed BUT I understand multiple reasons for those decisions, and they are VALID. The only time issue should be taken is when people pit their insecurities on someone else, " 4c hair is knappy and unmanageable and no one should be walking around looking like they slapped a brillo pad on their head" damn that was harsh... but I've heard that sentiment so many times before.

Tiffany Allen

Great job love the results. ?


My hair is the same length as yours but my hair might be just a little bit thicker but not much. Do you think I should buy 2 boxes? I am worried I will run out because that was small. (I am also naturally heavy handed and I am worried I will run out.)
By the way, thank you for making this video. It really helped me get through last night. Last night it took me 4 hours to detangled my natural 4C/4B hair after having crochet braids in my hair for 4 months. I had lost hope but your video motivated me.

Lew Speaks

Is your here more manageable now? Has detangling improved ?

Simply Mika

How often do you have to do this ? How long does it last and what do u put in it on a daily basis?


It really does look nice but i ain't messing with none of that stuff... Im on my sec big chop...?... Im too scared to try anything... Good video.

cheryl blossom

im planning on doing this soon but i feel like it will make my head look flat y the way do have a "gro your hair"video?


Oh wow it came out really good

Simply Shaye

I think imma texturize my hair as well

Shanice Buchanan

Is this something u will constantly have to redo once you get new growth? #Bigupurself #DPS


How long do you let the texturized sit on your hair? I don’t want mine to become straight

C Hair100

How long did it process for

Batgirl P

One of the nicest texturizing vids, the ends weren't all stringy.
Do an update video on retouched hair and how you like it.

Joie Lugard

Hey was your hair texture 4c?

Nokuthula Mkwane

Girl! Update

Pretty Flaca

Do yal know of this can be used on natural hair that has been colored? I dyed it dark brown a few times.

MiaNaomi Post

Turned out beautiful! I love your smile when you saw your hair and that’s all that matters! Great job!

erica slofer

omg??? ur hair before the texturized is like amazingly healthy looking and so bouncy its sooo beautiful. I havent even gotten thru the video because I csbt stop looking at it??‍♀️??♥️I wish my natural hair was like that you must really take care of it .

Lau K

I wanted to texturize my hair, but watching your video, however made me realize I'm not ready for that, I think it's the music...anyway tysm for the video !

Nana Peaba Mokwah

Honey! You need not apologise!! Its your hair and your business! Came out pretty! Im trying it!

Mommy Shae

I can’t with my hair anymore smh ??‍♀️


I want to texlax my hair so bad I have type 4c hair and it’s a struggle to comb it out every single day I want to soften my curls but my mom is afraid that it would be like a relaxer .

Sanna Kruger

It was a success????????

India Blue

How long did you leave it on for??

Lloydann Daley

?????? I hear an accent??

molly love

She said "disclaimer for the hair cult" ?? i cant... i simply can- not ??

Raina isheather's

Is she 4c hair

Stephanie Ugoji

How long did u leave it in

Stephanie Styles

We need a 6 month update ?? I’m really tempted to try this! I wanna define my curls and grow my hair!!

Sherene Mcfarlane

Girl do you.
It's your life and it's your journey.
The only person opinion, matters is your own.


i wonder how this would work for me if i only did it on half of my head. we have similar hair but the back of my head shrinks ALOT its annoying because the front and crown is like your after.... much less shrinkage.

Julia Wilbard

Does it break off

Angela M

I. Am. So. Tempted...


Great video, where did you purchase this from?

Morgan Bullock

notice she started out with a curl pattern! not everyone i’d gonna get this result

Syndian R

'To all the natural hair cults'
Girl!!!! ????????

wendy edwards

Was that an elephant jar or a mouse jar? Homegirl was digging for days from that little jar! I'd have to have at least 5 of those, I thought. :)

BC 12

I like that look bcuz it still looks natural. Like you didn’t do anything to it, but it lays down and swings. Is there something you have to put on it everyday to maintain it?

Denise Pearson

you don't have to give explanations to anyone, it's your hair

Your Beauty

I did this on my natural hair 8 months ago & I’m honestly considering doing it again. You hair turned out great ?


Girlllll I been waitinggggg since you post the bag on ig. Lemme watch and see if I need to go get it ?

Sadé Anthony

Came out great