Should i use toner

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Boxy Charm Jan '21 should I use Toner???

236 views | 5 Feb. 2021


#BoxyLuxe, #BoxyCharm

Hi everyone!!


I am so excited to have you spend a little bit of your time with me!!

If you are new to Boxy Charm and you use my link...I have no idea if t=you get a discount, or "Charms" but I would hope you do!!! But I would get 500 Charms to use on BoxyCharms website for heavily discounted products: https://www.boxycharm.com/refer/Nancy-ULPBVOIN

Boxy Charm Base


5 Full Sized items

Ave Value: $175.00

Boxy Charm Premium


6-7 Full Sized Items

Ave Value: $215.00

Boxy Luxe


8+ Full Sized Items

Ave Value: $395.00

My January Boxy Charm was Variation C2101004-BA

Value was $150.00

Thanks so much for watching!



Kc has opinions And terrible video skills

That headband is so awesome. And yes toner goes on after cleanser before serums. Unless the directions ever say different just always think that you're going to start with the product that's going to sink into your skin easiest and has the least amount of thickness to the product so that's why you start with toner and then hit up serums so if you're using several serums you'd go with the most liquidity one 1st and then your creams or Oils are last

Quiltymom Trish

I’ve never used a lip mask havent a clue how to use it. Toner I used to use after I washed my face

jhen vlogs

That's pretty thanks for sharing

Robin Sadowsky

Nice products in your boxycharm subscription. The eye shadow palette had some really pretty colors in it. Hope you have a good night. Take care

Laura The Bargain Hunter

That palette is really pretty. This was a great box!

S Hughes

I use a toner pretty regularly. It helps removes any cleanser residue, at least for me anyway. As for the lip mask, I got a lip scrub recently (similar concept). Essentially it exfoliates your lips so you put it on, wipe it off, finish with your favorite balm. In our climate, the lips get so chapped. You'll probably like it and find that your lip products go on better. Hope that helps. susie in the tundra

Alisha Martin

So I ordered my first boxy and didn’t realize it would be both Jan and feb??‍♀️ I am excited to see what I get. You always seem to get nice products. I used toner before I get in the shower, I think you use it first out of the shower ??‍♀️??‍♀️# Nancy and Alisha don’t know ?? I don’t use toner every night. But use it before you put all your serums! I do think scientists like to make up big words ! For me snd masks like that, I would just use as a chapstick and call it a day!! What are your settings set ?? I put mostly skin with a little makeup. No choice of color ????weird . I love tinted moisturizer

Rangla Punjab life

so amazing dear

Age Is Just A Number by Barbara Jean

Nice box...the palette looks amazing!

Beverly Lomas

Hi Nancy! Nice box. I also got the pur tinted moisturizer and I really like it. Love your headband!

Ronda Stothers

Yes after you double cleanse your should use toner on a round that is washable to save our environment.

Ranalynn’s Lifestyle in Hawaii

I’m so loving your Valentine’s headband. My daughter liked the toner she got too. Especially since Sh has oily skin. Lip mask for $25...?. I bet a little goes a long way. Let us know how the tinted moisturizer worked for you. Beautiful colors in the palette. Excellent review for us. Hugs ?

Laura The Bargain Hunter

Thanks for the shout out! I really like saying Papaya for some reason. LOL!

Quiltymom Trish

I like it harsh sometimes too. ? the palette is pretty ❤️

A Southern Belle's Journey

Good evening.. I hope you are having a great weekend. I may not comment often but I do keep you on my playlist.

Kc has opinions And terrible video skills

I just used the lip mask and lip treatments like it's a ChapStick but you can put them on right before you go to bed and sleep in it


I use primers off and on I have no idea why. The palette is very pretty but I’m also a lover of greens.☕️